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  1. SPD officer Santiago’s evidence report states Martin wearing light colored
    SHORTS. 711 video shows he’s wearing long pants.

  2. I have been snooping around the net and found this. Most interesting. It is Trayvon Martin’s phone number. I don’t know if it is to a land line or Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, but here it is. 786 312 9558

    I found it on his MySpace page. Actually, it was one of his friend’s and I was archiving her comments (suspecting one of his “lady friends” might be Dee Dee).

    Anyway, when I found his comments on her page he simply posted his phone number. I entered it into Google and it comes back for Florida. And my area code directory comes back SE Florida, Monroe County (Miami; overlaid on 305).

    This should be fun.

    Here is the page capture that I uploaded to my server:

  3. What does Discovery show in the way of records relating to any information or evidence uncovered by subpoena after the “3 week” process that allegedly got the phone from Miami?
    (that should at least put the information into or after the 3rd week of March)

    There should be some form of record in an investigative report and/or a chain of custody for that information, if the claim that “DMS-7” was not TM’s phone is accurate.

  4. A lot of criminals use throwaway phones. And since Trayvon Martin did not carry ID (another thing that criminals do, do not carry any form of identification) I can see the phone put into evidence that night could be suspect, as not being Trayvon’s. But IMO it was, for these reasons:

    – The Comet is an Android-based smartphone.

    – The Android Comet is a really cheap smartphone, meaning it is the phone you get your kid because no way Tracy Martin is about to get Trayvon a $200 subsidized smartphone.

    – T-Mobile debuted the Comet in 2010 as an entry level or teen smartphone. Back then T-Mobile was running “all phones free” Father’s Day promotions or “buy one, get one free” deals.

    On this basis alone it is very likely that the Comet was Trayvon’s phone. It is exactly the kind of phone you get a teen, and/or when you are a budget, especially if (as Crump alleges) Tracy was paying for four lines (Tracy, his then-wife, Trayvon, and step-daughter(?)

    – I read somewhere that the phone is suspected not to be Trayvon’s because there was a heart adhered on the battery cover. But that heart is exactly why it would be Trayvon’s phone.

    For one thing, gangs, such as the Crips use the heart as one of their signs/symbols.

    Second, notice one of Trayvon’s MySpace friends. I believe that to be DeeDee. In any event, that person has a heart symbol next to the letters “TM.”

    A heart on the back of Trayvon Martin’s phone is consistent with either gang signs or “teen love,” or both. (After all, in Feb 2012 Trayvon Martin had just turned 17, it is conceivable that his “girl” would lovingly place a heart sticker on the his phone, as a sign of their love.)

    – This would also be Trayvon’s phone because thugs, drug dealers and criminals don’t use smartphones to ply their trade, they use cheap prepaid phones, phones that they can use a few times and destroy.

    – Also notice the the phone is worn at the bottom, the finish has worn away. That is consistent with his having used the phone quite a bit, most likely since early 2011.

    – Lastly, Trayvon since 2009 was active on MySpace, and later on Facebook and Twitter. Teens doing that consider a smartphone to stay connected. The Comet is exactly what Trayvon needed to stay up-to-date.

    So fro all these reasons the Comet taken into evidence that night is Trayvon Martin’s phone.

    To that end it is a treasure trove of information, to fill in the gaps not only on his phone calls, but everything related to his e-mails, net usage, pics taken, and access to his social page accounts.

    And while his phone will provide an excellent snapshot of Trayvon Martin’s comings and goings, a lot of information can be obtained under subpoena to Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (and T-Mobile, of course).

    Bonus Comment: Some may be wondering “how can there be anything nefarious, incriminating, or sinister on the phone or the social pages, since Crump (the person I contend is stooge # 4 behind this ‘Three Stooges level conspiracy’) had to be aware that all this information could EASILY be obtained by law enforcement, defense counsel, and prosecutors?” Besides, Crump can put a stop to what is surely an invasion of privacy.

