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    • I can’t tell from that pic. The various reports from police and witnesses giving differing accounts of what he was wearing as it pertains to the pants is interesting though. If they would have just released a photo of his pants we could have settled this a long time ago. It’s frustrating the State nor O’Mara have ever released a photo of his pants or a lot of other evidence that should have been out long ago.

      • It is not only settling the matter of what he was wearing. I want to see if what ever pants they took off of him had ground-in grass stains on the knees.

    • What I don’t get is why O’Mara filed anything in regards to this. Crump was supposed to file first in response to the clerk and now Crumps motion is in regards to O’Mara’s motion. It’s like O’Mara helped Crump by filing his motion before the ten days were up on Crump, now it’s bogged down in motions waiting to be heard by the judge. Why didn’t O’Mara just wait to see if Crump responded? WTF.

      • I’m not sure I fully understand it but I think I read that Mr. Crump filed a redacted copy of the settlement with the court. He left out the amount of the settlement even in the court copy. The motion Mr. O’Mara filed yesterday was to compel Mr. Crump to also release the amount of the settlement as it could be evidence of why the parents may be biased in their testimony.

        • It seems real simple to me.

          1) Crump filed the agreement on April 4 and asked that it be sealed.

          2) On April 5 the clerk informed Crump they will keep it confidential for 10 days and unless he files the appropriate motion pursuant to subdivision (d)(3), the agreement would be made public.

          3) 6 days pass and Crump doesn’t file anything as instructed by the clerk BUT O’Mara on April 11(court stamp April 12) files a motion to unseal the agreement. WHY?

          4) Crump now files his response to O’Mara’s motion(no court stamp seal on that one as it’s O’Mara’s copy)

          • I think you miss the intent. Crump’s is not against the settlement documents being released, he wanted everyone to know. He just does not want the $$$ amount and who was involved to be hidden, as it was redacted from what he filed. Kind like what he did with DD he want some information put out, but is claiming privilege on the rest. Crumps does not care that the Settlement is known, but he cares that the money and who signed off is kept secret. MOM wants everything to be released, hence his filing.

              • D-Man the document he filed was already redacted, so there would be no harm, if released, all we would see is a lot of legalese but not the $$$ or who was involved. That is why MOM filed to get the unredacted document.

                  • Is a ruse, he knew that it would not be maintained as such, he wanted the settlement known, without revealing the details. He files a document that because it is already redacted will not remain confidential, and let’s everyone know of the Settlement, with no harm to himself, if anything he could say I file the document as confidential, it was the clerk who unsealed it.

                    • Okay, wait, I think this is what’s going on. Crump did not file a redacted form. The clerks letter reads like it is about the details when she says “…the information within this document…” as if she’s talking about the settlement amount, at least I’m guessing that’s what it is as she states no specifics, so that would mean Crump filed an underacted form and instructed the clerk to seal the entire thing because of those specific things in the document. The clerk said she doesn’t agree that the record should be sealed because those details contained in the document or as she put it “…the information within this document…”. Okay, so that settles that confusion. This doesn’t change anything I’ve said though. It was up to Crump to respond to the clerk in order to stop the public release of the file. He didn’t do that. Four days left and she would have released it to the public. BUT THEN O’Mara filed his motion and the clerk will now more than likely not release the file as she said she was going to when the 10 days were up. It was O’Mara’s motion that in effect stopped release of the file. O’Mara just helped Crump. Why did O’Mara not just wait to see Crump’s response? That would have been the prudent thing to do because if Crump did not respond to the clerk she would have released the file and there would be no need for O’Mara to waste George’s time. Secondly, by seeing Crumps response to the clerk, O’Mara could have crafted his response to that but instead now Crump responds to O’Mara and the file remains in stasis until the judge decides. Thaks O’Mara!

                    • D-Man when Rene Stutzman who saw the first 5 pages saw the document she said the $$$ was redacted.
                      That would make sense as filling a completely unredacted document, could constitute a violation of the confidentiality agreement, which could have meant he had to pay it all back. By redacting those portions while he may be breaking confidentiality, the particulars are not likely to sue for a breach of contract.

                    • Exactly, in Crump’s response he is only asking for 2 things, the $$$ and the name of the participants be kept confidential. The rest he does not care about.

                    • and the terms as well, after all that what else is there? Regardless, Crumps response is in response to O’Mara who did not need to file anything at this time, all he had to do was wait four days.

              • Maybe MOM wanted to get ahead of the story and frame it before Crump had a chance to. And there’s always the possibility that Nelson could summarily order that it remains sealed (IANAL) before Crump or the HOA even filed an objection. If she did she would be unlikely to reverse her decision. MOM’s filing makes it known he’s an interested party and, IMO, greatly increases the odds of it being discussed in a hearing where MOM has a chance to talk about Trayvon’s family’s financial interests in front of cameras.

                Sometimes when you wait you give your opponent time to make the move he wants to make. By forcing him to move he might not be able to move how he wants. Just a thought.

