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[UPDATE: May 13, 2013 12:15pm Nettles has began blogging therefore there is no longer a need for this section of my blog. I’ll keep the pages in this section but the tab above will be removed. END UPDATE]

Trying something new here per the suggestion of user janc1955, we’ll see how this goes.

Essentially this can be considered an open thread, however I’ve highlighted it as a Nettles open thread since she is renown and appreciated for keeping people informed on many aspects regarding the George Zimmerman case with current information.

You can check this post here for any of the latest news in the comment section and discuss it to your liking. This however not license to Sundance bash or post whatever the hell anyone wants so if it goes south I’m closing this section down.

The idea being that people can post what they want, to some extent, without disrupting my posts with off topic stuff. Hopefully it works out well.

So please Nettles and others who would like to post links and discuss the case, use this area for doing so.

And a suggestion would be, if it ever comes up that you want to post it on another thread, to instead post a link to that comment with a note to discuss it here instead.

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265 thoughts on “The Nettles18 Breaking News GZ Open Thread

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  1. Looking at the link from Nettle’s on then other thread, showing that the 5th DCA took up the writ, it states Order to Show Cause-Writs. Date Due 4/28/13. From what I understand, that is an opportunity to parties to argue against the defense Writ. Would that be Crump and/or Nelson. The Writ is claiming that Nelson may not have been proper in denying the Crump deposition, after she had earlier stated in court that Crump was in fact a witness, and open to deposition. There never was any explanation as to why she then denied what she eralier ordered. Who will the Order to Show Cause come from?

    I thought it was also interesting that the Order To Show Cause had a due date of 4/28/13, just a few days before the next scheduled court date on 4/30/13. It is unlikely that the Appellate Court would make a decision on the Writ before that. 4/28/13 is a Sunday which I would think the filings would then be due by 4/26/13, no?

    • I got excited when I saw this b/c I’ve been reading all over the place these Writs are uncommon, not usually successful and would likely not even be heard by the court. So to see that they got past the first hurdle is encouraging.

      I’ve also read that if the law is followed, this does have a good chance of passing but if the politics make it up to this level, it’s toast. So we wait and see. I am going to keep dreaming of a good outcome.

          • It is the State that is ordered to respond. I’m very interested to find out why they didn’t investigate this interview at all and why they think Mr. Crump shouldn’t answer questions.

            I’m reading it’s Pam Bondi’s office who will file the reply.

            • Yes, they have an Appeals specially, I can’t remember her name, but she usually handles appeals to Circuit Court. We will know if Blackwell/Crump will provide an answer if they file a motion to get permission to answer. Since they are a non-party they need to request the court to enter any response.

            • “I’m very interested to find out why they didn’t investigate this interview at all and why they think Mr. Crump shouldn’t answer questions.”

              I thought the same thing and just posted this comment on the CTH:

              Didn’t the state have the responsibility to put Crump on their witness list since he has material information regarding witness 8 as he brought her to their attention? Seems to me that a prosecutor would investigate to ensure the integrity of the evidence that is brought to them. At least that is how prosecutors roll on Law and Order. That they didn’t do so speaks volumes and this Writ may have not been necessary. I wonder if the DCA of Florida will consider that. This just goes back to my belief that they were not looking at anything that would be exculpatory and what they didn’t know, they didn’t have to give. From that standpoint, this Writ has to be considered very carefully for as MOM said in his petition, β€œ a dangerous precedent could be set.”

    • Both of them will most likely file a response, and this is a Writ so the proceedings are stayed until a resolution is made by the Appeals Court. This will throw Judge Nelson’s schedule into a tiffy.

      • On the order to show cause it is the State of Florida who has to respond. Blackwell is copied along with the defense team. No doubt they’ll all team up but it’s Pam Bondi’s office who will reply (for her friend, Mr. Crump), right?

        • True, I am researching is Blackwell can file something akin to an Amicus brief against the granting of the Writ, but it is the State and maybe the Judge who are expected to respond.

