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    • D-Man, you type faster than I do. The page was blank when I started typing. I’m Surpised you are up so early

  1. Mornin’ all, Just checking to make sure everyone is ready for the Hearing to start at 9 AM.

  2. Checking in to get my e-mails. I won’t be able to watch the hearing, so I’ll catch up later.

  3. Given the chance to be gz, here’s how I would have answered the court’s questions today. (Of course, being a wise azz, maybe not the best course for gz. He probably did the right thing by being low key.)

    Judge: “The state of Florida provides a procedure where by you may file a pretrial motion for immunity and at that motion hearing, the defense bears the burden of proof. Do you understand that?”
    me: no, those seem to be legal terms.

    Judge: “And are you familiar with chapter 776.032 and that’s known as the Stand Your Ground statute of immunity. Are you familiar with that statute?”
    me: no, i am not an attorney. my attorney does not believe that this case does not fall within the Stand Your Ground statute because i was ON the ground with Mr. Martin on top of me, punching the daylights out of me.
    Judge: “And without telling me any substance of any conversations that you’ve had with any of your lawyers, but have you had conversations with them about filing an immunity motion and having a pretrial hearing?”
    me: with respect your honor, i believe that any conversations i have with my attorneys are privileged. In addition, I don’t think I should be required to reveal any conversations about legal strategy. That being said, I have had all sorts of conversations with them so naturally those issues would have also been discussed at some point.
    Judge: “And are you aware that counsel previously stated that they were going to file a pretrial motion and request a separate immunity hearing?”
    me: are you referring to a pretrial immunity hearing? or an immunity hearing at any time? i believe that we are allowed to change legal strategy at any time and speaking frankly, if i may your honor, there are many reasons to not have a pretrial hearing on immunity–the greatest one being that you seem to be biased against the defense in your rulings. there are other concerns, like time and money, but again, i don’t know why i have to reveal anything about our legal strategy.
    Judge: “And that the court had set the deadline for filing any of those motions in a previous court order and that was April 26, 2013. Are you aware of that?”
    me: how many motions would there be? are we only talking about pretrial immunity hearing? or all immunity hearings? if i recall, and again, i don’t know why i am being forced to reveal this to you, but at one point my attorney thought this matter could be disposed of with a single pretrial immunity hearing, because the evidence supports that. and it is my understanding that that one particular motion had a deadline in which to be filed. My attorney has explained that i am not waiving my right to immunity hearings once trial begins.
    Judge: “And in addition to that the court, in anticipation, had set aside two weeks in April for an immunity hearing. Are you aware of that?”
    me: actually i didn’t know it was 2 weeks, Your Honor.
    Judge: “And then prior to that date, counsel announced to the court that he will not be filing a pretrial immunity motion. Are you aware of that?”
    me: (thinking, before counsel was “they,” now counsel is “he”?) I believe counsel stated that he or they, whichever you prefer, would not need the time set aside by the court, AT THIS TIME.
    Judge: “And that was discussed with you?”
    me: objection as to specific conversations with my attorneys.
    Judge: “And you’re also aware that no such motion has been filed, is that correct?”
    me: Not that I am aware of, Your Honor.
    Judge: “And that matter was discussed with you also?”
    me: As to whether one would be filed in the future? I thought we were not going to discuss future filings?
    Judge: “Do you consent with counsel’s decision to not file a pretrial immunity motion?”
    me: I fully trust my attorney’s decisions in this matter. My counsel explained to me that this case is about traditional self-defense anyway, and that we can argue that to the jury. Also, it is my understanding that the issue of immunity, whether it be criminal or civil, can be revisited at a later time. Again, Your Honor, I don’t know how I can answer these questions without revealing our legal strategy in the future, and that it why I continue to object to being forced to reveal said strategy. Further, I also believe that it violates my constitutional right protecting self-incrimination. Surely Your Honor can see that the news in the MSM is going to be that I have waived SYG and therefore, I must be guilty, right? I mean I really feel bad because that will prejudice jurors. I hope Your Honor can understand my concern here.
    Judge: “And do you consent to counsel’s not requesting a pretrial immunity hearing?”
    me: Again, I fully trust my chosen counsel to help me make the correct legal decisions in this very difficult case.

    Judge: “Is it your decision to not file the pretrial immunity motion?”
    me: After consultation with counsel, yes Your Honor.

