Deposition List

This is a work in progress and will change as time goes on.

October 17, 2012
1:00pm SPD Officer Jonathan Mead
2:00pm SPD Officer Mike Wagner
3:00pm SPD Officer William Ervin
4:00pm SPD Officer Leon Ciesla

October 18, 2012
9:00am SPD Officer Ricardo Ayala
10:00am SPD Officer Tony Raimondo
11:00am SPD Officer Joseph Santiago
1:30pm SPD Officer Diana Smith
2:30pm SFR Mike Brandy
3:00pm SFR Stacy Livingston
3:30pm SFR Kevin O’Rourke
4:00pm SFR Tyler Rochfort
4:30pm SFR Mike Turner

November 8, 2012
1:00pm W3
1:30pm W12
2:15pm W13
3:15pm W19
4:00pm W21

November 9, 2012
9:00am P.I. John Wright
9:45am W2
10:30 W1
12:00pm SPD Captain Bob O’Connor

November 20, 2012
1:30pm ME Tara Malphrus
3:00pm ME Shiping Bao

December 11, 2012
1:00pm W6
2:30pm W17

January 16, 2013
9:00am W5
10:30am W11
11:30am W20
2:00pm W16

January 18, 2013 (afternoon)
8:00am W4
9:30am W15
1:00pm ME Priscilla Feller
2:00pm ME Ben Dorton

January 22, 2013
1:00pm FDLE SA John Batchelor

January 23, 2013
9:00am FDLE SAS David Lee
3:00pm W18

February 13, 2013[NOTE: This is Subpoena for Deposition, not a Notice of Deposition]
2:00pm SPD Officer Christopher Serino

February 14, 2013 (Cheryl Brown) (Amanda Stephens)[NOTE: These are Subpoenas for Depositions which are different from all the others as they are Notice’s of Depositions]
8:00am W4 Cheryl Brown
1:00pm Crime Intelligence Analyst Amanda Stephens

February 28, 2013
1:00pm Amanda B. Stephens FDLE
2:30pm Stephen Brenton FDLE
4:00pm W14

March 13, 2013
W8 9:00am

March 14, 2013
9:00am Tracy Martin
2:00pm W7
3:00pm W10
4:00pm W25

March 15, 2013
9:00am Sybrina Fulton
3:00pm Javarhis Fulton

April 16, 2013
1:30pm Robert Zimmerman Sr.
3:30pm Gladys Zimmerman

April 17, 2013
9:00am Robert Zimmerman jr.
1:00pm Mark Osterman
3:30pm Sondra Osterman

April 18, 2013
1:00pm Frank Taffee
3:00pm GZW V

April 25, 2013
9:00am Alicia Martin
11:00am Ronquavis Fulton
2:00pm GZW U
3:00pm GZW Y
4:00pm GZW M
4:30pm GZW Q

April 26, 2013
9:00am GZW AA
10:00am GZW T
11:00am GZW O
2:00pm GZW H
4:00pm GZW J
4:30pm GZW W

Below is a simplified list of everyone listed in the State’s supplemental. The ones in bold have been deposed. Other names have been and will be added through O’Mara’s discovery that were not on the state’s list.

1. P.I. John Wright
2. SPD Captain Bob O’Connor
3. SPD Officer Jonathan Mead
4. SPD Officer Mike Wagner
5. SPD Officer William Ervin
6. SPD Officer Leon Ciesla
7. SPD Officer Ricardo Ayala
8. SPD Officer Tony Raimondo
9. SPD Officer Joseph Santiago
10. SPD Officer Diana Smith
11. SPD Officer Christopher Serino
12. SFR Mike Brandy
13. SFR Stacy Livingston
14. SFR Kevin O’Rourke
15. SFR Tyler Rochfort
16. SFR Mike Turner
17. ME Tara Malphrus
18. ME Shiping Bao
19. ME Priscilla Feller
20. ME Ben Dorton
21. FDLE SA John Batchelor
22. FDLE SAS David Lee
23. Fulton, Jahvarius (Trayvon’s half-brother)
24. Fulton, Sybrina (Trayvon’s mother)
25. Martin, Tracy (Trayvon’s father)
26. Oliver, Joe (Resident of Retreat at Twin Lakes, knew George)
27. Taffe, Francis (Resident of Retreat at Twin Lakes, knew George)
28. Zimmerman, Robert (George’s father)
29. W1 Witness (sister of W2, live together)
30. W2 Witness (sister of W1, live together)
31. W3 Witness & 911 caller (White T-shirt, see police arrive, female)
32. W4 Cheryl Brown (Mother of W14 Austin McClendon & W15)
33. W5 Mary Cutcher Witness & 911 Caller (Roommate of W16 Selma)
34. W6 John Witness & 911 caller
35. W7 Brandy Green (Mother of W10 Chad, Tracy Martin’s girlfriend, where Trayvon was staying)
36. W8 DeeDee (Girl on phone with Trayvon)
37. W9 Christina Johnson (George’s cousin)
38. W10 Chad (Son of W7 Brandy Green)
39. W11 Witness & 911 caller (wife of W20)
40. W12 Witness (Wife of W13 Guy who went outside took picture of George)
41. W13 Witness & Guy who went outside took picture of George (Husband of W12)
42. W14 Austin McClendon Witness & 911 caller (son of W4 Cheryl Brown, brother of W15)
43. W15 Witness & 911 caller (Same 911 call as W14)
44. W16 Selma Mora Witness (Roommate of W5 Mary)
45. W17 Witness (Wife of W6 John)
46. W18 Witness & 911 caller (lonely teacher, very long 911 call)
47. W19 Witness & 911 caller (lady who thought it was the elderly man yelling)
48. W20 Witness (Boyfriend of W11)
49. W21 HOA president
50. W22 Co-worker of George, Achmed the terrorist
51. W23
52. W24 (Possibly Alicia Martin)
53. W25 Stephen Martin (Trayvon’s cousin, Trayvon possibly lived with him at the time)
54. W26 Mark Osterman
55. W27
56. W28
57. W29
58. W30
59. W31 711 Clerk
60. W32
61. W33
62. W34
63. W35
64. W36
65. W37
66. W38
67. W39
68. W40
69. W41
70. W42
71. W43
72. W44 (George’s friend, sounds black, calls George “tugboat”)
73. W45
74. W46
75. W47
76. W48
77. W49
78. W50
79. W51
80. Akkawi(Gun shop/club)
81. Anderson(Gun shop/club)
82. Brantly(Gun shop/club)
83. Frazier(Gun shop/club)
84. Hackett(Gun shop/club)
85. McKinney(Gun shop/club)
86. McLeod(Gun shop/club)
87. Mehler(Gun shop/club)
88. Perillo(Gun shop/club)
89. Stinnet(Gun shop/club)
90. Taylor(Gun shop/club)
91. Wright(Gun shop/club)
92. Crime Intelligence Analyst Amanda Stephens