      • Si if everything is put on hold until this matter is resolved, the state/crump have until April 28 to respond, and then the defense has an additional 10 days to reply to their response, then the judges take whatever amount of time to make their decision, that puts this resolution into the middle of May. That is just a month or so before the trial date. I take it that Nelson can’t rule on the Petition for Sanctions until this is resolved. There is no way this trial can begin in June, IMO.

        It’s obvious that the defense is trying to impeach DD. Wouldn’t it be Nelson who rules on whether DD will be impeached or not? Isn’t the defense also still missing discovery? Suppose the defense requests a Richardson hearing, or somehow that becomes necessary. If the DCA rules that Crump can be deposed, that may open more doors for more investigation by the defense, if Crump doesn’t just say I take da fith. The defense still wouldn’t know how DD came about which kinda seems to me to be just a tad important.

        I can’t wait to see how Bondi will try to make Crump a part of the prosecution, without making him a part of the prosecution. There is no way that a civil lawyer, representing the parents of the deceased, can also be made a party to the prosecution in a criminal case.

  2. I was actually about to suggest something like this. Instead of a ‘daily thread’, just create something like this and point people to it. It may well save wear and tear on your more focused blog posts. Hope it works out.

  3. Unrelated to the writ or HOA settlement … I was reviewing old articles and came across an Mar 13 2012 tweet from Matt Gutman: “Sanford FL neighborhood watch captain who shot 17 yr old teen bc he was black, wore hoodie walking slowly, likely not 2 be arrested.”

    Because he was black. Because he was black. Is this not a clear cut case of libel?

    • I emailed Gutless directly about that and he informed me that the response was due to the fact that there were only 160 characters available!!!!

      • He didn’t have to say anything at all about race and it is a proven lie. Please make sure that the defense has a copy of that tweet. IANAL, but imo, it is libel AND character assassination.

        • I wonder if Gutman can be charged with obstruction or something because he sat with Crump, with the state’s star witness, and no law enforcement present, and watched as Crump coached the witness. Obviously it is proven that the 5 minutes of the tape released, recording the coaching, was recorded by Gutman.

          • Not only that, minpin, but you can bet that he was one of the “reporters” present at the press conference where TrayDad announced that he would NOT give TM’s phone access code to LEO b/c he wasn’t going to help them…and every single one of those “journalists” buried the story. Disgusting!

      • What a crock! So he only used 140 out of 160 available characters (I’m counting spaces and the #Trayvon – I don’t twitter so I don’t know if those are meant to be included) and that somehow forced him to include the phrase “bc he was”??? The phrase that directly ascribes malign motive to GZ?

        Tara, did you send that tweet to the defense? Gutman needs to go down in flames!

        • The problem with Gutman and their ilk, is that they really believe that they are reporting the Truth. In their eyes, that is what happened, regardless of the contradictory evidence. They are not reporters they are instigators, they do not report the news they make it.

        • There are even more, it’s really amazing (and disgusting):

          Prepare to hear the chilling 911 tapes frm #Trayvon Martin shooting. Neighborhood watchman stalks him shoots him down. Screams help!

          Petition for arrest of neighborhood watch “captain” who stalked, shot dead #Trayvon Martin now 200K. @ABC found police bungle investigation.

          Add to that his numerous defamatory remarks in his written and videotaped reports, including stating that Trademark was “cornered” (in an open space).

          What a pathetic piece of sh*t Matt is.

          • They are pathetic and to make it worse, they are sanctimonious pieces of dung. Think back to the coverage, they were in glee, that they finally had white vigilante shooting a young black kid, images of Emmett Till, racial relations, white are racists, the evil white man. Even as they found out that Zimmerman was not as lily white as they hoped, so now he is a White-Hispanic, anything to keep the white in front.

            They milked it for all it was worth and then some, now they hardly cover the story, they don’t want to remind people of who they were cheerleading the story, just a few months ago.

            • And now I’m reminded of O’Mara’s comment regarding the settlement, that the Defense will be paying attention to any changes in statements by Sybrina, Tracy, and others.

