Victory, Well Sort Of

shellie and lawyer

“This latest report however gives at least a glimmer of hope that it will shut Shellie down.” the D-Man predicted yesterday and so it is done, lol, sweet.

Shellie has hid behind her lawyer who says Shellie won’t be talking to the press and wants this all to go away. I guess she should have thought about that before chumming up with Trayvonite Christi O’Connor and turning traitor. Though the damage done and god only knows what else she’ll do I consider this a victory.

If anyone uploads the presser I’ll post it here later. It wasn’t nothing great, just a bunch of apologetic spin mixed with an awkward sense of humor.

13 thoughts on “Victory, Well Sort Of

  1. Turds on display. Make it all go away. Tubby needs to sue and put people in jail. The rest is a gigantic waste of time. What the hell is he waiting for?

  2. I think the press will soon focus on the civil cases. A real heavy, Willie Gary (look him up; Ben Crump is small potatoes compared to Willie) has filed a $100M suit against Florida, alleging that Shiping Bao was fired because he wanted to tell the truth that Trayvon was not on top of George and the state wouldn’t let him. I am sure he will be on Sharpton and the other usual places soon to drum up support. Then there are the NBC and Kruidbos cases. The Martin/Zimmerman case is not ending with a whimper.

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  4. Anonymous,
    It was DiwataMan’s work on all of the detailed factual data of this case that finally made it clear to me that George was innocent — or “not guilty” far beyond any reasonable doubt. You might poke around here. I can tell you what pieces were key for me. If you know of new information that wasn’t available until after the trial — I mean about the crucial four minutes, then I’m sure many people will be interested.

    • He knows tray had a black face. So he is all good with the facts that he needs. Sure it defies the laws of physics and human benavior but who cares??

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