    • Why then did Crump file an irrelevant document to the criminal case file? Is Crump even capable of telling the truth???

    • Looks like the most recent notice for foreclosure came Feb 2013. Wonder what happened to all of his money from the settlement and trash can tour?

    • captainlongschlongsilver – WHY doesn’t it surprise me that Crump has been foreclosed on 4 X’s? WHAT did he do with the big pay off that was in the millions a couple of years ago in a Civil Suit? In this current settlement, I noticed Nat Jack has sent some letters, there will be MANY that have their hands out, the Public Relation Firm for sure. I too wouldn’t be surprised if Crump had numerous bankruptcies, I have a couple of friends that filed bankruptcies, they lost jobs and couldn’t find another fast enough to stay on top of their debt, but these attorneys are gainfully employed. It makes me sick that Crump got a big payout for doing very little, it’s NOT like he had to go into Court and tell the truth or even defend anyone.

      Baez had been foreclosed on 2 X’s during Casey’s trial on one house he rented out & he residence, although Baez was DENIED a license to practice law for 8 years due to his character, scams, non payment of child support, the list is endless, is now touted in the MEDIA as a “great attorney.” Anybody following Casey’s case knows better, Baez had practiced law 3 yrs. when he took that case. Baez too has had 2 bankruptcies.

      • And I think that if I never hear the name Casey Anthony again for the est of my life I will be very happy. Just asking art tart, but are you obsessed with Casey Anthony?

      • I’m thinking Crump will find a BGI-esque way of accusing the banks holding his mortgages of being racist. Clearly, with 4 foreclosures, he’s a target of cracka bankahs. George shoulda stayed in the car, and Crump’s mortgage holders shoulda let him default without penalty. Gotta love it though … Crump with his financial issues and his pardner, Parks, with his unlicensed gun issues. If I ever need an attorney, I’ll hire DeeDee (any one of them) before these two fine upstanding Esq’s.

        • I’m sure he’ll categorize it as some sort of predatory lending, despite the fact that all terms of the loan were clearly indicated on the papers he signed.

          I know people who took out zero-down interest-only loans confident that there was no end to the housing boom. They bought expensive properties and planned to sell in a year or two. And then the bust occurred. Not only could they not keep up the large mortgage payments long term, they had zero equity and were immediately underwater as soon as the appraised value dropped even the slightest amount.

  1. The State has filed its response to gz’s motion for sanctions regarding BDLR’s refusal to allow the videotaping of DD in Miami.
    Unlike the first crazed response, this one actually looks like it was written by an attorney, and probably neither was written by BDLR. The difference in styles and tone are so great, that no one could possibly think they were written by the same person, although both were signed by BDLR. Does he really have a choice if he wants to keep his job?

    The basic argument though is “we didn’t notice and we didn’t really read the notice” so it is YOUR fault. You tried to trick us and DD was skeered too. So we didn’t do anything wrong, even though videotaping is allowed under the rules. We are cool dudes so give us a break!

    • stevie g, – You may be right, it does sound by tone, someone OTHER than BDLR wrote this. It irks me to death for the misrepresentation of facts sited in the response, just a few:

      STATE: That the defense AGREED w/the State to contact Judge N.
      FACT: The Defense had no choice, BDLR’s probable drama and flapping arms prevented the deposition/videoing from taking place, imo, the Defense had no other choice, they couldn’t have BDLR removed from the room as it was his right to be there EVEN though BDLR knew Fla. law didn’t support his position, BDLR wasn’t going to let the depo proceed w/videoing.

      STATE: State Defense canceled at least 2 depositions the day before after the State had gone to the trouble of scheduling them.
      FACT: The Defense was blindsided by the STATE/Crump/Blackwell in a hearing, Blackwell showing up for the hearing w/Crump’s affidavit & Blackwell successfully got Judge N to rule & DENY the deposition MOM/West had scheduled, even though Judge N had previously granted the Defense to do Crump’s deposition.

      Although Judge N ALLOWED the video taping of the deposition & RULED against BDLR, the State continues to piss & moan AFTER BDLR ADMITS he overlooked the “video taping” information & continues to claim “others were not videoed.” What a lame, embarrassing, inept excuse for a State Prosecutor imho. I remain underwhelmed with Judge N & I would be shocked if she ordered sanctions DESPITE ruling in favor of the Defense. I wonder how much pressure has been applied to Judge N and by whom? WHY hasn’t BONDI stepped in and removed BDLR from the case, do Corey/Bondi really believe BDLR is advancing their agenda to convict GZ by BDLR’s actions? imho, BDLR continues to validate the lack of evidence the State has to convict, OTHERWISE BDLR couldn’t wait to be cooperative and have confidence in his case, he continues to show the opposite.