    Judge: “Is it your decision to not have a pretrial immunity hearing?”

    me: “After consultation with my counsel, yes Your Honor.”

    Judge: “Has anyone promised you anything to get you to make this decision?”

    me: “No, your honor.”

    Judge: “Has anybody threatened you?”
    me: Of course Your Honor, I am the most hated man in America right now. I have been threatened multiple times.
    Judge: “Is your decision freely and voluntarily and knowingly made?”
    me: “Yes, your honor.”

    • I don’t understand people’s surprise at George deciding not to have a pretrial immunity hearing. We’ve known about that for weeks. When it first became known, I wasn’t happy as this hearing was suppose to help defendants who acted in self-defence avoid going to trial. However, we all know, had GZ been treated “normally”, there would have been no charges in the first place.

      After reviewing the decision and reading the pros and cons of the decision, I thought it was the best move for George given that the Judge won’t give him the time to prepare, money for two trials (pre-immunity, and criminal trial) was running a deficit and about 8 out of 10 of us firmly believe Judge Nelson will not make this decision in George’s favor no matter what the Defense puts on.

      Today’s hearing confirmed that for me. There is obvious discovery violations and the Judge signalled the State to keep doing what they are doing. She will protect them. Had the pre-trial immunity trial been wanted by George Zimmerman, do you realize it would have been held last week? Does it strike anyone that because the State did a very poor job in investigating the stones in the case, it’s left to the small underfunded defense to investigate. BDLR had no interest in getting the cleaned up version of the tape Tracy listened to. Why Not? It would have helped his case. We all know the answer. Both the State and Defense talked about new information just last week came to them. So, if George wanted the hearing, he would have been having his team showing the prosecutor their hand last week and the case isn’t ready for yet. Not even close.

      George Zimmerman made the best decision he could have. Those in power are abusing him. He has to now put his trust in the jury to do the right thing. I pin my hope on the jury like in Casey Anthony that will take their job seriously and make the State prove their case.

  4. On another note, a thoroughly masterful job by West under direct and cross examination. Thoughtful and showing just the right degree of indignation, yet never losing his cool. Crump was taking notes on how it’s done. A real attorney does not fear being deposed because he has nothing to hide. He plays by the rules. That’s why Crump is so scared to even talk now. He is watching his words more closely.
    I don’t believe that West was sworn in (maybe he was), but he needn’t be. As an officer of the court, he is expected to be truthful in all his words and deeds.

  5. IMHO, here is another bizarre part of today’s motion:
    Clearly, West filed the motion for cleaned up or enhanced recordings of the 911 call that Tracy could have heard, knowing that none exist. It was basically a joke motion thrown into Crump’s face. He got the answer he needed: there are no other recordings.
    Thus, it is clear that Crump is full of it when he states that Tracy changed his mind about the voice on the tape because he heard a cleaned up or enhanced version. Everyone knows this. Yet, neither BDLR nor Judge Nelson had a clue what the motion was about. They treated it seriously. Judge Nelson could have easily asked Crump, but she is not going near him with a ten foot pole while the appellate writ is pending.
    Now Crump states that just like West got a better recording, Tracy heard a better recording.
    So this now opens another can of worms. The defense has to get the recorder and recording played by the Sanford PD, find out about the second time Tracy heard it, and compare the two to see if there really is a difference in the quality. Or was it just something that Crump made up? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that if Tracy said it wasn’t Trayvon, then he and mumsy would be out couple million, could it?
    The fact that the Martins and their “counsel,” and i use the word loosely, are so scared about going there means that something is being hidden. They are conniving lawyers who settled once they realized that the DD lie was going to come out. They all knew DD lied about the hospital, but they didn’t say anything either.

    • The whole thing is ridiculous. It’s obvious the screams are from Zimmerman by inference from the other evidence. It doesn’t even make sense to say it’s Trayvon. Is the state really going to try to argue that at trial? I doubt it. It’s all just show for now to make it seem like they have a strong case. I mean, are we supposed to believe that, what, Zimmerman was pointing the gun at Trayvon for 40 seconds or so? That Trayvon was screaming out for help because he knew he was gonna get shot any moment? And finally Zimmerman fired on him? With all the witnesses who came out and said they saw a man on top beating the man on the bottom while the screams were occurring? Trayvon had no injuries save for the gun shot. Why would he be the one screaming for help like that? They try to have their cake and eat it too, by suggesting that it was proper for Trayvon to be beating the crap out of George because he was ‘stalking’, but George can’t possibly be the one screaming while this is occurring? It has to be Trayvon?