            • Just reminiscing. πŸ™‚ (And now I’m wondering when was the first time I described Matt as a “pathetic piece of sh*t”.)

              • Check out the twitter conversation happening right now between Gutman and Robert Zimmerman.

                Had to take a deep breath, I could feel my blood boiling.

                • HAHAHA!!!! First to report on the injuries which Matt gleefully reported were not visible! Pathetic.


                    Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood
                    By MATT GUTMAN (@mattgutmanABC) Mar 30, 2012, 1:40 AM

                    A police surveillance video taken the night that Trayvon Martin was shot dead shows no blood or bruises on George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who says he shot Martin after he was punched in the nose, knocked down and had his head slammed into the ground. […]

                    I have advanced my assessment of Matt, from pathetic piece of sh*t to f*cking piece of sh*t.

                    • So who was it that gave ABC/Gutman the tape of GZ arriving at the police station with supposedly no injuries? Serino?

                      Gutman claimed to Robert Jr. that it was ABC that provided the “picture” of GZ’s injuries for the first bond hearing. Didn’t the defense have to fight to get the original photo showing the actual injuries, in full color, rather than some grainy photos originally released? Isn’t that one of the defense positions with the withholding of evidence?

                    • Totally agree with you, minpin!! Why would ABC provide evidence to the Defense? That’s what the State is supposed to do. Matt is so proud of himself for doing one single helpful thing after doing a thousand things to set George up to be lynched.

                    • OMG, What a &^*&**!& asshole.

                      And when he says “@rzimmermanjr yet you don’t mention that we uncovered the photo which the defense used to get your brother bail!”

                      The color one of George’s broken-bloody nose in which the persecution tried to send to decrease quality and submit black and white was not uncovered by ABC News and certainly not Gutless Ahole.

                    • I want to reply to Nett, but WP wont let me. Mark my words that Gutless is in the top ten of who is going to get sued first. He is teh most ignorant POS out there!

                • Robert friend Kim is discussing W8 and scheme team with Gutman during the last hour.

                  Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC @kim_5564 @PCNoMore @rzimmermanjr

                  Benjamin Crump& NatalieJackson.@mattgutmanABC @PCNoMore @rzimmermanjr

                  Mr Gutman,did u ever meet witt8 during ur exclusives w/crump interviews of her?

                  sorry I do not how to copy the twitter formatting.

        • IKR, you cant make this sh!t up. The D has the tweet and it will be famous before the fat lady sings, count on it!

          • I’m astounded by how blatant Matt’s comments have been! There’s no attempt to employ journalistic integrity, it’s pure personal opinion. He seems almost gleeful to report the news.

            • ZERO Integrity. They dont even care anymore whether the average Joe thinks they are credible. THIS is what we have become! Gutless see NOTHING wrong with this???????????
              Herein lies the problem.

      • That’s why they get away with crap like that cause they can blame limitations of twitter. In the meantime, thousands of ppl read it for what it is and believe it. His name should be Gutless, not Gutman.

        • Mornin’ all. I sure would like to see Robert Jr. get That little jerk Guttess’s job!

          • anyone see Robert’s exchange with Guttman yesterday? Guttman was somewhat claiming he was helping George, not hurting him. Go over there and take a look. I’m talking Twitter.

        • I vote his new name should be not Gutman but Gutterman, b/c the gutter is his natural home and I trust he finds himself there soon.

          Hmm, or maybe he should be Gutterboy, since he’s certainly not a real MAN.

          No, wait, I have it! – let him henceforth be known as Matt Guttertoad!

  4. Someone on CTH posted some info about Brandy’s sister Tabatha and how Tabatha apparently has a daughter called DeeDee. I thought CTH had already discussed this and determined it was a false lead, but I couldn’t find any evidence of the discussion So I did some general ‘net searching and found that a Tabatha Green in Orlando had a baby on Jan 7 1994, and the baby’s name is Kadiyah. I suppose it’s possible that a nickname for Kadiyah is “DeeDee”, but obviously this is just guessing. I find Kadiyah’s age interesting though, with that birthdate she would have been 18 the day Trademark was killed. It might be why she was ruled out earlier, when we thought DeeDee was 16.