    – Firstly, to the extent Trayvon Martin has a right to privacy (after all, he is deceased), it has been waived. There’s no right to privacy when someone makes public posts, to very public social pages and websites.

    – Second, this information is relevant to determining that accuracy and veracity of witness DeeDee.

    – Third, the State Attorney and Crump put this kind of information at issue. As the saying goes, they “opened the door.” E.g., if George Zimmerman’s calls and social interaction on websites are relevant, Zimmerman is also entitled to inquire into Trayvon Martin’s conduct and actions.

    – Lastly, this is all relevant to the State Attorney proving elements of the charge and George Zimmerman being able to defend himself, on a motion to dismiss or at trial.

    – MOM West can obtain the information via a subpoena and Crump nor Angela Corey-Nifong can quash the subpoena or obtain a protective order. And you can bet this discovery is in MOM’s West’s discovery plan.

    So how come knowing that all this stuff would be made public at some point did Crump (IMO) fabricate and tamper with evidence, and advance a fraudulent narrative easily proven false?

    Aside from the fact that this was a sophisticated con that Crump was too stupid to pull off, this con artist lacked long range vision, meaning he could not envision things long term, nor did he have contingencies when something did not go according to plan.

    Although some race-based personal injury scams are easy to pull off the biggest problem with Zimmerman’s case is that there were simply too many steps to the con and even for a slick attorney there were too many things that had to fall into place.

    As time went on and things backfired, Crump got desperate to set up things so insurance companies would settle. Mainly that was putting so much pressure on George Zimmerman that he would plead guilty (if he did that, settlements for Crump would be easy to obtain). Crump’s nightmare was Zimmerman filing a motion to dismiss and getting immunity from suit (which would translate into deep pockets getting immunity too).

    As Crump got desperate he got sloppy, gambling that his next maneuver would get Zimmerman arrested, and eventually coerce George to plead out.

    Well, it is a holiday, I better get out and enjoy it. LOL.

  5. @DiwataMan – On the front page, there is “Protected: Test Post”, followed by “This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:”

    Does that mean I should put in my WordPress password?

    Or, is there another, different, one dispensed by you, for that area?

    If it’s a special one for “protected posts” here, how are they obtained?

    Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

    • That is a post that only people who have the password to can see. I was testing it out. So yes, with a WordPress account one can create posts like that which are password protected. You create the post and a password for it, then anyone with that particular password can access the post.

      • OK. So, this is not for the general public, like me, right?

        It’s a way for *you* to communicate sensitive date here on *your* site to a select person, or group of people, correct?

        I guess what I was wondering was if I could get in (curiosity being a trait of the cat and all that).

        Anyway, if that’s the case, great. If not, that’s fine, too.

        Thanks, D-man. 🙂

  6. Diwataman, I think the reason we haven’t seen more evidence concerning the cell phone is that it is the defense’s discovery. Does anyone have the tweets made by DeeDee that night? I believe that she tweeted to a friend she was doing something for a couple of hours that would make it highly unlikely she talked to Trayvon just before the shooting. I have also heard that when SPD got the phone, that Tracy or someone else erased everything on the phone but technicians were able to retrieve the information on the phone. Thank you for believing me over on the Treehouse. I have stopped posting there for awhile because emotions are running so high concerning the book. I wish I had never heard of the book. I had not read any part of it. Once I read the parts that the Treehouse showed it really bothered me. I don’t feel like the book is in George’s best interest. That is why I quit posting about it because If I tell over there how I feel and the Ostermans read it, it could put me in a very bad position. I think posters there thought I was guilty by association. I apologize for supporting the book before I knew it’s content. Also if Corey knew there was a problem with the cell phone thing, could she get in trouble for her arresting affidavit?