      • I’ve only heard the version of Witness 11’s 911 call that the City of Sanford put on their own website for a while and not the cleaned-up version mentioned by well-known audio expert Benjamin Crump.

        But as to the question of who was on the top or bottom at which point, or who was hollerin’ when, did any one person observe more than a few seconds of the overall struggle?

        • unitron – I have been reading at Talk Left on witness 6, John, the witness that saw TM on top of GZ. W6/John first stated it was GZ, the person on bottom doing the “hollerin,” but then changed his comment the next day saying “he didn’t see the lips moving of the person on bottom, he just assumed.” Here is the link to the thread at TL.


          Jeralyn had also done a “witness article” in which she stated which witnesses would contribute the most reliable information and the ones that would not testify due to the problems in their changing stories, or media interviews etc.” Jeralyn had stated that W 6 would be a good witness for the Defense, I will see if I can find that link also for the article Jeralyn wrote on the witnesses.

    • “They are conniving lawyers who settled once they realized that the DD lie was going to come out.”

      Do we know yet exactly when Sybrina and Tracy settled with the HOA…??? I’m wondering, like you, how close on the heels of Wit 8 confessing to BDLR in August that she had lied did they decide to take the money and run?

      Was BDLR aware of the pending settlement and is that partly why he conveniently and chronically ‘forgot’ to mention the fact to anyone for six months despite repeated requests for her medical records? He knew they didn’t exist, but he also knew that the truth would eventually come out… the defense clearly wasn’t going to let the matter drop. So what was his real reason for keeping this this under his hat for so long?

  6. The 5th District court had heard from someone else and it wasn’t the defense. An up-to-date docket can be found here:

    Crump has weighed in 1 day after the State’s deadline.
    5th DCA Response of Proposed Respondent B. Crump

    5th DCA Motion for Leave to Respond

    5th DCA Index to and Supp. App.

    Do the rules apply to Mr. Crump? He filed this late as a respondent. However, he is the man who walked into court on the day he was to be deposed to put the Judge on notice, he won’t sit for deposition and she said “ok”.

  7. IMHO, the questioning of gz by Judge Nelson about the defense’s legal strategy violated gz’s 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination. After all, the lead story in the MSM was that gz had waived his SYG hearing, the implication being that he must be guilty right? The clueless media even asked MOM if gz would now plead guilty.
    At the very least, the court should have cautioned that not filing the motion at this time is absolutely no indication of guilt or innocence, but rather a calculated defense strategy based upon time and money (and of course the bias shown by the judge herself.) Instead, Judge Nelson has poisoned the jury pool because most will now assume that if he didn’t file for SYG, he must be guilty. Never mind that traditional self-defense is still available, the difference between criminal and civil liability and the fact that SYG per se does not really apply to the facts of the case. Now, the potential jurors will have to be screened to see if they assume gz is guilty since he didn’t even file for immunity. Sheesh, this was badly handled!

    • Of course, another part of the defense’s legal strategy is not showing their cards at this point and making the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden cannot possibly be met in this case.
      After recently sitting on a Florida jury, i can vouch that the defense spent a lot of time going over presumption of innocence, the right against self-incrimination and proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense asked that if the state failed to prove its case, would a juror still want to hear from the defendant. Anyone answering yes was dismissesd. Defendants have an absolute right not to testify in a criminal proceeding and the court violated that right yesterday. In addition, the defense should not be forced to reveal its legal strategy at any point. Even while discussing the waiver of pre-trial immunity, that can hardly be done without an inference about what the defense will do in the future.

    • Agree stevie. The CTH has said that MOM threw GZ under the bus by making it appear that GZ made the decision on the SYG hearing, however, GZ, after a second or two discussion with attorneys said … he waves on the “advice of counsel”. CTH left that part out. To me that means his attorneys advised him that this would be the best route and he is following their advice. A reasonable impartial judge, I think that strategy might be different, but with Nelson at the helm, I wouldn’t want her to decide anything, cause she’s in the bag, it’s obvious, so why even go there? Let a jury hear it. I do predict, however, that Nelson will do everything she can in the courtroom to work against GZ. I had to wait and see if she would wake up and fly straight, but the woman is IMO abusing her power, will continue to abuse her power working toward a guilty verdict. I have given her way too much time to assess if she truly was in the bag, or just setting the ground rules, however, it is obvious to a blind man that she is working with the State. I agree with another poster at CTH that the DCA will affirm her ruling, and State/Nelson will railroad him right to a guilty verdict. Nelson has powers when it comes to picking a jury. All the State has to do is challenge the defense, bring it before Nelson and there ya go … Nelson decides. And with just 6 jurors … (sigh).