  2. geez if we could really keep on track here about the CASE, it would be nice. Conspiracy theories regarding the entire Miami-Dade school police are completely irrelevant to the case at hand. And since whites make up only 8% of the Miami-Dade school population, then it would be very easy to put the word Black (and especially Hispanic, 66%) in front of the word “kids” or “children” in all of the districts communications. Just a fact of life there, no brain surgery required.

    • stevie g – I personally appreciate the information D-man has provided concerning the Miami Dade school police & don’t see it as a Conspiracy theory. The facts speak for themselves, and imho, the Miami Dade school information explains the efforts SOME were willing to go to protect TM’s records as well as misrepresent the true statistics that program represented. Mami Dade school police and Administration WORK FOR THE TAX PAYER’S & deserve to be EXPOSED for the corruptness.

      If you don’t like it, scroll and roll instead of complain & allow other’s to digest the information shared.

      • no one is stopping you or others from digesting anything. by all means. all i am saying is that, in my opinion, it is a waste of time in the case.
        if it were so important, then obviously MOM would bring it to the court’s attention. it is not relevant to the case, except to the extent that there might be discovery violations if information was not provided to the defense. but the defense has already made that motion repeatedly, and the court has done nothing about it.

        • “…it is a waste of time in the case. if it were so important, then obviously MOM would bring it to the court’s attention.”

          How could MOM bring something to the court’s attention that neither he nor anyone else outside of the MDSPD was even aware of until the CTH broke the story just a few days ago?

          And you never know, this could be the final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back… first the state learned that it’s star witness has repeatedly lied, then it learned that the attorney for the ‘alleged’ victim’s family wasn’t exactly being honest in his affidavit and had coached the witness, and now the state is on the verge of finding out that even the information it received from the MDSPD wasn’t reliable or complete.

          At what point is the state going to admit that, in the very least, there are significant issues here that need to be looked into and resolved before it can in good conscience proceed with a trial…?

          • At what point is the state going to admit that, in the very least, there are significant issues here that need to be looked into and resolved before it can in good conscience proceed with a trial…?

            The State will never admit to anything…Nevah.

        • “it is not relevant to the case”

          Sure it is and you have no idea how it’s actually going to play out in court. But regardless of that I have never since over a year ago now stuck to discussing merely “the case” itself, if you want that it is not here and I am not going to change for you or anyone else who has an aversion to talking about the surrounding aspects of the case for fear they might appear racist. “The case” for me is not “the case” itself, never has been, never will be.

          One can not understand the larger picture and the likes of Crump who also states like you:

          “It’s[Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry] completely irrelevant to what happened Feb. 26,” said attorney Benjamin Crump. “They never heard this, and don’t believe it’s true. If it were true, why wouldn’t they call the parents? Why wasn’t he arrested?”

          One can never have understanding of “Why wasn’t he arrested?” without understand the MDSPD “conspiracy” as you like to frame it as use of ad hominem. It’s not conspiracy, it’s policy. It’s the world you live in, the world you’ll be sending your kids to school in. But by all means, bury your head in the sand for all I care, I sure as hell won’t.

    • stevieg I have to disagree with your comment. The corruption in Miami-Dade county is very relevant to this case. Now I am an outsider so my thoughts on the subject do not matter all that much, but I am going to give them anyway.

      Why is there relevance? The simple answer is that Traydemark was a student at Dr. Michael Krop High School at the time of his death. In fact he had been suspended for 10 days at the time of his death. This clearly indicates that Traydemark had been caught doing something very serious to get such a suspension. Yet we need to go deeper than the possible reason for his suspension.

      As far as I have been reading, it seems that in Miami-Dade county there was pressure to improve the crime statistics relating to black students. This meant that when Traydemark was caught with the stolen jewellery and the burglary implement in his bag he was not charged with a criminal offence. Instead his association with the jewellery was hidden from plain sight. Nothing from the legal standpoint was done to bring Traydemark into line.

      Apparently the reason that Traydemark was living with his uncle and aunt was due to the fact that he had threatened to kill his mother. Again this was covered up…

      Apparently a police officer from Sandford requested the files on TM and when certain officers discovered some details they were quite shocked. The former police chief Hurley was the one insisting upon messing with the statistics and ensuring that students like Traydemark are not charged with a criminal offence. Maybe if he had been charged with a criminal offence and placed in Juvenile Hall, Traydemark might be alive today. Either way this kind of cover up is bad news.

      Now let me relate this to matters here in Australia because we have our own version of Chief Hurley. Her name is Christine Nixon and she is the former Chief of Police of the Victorian Police Force… and she was a political appointment. The reason I mention her is simply that she did the same thing by hiding crime statistics relating to Sudanese immigrant crime gangs. This is a corrupt practice in my view.

      There is no conspiracy theory, but there is something very corrupt about what took place in Miami-Dade county, and there is something very wrong when there was an attempt to hide the crimes committed by Traydemark.