    • The defense’s discovery? Did you not say it took a court order and 3 weeks to get his phone? Did you not say the phone found at the scene was of a girls phone unknown to Trayvon? Certainly these things were discovered before O’Mara started looking into it so it should be part of the State’s discovery. I don’t know how you know these things but I’m hoping you are basing it off of good information and not just something you picked up from a blog or something somewhere.

      I think people were upset with you over the book thing because you kept pressing the issue that Mark has George’s best interest at heart. I know why you said those things, it’s understandable. And I agree that Mark probably does but I think before making such a move he should have considered what others had to say on it. Even better he should have gone to someone like a Ryan Julison and got some expert perception management spun into the book. But even better than that would have been to fight this thing from the beginning but apparently George et al. wasn’t interested in that so I consider them to have as much blame as the Scheme Team for their lot in life.

      As far as Corey goes I think she should go down under some sort of prosecutorial misconduct but I don’t know about these lawyerly things, I’ll leave that up to someone with expertise and balls. I also think Bondi should be voted out along with Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett and Governor Rick Scott. For a while there I would say the Bill Lee should get his job back with an apology but since he clammed up and went into hiding he can stay gone as far as I’m concerned. Same goes for Wolfinger since he clammed up as well. Then of course vote out Obama and that silly ass woman with the goofy hats. Then sue the rest of the Scheme Team. Then instill an organization to combat future efforts of the same nature. There, problem solved.

    • I have also heard that when SPD got the phone, that Tracy or someone else erased everything on the phone but technicians were able to retrieve the information on the phone.

      Interesting. How did he manage to lay hands on it? I didn’t know it was so easy to get hold of evidence, not even as an officer without leaving traces, maybe you can explain how that worked?

        • The phone found at the scene was not Trayvon’s. Tracey had Trayvon’s real phone, it was not in evidence at the time.

          Interesting theory, very, very justfactual indeed. Can you explain too, whose cell phone left an evidence trace on the diverse documents, if it wasn’t Trayvon’s? Also why did SPD try to get the password from Trayvon and did not ask for both cell phone and password at the same time, if they didn’t even have the cell phone?

          Who do you think forced Santiago or the officer he spoke to to falsify his report? Tracy Martin? Benjamin Crump?

          On March 1, 2012, I was contacted by the supervisor of the Semiole County Sheriff’s Office that unless they had a swipe code they could not access the victims cell phone.

          Joseph Santiago, report, 3/6/2012 8:30, 17/183 (Diwataman’s system, meaning first discovery, page 17.)

          Or are you suggesting, they initially had it but then gave it back to Tracy Martin?

        • Interesting theory, justfacts, so you think that Joseph Santiago and whoever officer he spoke in the Seminole County Sherrif’s Office falsified their reports?

          On March 1, 2012, I was contacted by the supervisor of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office that unless they had a swipe code they could not access the victims cell phone.

          Joseph Santiago, report, 3/6/2012 8:30, 17/183.

          Or you think they gave it back to Tracy Martin to first let him erase the content before giving it back?

  7. justfactsplz
    September 6, 2012 at 8:08 am
    “Does anyone have the tweets made by DeeDee that night? I believe that she tweeted to a friend she was doing something for a couple of hours that would make it highly unlikely she talked to Trayvon just before the shooting. ”

    I never knew DeeDee was tweeting that night. What time was she tweeting? Where did you hear this? This is the first time I heard this news. I’d be curious to know the contents of her tweets. Very interesting.

  8. @ justfactsplz

    RE: Osterman Nerve(s)
    Posted on August 31, 2012 by sundancecracker

    I was curious to see who you were after I posted my previous response to you, so I went to the CTH to read some of your posts. I must say, the Zimmerman case and some of the people involved, (including you) amaze me. This case is truly one of a kind.

  9. Hi, Diwataman – Just dropping by to pay my respects.

    (Well, OK, I confess. It’s also, to test my wordpress account to see if I fall into the spam bucket here, too, lol.)