    • “O’Mara also wanted the court to unseal details on a civil settlement Martin’s parents received from Zimmerman’s homeowner’s association. O’Mara contended the settlement could influence the testimony of Martin’s parents, if they are called as witnesses.”

      Does anyone have any doubt that the prosecution will put Sybrina Fulton up on the witness stand where she will cry, try to pull on the jury’s heartstrings, talk about what a great and terrific boy Trayvon was, and how devastated she is at losing her boy (even though he didn’t live with her for a long time). I wonder what Alicia will have to say. Tracy would likely do the same. With the Scheme team it is all about emotion, emotion, emotion. I truly doubt that Nelson will allow the defense to bring up the settlement they already got. She will say that it is not relevant to the criminal trial.

    • OMG what has gotten into the NY Times. They just published an article about the massive fraud in the Pigford settlements, and now they have posted one of the most fair analyses of the Martin/Zimmerman case I’ve seen yet. Remember Ryan Julison, the architect for the scheme team lies and distortions and false narrative campaign also worked for the Pigford settlements. He was searching for people to sign up for your free money now, come one and all. I truly am shocked at the fairness in the article.

  8. I am still very curious why Judge Nelson was removed from the Criminal Court, which requires special certifications,. and sent down to Divorce Court. The Zimmerman case is her last to preside over in the Criminal division. There is a reason why she was what I would consider demoted to a lower court. Perhaps she only hears from divorce attorney’s in those cases, and doesn’t have to rule for the prosecution or defense.

    I wonder if there have been any complaints filed against her with the Florida Bar Assoc., but I don’t believe that info. is available to the public.

    I found an article that was posted at the Global Grind (uuugh) that lists some info. on her-

    She has applied for a spot on the Florida Supreme Court twice, but didn’t even make the short list either time. It also includes “She is known in Florida as a no-nonsence judge and seeks maximum punishments in many cases.” I remember also reading, back when she was first assigned to the GZ case, that she does not grant continuances, demands punctuality, and often rules in the state’s favor. The article includes info. on polling from the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. On a scale of 1-5, one being very poor, and 5 being excellent, she scored a surprising 3.67. The poll was taken of private criminal attorney’s. public defenders, and wait for it- prosecutors. She seems to be a mirror image of Angela Corey with the toughness and going for the maximum punishments. You can find the pdf file for the poll at cfacdl.judicialpoll2011. In the comments section of the poll, someone wrote “Judge Nelson has exhibited impatience about the movement of cases when the attorney’s were diligently progressing toward trial or resolution in a way that has made defendants fear the court was prejudiced against counsel.” Gee ya think? There is a note under the comment that it was removed by the Bar, but it is still there for all to see.

    • Very interesting. Nelson stopped West from talking about the 7 page police report on TM yesterday. That must have talked about the issue after lunch, and privately.

      • It was pointed out to me that she actually took this up at the very end. See the 3:11:00 mark of the hearing. O’Mara asks her to sign it, she says it’s an order to view evidence and take photographs and Mr. de la Rionda says he has no objection to it.

    • Ah, no. This is O’Mara were talking about. Hell, he didn’t even post that motion on his site. What happened here, did they got back to her chambers after lunch, O’Mara hands her the motion and she just wrote that order up right there?

          • If it’s an issue that the State won’t object to do they need a motion?

            If O’Mara knew BDLR wasn’t going to object, I think he just drafted it up for the Judge to sign and did so at the end of the hearing.

            I’m not a lawyer so I’m not sure if all subpoenas for evidence have to be motioned for.

            • Nettles – your explanation makes the most sense, MOM & BDLR probably talked via email or phone when BDLR said he had no objections, for the sake of moving the case along, it probably would have been a MOTION BDLR would have lost since Judge N allowed the Defense the Motion on the Social Network and School Records.

            • There is a Motion. What is posted at the 18th Circuit’s webpage is the Order, as prepared by O’Mara. Having Orders prepared by counsel is dirt common. Proposed orders are ALWAYS accompained by a covering motion, sometimes very short, sometimes with lengthy substantive argument.

