George Zimmerman Seeks Anonymous Jury By Jeralyn at TalkLeft

24 Days and Some Thoughts

24 business days left until George’s trial begins, well, perhaps. I assume O’Mara can still ask for a continuance, I think maybe he will and perhaps Nelson will grant it as it would more than likely be only a month rather than the six months O’Mara asked for before that was denied. That monthly continuance stuff could go on month after month as long as the judge decides as far as I understand it. Who knows, it may be another year before trial. Maybe O’Mara can figure out the bus driver incident by then ay? We won’t know it though because us racists would use it to attack Trayvon’s legacy and O’Mara doesn’t want to look racist so that won’t be known except behind The O’Mara curtain of white guilt.

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O’Mara v Bloggers- the AP dinner stuff(in comments)

omara got dis - Copy

If the media wasn’t believable then how did George get to where he is and how did us bias bloggers get here? What an ass.

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Updates on the Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan or “The ‘D-Man updating his peeps about current events in the Trayvon Martin Case’ Saga”

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MDSPD and the George Zimmerman Case – Intro

We are only beginning to understand all the aspects of what went down with the MDSPD in regards to the Zimmerman case but to say the least it’s, well, just from what little we have so far it has me floored, I just don’t know what to say but there’s going to be lot’s said that’s for sure. For now I’ll just leave you with some of the comments I made at the treehouse.

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Yellow Day, Dark Day, Day of Gratitude

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McCann and Martin: A Match to be Sure

The advertising agency, McCann NY, that helped brand companies like Coca-Cola and Mastercard in your brains to make you buy those products:

It’s in this New York agency where some of the most famous brand-building advertising has been developed, whether “I’d like to teach the world to sing” and “Mean Joe Greene” for Coca-Cola, or “I’m Worth It” for L’Oréal, or “It’s everything you always wanted in a beer. And less.” for Miller Lite, or “Priceless” for MasterCard, or “Army Strong” for the U.S. Army.

Now wants you to vote to make the farce of the George Zimmerman case to be “Truth Well Told”, a phrase which they brand themselves with on their website(, and vote in the Webby Awards for their “A Million Hoodies For Travyon Martin” campaign they threw together:

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