  10. Did anyone see this? I did NOT know that this occurred. Seems more investigation is needed. For example, I was NOT aware that Trayvon Martin called his dad and “begged” to leave the townhouse to go to 7/11 for some snacks.

    And see where this article says that Trayvon Martin was according to phone records (as summarized by Crump) on the phone with DeeDee over 6 hours the day of the shooting.

    Everyone is involved in this “fraudulent narrative” to CNN on March 31. Martin, Fulton, Crump, Julison.

    Here’s the part of the article that’s interesting in regards to what I just said:

    “His fateful walk to the convenience store for a bag of Skittles and an iced tea on the evening of February 26 happened only because the teenager pleaded to leave the apartment, said Horton.

    “The only reason he got a chance to go to the store is because he begged his dad to go,” he said. At the time, his father and his fiancée had gone out to dinner and to watch a basketball game, leaving Martin at the townhouse, according to Martin family spokesman Ryan Julison.

    While walking to the store, Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend, whom he had been talking to for over 6½ hours throughout the day, the family’s attorney said, citing phone records. The girl, who did not want to be identified, said she told Martin to run, but he refused, the family attorney said.”

    • Hey, Michael – Good find. Pure Ryan Julison artistry all over it.

      You’re right; that part about the “begging” for permission to go out seems to be a unique, and quickly extinct, branch of the Julison-spin narrative.

      Of course, there’s no mention of TM assaulting a school bus driver. But, certain tweets suggest that may have been what he was currently suspended for. (If it’s true that he did, I wonder if the driver was also a “White Hispanic”, lol. )

  11. This conversation with DeeDee or lack of is driving me crazy. Maybe MOM will depose her first and get it over with. If that conversation never took place, then that should end the case.

    That could also have serious consequence to all of the players involved. Seriously, what would happen to Crump, Martin, BLDR and Corey for witness tampering and obstruction of justice?

    If the conversation did not happen, I would think they would be running for cover and would drop Dee Dee from the witness list, effectively ending the case but protecting their butts if it’s not too late to do that OR maybe she will just mysteriously disappear.

    Surely, by now MOM knows the truth.

  12. What I find interesting about that article is what I recall from memory, but maybe I am mistaken. Bottom line first: I don’t recall it ever being “in evidence” that Trayvon Martin called Tracy Martin to beg for permission to walk to the store for some snacks. But that’s what this CNN story says happened.

    As I recall there was revealed a recording of Tracy Martin’s call to the Sheriff’s Dept. to, as I characterized before, “inquire about the possibility of some day maybe filing a missing person report on Trayvon.” I said it like this to mock Tracy Martin because he did not sound concerned at all when he was talking to the Sheriff’s Dept.

    IMO Tracy Martin either knew that his son had up and got himself killed, or he suspected something bad had happened (and again IMO, Tracy sounded like he knew he was part to blame for what happened, because he perhaps taught his son to fight and not take any sheet from whitey, or that he knew he was going to catch it from Fulton, because she would blame Tracy for what happened).

    Another inconsistency is what we have all talked about, why did Tracy and Brandy come home and simply go to bed, that is, instead of doing what a concerned parent would do, freak out, call the police and go looking for Trayvon.

    To be sure, there was a commotion until about 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. when the last police unit or emergency vehicle left the scene. Assuming there’s only two entrances to The Retreat, how is it that Tracy and Brandy did not hear or see anything when they came home. Were they intoxicated? Did they in fact see all the emergency vehicles and ask Chad what had happened?

    Further suspicious activity by Tracy is indicated by the fact that he said in this article (CNN article on March 30, 2012) that the reason Tracy “dragged” Trayvon to Sanford is to “ground him” so while on suspension he could not simply hang out with friends. Because he did not know anyone in Sanford this would be further punishment because in Sanford there was nowhere for him to go, no one for him to hang out with, and nowhere to party.