              O’Mara has his own sub;poena authority, but it does not reach all who hold evidence. His subpoena power may be resisted (right or wrong on the part of the resistor), at which point his remedy is to get an order frtom that court. That might be resisted too, the FBI resisted Nelson’s order.

              I agree with D-Man. This is just another example of O’Mara’s playing along with what I consider to be a corrupt side of the state and court system. Follow the money. Zimmerman is just a pawn.

  9. I continue to be frustrated by O’Mara. He insists he must take on this role to “calm things down” and because you are all too stupid to handle the info he tries to hide it from you. We learned in the hearing the public officials including no doubt the principle and more than likely Dunn and other M-DSPD officers were deposed recently. Why are these names and notices of depositions withheld from your view? Why do we not see their names like the other public officials? And now I see he files for things in the dark and tries to scurry through it as though it’s nothing at the end of hearings. WHERE IS THAT MOTION? Don’t give me this crap about strategy and keeping his cards close to his vest, that line makes absolutely no sense because Bernie gets all this stuff, he’s involved in the depos even. No, it’s you the public, the donators, the GZ supporters O’Mara wants to keep in the dark. WHY?!?!

      • Yep, this very issue regarding hiding the M-DSPD stuff from the public is exactly that. I have no doubt these recent notices of deposition contain the Miami people Bernie mentioned in court. AND THEY ARE REDACTED! No doubt are redacted from the witness list as well. WHY? Same reason why they avoid mentioning race in news article when the perp is black. Oh but Trayvon’s race has to be constantly at the forefront of reporting in this case. I’m fucking sick of O’Mara.

        • I am sick of black victim-hood, the hateful attitudes towards non-blacks, the attitude that the whites have no ethnic background, no culture, are just some generic group.

          Last Dec a young woman we knew well from pre-school days was murdered. She was stabbed 60 times by a drug dealing 5 time felon, the guy was a friend of her ex-boyfriend. It is a tragic tale of a young woman getting involved with drugs in high school, a victim of relationship abuse, poor judgment, overly trusting, and completely indoctrinated in the PC code which dictates not judging black youth as thugs despite criminal behavior.

          I ran into one of local BGI types from the district’s black parent resource office at Costco recently. She knows me well from my work on school safety matters. I told her about the murder and who was responsible. I explained that he was the well known for dealing during his years on the high school football team. That he was still dealing (among other crimes) and was selling to students in the park across from the school, had been for years, pot, crack, heroin. Instead of being concerned about a 5 time felon dealing drugs daily to students she responded
          “what did that girl do to get herself murdered?” There it is.

            • corrected, don’t expect that too often, lol. I wish commentators had more function for commenting and maybe with a paid version of WordPress that could be done but I use the free version so no option like that is available to me.

              • thanks, while were wishing, I wish I was a better writer. I struggled to read and write growing up, I have dyslexia, my kids are always correcting me. damn kids, so much smarter and they always want to remind you.

          • They expect everyone to be street-smart for lack of a better term. If someone isn’t and is targeted for something they consider it their own fault. This same standard has been relentlessly applied to GZ for not understanding that he was not to look at, call NEN to report, or even acknowledge the activities, or defend himself from an assault by TM. There is also a pecking order with thugs at the top.

        • a thought,

          “one can not serve 2 masters”, if one loves “truth” then their actions are open and go accordingly, consequently they “suffer” for it “in the world”, for the “world loves darkness and hates the light because their deeds are evil”, “they call evil good and good evil, and put darkness for light and light for darkness, and put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter”, if a person loves “falsehood” then subterfuge ensues, therefore people become whatever has mastered them, so there will be people who have a “clear mind or conscience”, and also those who have “corrupted minds” who have been tempted and overcome with evil deeds (spirits), their chains are beliefs that keep them imprisoned in darkness

          in folks life journey of personal growth and salvation one should not “hate” their brother, so that the light of love may enter their heart, civil government is laws dealing with crime and punishment, for justice to be fair, it must be blind or impartial, on the side of Thummim and Urimm

  10. Question for anyone who may know. Can GZ still be brought up for Federal hate crimes despite what happens in the criminal trial? The FBI cleared GZ from the charges of racism. Can he still be brought into Federal court for hate crimes?

    • I think the file on GZ is still open, no final report has been presented about any conclusion of the investigation. That leads me to believe that this is still a possibility, the reports released did seem to exonerate GZ but those are just part of it.