  3. The school stuff shows that the Miami school police dept was covering up crimes in the schools. WhenTrayvon Martin was found with jewelry and a burgalry tool, the officer filed a found items report instead of filing a report of possible theft. Tryavon not having a record is one of the things that Trayvonites use over and over. Had the police department been filing police reports, he would have had a record- for drugs, for vandalism, and quite possibly for theft. The newest update at CTH- update #5, shows an officer reviewing Trayvon Martin’s records and freaking out as he realized there was a coverup going on. He ordered another officer to call all of her people together and tell them to make sure they wrote down everything correctly. And one of the officers replied something like, “You don’t want us to keep omitting things like we were told?” All of that stemmed directly from the Trayvon Martin records review. And while it involved the whole system, it’s also the reason Trayvon’s crimes weren’t recorded as crimes.

      • I don’t see any remarks in the papers filed so far, that touch on Martin’s record at M-DSPD, or that specifically demand discovery of the 8 pages sent from M-DSPD to SPD. The public record (newspapers, not court filings) includes a statement that Martin was caught holding jewelery and a burglary tool, and that Martin gave up the jewelry as “not his” (meaning, he didn;t have a legal right to possess it).

        I believe the defense has worked diligently to find credible information relating to Martin’s character. At this point, it has no need or justification to present what it has found. If the authorities are cooking the books, that finding is ancillary to the defense of Martin. It’s obvious the authorities are cooking the books, but we don’t have hard evidence, other than the jewelry, of how that (cooking the books) effort specifically affects the fact finding relating to Martin’s past.

        Hiding of 8 pages from the record and the defense is a big deal of its own right, even if it was favorable to the state.

        • cboldt – the unknowns are so great in this case, I wonder what kind of “trove” was found on TM’s cell phone that MOM referenced, I am assuming pictures, trash talk, etc. Although there has been rumors/gossip about the reference to the school bus driver, I wonder if the defense has unearthed the driver and if the assault, IF true, is tangled in TM’s school records.

          YEP, hiding 8 pages from TM’s record & defense is a big deal, sadly, it makes you wonder how much more has been hidden.

    • I think I read Sybrina makes about $ 80,000.00 per year at the housing authority.. I too read that employees donated vacation days or sick days that allowed Sybrina to be off work 8 months to pursue the wrongful death she has settled on & to pursue other’s. Bottom line, Sybrina seems to have made than enough money to pay her rent, I too wonder what Sybrina’s education level is that allows her such a good job, Fla. is struggling like the rest of America.

        • bricuafudd – in my State, you are paid according to your educational level of achievement. If you only completed high school, you start a job close to minimum wage and advance from there with “automatic promotions and raises,” State jobs are like the military, your pay correlates withy your education. That’s why I had the question as to Sybrina’s education because if she has NO education, being paid $ 80,000.00 per year is a lot of money imho. I work in the school system and that don’t pay anywhere close to that figure and they require education.

          • boricuafudd – I was curious so I checked Sybrina’s education, she would have advanced as you stated because she does have an education, her salary would probably be appropriate based on the years of employment, you were correct in your assessment.

            Sybrina Fulton’education:
            GSU & FMU
            BA, English/Mass Communications
            1984 – 1989

    • Just as Tracy had his GANG tattoos covered w/other tattoos, the tattoo visible on his neck visible right after the incident, Tracy had PRAYING Hands cover the previous neck tattoo, sadly Tracy set a poor example for Trayvon and it wasn’t important enough to have the GANG tattoos covered before Trayvon died, but Tracy CHOSE to do it after Trayvon died ONLY to make himself look like less of a thug, creating new images must have been a big undertaking for the whole family.

      This is the reason BDLR didn’t want the vetting of the player’s done by FDLE released to the Defense as it contained criminal histories, MOM/West have the information now. I figured Tracy had an extensive history.

      • tnmomof3 – who are you responding to? the comment about Tracy’s record OR the comment on the tattoos that have been re-tattooed and covered with something else LIKE the praying hands on Tracy’s neck?

  4. The cousin tweeted re: how trays dad would rather buy blunts for tray over a certain tyle of show. They lawyered up as rhey knew what happened and wanted nothing to do with the bangaz on a cracka. Crump probably pushed them to the bext step if getting rich on the process. Without georges gun tray us in jail. They always knew this.

  5. So the latest diversion is, of course, the cop who was fired for the hoodie-Skittles-and-watermelon juince shooting targets. And we can all rest assured because MATT GUTMAN is on the case! Or at least that’s what he hopes. Of course he connects it to George, and he claims that the targets have “reignited tensions”. Both Matt and the news reader claim that the drawing is Trademark’s “image” and “likeness”. Really? I thought Trademark had a face and a body. I guess not! Hey Matt, thanks for correcting me.

    I *love* the sergeant’s apology! Hilarious!

    • What an a$$hole. I loathe Matt Gutman more than any other character in this entire travesty. Crump is high up there too of course….but he does what he does with the hopes of scoring millions of dollars. Gutman is just an ideologue propagandist willing to jack up tensions and hatred in order to tell his story the way he wants to tell it void of any facts.