    This is relevant because it is another reason why a caring parent would be worried about Trayvon, his not being home when they got back from dinner and a game.

    Now there’s this element, that cast further suspicion. Back to the dispatcher. I don’t recall Tracy Martin telling the dispatcher the morning following the shooting that a) Trayvon was grounded to the apartment; and b) that Trayvon called Tracy and “begged” to be allowed to walk to the 7/11 for some snacks.

    Seems this is information, if true, would have been important to convey to the Sheriff’s Dept.

    But more significant, it appears Tracy Martin is more involved with all this than he has let on to the State Attorney or media. If that phone call did happen, I want to know what time the call occurred, how long the call was, who said what to whom, and did Tracy set conditions such as “OK, but call me when you get back to the apartment, go there and be back in 30 minutes, take Chad with you, call me when you are at the store., etc.”

    Also recall that when Tracy called the Sheriff that Chad can be heard in the background correcting Tracy on the shoes Trayvon was wearing. That means Chad knows a lot more than what anyone has let on. While I am sure the police have talked to Chad I still have questions from months ago, what did Chad tell Tracy about what happened. I recall someone saying that Chad did not know what was going on outside because he had headphones on and was playing video games.

    IMO that’s a lie. I suspect Chad, like any kid would be on full alert when hearing police sirens, and lots of them, looked outside and maybe even went to the crime scene. I suspect he could see or figure out it was Trayvon Martin who was dead (and he got the details on what happened from neighbors standing around, who said “some guy was in a fight and got shot.”)

    I also suspect that Chad told Tracy all these things when Tracy and Brandy got home. Since there was nothing he could do to change events, Tracy went to bed with the intent in the morning to feign a concerned parent.

    In regards to Chad, I seem to recall that he told the police that he was wondering what was taking Trayvon so long, so he said he called Trayvon to ask where he was. He said Trayvon said he was at the store and would be back soon. I contend that when we see Trayvon Martin answer the phone at 7/11 and say “Hello” that that was possibly Chad calling, not DeeDee.

    (When Tracy Martin is deposed I would ask him if Trayvon every “disappeared” all night like had supposedly happened that night. That’s a no win question for Tracy. If he says “no” then that begs the question why did he go to bed instead of calling the police. If he says “yes” then that makes Trayvon look like a troubled kid heading for more trouble. And either answer makes Tracy look like a bad parent.)

    Finally, I don’t recall ever hearing that on February 26 that Tracy Martin’s phone bills indicated Trayvon had been talking on the phone to DeeDee for over 6.5 hours. If that happened then I would think DeeDee has a lot more to say about Trayvon Martin than what she allegedly told Crump.

    This also begs the question, talking to a girl for 6.5 hours in one day means it is a serious relationship. Did Tracy know about DeeDee, or was he that out of touch with what his son was doing? Did Tracy call DeeDee that night or in the morning to find out where Trayvon was?

    OK, I don’t want to make this too long, especially if this was already discussed.

  13. I got sidetracked this morning on a Ryan Julison tangent and posted this on another site. It goes under your file folder (that I know you have all created) “Follow the Money, Follow the Motivation.”

    I was doing some follow-up research on Julison and happened upon this page(yes, here it is Sept. 11, 2012, and the Zimmerman case has NOT gone away).

    In this blog entry you mention “some one claiming to be a lawyer…” That was my post and I am in fact a lawyer in California.

    The foundation for my comment on the WHY and MOTIVATION lawyers on cases retain PR people was from personal observation since 1985, specifically in my seeing and understanding why lawyers were motivated to retain (very expensive) publicists or PR firms to work on particular cases.

    Lawyers don’t “do PR” to obtain justice for the client. Ultimately, lawyers use PR outfits to make money. (And PR outfits are a business too. They don’t take on causes and work cases for free. They have bills to pay, families to support, kids to send to college, and want to be able to buy nice things.)

