Updates on the Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan or “The ‘D-Man updating his peeps about current events in the Trayvon Martin Case’ Saga”

1. To Be Heard at the Hearing April 30, 9:00 AM

  • a) The Crump Settlement Filing Saga
  • b) Sanctions Saga (W8 Depo)
  • c) Sanctions Saga (W8 Lie)
  • d) Personal Information Release
  • e) Phone stuff
  • f) “Enhanced” W11 911 Call, lolz
  • g) The Stand Your Ground/Immunity/Self Defense CHAPTER 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE statues Hearing to Merge or Not to Merge Saga
  • h) Witness List Saga

2. Fifth District Court of Appeal – The Crump Deposition Saga
3. Shellie Zimmerman Case
4. Jonathan Ables Case

Hearing Notice Docket Sounding April 30, 2013 (From court ordering George’s appearance)

Notice of Hearing (List to be heard from O’Mara)

Amended Notice of Hearing (Amended list to be heard from O’Mara)

State’s Amended Notice of Hearing

1a. The Crump Settlement Filing Saga
Crump files settlement agreement with the criminal court and the saga is on.

Some of my thoughts on the Crump filing saga


Letter from clerk to Crump

Motion to Unseal Information Listed as Confidential Information within a Court Filing (O’Mara’s motion)

Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendants Motion to Unseal (Crumps response)

Defendant’s Response to Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendants Motion to Unseal (O’Mara’s response to Crump)

Supplemental Memorandum in Support of Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendants Motion to Unseal (Crump’s supplemental to his motion)

Defendant’s Response to Supplemental Memorandum in Support of Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendants Motion to Unseal

1b. Sanctions Saga(W8 Depo)
O’Mara set the depositions up with W8, Sybrina, Tracy etc. which he intended to video tape. On the day of the first depo Bernie objected to the videotaping and wanted the judge to decide thereby wasting hours of the defenses time. O’Mara is asking the court to make the State pay him for the time that was wasted because Bernie was informed on the taping days beforehand and made no objection.


Defendant’s Motion for Sanction Against State Attorney’s Office for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs (O’Mara’s Motion)

State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanction Against State Attorney’s Office for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs (RE: Miami Video Depositions) (Bernie’s Response)

1c. Sanctions Saga(W8 Lie)
W8 lied about going to the hospital and supposedly told the state she lied back in August 2012. The State never bothered to inform the defense of the lie. And instead let the defense waste its and the courts time when the defense filed a motion on March 1 2013 to get the hospital records to be heard on March 5 2013. In the middle of court it is revealed to the court and public that W8 lied. O’Mara is asking the judge to fine Bernie.


Motion for Subpoena duces tecum to State Witness Civilian Witness 8 (O’Mara’s Motion for Hospital Records)

Defendant’s Motion for Sanction Against State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations (O’Mara’s Motion for sanctions)

State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations (Bernie’s response to O’Mara)

Reply to State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations (O’Mara’s reply to Bernie)

Affidavit of Attorney’s Fees (Notice of Filing and Affidavits of O’Mara and West)

Affidavit as to Reasonable Attorney’s Fees (Notice of Filing of numerous other lawyers and their affidavits)

1d. Personal Information Release
In a motion, previously filed by O’Mara, O’Mara had missed redacting the contact address and phone number information of George and Trayvon. Bernie is asking the court seal that document now that it is in the courthouse without the redaction.

State’s Motion Objecting to the Release of Victim’s Trayvon’s Family Personal Information & Motion to Seal the Records Previously Filed (Bernie’s motion)

Motion to Unseal Information Listed as Confidential Information within a Court Filing (O’Mara’s previous Motion p.9)

Just some thoughts on the address and numbers. Those are merely contact addresses and phone numbers that were long ago part of the SPD investigation. Even though it states the address and number are of “Trayvon Martin” that should not be taken as that was his address at the time nor his phone number. It is not Trayvon’s phone number. Trayvon was also not living at that address at the time.

1e. Phone Stuff
O’Mara is asking the court to demand the State turn over anything and everything it has regarding any and all phone numbers of George, Shellie and Trayvon.

Demand for Specific Discovery (George and Shellie)

Demand for Specific Discovery (Trayvon)

1f. “Enhanced” W11 911 Call, lolz
In quite an amusing motion O’Mara asks the court to demand the State turn over the “enhanced” version of W11’s 911 call that Crump lied about having. I love it.

User minipin called this one:

“I’d love to see the defense file a motion for Crump to produce the “cleaned-up recording. Then let Crump and/or the state have to admit that there are no other NEN recordings. Make Crump admit he lied yet again.”

Excellent minipin, excellent, lol.

1g. The Stand Your Ground/Immunity/Self Defense CHAPTER 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE statues Hearing to Merge or Not to Merge Saga
This issue which no one seems to quite understand, merging a SYG hearing within a trial, has reared its ugly head again. Bernie is asking the court to compel O’Mara to explain himself as to why he is not having the hearing despite making claims to the contrary and agreeing to setting a date aside for it. But more importantly Bernie says if O’Mara aint doing it before trial then he aint never doing it, lol, and is against any “merger”, whatever the hell that is.

There’s a couple of news articles out there about this which are kind of framing it as if Bernie is asking the court to compel George himself to answer, which he sort of is and/or Bernie wants to ask him himself out of some concern for George, pfft yeah right. It’s that he wants the Court to ask George to make sure he understands. George does not have to answer to this, clearly. Redundantly, as the court has already ordered it before this, Bernie does request George’s appearance at the next court date when this will be heard and some of the wording makes it seem like he wants to question George himself, which maybe they do but that is not clear in the motion. I doubt that Bernie is really concerned if George himself knows what’s going on so all of this gives the impression that he wants to question George himself but that just isn’t going to happen. I think the judge will just ask O’Mara with George sitting there, potted palm that he is lol j/k, and ask. She’ll deny that O’Mara can’t file for immunity when he wants, before, during or after trial. That is what I think Bernie really wants of this. Silly Bernie, tricks are for kids.