      So the fired police officer is claiming they were supposed to be used as targets to avoid shooting at. And the bottom line is the targets weren’t even fired on! But this is big news to Matt Gutless A$$hole

      • I heard this morning that the police department had received a complaint letter (probably a lawsuit threat) from “Trayvon Martin’s family” (Crump). And of course the balls-less department heads simply fired the cop, apparently without any sort of investigation.

        I will say though that it was very risky of the cop to touch those targets, he had to know that some mole in the department would get on the hotline to the BGI and report him.

  6. I was just reviewing the winners of MTV Awards and Jamie Foxx won a couple of awards, he is wearing a tee shirt that said: “KNOW JUSTICE, KNOW PEACE” with a large picture of TM w/his hoodie on in the middle of the tee shirt. Guess Jamie Foxx hasn’t seen the discovery.

    Jamie Foxx’s pictures are near the bottom of the article.

    • Jamie Foxx has been had…but it gets him publicity. Nice of him add the Newtown victims. If he really wants to do some good, go to Chicago.

      • CCG – I find it ironic that Jamie Foxx starred in DJango winning his award and the movie was highly criticized as it was released right after the Sandy Hook tragedy even though Tarentino was ask to wait a couple of weeks before releasing. Criticized for being so violent, & using the “N” word over a hundred times, BUT, Tarentino, whom I really like, wouldn’t hear of it. Seems Jamie Foxx is a real hypocrite & your right, it gets Foxx publicity. I didn’t bother w/ seeing DJango because of Jamie Foxx.

      • I disagree that it was nice to compare TM to the Newtown Victims. It was insulting. Did the Newtown kids assault and beat Adam Lanza senseless?

        If hypocrite, a$$hole, and all around moron Jamie Foxx wants to tackle the very real problem of inner city gun deaths, which result in thousands a year, he should do so. TM has NOTHING to do with it.

        • Sorry, I should have put sarcasm in (). I agree, no comparison at all. Although, I do think the current meme of the scheme team is senseless gun violence, thus the need to “use” images of true victims.

          • I hope it is brought the the Newtown’s parents’ attention that their children’s likeness was used by Jamie Foxx and he gets a few law suits himself. Unless he contacted and got permission to use those kids in the way he did, I can foresee a whole lot of parents being angry. How utterly thoughtless of him.

  7. Screw Jamie Foxx. Seriously. Let him join in and lead on the riots that he’s helping to incite after GZ is acquitted. I hope he’s arrested. Although, I am sure he wil be fine with only inciting and not participating.

    That’s the thing about violence. Sometimes bad things happen when you commit violence, ex: assault somebody.

    And eff Tarantino too.

    • Why is Nelson going to decide this??? Can’t Morse make her own decisions??

      Also, I’m confused by Crump’s requests. When he filed the settlement docs the settlement amount was blacked-out. He then complained about them being made public and claimed that they should confidential, which implies that he wants more than just the settlement amount to remain private. But now he’s OK with the docs going public as long as the settlement amount is blacked-out? It was blacked-out anyway. Does this make sense to anyone? What about the parties involved? Wasn’t there a confidentiality agreement?

      • It is hard to assess Mr. Crump, other than he plays fast and loose with facts and you can’t accept anything he says without corroboration.

        I don’t see how he has any standing to file anything with the court on this murder prosecution.

      • @tara: “Why is Nelson going to decide this??? Can’t Morse make her own decisions??”

        Seems to me that the answer to your questions is yes, Morse CAN make her own decisions, and THAT’s why Nelson is going to decide this. Do you realize that Morse had the temerity not to immediately fall in line with that noted private attorney general, the esteemed Mr. Crump, and give him whatever he asked? She was actually going to enforce the law instead? Can’t have that sort of attitude on this case, now can we?

        I would guess that if he’s changed his demands re confidentiality, it’s b/c the HOA has fallen into line and agreed not to do anything as racist as actually expect him to abide by the terms of the agreement.

        Colour me tired and cynical this morning.

      • Tara, Morse did, she said it did not meet the legal standard. Had Crump not filed an objection, the documents would have been released in whatever form Crump filed them. Once, he objects the decisions becomes the Judges. Judge N. now has 30 days to make a decision, it is out of Morse’s hands now.

        • Any precedent here, just in case Nelson chooses to rule according to precedent instead of following instructions from Area 51?

          • It still doesn’t make sense to me that Nelson would be allowed to decide the matter. The Clerk has her rules to abide by. If Crump chooses to challenge those rules, it doesn’t make sense that the trial court judge would step in to override the Clerk’s rules.

  8. To anyone who owns a unit at Retreat at Twin Lakes, you might want to read this:

    I do not think that the Board could keep the settlement confidential at least from HOA members – including the amount the HOA agreed to pay. Most of the news reports claim it is over $1 million. I’d sure think that should be of interest to the homeowners who will likely face some hefty special assessments.