    Out-of-context: Julison took down his “Julison Communications” pages. Screen captures I have of the deleted pages show Julison marketing his services to lawyers, a 2011 relationship with attorney N. Jackson (who is working with RJ against Zimmerman), and bragging up his work on the Trayvon Martin case) I will let those pages speak for themselves on WHY Julison, Jackson, and Crump had a business relationship.

    There’s an old saying that lawyers modify and tell PROSPECTIVE clients who are trying to retain the lawyer. It goes something like this:

    “I understand your desire for an apology from ________ and wanting justice, but my office is a business with overhead to pay. Unfortunately, obtaining apologies does not pay the bills, unless I would be content running a legal clinic at K-Mart. As an attorney I can get you MONEY. Eventually you will see money is a significant apology even though ‘I’m sorry” is rarely said by a wrongdoer.”

    Attorneys Crump and Jackson did NOT hire Julison to obtain justice for Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, and Trayvon Martin. Everyone entered into a business relationship to MAKE MONEY.

    (If the motivation was NOT to make money then I am sure there are no contracts (retainer agreements) between Crump and Martin/Fulton, and Julison and whoever. Of course those agreements exist because it would be bad business not to have a contract binding someone like Tracy Martin to pay you money when the anticipated million dollar settlements start rolling in.)

    And make no mistake, Crump and Julison (the main co-conspirators) did not invest significant time and money in the Trayvon Martin case (labor, hard costs, employees, leases, vendors) because they wanted “justice for Trayvon Martin.”

    Naturally, when the exact attorney/client and publicist/client contractual relationships are revealed Crump will simply say: “What I meant by justice is that I would be obtaining money for my clients. You should know too that my clients intend to give most of the money to charity. That is, the 30% of any recovery they have remaining after paying taxes on parts of the settlements and our 60% contingency fees and costs.”(Crump won’t tell media the last sentence 🙂

    Lastly, take note that six months after the shooting my statements (allegations) have been proven correct. (Crump, et al., are in it for the money). How else to explain Crump is still around, even though he is not an attorney of record in the case. And Crump, et al., have fabricated evidence, tampered with witnesses, obstructed justice, and worked the media.

    And over time notice how Crump, et al., have kept changing their theories of the case. Specifically, they have gone from:

    “We just want an arrest, we want to know what happened;” to

    “Two shots were fired by Zimmerman, one to injure this (angelically portrayed) child walking with candy and ice tea, a second shot to execute this unarmed cherubic child.” to,

    “Race is the 600 lb elephant in the room; Zimmerman is a racist, the police are racists, the state attorney (Norm Wolfinger) is a racist; dad Robert Zimmerman is a racist, anyone who supports Zimmerman is a racist;” to,

    “We don’t know if Zimmerman is a racist or not;” and,

    “Zimmerman profiled this young black man (what happened to the child?) because he was wearing a hoodie (aka “hoodie profiling”);” and,

    “Zimmerman’s MO is to ‘take the law into his own hands’ by calling 911 when he sees what he thinks is suspicious activity by black people.”

    Further evidence indicating it is all about the money:

    – Sybrina Fulton made a financial claim against Florida’s victims assistance fund. (It is beyond the scope to discuss how Sybrina does not qualify to make a claim under the requirements/criteria listed by the state.)

    – Fulton, via attorney Jackson, has trademarked and copyrighted variations of Trayvon Martin’s name.

    – Fulton is the defendant on a declaratory relief action by Travelers Insurance, the E & O carrier for people who serve on The Retreat at Twin Lakes board or association. This is because Fulton has either made a claim to collect on the insurance policy or intends to make a demand. (Sidenote: IMO all courts should issue stays on any actions or claims filed by Fulton/Martin until there is a disposition on Zimmerman’s motion to dismiss where if the case is dismissed he gets immunity from civil suit. Immunity will have a ripple effect on all claims Fulton/Martin intend to make.)


