When Will it End?: And the Silent Majority

I have recently learned the Scheme Team has been able to successfully scam approximately $5 million for their pseudo victimization as black people. On top of that we can only guess at the total amount they have been able to generate from their propaganda which started March 7, 2012 and continues to this day.

Thanks to the tree for the pic: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/08/16/honoring-the-school-bus-students-my-son-aint-never-been-no-bad-person-he-just-got-mixed-up-with-bad-people-thats-all-hes-sorry/

Here’s a breakdown of some of what the schemers gots:

$5 million for the Trayvon Martin foundation.

Somewhere between one to two million from the Retreat at Twin Lakes HOA settlement.

$50,000 from Florida state workers monies, tax monies, who donated their vacation time to Sybrina.

A victims fund donation from Pam Bondi of Florida tax payers money.

Tens to maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. taxpayer’s monies courtesy of the DOJ/CRD/CRS for Trayvon Martin tour propaganda.

God only knows how much in other donations directly to the pseudo victims from the public through other means, let’s be conservative and say a million. I even heard early on in the case a radio show host raising funds and giving money himself to help Tracy pay some bills.

I would not be surprised in the least if the city of Sanford has paid them off.

Nearly all of the media and powerhouse billionaires like Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, of which now I won’t be utilizing anymore, and owner of the Washington Times, give freely what would cost overall in the real world millions of dollars worth of open platform propaganda to the Schemers to generate support for more money.

And that is just some of it. I think a conservative total estimate is around $10 million.

When the hell is it going to end? When are people going to stop giving money and support to these schemers? That’s rhetorical folks so no need to answer.

Meanwhile there has been support for the true victims George Zimmerman and his family members. Although there has been somewhat of a rise in vocal condemnation of the scheme and support for the Zimmerman victims since the verdict unfortunately supporters still consist of a vocal minority and a silent majority. As far as I’m aware an estimated total of $500,000 came in support. That is probably less than half of defense costs. George Zimmerman and his family members have had their lives completely devastated directly due to the schemers propaganda and their media, political and populace supporters and will and have to live the rest of their lives in fear for their lives.

If you would like to help George and his family pay the defense bill please donate here: GZ Defense Fund

If you would like to help George’s family directly please donate here: Robert and Gladys

It’s Not the BGI that’s the Problem It’s The WGI

“A[white] Florida beach safety officer has been fired over comments he is accused of making on Facebook regarding Trayvon Martin.”


That’s not the first white guy to be fired, demoted or reprimanded since this whole thing began and it won’t be the last. White people need to wake up and realize the world they’re living in. It’s the WGI, the White Guilt Industry we’re living in and it’s primary enforcers are white people. You think you can insult the new Christ Trayvon and not feel the repercussions? And don’t dare call into question the character of the new Mother and Father of the civil rights movement Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Don’t you know they represent the trials and tribulations of all black people who are under the jackboot of white people in this country? Trayvon a thug? BLASPHEMY! BURN THE HERETIC! You better stand straight and fly right white boy and realize no matter what Trayvon did or who Trayvon was does not matter for the simple fact he had black skin.

Kruidbos sues Corey

Finally a lawyer with some balls. Thanks Mr. White. Tear that house of horrors down. It would be nice if you can take the opportunity to expose the larger scheme and get to Bondi, Scott, etc. all the schemers but I know I’m may be reaching there. And hey let’s not forget the nefarious practice in Corey’s office to avoid Sunshine Laws by keeping communications devoid of case numbers and such, god knows what else they do down there to get convictions win persecutions, especially highly publicized ones like George’s.

“It’s important to understand that we’re not just saying my client was wrongfully terminated,” attorney Wesley White said. “We’re also saying that the state attorney broke the law.”

Florida law prohibits firing people for testifying in trials they’ve been subpoenaed to take part in, and that’s what Corey did to Kruidbos, White said.

The lawsuit should also send a message to Corey that she has no right to fire dedicated employees who are trying to do the right thing, White said.”



Now Gov. Rick Scott Stands Up to Em’?

Today, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement in response to remarks from Jesse Jackson who yesterday called Florida “the Selma of our time.” Jackson has also referred to Florida as the “Apartheid State.”

Governor Rick Scott said, “Jesse Jackson owes every Floridian an apology for his reckless and divisive comments. It is unfortunate that he would come to Florida to insult Floridians and divide our state at a time when we are striving for unity and healing. Floridians are a strong, resilient people. We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education.”