  9. TrayDad changed his story that it wasn’t his son screaming. Surely George will be allowed the same benefit of the doubt. I’m pretty sure once his headache went away, he could think clearer.

    • Mr. Crump wants us to believe that TM was screaming for help and to protect himself from being charged, GZ took those screams for himself. Mr. Crump wants us to believe that while lying to the police and trying to convince them that he was the one screaming that upon actually hearing what was head of a 911 call, GZ tells police that doesn’t sound like him. That isn’t consistent with trying to lie to the police about the screams. Which is it?

      It quite common for all of us not to recognize our own voice on tape. Our voice doesn’t sound to us what it sounds to others. That statement to Det. Serino gave me the impression that GZ was quite credible. If it was his intention to deceive, he wouldn’t have been honest with the Detective.

        • The guy with the gun, hell-bent on killing, doesn’t allow his “victim” to scream for help for 40 seconds in the immediate vicinity of all those witnesses before shooting.

      • All of GZ’s actions in the first several days following the tragedy (and beyond that) were consistent with that of an innocent person, and not just that, but a person somewhat naive.

        This, in and of itself, is not dispositive. But add to it, the evidence that is known so far, backs up GZ.

        Add to that, the non-cooperation with the police investigation from the TM side of equation, elemental logic only leads one way.

        Then throw in the monetary aspects ala Mr. Crump et al, what else is there to know except details that should confirm the by now obvious.

  10. We can only guess at the amt of the settlement (until it gets leaked) but my guess would be that the settlement was based on several elements:
    1. There was a 1 million $ policy limit.
    2. Sybrina sued by herself.
    3. “They” refused the million $ offer.
    4. Isn’t it possible that they sued separately, since they were divorced, but both were parents and had equal loss?
    5. Would the million $ limit apply to one person OR to each individual family member who sued the company?

    • selfdefenseadvocate – I knew Sybrina got TM’s name trademarked on her own, but I didn’t realize Tracy wasn’t included in the wrongful death suit. Crump represents BOTH parents, there will be a maximum amount on the policy, did Sybrina screw Tracy because she thinks more quickly, OR is there another scheme for Crump to sue for Tracy, again, making himself a pile of money? The trio appear as thick as thieves in their photo opts.

      Too, Sybrina sued in the name of Trayvon Martins estate, Tracy is equal to Sybrina, both bio parent’s, when the estate delves out the monies of Trayvon’s estate, imo, they will get the same amount since TM didn’t have a will but maybe one of our legal eagles will enlighten us.

      • IIRC weren’t Syb and Tracy promising that any monies from the lawsuits would go into the JFTM fund…?

        You know, that foundation they started to help families who’ve lost loved ones to violence… but they’ve been raising money via the trashcan tour for the past year, and to date we haven’t heard of even one family who has benefited from the fund other than the Martin/Fulton family.

    • After re-reading Crump’s response, he stated “Sybrina & Tracy reached a settlement and represented the Estate of TM,”so Tracy gets the same amount as Sybrina..

      • That is my take on it also, art tart. My hunch is they are both now millionaires. They need some mighty big trash cvans to hold all that cash. Sybrina’s name was the one on the original paperwork- not sure when Tracy’s name came into play, but tney would be entitled to equal amounts.

        • I wonder if Tracy is paying child support right now. If so, I think he can expect an increase in the amount he pays.

        • I think the confusion is because the paperwork we had seen was concerning Travellers, the settlement was not with them, but with Liberty Mutual. My belief is that Sybrina filed separately against Travellers, since they were insuring the HOA but after the events, Travelers then filed a lawsuit and named her as plaintiff with the HOA.

          • Are we sure it’s Liberty Mutual. I saw a document, the insurance company’s name was blacked out except for “Company”. There was not enough space for “Liberty Mutual Insurance” prior to Company. Perhaps just “Liberty Mutual”, but nobody would call it Liberty Mutual Company. I’ll try to find the document again.

    • I am not assuming that just because they initially rejected $1 million that the final settlement amount is necessarily more than $1 million. Remember, the case started imploding around the same time that they settled, if not before. Also, wasn’t that $1 million an offer from Traveler’s before they realized that they weren’t the insurer at the time of the shooting? One thing we know for sure, Traveler’s did not pay. Maybe some other insurance company did.

      I imagine that $1 million is per incident, not per claimant (or whatever you call the person making the claim) otherwise the entire Trademark family rat’s nest would have joined in,

  11. This Traynut has chellenged Sundance and Chip Bennette to a so called debate
    sdunn5 on April 13, 2013 at 1:16 am said:

    Hi Shannon,
    I thought I would stop by say hi and ask have you seen the latest “bombshell tonight” evidence Cracker and his wacky gang have posted? FOIA? Please tell me you saw the hilarious photo of The Miami-Dade School Police Department featured!?!??!? Check out the dude on the right with the enormous head!! Very funny stuff. I was just leaving there nasty site after the Gladys letter when boom here is more from the nuthouse. I was thinking of challenging Sundance to a real time debate on the case. I will not post on that rag but will put it on my page. Want to join in? It of course will never take place but I thought you and I could challenge Cracker and the user Chip Bennett, girls against boys, and I really want at a guy whose name is Chip!!!. Could be fun and we might want to engage in a huge publicity WordPress challenge. WE can pants them. Let me know and again thank you for your comments about Shannon. Hope all is beautiful in your new place. Much much aloha, Sheila

  12. I didn’t know where to put this. I found this while looking for TM’s phone number. I remembered seeing it on a picture of text messages of one of his girlfriend’s phone. But I came across this interesting tweet: It appears that Trayvon’s very closest friend did NOT know DD! Also, Aiyanna no longer has a twitter account.