  14. Was that you that matched up part of the interview played by ABC with the garbled recording in discovery? I thought I remember someone matching that up but trying to find it again.

  15. i just want you to know that i’m still fighting george zimmerman no matter what people say justice will prevail once and for all.

  16. Hi D-Man – I am certain you are going to be the leader of this group. I know our commentary will be “reduced” – but I will have this “page marked” to look for critical up-dates on the status of the trial and the persecution of George by the Scheme-Team.

  17. Hey Diwataman I send you an e-mail. I can post the same basic thing here as I did on CTH…

    I just finished my longest and most in depth video on the case… it was a work in progress for the last few months, put off finishing it for a long time. I would really appreciate any help you can give me in spreading it around, due to the work I put into it I would like to see it get more visibility than my previous videos. A lot of you will remember the “Trayvon swung on a bus driver? Say it isn’t so” video which still gets posted here (in a mirrored location because the original was banned by YouTube) frequently.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy (if you can sit through 15 minutes) but if you can spread the link around, I’d deeply appreciate it.


      At last! Here is something I can show to people who aren’t familiar with the whole situation. It’s entertaining, and well-made, with its brilliant analogies to scenes from “Bonfire of the Vanities”.

      It lands on exactly the right “notes” to show the reality of this “blood sacrifice” of a law-abiding little man to the cruel, corrupt, sick agenda of an all-powerful state.

  18. I am a bit confused about whose video this is. Is it possible others are taking credit? Or am I misunderstanding their posts at RT? I just commented that it is a great video but not to you.

  19. Hi DiwataMan,
    I can not believe how hypocritical people at the Tree House are they call me names and they try to create a narritive where I am some sort of White Nationalist. I asked simple questions and was not even allowed to reply as they deleted my posts. I think they are an arrogant bunch and do not have the tools to debate using the same tactics as the Left. Honestly they will always lose because the are just second best Leftists. I appreciate you allowing me to vent if you have any questions of me please feel free to ask.

  20. I watched the video. It was excellent and a well conceived idea to use scenes from the movie, which was also a book, The Bonfire of the Vanities, that was changed substantially after it appeared in 27 parts in the Rolling Stone… I believe it was the Rolling Stone who first carried it. Right?

    BTW.. The opening 5 minutes of The Bonfire of the Vanities is worth watching if you appreciate cameramen.

    Why do use multiple names?

    • “Why do use multiple names?”

      Always have, always will. For the same reason I maintained separate and distinct groups of friends when I was younger. I like to have multiple spheres I operate in and I like to have multiple opportunities to express an opinion in different ways, and have the chance to screw it up one place without that following me to another. Sometimes I enjoy expressing a view I have in a more extreme way that may be more suited to one environment than another.

      The idea of using the same name everywhere wouldn’t even occur to me. It’s my nature.

  21. For the record, you have to fit in perfectly there or you may not be respected. It’s their board and they are entitled to strictly control what can be said. It is why new blogs like this one have started. Many of who have been permanently banned at CTH now post regularly at the new blogs and do so worry free.

    I have often been admonished (and twice banned) due to my “often misunderstood” writing style. When that happens, you become a target for the future and risk being publicly humiliated. They do NOT send you a private email. Wonder why?

    • For the record, I have a lot of respect for Sundance and many others but once you get on the mod/admin shiX list, you will always be there. So be careful what you post even if you mean no disrespect or harm. You cannot freely express what you want to say because doing that might piss off someone. Of course, they would adamantly deny that and defend their position.

      Even so, I am a regular visitor and follow SD and other posters there. It is CTH that has given George a chance at a fair trial and they continue to expose lies. SD and YTZFORMEE (and maybe others) actually put boots on the ground to investigate issues.

      If I sound contradictory, I am only trying to be fair. They still get 5 stars from me.

  22. Now I understand but some sites take exception to that and you will likely be quizzed about it the TH. I have seen it before.

