George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Mark O’Mara Quits

Second best news I’ve heard in a year and a half, good riddance.

6 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Mark O’Mara Quits

    • Then says for advice; “Pay Me”? Huh?
      He said in an interview with Don West that they don’t get paid and later announced they will be going after the State of Florida for the fees.
      O’Mara needs to stick to one story.

  1. DWM,
    Are you willing to say why you feel that way, or are you already on record somewhere about this?
    Is it RM’s take on him as an elitist or progressive?
    Or SD’s take on some allege deeds?
    Or just plain inadequate zeal on his part? Half-assedness, lack of visceral emotional investment in opposing what was done (which some of us feel)? Questionable commitment to pursuing accountability?
    Or just too chummy with many of the FL scum and too afraid of burning bridges with some of them?

    No need to answer me if you prefer not to. I just hadn’t seen you comment on MOM, and this post has obviously made me curious where you are coming from on this. (I am a big, big admirer of all that you accomplished here.)

    • I think my biggest gripe with him was his self admitted secondary role as the race peacekeeper which spawned from his philosophy in regards to the justice system regarding black people. That role was a major factor in his investigation and strategy for the trial and could have been lost because of his unwillingness to “go there” so to speak in regards to Trayvon merely for the fact that he was black. If not for Trayvon’s blackness O’Mara would have no need to worry and put his clients future at risk because of it. That’s the problem with this whole damn thing right from the beginning and is mainly what has motivated me to get involved and stay in this whole thing to begin with.

      I’ve always made my opinions know about O’Mara in comments here and the treehouse and I have quite a few posts here as well:

      Just click the “Older posts” link to look through.

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