      • The feds will manufacture a hitherto unknown legal theory, if they want to harrass Zimmerman. But they don’t have to. 18 USC 249 stands on it’s own, and does not depend on a conviction in a state court (or even an indictment by a state), and is not stifled on account of an acquittal in a state court, nor is it stifled with a finding of immunity by a state court. “Willful cause of bodily injury because of race” is all it takes.

        • Thank you cboldt. Mike McDaniel has written in the past that GZ could still be brought up on federal hate crime charges, and that that book is not closed. I wondered if an acquittal or GZ found to be immune changed that in some way. I don’t like your answer, but agree with you that the feds will manufacture some reason to try to being hate crime charges against GZ. This case has been about racial issues from the get go. Crump has been saying from early on that race was the 600 lb. elephant in the room. When you see how high up this case has gone from Obama with his if I had a son comment, to the Congressional Black Caucus circus, to the Gov. forcing a special prosecutor, to the atty. Gen. gushing over her good friend Ben Crump, Corey addressing those sweet sweet parents who just want justice, when she announced bogus unprovable charges against another person, and with the complicit media willing to also play the race game. GZ has been made into anything they wanted him to be, not who he actually is. George Zimmerman is at fault because he didn’t just lay there and take his beating like a real man, even if it meant dying or having his brains scrambled. The old phrase “you can’t fight city hall” comes to mind, except in this case it is you can’t fight the feds. when they have an agenda.

          And George Zimmerman’s defense team is supposed to fight all of them, all the way up to the president? There is a reason why Benjamin Crump has acted with the impunity and confidence that he has. He knows who has his back whatever he does. George Zimmerman is nothing but a mere example of what happens to anyone who has the nerve to harm even a hair on a black person’s head, and he won’t be the last.

          • I don’t know that the feds will manufacture a crime, and my sense is that they won’t, because it will be very difficult proffer evidence showing that Zimmerman’s motivation was racial animus. But in principle, the federal crime is totally independent of finding or even alleging a crime by the state.

  11. Might the reason for the apparent secrecy regarding Trayvon’s school/M-DSPD records have to do with his being a minor and/or his records being sealed by Crump? At least I recall discussion that Crump had them sealed, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen evidence of that. Anyone have a source?

    • Excellent point coreshift. I also remember Crump moving immediately to have TM’s records sealed. None of Crump’s documents were ever released to the public for the school record sealing, as well as his lawsuit against the SPD to have the 911 calls released. Crump, not “formally” being a part of the prosecution, I don’t believe that his records would fall under the Fla. sunshine laws. I thought that school records for anyone were supposed to be sealed. When Zimmerman’s school records were released, by mistake of course, there was a kerfluffel about the release of that info. It took the state more than a day to go back and remove that info. from the public records, long after everyone already saw the info. With the M-DSP never allowing TM’s criminal activities to become criminal, but rather remaining school discipline issues, those records would never have been found in the regular police files, hence Sybrina saying he had never been arrested. I wonder how much Crump knew of TM’s various disciplinary issues, and the fact that his records were manipulated by the school police. I have no doubt the parents knew everything, and that is why Crump moved so rapidly on sealing those records.

      • FERPA does not extend protections after death. Not sure if the parents knew about the stolen loot in the backpack and possible robbery. How could the school admin explain the misreporting of the crime at the same time inform the parents?

        • Did not know the FERPA law cassandra, thanks for that. If the school was taking the actions of the students out of the criminal system, and using the school discipline system instead, wouldn’t they involve the parents in that discipline. I would think they would have talked with Tracy and/or Sybrina to find out if the jewelry was theirs, or a relatives, no? I understand he was suspended then for defacing school property. I just can’t believe that a school can be so corrupt that they wouldn’t even elicit the help of the parents, or at least let them know of what the kid was up to.

          • I can, I have hundreds of examples from a decade as a volunteer PTA parent advocate in a district which practices covering up school crime as a central tenet of engineering racial equity.
            It is mind boggling and heart breaking to see what schools can do to parents with impunity. The addition of certain parental rights into NCLB were meant to remedy some of these travesties.

    • I believe the reason that O’Mara is keeping the MDSPD info secret is because the attorneys are under orders from the judge that such info is not to be publicly disclosed at this time, since it relates to records that she may not allow to be admitted. O’Mara discussed that kind of thing in the presser after the hearing.

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