    Once you make a “mistake” you are likely stuck with it. Some posters and mods never forget or forgive as you well know.

    • I don’t use multiple names within any single site. No site has any right to take exception or question me for using multiple names across the whole of the internet and decades of time.

  23. Not sure if some of the comments were for me or not but I do appreciate it none the less. I do think the TreeHouse is a good site and has done alot for George and his case. I have also lost all respect for the people who Admin/Mod there. I find it incredibly dissapointing that they would use the exact same tactics they rant about. A simple this is off topic would have been fine but concidering the Olivia woman was saying how she has been fighting White peope her whole life I think what I was advocating is on topic. As I mentioned my wife is Asian she laughs at Americans and our childish behavior. She can not understand why White people would not fight for their own interest the same as everyother group does.

    I thank you and from reading other comments it seems I am not alone. I would say there were comments more “racist” than mine but as you stated by going against the mods I was targeted. Thank you again any questions for me feel free to ask.

  24. There has not been a shred of evidence to prove that Martin committed or was committing a crime before he was shot.

    If he was not committing a crime and he was shot it was murder.

    Martin was standing his ground when he was killed.

    • What do you mean there hasn’t been a shred of evidence that TM was committing a crime? What planet do you live on?! TM brutally assaulted the neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman. What don’t you get?

  25. About zimmerman…. there is some question if zimmerman’s head was too far away from the concrete walk. one thing i noticed is there is a utility cover(concrete) right where it should be! do what you will with this info.

  26. I am curious how the defense is going to handle TM’s father. Are they going to be locked in a steel cage when they question him?


    • To Lou, the all-caps nut job: Maybe.

      On the other hand, more likely George will become a grass-roots hero when he’s acquitted, while you, being not too bright, will probably have a very short life span before the Darwin factor catches up to you.

    • I think George is intelligent enough to recognize that Lou speaks from a place of concern and worry for him.

      A lot of George’s supporters worry about him, and warning him, as a friend, of what stands against him, is the same love that predicts that he will be a grass roots hero.

      Striking back with insults like “nut job, Darwin factor, short life span, not too bright” isn’t befitting one who claims to support George, who sees the good in everyone.

      For victory, many advisors are needed!

      • I don’t happen to agree with you on the real message embedded within Lou’s words of “concern and worry”. But thanks for your input anyway.

  28. I just start blogging because I got so mad at how the media covered this case. My blog is “No Apology, No Peace,” and it’s dedicated making the media morons like Piers Morgan, Sunny Hostin and Al Sharpton apologize to Zimmerman — on air. Please add me to your blog roll.

  29. I have been unable to figure out what seems to be an inconsistency in George’s Re-enactment Video and the orginal NEN call.

    In the re-enactment, he describes TM coming back from the T area and circling his truck AFTER HE HAS PARKED it…but in the original call it sounds like he is still beside the Clubhouse…when he states “He is checking me out…I don’t know what his deal is…”

    Can anyone help me figure this out?

  30. Hi,

    I sent you an email, but figured I’d post it here too —

    “Looking for primary sources on something related to the Zimmerman case:

    Okay, so I see maps like this all over and they’re obviously an extremely important line of evidence for what happened. However: I know how we got the address where the showdown happened, I know how we got the first reported location on the call as 1111 Retreat View Circle, I know how we got the address where Martin was staying, I know how we estimated where he parked his car …

    … but where on Earth is the primary evidence suggesting Zimmerman ended that phone call at (3)? I can’t find it anywhere. I’m putting together a combined summary analysis of the Zimmerman trial, black on white crime rates, and the Dylann Roof shooting for, and I’d really like to have primary sources for everything there. I have it for all but the address where Zimmerman hung up the phone.

    And when I thought back to 2012–2013, you came to mind as the first person I should ask. Unbelievably good work covering that case, by the way. It was basically pivotal in my own completed transition completely away from any sort of association with leftist narratives on this kind of stuff.”

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