1h. Witness List Saga and Depositions

On October 29 2012 Judge ‘Bernie my little officer of the court who can do no wrong, nothing insurmountable here’ Nelson, ordered that witness lists, including expert witness, shall be exchanged on or before March 27 2013. On March 25 2013 O’Mara filed a list and a Motion asking the court for an extension on the date to exchange witness lists. That motion was to be heard at the hearing that was scheduled for April 2 2013. Without consulting the defense Nelson canceled the hearing. On April 17 O’Mara filed a second list. On April 26 O’Mara posted another motion asking the court for an extension. In that motion O’Mara lists six witnesses;

GZW 60

O’Mara’s last list only went to GZWAAA and GZW42 so clearly the list is much larger then thought and apparently O’Mara will be adding more. Given what we have here then the list goes to at least GZWJJJ which adds 9 people bringing the number to 276. It is still not know what number system he is using and if that corresponds to the State’s number system. In O’Mara’s numbers there are gaps so who knows what’s going on. There are also no experts listed or any other public official outside the SPD that hasn’t already been named by the State. Regardless, I’m guessing the entire list of all witnesses combined will be over 300.


Amended Scheduling Order and Administrative Procedures to be Followed Before Trial (amended to correct year of trial date) (Nelson’s Order)

Defendant’s Supplemental Witness List (Redacted) (O’Mara’s list filed on March 25)

Defendant’s Motion for Extension of Time to File Witness Disclosure

O’Mara’s response to Nelson cancelling hearing

Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Witness List (Redacted)

Redacted Motion to Allow Additional Witness Disclosure (O’Mara’s second motion)

My witness list

More Depositions posted

Also see my page on the depositions here

2. Fifth District Court of Appeal – The Crump Deposition Saga

Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Appendix


or docket link here as well
Case Number
5D 13-1233


Order to Show Cause

State’s(General Attorney) Response

3. Shellie Zimmerman’s Case

Continued to July 10 specifically after George’s trial. Why they did that I do not know but to me it makes it seem they are keeping Shellie as tool to pressure George to plea. What happens if George’s case gets continued? Will they just keep continuing Shellie’s trial based on every time George’s trial gets continued? What is the reasoning for that?

4. The Jonathan Ables Case

I first wrote of the case in Sep 2012 here:

Crystal has been indicted for murder and the case has been continued a couple of times now. The next court date is May 1st.

 photo scott1-Copy.jpg

Scott, Crystal
Case # 137803101010
The State of Texas vs. SCOTT, CRYSTAL JANA (SPN: 02634135) (DOB: 07/14/1989)

Given what I do know I don’t even think Jonathan made it past the left side front quarter panel of her car when she shot and I find it doubtful he hit the car or broke the driver side window. The window is broken because she shot out of it not because of his fist or some crap she’s trying to make up.

A comment of Jonathan’s mother gave thanks to their attorney named Brian Wice and DA Kari Allen.

If this is the Brian Wice I believe is representation of Jonathan’s family they should dump his ass right away.
 photo BrianWice-Copy.jpg

A bad choice in my opinion and may have been the one to ask the family to ask the petition and facebook for Jonathan be taken down. He’s not the right guy in my opinion.

Assistant Harris County District Attorney Kari Allen
 photo daallen-Copy.jpg

Judge Maria T. Jackson
 photo judgejackson-Copy.jpg

Given the players this case will probably get thrown out before a jury ever hears it.

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97 thoughts on “Updates on the Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan or “The ‘D-Man updating his peeps about current events in the Trayvon Martin Case’ Saga”

    • Thanks.

      How long will the hearing last? Well, hmmm, let’s see.

      a) The Crump Settlement Filing Saga – Denied
      b) Sanctions Saga (W8 Depo) – Denied
      c) Sanctions Saga (W8 Lie) – Denied
      d) Personal Information Release – Granted
      e) Phone stuff – Denied
      f) “Enhanced” W11 911 Call, lolz -Denied
      g) The Stand Your Ground/Immunity/Self Defense CHAPTER 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE statues Hearing to Merge or Not to Merge Saga -Denied
      h) Witness List Saga -Granted

      5 minutes.

      2 hours if she allows argument on some of it.

      • Very funny. My guess is it will be the longest one since we started and might even require a lunch break. There is a lot of stuff on that schedule… more than we have seen before.

        And Bernie will not be able to sit down. He might even fly himself off of the floor. I want to hear what he says about that cleaned up version of the 911 call.

        He is in the danger zone now and he must know that. I do not see him digging out of this hole without a lot of hand jive.

        I wonder if he practices in front of a mirror. Wouldn’t that be funny to see?

        • I’m actually serious though. I really don’t see this going past an hour and a half but give it two hours at best but that is contingent on IF the judge allows argument. She doesn’t have to. That’s why she ordered they file their arguments beforehand at latest 48 hours the court date so she can have her decision made. Given from what I have seen so far from her she will want to get through these motions as quickly as possible.

          The longest hearing in this case so far was Oct 26 at 2h:27m and that was a big one:

        • I imagine both Bernie and Nelson are gonna have trouble controlling their tempers. They are probably both VERY angry at MOM and West right now. And I say… GOOD! 😉

          • I hope Don West is the one to do the talking in court, that will surely send up flares, fireworks and maybe a few rockets. Remember when he said of DD in court, “in other words she lied”? He wasn’t about to beat around the bush. Bernie will likely have to be medicated before the hearing, Nelson, still having the 5th DCA hanging over her head will likely have to show some sort of decorum. The defense can forge ahead with some confidence in the fact that the 5th even took the Writ up, no matter the outcome. The state’s response was weak and redundant, but they made the mistake of lecturing the higher court in what they should not have done. Maybe it’s just me but, that will not put them in such good graces with the DCA judges.