Now they are reckless? Now they are divisive? NOW? WHAT ABOUT LAST YEAR DUMB-ASS! So where the hell did that bravery go last year when your cowardice ass sold George up the river as a sacrificial lamb to these very same people? Now you stand up to them? Am I to take that to mean you won’t be helping to railroad any other “white” Floridians?

Rachel May Have Been on Phone Through Entire Incident


I think it could be, well maybe could have been depending on the technology of the cell phone tower, shown that Rachel may have been connected with Trayvon through the entire incident up to approximately 18 seconds after the gun shot.

The reason I believe this may be the case is because of the time discrepancies in George’s calls to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office call center and his T-Mobile records. The time of the discrepancies I approximate as 1 minute 30 seconds.

The first NEN call George made is listed as a connection time on the event report showing 7:09:34. His T-Mobile records show 7:08:00. It’s important to note however that in George’s T-Mobile records the time shown in seconds has been rounded back to the minute of which it was called in. The reason for this was discussed in trial in that after a certain amount of time T-Mobile is unable to provide the exact to the second connection time from their records, they can only provide the minute from which it was placed.

The second NEN call George made is listed as a connection time on the event report showing 7:20:28. His T-Mobile time listed as 7:18:00.

7:08:00 – 7:09:34 1 minute 34 seconds

7:18:00 – 7:20:28 2 minutes 28 seconds

As you can see there is a time difference between the two of about a minute which I think is explained by the 7:08 call in actuality was close to 7:08:00 and the 7:18 call in actuality was closer to 7:18:59 which would account for the minute difference.

Given this information I put the discrepancy of SCSO time at 1 minute and 30 seconds ahead of T-Mobile time.

Trayvon also used T-Mobile so I am completely guessing both he and George would be synced together with T-Mobile time considering it’s the same provider. His T-Mobile times are 6:54:16 and 7:12:06.

6:54:16 + 1m30s = 6:55:46(SCSO start time) + 1052 seconds = 7:13:18(SCSO end time)

7:12:06 + 1m30s = 7:13:36(SCSO start time) + 218 seconds = 7:17:14(SCSO end time)

Regardless both he and George would have most likely been pinging off the same cell phone tower. Investigation could have gleaned an exact discrepancy of time between the T-Mobile calls placed by George and Trayvon to SCSO time and precise to the second call information had they investigated the information from that tower itself. As far as I am aware this was never done and I don’t know if that specific tower would still hold the information at this or a later date.

With this information then here is a basic timeline in SCSO time with the exception of the bloody head photo.

6:55:46 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:09:34 George connects to SCSO
7:11:41 George: Shit, he’s running
7:13:18 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:13:36 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:13:38 Dispatcher: You’re welcome [call disconnects within next few seconds]
7:16:11 W11 connects to SCSO
7:16:56 Gunshot
7:17:14 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:19:07 Metadata Manalo bloody head photo of George
7:20:28 George connects to SCSO

Further, there is the REM(remark) made by the call taker when Officer Timothy Smith places George at gunpoint. The time noted there is 7:19:43. This time coincides with the Surdyka call where she mentions George has his hands in the air and says he shot the person. Her call connects at 7:17:06 and she mentions it around 2 minutes and 40 seconds into her call. Another REM by the call taker which shows 7:21:18 1 secure 1 down w/GSW. It was also mentioned at trial that George threw his phone down on the ground as Smith had him at gunpoint right before being cuffed. Given this information let’s add that to the timeline.

6:55:46 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:09:34 George connects to SCSO
7:11:41 George: Shit, he’s running
7:13:18 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:13:36 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:13:38 Dispatcher: You’re welcome [call disconnects within next few seconds]
7:16:11 W11 connects to SCSO
7:16:56 Gunshot
7:17:14 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:19:07 Metadata Manalo bloody head photo of George
7:19:43 1 at gun point
7:20:28 George connects to SCSO
7:21:18 1 secure 1 down w/GSW

By this account then Rachel would have been connected with Trayvons phone for approximately 18 seconds after the gun shot. George would have been connected with the SCSO as his hands and phone were in the air. There was no audio from the SCSO 7:20:28 call released to the public.





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“This Is For Trayvon Martin”

Just making a post for all the whitenon-black victims of black racism that have been related to the George Zimmerman case. I’ll update more on here later. Be proud Scheme Team, you’re getting your justice after all.

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