        • I don’t think anyone knows yet whether or not Daisha was the original DeeDee. There is the problem of her age though, I think Daisha was a junior at the time she was discussed, and it’s unlikely that she was 18. 16 would be more appropriate for a junior.

          • I have always suspected that Dee Dee was quite possibly a special ed student. If so, it would explain a lot of things…

              • In her interview with BDLR:

                BDLR: OK, where do you go to school?

                Dee Dee: [Redacted]

                So apparently she was going to school at that time. It’s not 100% proof, but if Bernie didn’t know that she was in school I’m quite sure he would not have asked the question like that, or would not have asked the question at all.

            • selfdefenseadvocate – I spent my career teaching in Special Education & have too wondered if perhaps DD was a SE student. I don’t know the socio economic status of DD/family nor do I think it has relevance, BUT, for families to receive SSI checks for their kids in Special Education, they HAVE to attend school & qualify. It has really forced a lot of families to enroll their special kids in the school system where they can receive Speech, Ape, PT, OT, etc. and young mothers in the 10th, 11th, 12th grade HAVE to attend school to receive a check from the Gov.t.

              Special Education is good in that it tries to help a student reach their potential, where ever that is. I have had kids from preschool through 22 yrs. old in special education and have seen some that have better speech than DD. imo, there seems to be a disconnect between her brain & her spoken words, a Speech Therapist can’t fix that. DD hardly finishes a thought, she seems to be trying to find the words to expess herself or finish her sentence, she can’t verbalize a thought intelligently so it makes sense imho. Of course it too is plausible that DD quit school during early high school years, never rec’d an SSI check, but was of less than average intelligent & had no incentive or job that would require she speak clearly.

              Mike McDaniel, a former teacher himself & I think LE also, did a good article on DD’s speech and his observations. I will look for the link, as always, McDaniel’s a great read.

              • The funny thing is, the DeeDee who spoke with Crump was very well capable of forming complex sentences. The DeeDee who spoke with BDLR was not. I attribute this, in part at least, to DD2 attempting to remember the script as well as mistrusting BDLR even though he was very obviously on her side and coaching her.

  13. I’d suggest Sheila and Shannon mud wrestle each other live if they’re looking for attention. They flatter themselves imagining anyone from CTH would give them the time of day.

  14. I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on Austin Brown’s mom….no detective would tell a witness to “read between the lines” and add their own interpretation to facts of a case .
    In an interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton and later with Lawrence O’Donnell, Cheryl Brown, the mother of a 13-year-old eyewitness said that Serino told her that he didn’t believe Zimmerman’s self-defense claim.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    [Serino] told me that he and the other officer with him felt that it was not self-defense and that they needed to prove it wasn’t self-defense. And he said that I needed to read between the line because there was some stereotyping going on…. I took it to mean that he felt that George Zimmerman committed this crime based on whether it’s stereotyping or racial profiling or whatever you want to call it. But those were his words. Stereotyping.

    • I can believe Serino said that. He wanted to appear to be bending over backwards to help the black community.

    • @captainlong… From what we’ve read of Serino’s shifting attitude on this case, my take on whether or not he said this would come down to the issue of whether or not the “other officer with him” was a member of NOBLE.

    • Crumpster wants it sealed because he managed to get tracy and sybie the massive sum (sarcasm intended) of about $300,000 apiece for “the civil rights event of the 21st century”…….once you factor in crumps cut and fees

  15. Can someone help me out here? I’m way behind on reading. Is it a fact that TM threatened to kill Sybrina? If so, where did this info come from? If it is hearsay, where did it come from? Thanks.

  16. I need help as well. Someone pleeeeeease tell me where the report is which details how investigators were looking for DeeDee and couldn’t find her. I’m going nuts here trying to find it !

  17. Just noticed another DeeDee contradiction. In her BDLR interview when discussing her “guilt”, she claimed that Trademark would never fight:

    Dee Dee: He would never fight, that’s the problem.
    BDLR: He was not one of those people?
    Dee Dee: Hmm-mmm [No].
    BDLR: OK…
    Dee Dee: He would never fight [almost whispered].