            April 30 calls for extra spicy pop corn, and lots of it.

          • How angry could Crump be at MOM if the two of them are the highlighted speakers tonight at the media dinner?

            Now if fireworks occur tonight, I’ll take that back. But I’ll bet they’ll be cordial.

        • “I want to hear what he says about that cleaned up version of the 911 call.”

          there is no cleared up version. The explanation Crump will offer is that the audio file was enhanced via “non destructive audio processing” that left the original file (“tape”) intact.

        • If BDLR admits he doesn’t know anything about a cleaned up recording it gives MOM yet another reason to depose Crump. He can add it to his response to the state’s response to the Writ of Certiorari. Other things he can add might be revealed in the hearing. I bet MOM has even anticipated a number of things and already has a draft written.

  1. This is a really excellent reference page, DMan. Very nice.

    One thing I’m not sure about, though. I’m not sure George is really required to be in court at the next hearing. Yeah, I see the order from the judge, saying George must appear. But if I’m not mistaken, there’s also been some of them before a few of the other hearings that he hasn’t shown up at. It seems to be some kind of formality to make sure at least George’s rep (MOM and West) shows up. And yeah, I know that Bernie requested that the judge order George to show up for his stupid little Q&A session… but I don’t think that’s what this order from the judge is.

    • If I’m not mistaken George has to be there unless O’Mara files a Waiver of Appearance.


      I don’t see one filed since that last one.

      As I said in my post here:

      “Redundantly, as the court has already ordered it before this, Bernie does request George’s appearance…”

      So there was no need for Bernie to go there as it was ordered previously by the judge and there has been no Waiver of Appearance.

      That order from the judge came nearly 2 weeks before Bernies motion so clearly it has nothing to do with that and those are filed all the time anyway so of course no it has nothing to do with Bernies motion.

      • Yeah, there needs to be an appearance waiver filed… I assume not just once, but for every hearing. So unless MOM does that, George has to be there. Not sure how far in advance he has filed the other ones. Or maybe they’re OK with George being there… maybe George WANTS to be there this time for some reason. If so… interesting.

        • I think it would be a huge mistake for George to take the stand. I think this whole thing is about Bernie trying to get the judge to say that since he waived the hearing that was scheduled before trial then he can not now evoke it any other time before, during or after. I think she’ll deny that aspect but she just may ask across the table if George understands he’s not having the hearing that was scheduled and that he still has the right to and that will be that. There may be argument from the State and defense there regarding the merging but again I think she’ll deny Bernie on that as well.

          • Oh, I agree completely. If you think I was implying that MOM might allow George to get up on the stand, even for a minute… NO WAY. And I think you’re right. IF George shows up, and IF the judge gives any credence to Bernie’s whining, then she’ll probably just ask George if he understands his rights. Nothing more.

            • Well, you said “maybe George WANTS to be there this time for some reason. If so… interesting” and that’s really all that I could think of. Not sure why else he would want to be there specifically for this hearing in the context of this motion.

              • Not just this motion, but several of the motions, plus the DCA petition. Maybe MOM/West suspect some fireworks, and think something good will come from that. Pretty sure the judge is gonna be angry, though I doubt she’ll show it. And I’m CERTAIN Bernie will be angry, and he most likely WILL show it. 😉 And when that happens, hard telling what will come out of the guy’s mouth. So I’m just thinking that George could use a little, what’s the word?… schadenfreude for a change.

                • Ah, I see, yes Bernie is quite amusing when he gets going and that sure would help George’s and all of our spirits actually. Let’s hope for some Shakespeare Bernie style with his head popping off.

                  Pulling Hair Out

            • I am also interested in this particular motion by Bernie, in essence he wants to the defense(opposing counsel) to disclose its strategy, which is Attorney work product, and Nelson ruled against MOM because of this grounds.

          • I think I remember reading, a whole long time ago, that SYG or Immunity hearings are often almost combined with the trial. I believe the SYG hearing takes place right before the trial starts, and if the judge does not find for the defendant and grant immunity, then it goes directly into the trial phase. I also think I read that even if the judge does not exonerate the defendant before trial, he still gets another bite at the immunity apple if a jury acquits him, or on appeal. Does anyone else remember reading that?

            • I do remember reading a discussion about that but, sorry, not sure where or when that was. I think it came after MOM’s announcement to not use the 2 weeks in April. I recall that Nelson corrected BLDR and told him emphatically that MOM was not waiving his right to an immunity hearing and that left some of us to speculate about what could happen next.

              That discussion may have been at CTH. I do remember that I was still left a bit confused and I still am, to some degree.

              One thing about this case is that the law and statutes are NOT sources for reliable information. These people (Court and State) do whatever they hell they want to do.

              I only hope that some of the decisions made do not become precedents for future trials. The issue currently before the DCA is much more significant than some folks really grasp.

              Any decision that would prevent a defendant from confronting his accusers will be a most dangerous precedent.

              That would probably land in front of the Florida Supreme Court.

              I am hoping that jello is correct and the plug will be pulled so that there will be no trial but I am doubting it but applause to him for daring to be so optimistic, in spite of our friend DMan’s eternally pessimistic attitude even if does have good arguments to support his position.

          • I was told by a family member George had already decided he wanted to be at this hearing and that decision was made a few weeks ago. He’s owed an explanation, imo, why court was cancelled on April 2th and the Judge better give him one.