Others named in the first supplemental

SPD officers
93. Carlos Davila
94. Wendy Dorival
95. Adam Johnson
96. Steve Lynch
97. Stacie McCoy
98. Doris Singleton
99. Randy Smith
100. Timothy Smith
101. Lt. Mike Taylor
102. Kristen Bentsen
103. Mike Bernoski
104. Ed Manning
105. B. MacIntosh
106. Josh Memminger
107. Trekell Perkins
108. D. Ripley
109. Neil Robertson
110. Lonnie Taylor

FDLE investigators
111. Dale Crosby
112. Tony Rodriguez
113. Kristin Hoffacker
114. Kenneth Moore
115. Kristen Bentsen (Prints)
116. Anthony Gorgone (Biology/DDNA)
117. Alvin Guzman (Trace Evidence)
118. Stephen Krejci (GSR)
119. Megan Myburgh (Prints)
120. Patty Orta (CSU)
121. Amy Siewart (Firearms)

State’s Attorney’s investigators
122. K.D. Gilbreath (Jacksonville)
123. T.C. O’Steen (Jacksonville)
124. Dave Bisplinghoff (Jacksonville)
125. Jim Post (Sanford)
126. Jim Rick (Sanford)
127. Bob Veaudry (Sanford)

128. Kenneth Marr
129. Hirotaka Nakasone

130. Tom Owen
131. Edward Primeau

Others named in the second supplemental

SPD officers
132. Arthur Barns
133. Rebecca Villalona

State’s Attorney’s investigators
134. Stephen Brenton (Orlando)
135. Mark Brutnell (Jacksonville)
136. Carlos Drake (Orlando)
137. Jeffrey Duncan (Orlando)
138. James Mullins (Orlando)
139. Luis Negrete (Orlando)
140. Kirk Veazey (Jacksonville)

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
141. Jeffrey Morales or designee (Custodian of Records Jail)
142. Ramona Rumph or designee (Custodian of Records SCSO Call Center)

Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
143. Melissa Fannin
144. Raymond Gilmore
145. Jonathan Lent

From the eighth supplemental

146. Sondra Osterman

From the 9th supplemental

Altamonte Family Practice (George’s doctor)
147. Lindzee Folgate
148. Custodian of Records

149. Jean Pounds (Orlando)
150. Gaylon White (Miami)

One name I don’t see:

151. Alicia Martin (She may be W24) (Tracy’s x-wife, claims she raised Trayvon 15 years)

Fulton, Jahvarius
Fulton, Sybrina
Martin, Tracy
W7 Brandy Green
W8 DeeDee
W10 Chad
W24 ?(Possibly Alicia Martin)
W25 Stephen Martin

Are all to be deposed mid-March

Note: Bernie mentioned in a motion O’Mara deposed more already that are not listed here, so apparently O’Mara is selectively posting who has been deposed. Thanks O’Mara for making our job, yet again, just a little more harder then it has to be.


14 thoughts on “Deposition List

  1. About time to add Mr. Crump to that list, IMO and LOL.

    You [i] really [/I] do good work. I appreciate all of your efforts.

  2. No one has worked harder than you. Your work is very much appreciated. Keeping the FACTS all in one place is awesome! Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Can they add DD2’s mother to the list. Would she testify that she met with Sybrina. My belief is that there were two DDs and that Sybrina met with the mother of DD1. If what I believe is true, I would love to see them bring on in the mother of DD2. SHE just might be the one that makes the Crump house of cards fall down.

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