    But in her letter to Sybrina, explaining why she wasn’t overly concerned that she had lost communication with Trademark she wrote:

    I thought it was just a fight

  18. Sybrina NOR Tracy will ever take any responsibility for the parents they were to TM, they will never admit he had become unmanageable, using drugs but didn’t both drug testing or an independent intervention program TM could attend outside his HS & peer group, & was living with his Aunt & Uncle because they thought the ex marine uncle might make a difference in the person TM was, but, imo, it was too late, TM was suspended for the 3rd time & Sybrina even admitted TM had failed the mandated testing, TM wasn’t even passing the 11th grade.. For TM’s reprimand for his 3rd suspension, Tracy takes him to Sanford to Brandi’s house, gives him money, TM parties w/his cousin, and Tracy left suspended TM unsupervised to supervise Chad & then parties w/Brandi. Tracy called Juvie before LE, imo, a pattern both Sybrina & Tracy utilized when they couldn’t find TM..

    Since TM is dead and the parents are pointing to Gun Control, GZ, racially profiling, the SYG Law, and their continued lies to the MEDIA even after the IMAGE they created of TM imploded when the MEDIA had the facts and they were forced to admit much of their lies especially about the person TM was the night he died.

    Shout out to Tracy/Sybrina: Take responsibility, take some of the $$$$$ you have gotten & make a real difference, FUND DRUG INTERVENTION programs & re-hab for HS students, PAY for student’s to get Counseling from troubled homes or Anger Management, ANY of those programs might have helped TM but it takes concerned parents to step up and do the right thing. Sybrina/Tracy really could make a difference for another troubled young man, they could learn from the mistakes they’ve made. BUT THEN: it wouldn’t be blaming or staying in the media pissing/moaning/blaming about all the things they see that led to TM dying at such a young age, ANY of TM’s social media and school history was in the face of the parent’s, they both knew, loving a young man isn’t enough, THEN to be rewarded monetarily for that failure with $$$$$$$ for their failures is incomprehensible imo, only in America.

  19. Strange goings on today. The 8 year old boy who died in yesterday’s bombing was linked to the Trayvon Martin case, 1 day after his death. A picture of the boy holding a sign asking that No more people get hurt and calling for peace was said to have been made in April 2012. Someone at the New York Daily News linked that to the Trayvon Martin case and posted this article:

    Almost immediately a statement from Trayvon’s parents was posted on Global Grind and tweeted out by the legal team.

    The Orlando Sentinel posted an article advising of the connection, as reported by the daily news in New York. Their article is here:,0,6154479.story

    I couldn’t find the teacher’s facebook page where the photo is said to be posted. She did set-up a facebook page for an event when the kids did a peace walk on May 14, 2012 to call for peace in their City. The page is down now but in case it gets linked again, it can be found here:

    I found an article on the kids’ peace walk and again there is no mention of Trayvon Martin. These posters appear to have been made in preparation of the peace walk and were calling for peace in their City. A write-up of the kids’ march can be found here:

    So sad, that the event yesterday has been hijacked by those wanting to put Trayvon Martin’s name into the news.

    • They hijack every event as if it’s Trayvon relevant so they can remain relevant and keep those racial passions alive in the masses and keep those donations flooding in.

      • True: Exhibit B – Jamie Foxx wearing a T-shirt with a huge photo of Trayvon framed by little photos of the kids’ shot and killed in Newtown. I really hope the parents of those kids sues him.

        • It is the only way thing they have left, trying to gain sympathy by appealing to our sensibilities. Tying their son’s lack of control to the tragedy of the innocents is crass, TM was not an innocent defenseless 5 year old in a class or a 8 year old enjoying the marathon while cheering for his father. This offends me and if I was the parent of the any of the Newton kids or Boston to tie my kid with TM is really insulting. The same thing comparing and equating the deranged mass murderers with the actions of GZ, everyday passes and I think that the Martin family cannot get any lower, and then I am proven wrong, again. Despicable.

    • I was looking at the same article and several others and there is no mention of TM. How sad the loss of this small child’s life should be linked in anyway to TM. The parents statement is self serving and deplorable.

  20. Isn’t it great to find those gems! Great job! Now hopefully MOM/West will ask her which is it; fight or no fight.

    • I also hope he asked Tracy why he called Juvenile Justice to see if TM was picked up before he called PD to report him missing.

  21. You know what’s really funny? The persecutor reminded me BLDR. He flapped his arms just like him!

    My point earlier was that Crump doesn’t even know how to address the court as when he had to take the witness stand back in October.

    Yes Ma’am your honor @ 1:08:12 and 1:08:34. That just doesn’t sound right, does it?

  22. Yup! GZ will go down in history as the world stupidest killer. First, he calls NEN to get the police over to his position. Then he tries to give his exact location; even giving landmarks. Then allows his victim to scream at least 40 seconds and most likely over a minute to make sure all the neighbors get alerted to what’s happening. After he finally hears a witness talk and when the screaming is at a fevered pitch, he shoots. Then instead of running away, he stays and waits for the police. Yup, that is one really dumb killer.

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