          • Just last night when talking with the media, MOM said that unless something changes, George WILL be there on Tuesday. And that has nothing to do with Bernie’s little games with trying to get Nelson to question George. MOM said the reason George will be there has something to do with (paraphrasing) “There’s gonna be a lot of important issues addressed at this hearing.” Hmm… sounds kinda bad for Bernie… Hi Bernie!

  2. In reference to DD’s deposition, If Judge N DENIES the Sanctions MOM is requesting, can MOM APPEAL? BDLR’s professional behavior has been appalling, I’d like to see that POS slapped down for the abuses.

    I can’t believe Judge N would expect MOM to SUCK up the cost for the Video Company and Court reporter prepared to record DD’s deposition but instead had to wait 5 hours while BDLR threw a fit while waiting to hear from Judge N. They had to be paid, it’s unfair to make MOM pay them because BDLR is inept.

    In reference to BDLR’s verbally attacking MOM in his response, surely Judge N will hold BDLR responsible, I am going to blow a gasket if she does nothing.

    Baez’s house was in foreclosure during KC’s trial & Judge Perry still issued sanctions against him for $ 500.00. I think it was less because the Prosecution works for the people so they didn’t have overhead like MOM/West do.

    • Be prepared to blow a gasket, arttart; I am. I don’t have one ounce of faith that this judge will ever do the right thing. A higher power would have to force her hand. I am on the fence as to whether or not that will happen.

      • {{Waving!}} Hey, don’t see you much anymore. Of course it’s my fault for not spending more time here at DMan’s place. Anyway, I bet you’re looking forward to the Tuesday hearing as much as I am. With the anger that must be simmering just below the surface in not only Bernie, but Nelson too, this could get really interesting. 😉

        • Hi! You’ve got that right. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday. The last time we saw court time was over 2 months ago. I wonder if the Judge will give us an courtesy of an explanation for canceling April 2nd court date.

          It’s quite interesting reading around the different sites on the strategies of both sides. One of my friends on facebook wrote about this interesting strategy he read,

          “Just read something interesting. If what is said is true, O’Mara is one damn good chess player. I’m reading that if O’Mara’s motion to strike BDLR’s response is granted by Nelson, BDLR will be left motionless, beyond the deadline to file a new one, on an issue that requires a motion to be heard. Essentially, if Nelson grant’s the motion to strike, she will only be allowed to hear from O’Mara in the courtroom regarding the original issue (it was the motion for sanctions regarding video taping W8).”

          Wouldn’t that be something! Get the snacks ready, Tuesday is going to be an interesting day!

          • Yeah, I think that’s the way it works. If the written motion is stricken, it’s exactly like there was no motion filed at all. And therefore no oral argument from that side allowed in court. So that would be cool. But I think MOM also had another reason for filing that. Even if Nelson rules against them, he has at least gotten on the record some serious jabs at Bernie. And importantly, also some jabs at Corey herself. I thought it was a great move on MOM’s part, even if Nelson rules against him.

              • Of all the different kinds of birds, I always found hummingbirds some of the most fascinating. Their wings are nearly invisible they’re flapping so fast. Yeah… that’s gonna be Bernie.

                • While I was reading what you wrote I was imagining BLDR flapping those arms so fast that he started flying.

                  Then the only thought that entered my head was the phrase…

                  “when pigs fly.”

                  • 😉 Ok, here’s the best I can do… but not knowing much about Nelson’s inner makeup (i.e., how she responds when she’s scared or angry) I could be wrong. If Nelson believes there’s a very good chance the DCA will rule against her in the coming days, we’ll see a change in her actions. On Tuesday she’ll rule in the Defense’s favor on most everything they’re asking for. Again, like I say, this depends greatly on how she reacts in times of fear and/or anger.

                    Is she the type who goes into self-preservation mode, and so finally cries uncle? If so, she’ll make the correct rulings on Tuesday.

                    Or is she the type who digs in even deeper, and is willing to go to the bitter end with her beliefs no matter the harm to herself? If so, we’ll see more of the same idiocy from her.

                    • You mentioned two key issues here: Her emotions and beliefs. That is what is wrong with her rulings.. they are not based on the statues or law.

                      So what you think will happen depends on how she is feeling and thinking that day? Holy crap. Poor, poor George.

                      Ain’t this all just plain crazy?

                      My predictions remain the same. I think she will lighten up and begin to see things as they really are. By now, she must have figured this out even if she doesn’t watch or read the news. The motions clearly reveal that Bernie is an a.. hole and Crump is a greedy, lying racist, hell bent on raping whitey.

                      It should be a good day for the Defense.

          • Nettles18: Are you making any predictions? I am always interested in what you say, and it’s clear a lot of the rest of us are, too.

            I guess you noticed that MOM and Crump are co/keynote speakers at an awards function tonight, to address social media.

            • Jordan!! How are you doing? I hope your health has been better and you’ve enjoyed the nicer weather.

              I predict we won’t see much change in Judge Nelson. I don’t think the threat of the higher court ordering a deposition will change much. I expect both sides to get a lecture on the attacks on each other. She may entertain some compensation for the defense as they did clearly advise the depos would be video-taped.

              When it comes to unsealing the settlement I think she has no choice but to grant that. Mr. Crump, in his own argument, advises of a 3rd party that for all we know could be other witnesses. The defendant has an absolute right to know the parties to that settlement, the amount of that settlement and what if any, influence it may have if they are witnesses in this case.

              She’ll allow the additional witnesses and then she’ll want to discuss the admin. issues. She had a pile of motions before her in the past and she whips through them. I think this is done before lunch.

              I did watch over twitter, the reporters tweeting Mr. Crump and Mr. O’Mara’s speeches tonight and I loved that Mr. O’Mara went. It’s a conversation that must go on between the lawyers, the media and social media. If the media want to stay relevant, they best catch up. I thought Mr. O’Mara did a great job and Mr. Crump, I’m beginning to love Mr. Crump, gave me some wonderful opportunities to tweet the reporters with evidence of his lies.

