The Short Lived Victory and “Racism” is Worse than Murder

Shellie Zimmerman continues down the Trayvonite path by going on none other than NBC’s Today show, the very entity that is infamous for playing its part to establish the false narrative and false character of her husband as a “racist”. Choosing such an entity is a statement unto itself and tells me she knows exactly what she is doing.

In my opinion what Shellie is doing is playing a dangerous game. She wants to hurt George and the way she believes she can accomplish that is by posturing herself as a threat to him. The threat being that she, at the very least, will make herself readily available to two specific entities with a high interest in what has transpired over the past month or so with Shellie and what she has said, i.e. The Estate of Trayvon Martin and the U.S. Department of Justice. Of course as we know NBC also has an interest as well as the only entity so far sued from the other side.

Keep in mind this is merely a posture. Shellie hasn’t gone full Trayvonite just yet. This was reflected in her statements on the Today show when she called into question the innocence of George in the death of Trayvon yet she was steadfast in her denial of the racial aspect. Apparently disparaging your husband as a murderer is more acceptable than doing so as a “racist”, typical white guilt and fear of appearing racist. I suspect she may change that position over time as certain incentives from certain entities may entice her to do so and/or her scornful selfish ego continues to seek vengeance against George.

All is not completely lost though. Even if Shellie does go full Trayvonite, though I believe enough damage has already been done, the Zimmerman camp holds a pretty powerful card in that Shellie is a self admitted perjurer which will no doubt come into play if Shellie testifies for the other side.

Just a note but let us not lose sight of the larger picture:
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