George Zimmerman Case Updates and Some Thoughts

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First and foremost, George is broke so perhaps Ben Crump could donate some of the earnings from the Trayvon Martin Inaugural Remembrance Dinner to the case so George can get a fair trial, shouldn’t be a problem given how confident Crump is in the case.

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In a motion for specific discovery from the FDLE O’Mara is seeking yet more discovery that was never provided by Angela Corey. What a shame and a sham it is. If she is as confident in the case against George as Crump is, why all the games?

I am not all too familiar with the legal world but what he particularly seeks is what is called a “biography” or “biographical profiles” that he has not received in which the attorney for the FDLE claimed privilege to, I assume arguing something in regards to work product. O’Mara is asking the judge to decide if those profiles are discoverable.

The first time I saw anything about “biographical profiles” in this case was in the release of some of the information from the FDLE in the state’s 9th supplemental particularly in the March report on page 21/22.

As it stand now I am not sure what sort of information is included in these “biographical profiles”. The company mentioned in the discovery that I believe did them, at least in part, is called Agency for Workforce Innovation but that is all I know. I am assuming the state does these profiles on the primary people involved and if they feel a particular witness puts their case at some sort of risk and wants to be prepared in any way if something about that witness is used against them in court. This begs the question, did the state do one of these profiles on witness #8? It’s not known at this time if they had but I can’t imagine them not doing so.

O’Mara is also seeking the recording made by ABC’s Matt Gutman and his assistant at the March 19 phone interview of witness #8 and subsequent interviews that Gutman had with her that he also recorded. Clearly he should have no trouble getting those with everyone being so open, honest and confident in the case against George, pfft.

Here is some more regarding that if you like:

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The defense also seeks a subpoena for the credit cards used at 7-Eleven. I found this most satisfying to say the least.

More on that here:

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The defense is also asking the court to compel the “officer of the court” Bernie de la Rionda to actually do his job and perhaps actually be forthcoming with information. Particularly when and how he became aware of witness #8. Regardless of numerous inquiries Bernie remains hidden under his desk and will depend on the judge to rescue him which she will on Feb 5th.

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O’Mara has also filed a motion to continue or rather move the trial date as reported: “Spokesman Shawn Vincent said Zimmerman’s attorneys want his second-degree murder trial to be moved from June to November.”

However within that motion lay one of the most compelling stories so far brought forth by the defense that at first read many might find difficult to believe. Allow me to tell some of the story.

Trayvon’s phone was moved, along with all of the other evidence, from the Sanford Police department, to the FDLE where it was examined. The FDLE was able to gain access to the SIM and SD card but not the internal memory of the phone, or so we and the defense were officially told.

Later, at some unknown date, the phone was removed from the FDLE by some unknown person from Angela Corey’s office. The phone was then shipped off to some unknown law enforcement agency in California where the internal memory of the phone was accessed and ultimately returned to the FDLE. Nothing from this examination was sent to the defense.

Apparently then, on January 7th and 8th 2013, the FDLE sent the phone to the company cellebrite in New Jersey. There, the defense describes, was garnered “an enormous amount of additional information” which was forwarded to the defense on January 19, 2013. Upon viewing the information sent by the FDLE it became apparent there was information missing. Most importantly noted was the fact that there was GPS information for the entire time Trayvon was in Sanford EXCEPT FOR FEB 26TH! Also there seems to be missing calls and/or texts that were made also on the night in question.

The motion is also laced with what has become typical from the State; obfuscation, stonewalling, delay, deny, ignore and on and on it goes motion after motion. The sad part is none of this appears to resonate in the brain of Judge Nelson and she seems quite content on protecting her little officer of the court Bernie de la Rionda who apparently in her eyes can do no wrong.

I now see the Feb 5th hearing as a potential disaster for the defense, perhaps. Perhaps maybe because I’m not sure if the judge will consider any of these motions. The reason why is because I have not seen any reply from the State to O’Mara’s motions. That may be because O’Mara has filed them so close to the cut off date which is today at 5pm EST. That will not go over well with this judge. She may, as she did last time, chastise the defense and these motions will have to be heard at another time. She may give leeway to Bernie to argue right then and there if he wishes but I think he will say he needs time to prepare. So with that, the motions will be delayed until next month and the defense will end up looking like they are the ones playing games. But that is just a guess as it stands right now.


3 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Case Updates and Some Thoughts

  1. My thoughts on the missing internal memory for Feb 26 is to determine what could be on it that is not elsewhere.

    A SIM Card generally holds Text Messages, Phone Contacts, last number called with time/date, and more, though not all phones are alike in how they store memory.

    An SD Card most often is used for music, videos, games, etc, that has been downloaded from a source outside the phone …adding gigabytes of storage (which would produce loads of digital data to dump off in discovery).

    The service provider should have call records and ping logs.

    So I’m left with the question of what is left to hide?

  2. Diwata, will you look more closely at the footnote 7 on page 10. Could that explain the wav file vrs the other one (I forgot the name…avi)? Crump is explaining how to transfer a recording to another recorder so it isn’t like he doesn’t know how to do it.

    Anywhoo. Since you are way more knowledgeable about these things I thought I would ask you.

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