              Mr. Crump is back peddling on calling GZ a racist and tells the reporters, no it was the police who were racist. Mr. O’Mara countered that in his speech that the police did do a proper investigation in the case.

              Mr. O’Mara put the reporters on notice, there is a story here to tell but you’ve got to work at it and dig deep. He told him about getting irrelevant questions like asking about Rush Limbaugh and the Boston Bombing comparison.

              Both lawyers think this trial is going to last over a month.

              Tuesday is going to be great!

              • Thanks for such a detailed reply. I will be watching the hearing if someone is going to show it. It’s usually difficult to get a reliable connection with volume.

                What I want to happen is for Crump to be deposed. Would Nelson be so bold? IDK but at least the DCA is looking at the writ.

                Bernie should be in rare form unless Nelson shuts him up. He is actually funny to watch. It’s almost as if he’s trying to be an actor and is not good at it.

                  • Thanks for that Cassandra! That must have been the little presser they had at 6:30pm. At 7:30 pm Crump went first and then O’Mara went and Crump was given 2 minutes after to rebut. The reporters tweeted out the speeches and some used the hashtag #FAPB.

                    The hate from the Trayvon Martin supporters has picked up this past week, both on facebook and twitter. My family has been contacted through facebook with vile messages.

                    Mr. Crump’s call for calm was nice to hear and he has to do more of it. Some of the supporters in Trayvon’s name are representing the family with hate and harassment. I’d love to hear them call for that to stop more. I don’t engage in it and wish they would leave me alone and out of their twitter conversations.

                    • Nettles,

                      I am so sorry your family is experiencing the intimidation tactics of the racial grievance types.It is ugly. I know plenty about being targeted by the gangsters, the wannbe gangsters, their white guilt enablers, and left to fend off the hate and violence on my own. When my youngest son was labeled snitch after making the positive ID in a series of robberies, he could not finish high school because of significant threats, his senior year was completed in independent study. The normalization of thug culture is indirectly influenced by media, the felons we stood up to are now playing the starring roles in a film about Oakland gangster culture, Licks. disgusting. The screen writer is a young white male indoctrinated in using moral equivalencies to excuse criminal behavior among black youth.

                      did you see this tweet last night from the banquet MC, she repeats murder, as you pointed out before does that not violate professional ethics?

                      Valerie Boey ‏@vboey 17h @attorneycrump says FOX35 was only station to cover the scene the night of murder#FOX35 #FAPB

                    • thanks for challenging the reporters, it matters, they need to know that not all readers are ignorant and will tolerate lies in the press.

                    • I don’t understand why they go after you in particular. There may be some George supporters out there who fight fire with fire, and don’t hesitate to use harsh words when arguing with the Trayvonites. But I’ve never seen you do that. So why do they like to attack YOU? Maybe it’s because, similar to Chip, most of your comments make clear, detailed arguments that make the idiots look like… well, idiots? But anyway, I’m sorry you have to deal with such garbage. And I’m sure you know that if things get too hairy, and we’re talking about REAL threats, you have options. Don’t let the scumbags get to you.

                    • No, they don’t have my permission to bother me or my family. My family is aware of my advocacy for George and the nut jobs out there. They simply block the messenger. So it’s the messenger’s time wasted. They do however leave an impression in the name of Trayvon Martin. Sadly, it’s not a message the Trayvon Martin family wants to spread but they do anyway.

                    • So there is no easy, foolproof way to block the stuff? I have a FB account that my daughter set up as a way to keep me posted on family events and send photos of my grand daughters. I rarely even look at it. I have a twitter account but have no idea how to use it.

                      Good luck with stopping all of that crap.

                    • If you don’t want it copied or distributed, don’t put it online. For me, I don’t care. Looking at photos of people I don’t know does nothing for me. Copying my family and distributing them says more about you than me. Knock yourself out. Really “knock” yourself out.

                    • “Mr. Crump’s call for calm was nice to hear and he has to do more of it. Some of the supporters in Trayvon’s name are representing the family with hate and harassment. I’d love to hear them call for that to stop more. I don’t engage in it and wish they would leave me alone and out of their twitter conversations.”

                      Mr. Crump is a liar, manipulator and deceiver and it speaks volumes of the Florida Bar, and the attorney’s involved that don’t report him to that entity, which do nothing or even worse award his efforts.

                      Make no mistake Nettles you, who are like O’Mara in this aspect, are hated for the mere fact that you speak out in favor of the black boy killer and by virtue of that, all that he represents; that a black man can be “profiled”, pursued, confronted and killed merely for being black and the justice system will also do nothing because of the blackness; that has to be true or how else do we have this over-representation of blacks in the criminal justice system(right O’Mara?). That’s it. You, like O’Mara, are betraying the very narrative of black victimhood, which O’Mara believes in by the way i.e. we need to have a conversation on race but not “that” conversation etc., which propels the likes of Crump to glory, status, award and money for defending his people.

                      That’s how you are engaged in it.

                      “Mr. Crump” speaks out of both sides of his mouth. You can’t raise the people into a cause then ask for calm. Crump knows full well what the ramifications of his actions were and makes those types of statements so he can point to them later and say, “Don’t blame me, see I said that”, derp.

                  • Thanks Jello. One of the reasons, I’m a target I think is because I don’t hide behind fake accounts. Most do and for good reason. To protect their private life and their sanity.

                    It is perhaps stupid and if it causes me harm then lesson learned. I get harassed, more than threatened. There was one threat online on facebook and they were amazing in responding to it. It had been dealt with before I even knew about it.

                    If facebook and twitter want us the public to use their product, something has to be done with the harassment their software enables. My friends are getting put on time out left right and centre for giving their opinion on facebook. Facebook better fix that or people won’t use their product. I’m writing them now to ensure they are aware of the problems we on the page are experiencing.

                    According to the dogpound, I’m Diwatalady now. I guess they heard Sundance and I split up…LOL May I ask was Diwata is? and how will your wife feel about this? (just kidding in case that’s not clear).

                    I posted on the open thread about how Crump and company are talking out of both sides of their mouth. With everything being recorded and posted, we need to be vigilant in calling it out. As Mr. Crump told reporters yesterday, he didn’t originally label GZ a racist but rather the police department, I tweeted to that reporter in Reuters article of March 7th giving Crump’s quote, Trayvon was black, George was white and the 600 lb. elephant in the room is race.

                    It seems to me too much is being put on one man’s shoulders (O’Mara) by some, to bring all the injustices to an end and expose it all with this trial. First things first, get George out from under this charge. Show those in power, the people will not sit idly by while you railroad an innocent man for whatever agenda you want to adopt.

                    Together we can do this. That’s why I’m here. Help me or get out of my way. 😉

                    • lolz, Diwatalady.

                      “It seems to me too much is being put on one man’s shoulders (O’Mara) by some, to bring all the injustices to an end and expose it all with this trial. First things first, get George out from under this charge. Show those in power, the people will not sit idly by while you railroad an innocent man for whatever agenda you want to adopt.”

                      You forget much about O’Mara. He purposefully chose from the get go to engage in a fashion outside his lawerly principle of “get George out from under this charge”. He specifically set out to stop discovery from being released and in effect crippled us to fight the likes of Crump. He did so for two main reasons. Because in his mind you are too stupid to look at the evidence yourself and gauge how it relates to the case and also some misguided notion to calm the masses and prevent riots.

                      To this day he, and at least in his name, engages in it, the AP dinner, the response to Capehart, etc.

                      O’Mara can not have it both ways and you should not make excuses for him in that regard.

                      If you want to show those in power something start here:

                    • “He specifically set out to stop discovery from being released”

                      I have asked about this many times since the case started, including an alleged deal he made with the state regarding the time line for release.

                      No one has ever responded to my satisfaction. Was there, in fact, a deal of some sort? If so, was it in writing? I do tend to believe that something has prevented MOM from asking for specific discovery along the way and many of us are still wondering why all discovery has not been turned over and what is MOM doing about it?

                      All the answers I hear are “hogwash” to me. No offense intended to anyone.

                      Can you give us your list of specific examples of MOM stopping discovery from being released?

              • “Mr. Crump is back peddling on calling GZ a racist and tells the reporters, no it was the police who were racist. Mr. O’Mara countered that in his speech that the police did do a proper investigation in the case.”

                It appears to me that Crump, in blaming the SPD, which he has done from the beginning, is actually going back to the Sherman Ware days when it was GZ who went to bat against the SPD for discrimination in not filing charges against the son of a then police officer who did the beating. Crump knows, and NatJac especially know what GZ did for the Sherman Ware case, yet they and the area NAACP have hung George out to dry, or burn at the stake.

                The then police chief was fired over the Ware case, and Chief Lee was hired to clean up the SPD. Now you have two black male officers, and a white female officer who is married to a black man who “pressured” Serino to file charges against GZ, after Serino stood next to Lee and said that “everything GZ said of the self defense claim was adding up.”

                I wonder what Crump thought when he read the discovery where Serino admitted under oath to the FBI that he was pressured by three officers with black interests, into filing charges against GZ when he already admitted that everything GZ said was lining up. It was Crump who sent the letter to the DOJ to get involved and investigate GZ for possible hate crimes, and for being a racist. He must have twitched all over when the FBI cleared GZ as not being a racist.

                Crump must attack the SPD because that is where he hopes to get the largest pay-out for himself and the Martin family. Crump doesn’t go after the little guy, or where the pay-out would be small. He is notorious for going after the entities that can redistribute taxpayer dollars to him and his clients.

                I can only hope that Serino will be called to the witness stand, and will admit he was pressured by three SPD officers. He is included on the defense witness list if I am not mistaken. He does have the ability to blow the case wide open in a trial if his testimony matches that which he told the FBI. I can’t imagine a jury hearing that and not acquitting GZ, among other things. Serino may just turn out to be the star defense witness. If that does happen, I don’t see how Crump can possibly sue the SPD. He wouldn’t be able to call the SPD racist against blacks as it was black interests that forced the false charges. It will be interesting to see what advice he is given by Baez.

                • We have a bit of insight into where Serino’s head is at now. The State’s 10th supplemental discovery consists of a letter Baez sent to the prosecutor advising that he was in possession of “possibly Brady Material”, material helpful to the defense. http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0113/10th_supplemental_discovery_exhibit.pdf

                  BDLR argued in court on December 11th, that he thought it wasn’t Brady material. It turns out it is the edited versions of the capias and an email that Captain O’Connor sent to the investigators. So from Serino’s perspective, this material is helpful for the defense.

                  Now Baez has joined a local TV station to provide commentary in the Zimmerman trial when it starts. He has said, the Zimmerman case is extremely weak from the prosecutor’s perspective. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2013-03-10/entertainment/os-jose-baez-on-george-zimmerman-20130310_1_jose-baez-george-zimmerman-case-zimmerman-evidence

                  Couple all that with his statement to the FBI that says he felt pressure to bring those charges. http://www.scribd.com/doc/99942204/Serino-s-FBI-Interview-2-Pges-1

                  I think you are bang on the money. Serino is going to be an important witness for the defense.

                  • Wasn’t O’Connor the only one in the group meetings that didn’t think GZ acted in self defense?

                    I would love to know if Serino has emails, texts, phone recordings etc. from the three who pressured him into filing charges. He may also have info. that Bonaparte and/or Triplett demanded that he file charges. Bonaparte is in charge of the SPD from the chief on down.

                    It has appeared from the get go that Baez has been anti-prosecution, and more pro-defense because of the weakness of the state case from the PCA on.

                    I also wonder if Serino has the TM doctored school records which were not included in his reports. There is a reason why Serino has hired an attorney. Hopefully he will exonerate himself in the end.

                    • Actually it was Randy Smith who was the lone dissenter. on the last day of two weeks of meetings he piped up. I believe that Smith was in on O’Connor’s plan to charge zimmerman just to get the case out of their shop. The pressure on SPD was enormous and they only way to transfer that pressure to Wolfinger was to file for capias. Serino’s charge and his report were fabricated and that’s why he has retained counsel.

                  • I agree with you guys (minpin & nettles).This case, in many ways, turns on Serino. Serino’s manslaughter charge was designed to ‘get it out the door’, over to SAO. No charge, No capias

                    His superiors – o’connor & smith – wanted to drop the hot potato on wolfinger. but serino couldnt just check the box for ‘manslaughter’ without modifying the report to include elements of the charge. He couldnt alter the facts, so he added the now infamous hypothetical statements – “if (only) Zimmerman had remained In his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement” etc… – in an attempt to assign some culpability to zimmerman. Serino’s editorializing has been used by zimmerman’s detractors, ad nauseam, as proof that zimmerman is guilty.

                    I also suspect that Corey wasn’t, at least not initially, aware that Serino had fabricated the charge. It’s not likely that he would have admitted to falsifying a police report. she may have thought that Serino’s charge was evidence of dissension in the ranks, so to speak. You’ll notice that TeamCrump no longer quotes their one time hero, Det.Serino. they also must have figured out that he lied.

                    It’s difficult to follow the many iterations of ChrisSerino. he doesnt seem to like zimmerman, thinks he is ‘soft’ or has a ‘hero complex’ – but when the rubber meets the road, my guess is, he testifies that not only that zimmerman shouldnt have been charged, but that he also believed that it was zimmerman who was screaming for help. good luck with that Bernie.

                    He has retained jose baez because he fears being hung out to dry for falsifying a police report

                    also, in this light, I dont think it makes sense that Serino was the one who leaked the sally-port CCTV video. more likely one of the three that pressured him to charge. My $ in on Barnes.
                    BTW, who is @YancyFaith and why would @mattGutman divulge his source to her/him?

                    • He has retained jose baez because he fears being hung out to dry for falsifying a police report

                      I am interested to know how he will explain that. Won’t the state try to use it against him?

                    • Thank you, and most excellent posts irish. Do you think there is anything that can or would be offered to Serino to take the witness stand and tell the truth, other than depending on his own come to Jesus moment. Falsifying police reports is a very serious offense, and I would think he could do jail time for that, especially in a murder trial. I would think that if he is brought up on charges, Baez would want him to be on record coming clean at the trial. Who would it be that would be capable of bringing charges against him?

                      Corey may not have been aware early on that he falsified the police reports but, she was surely aware of it when she read the FBI reports where he admitted that he was pressured into charging, and he named names. Yet the prosecution marches on unbelievably.

                  • I have always said that Serino is an enigma. He appeared to be on both sides at one time so IDK what the truth really is but now suspect he wants not to be a part of the prosecution of George Zimmerman.

                    I know others don’t but I like Baez and I think his analogy and commentary on the trial will make it even more watched. Viewers can hate George and get a chance to hate Casey all over again. What a deal for that kind of people.

                    I hope that Pepitone will write a daily column during the trial. He seems to be the fairest one out there or am I missing someone, Nettles?

                    • Jordan, I am replying to your above comment down here where there is a reply button.

                      I doubt the state would ever go after Serino, as they knew months ago that he admitted to being pressured to charge GZ from his FBI interview. The only way they would go after Serino at this point would be to use him as their out. They have had many exit ramps in front of them before this if they wanted an out, and didn’t take them.

                      I am still curious from anyone who would know who it would be that would be capable and responsible for bringing charges against Serino for falsiified police reports. There is still the school records sent to someone at SPD that has not been addressed, and they, nor any mention of them, were ever in any of Serino’s reports.

                      I am itchy to know just what possible Brady info it was that Baez sent to the prosecution, and to the defense. It could possibly be the ACE card that O’Mara is holding just to spring it at the right moment, especially if it has anything to do with him charging an innocent man to avoid riots.

                    • Serino remains an enigma. I do know what he knows or what documents he may possess, but somewhere along the line, I think it’s possible that someone from the State might have tried to “talk” with him and he became concerned. Otherwise, why would he need Baez when an attorney is already available to him? Of course, that free attorney may not be such a good choice.

                      Either way, the State, I suspect, is at least concerned about what he might be able to do to them.

                      His pension is secure and it would be difficult to fire him so he has little to lose by telling the truth.

                      Sorry, but I know nothing about those school records.

  3. Personally, I wish I could feel confident that Nelson will rule in favor of the defense at least on some points. However, I have no confidence in her ability to do the right thing now, regardless of the DCA, the truth, or any of the evidence that would surely prove to any sane individual that they’d been had by the likes of Crump. Even with the actual law staring her in the face regarding BDLR’s personal attacks, she will still hold him in the esteem of “an officer of the court” who would never do such a thang! How I hope to Heaven I am wrong! But I see Nelson slamming MOM/West all the do da day. Bernie won’t even need to flap around; she’ll take care of the defense with the full force of a wild boar hog. Please let me be wrong- I SO want to be wrong!

      • I’m convinced that Nelson is following orders from those above her like Bondi, who has the ability to award her with the promotion that she so wants. She has no ethics, morals or scruples, and doing what she does for a promotion makes her more a crocked politician before being a fair and impartial judge. Lester was exactly the same.

        I’d bet anything that Bondi, Corey, BDLR et al are going over the defense filings and trying to figure out how she should rule on the motions on Tues. They know the DCA has still not ruled, and won’t by Tues, so they may allow her to make some concessions for the defense, albeit small ones.

        If the DCA decides that Crump should be deposed, that will be a slap against Bondi, and she ain’t gonna like that. I can only hope that the DCA judges haven’t been told how they are to rule from those higher up. Then again, it’s Florida.

        • I’ve seen zero evidence from her on the worry that the defense is afforded every opportunity to defend this charge. To the contrary, she has limited their time, stood as a roadblock to discovery and helped the State delay depositions. (Crump and W8)

          • That’s pretty much what I said Nettles. The main point I was making is that she is not making the decisions, they are being made for her. Those making the decisions are all in and for the prosecution. It is their major goal in hampering and harming the defense every chance they get. The trial will last about an hour on Tues. Everything will have been decided before then, and not by Nelson.

            Bondi and her stooge got slapped down by the DCA when Lester was removed. Am I remembering correctly that they indicated that they would be watching the case events closely? or is that just wishful thinking on my part. If Nelson denies the defense on every motion on Tues., I do believe that it will become more than about deposing Crump. It will become about much more than that.

        • As much as Nelson’s decisions have been disappointing, I still would like to believe that those decisions are hers alone and that Bondi (or whomever) has not had contact with her regarding this case. Such contact is highly improper.

          • hooson- What aspect of this case has ever been “proper”? We have been in uncharted territory since O’Mara got Gilbreath to admit they have no proof of anything against GZ.

            • pinecone:

              I have seen more than a few cases where the judge, at the pre-trial stage, just rams things on ahead. A lot of the time, it indicates how things will go at trial. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

              I am not sure how to answer an open-ended question such as what is “proper”. Whatever improper decision the judge has made is subject to appeal.

              What is highly improper, and not likely is that Bondi has been in touch with Judge Nelson and given her instructions on how to rule. It seems from what I have seen, Judge Nelson is highly capable of making pro-prosecution decisions without direction from anyone.

  4. I am going to be optimistic about Tuesday. While the DCA hasn’t ruled yet, the mere fact that they will rule send a message to Judge Nasty Nelson. The Percecution has been so blatant with discovery violations that Nelson can no longer pretend that they don’t exist. The specific discovery request by MoM and West for phone data is far more than a reminder of the discovery violations. It is a pointed reminder that if phone data confirms that the alleged conversations with the Double Dee Dees never occurred, this case would implode so spectaculary that the careers of everyone who enabled the abuses to continue will be destroyed. Nelson might have been promised an nomination to a higher court, but she has to be confirmed by the Florida Senate. That can’t happen fishes wearing this albatross around her neck. BDLR’s latest demand that the defense disclose it’s SYG strategy reveals that even he realizes that he is in deep DooDoo.

    Even Crump seems to realize that the gig is up. During his recent joint appearance with MoM, he backed off of his allegations that GZ is rayyyycisssstsss! He is cooperating to defuse the race riots that he incited.

    • He is cooperating to defuse the race riots that he incited.

      Not with his comment about it being a long hot summer, and the whole world is watching to see if the case results in equal justice.

      Crump is his short 10 minutes presser acknowledged that social media was responsible for the lynch mob, at the same time used veiled threats to keep that mob mentality alive.

      Whose Emmet Till now? contrary to Crump assertions, George is the target of a lynch mob.

      • edit Emmett with TT
        and I left off the quotation marks identify Wino’s statement about Crump ” He is cooperating to defuse the race riots that he incited” which I do not agree with.

      • My thoughts exactly casandra. His definition of “equal justice” will only be if GZ is sent to prison on murder charges for as long as they can keep him there. Otherwise, what happened across the nation when he incited the mobs last year will be child’s play, and he will be in the center of the storm. Gov. Scott did nothing but delay the national guard being called out.

        Crump and his reliable footsoldiers in the media have already said that they are taking justice into their own hands, and the people will now decide how justice is carried out, meaning their people who look like Obama’s son. This won’t be the last case where they will decide who gets Zimmermaned, and I guarantee it won’t be any in the black crowd.

        • It’s at least ironic that blacks can organize a riot with day’s notice while whitey would not have a clue nor the “guts” to do that. Maybe my choice of words could be different, but I am sure you get the point. We simply refuse to stand up and fight as if the system is going to magically correct itself overnight… all the while getting worse and worse, as the BGI flourishes with no opposition whatsoever except for a few lone voices like ours speaking up on a blog like this.

          Who reads or cares what we say?

          Those within black society who are intelligent, successful and educated are going to have to get involved to stop this mess because the black man will never take instructions for whitey again. The possible exception would be Progressives cutting off the money and totally changing their views. Fat chance, huh?

          • The widely expanded free Obamaphones program wasn’t expanded to help the poor or disabled to have access to 911.

          • You obviously haven’t been talking to the same white people I talk to. There is a large minority who gave had enough of the BS. The same group no lnger trusts the police who have allowed themselves useless at solving crimes and a danger to law abiding citizens. If Crump’ threatened riots occur, the response is going to be their worst nightmare. If the police response is as violent as the LAPD respinse to their own rouge officer and the police occupation of Boston suggests, the entire country will come unglued.

            • I remember reading that the Klan had sent some folks to Sanford but nothing ever happened. I personally do not know of any white groups who are organized enough to fight off a riot.

  5. Diwataman – the appropriate title for this thread would have been “The ‘D-Man updating his peeps about current events in the Trayvon Martin Case’ Saga”

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