    I don’t know how to link to specific comments on CTH, so here’s a link to the thread. Just do a find on “tabatha”.

    • Upon further thought, I doubt Team Skittles would pass off Brandy’s sister’s daughter as Trademark’s grieving girlfriend. The close relationships of father’s mistress and son;s girlfriend would be a bit incest-y. But then again the family tree of that clan is anything but conservative…

          • How many have speculated that DD provoked TM into taking care of the bad azz GZ? In the letter, DD said she thought it was “just a fight.” I know I’m stretching it some. I know it’s speculation but, the family had to find someone to act as a witness, and who better than a friend of an almost family member”? The state has done everything it can to hide the identity of the star witness, They won’t even tell the defense how DD came to their knowledge. I wonder if the defense asked DD if she knew anyone in the Martin family, or attached to the Martin family in any way.

            • pinecone, do you think during her dep that questions would have been directed about Trayvon, fighting, fight club, MMA? I’m sure they went there. If they didn’t I’d be surprised. What guy like TM doesn’t want to show off to a girl? His male friends .. a definite yes, but they want the girls to know they are virle.

      • Tara, if you don’t think the Scheme Team would pass off Brandy’s sister’s daughter as TM’s grieving girlfriend, you have a higher opinion of that family’s class than I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if that struck them as the perfect solution, keeping it in the family but not too close, and incidentally giving a further reason for BG to keep her mouth shut.

    • here is a silly thought: could the “letter” have been written by Brandi Green? The cursive writing is in a woman’s hand, but I doubt it is the writing of a 19 year old.

      • I don’t think it’s a silly thought. I too thought it looked like the writing of a more mature woman. It should be DNA tested.

        And now I’m reminded of the Jon Benet Ramsey ransom note, I always thought that it looked like it had been written by a woman.

        • I thought DeeDee was 18? Regardless, lets not make the mistake to think that 18 year olds are children. With the exception of very young children, I don’t think age can be determined through hand writing.

          • I agree, Jack. Thinking back to when I was that age (eons ago) most of my female friends had excellent penmanship skills. However, the way the letter is worded, it does not look like the words of an 18 year old, especially in today’s society and listening to her words on the tape. No way is she that articulate.

            • Yeah, but wasn’t she 18 when she supposedly wrote the letter? That is what I was referring to. Quit pickin’ on me πŸ™‚

          • jack, I understand that there might be some 18 year olds who have mature writing skills, but I sincerely doubt that this young women who was barely able to put a sentence together during her interview with Bernie de la Rionda is one of them. Probability is not zero, but is low IMO.

            • like Chicago winter chills, I would venture the number is in the negative. Like a …. -5 degrees.

            • I speak much different than I write, and I think you guys are reading way too much into this letter. I don’t remember being especially impressed with the letter. It was probably at the 6th-7th grade level. I believe Deedee is a fine product of some of our public schools, and at 18 wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly the level she writes at.

              It’s certainly possible somebody helped her craft the letter. However, the letter really isn’t particularly damaging to GZ anyway.

              Regarding cursive. Everyone learns cursive in elementary school. You may have a hypothesis that older people write more in cursive than younger people, but sorry, I think it’s rank speculation to think that Brandy wrote the letter because of the cursive.

          • The handwriting is an issue because our handwriting has changed over time. Men write differently from females and tend to scrawl. Women of my vintage and older adapted to a cursive writing style. I use a mixture of cursive and print in my writing style.

            However, I note that cursive writing has been out of fashion for quite some time and that is behind my own remark and thoughts on the matter. I know very few younger women who write in the cursive style that is found in that letter and that is why I am thinking that someone much older wrote the letter.

        • The Jon Benet Ramsey case was very big over here as well. However, I do not totally remember the ransom note (the handwriting) and had not thought of that possibility. Interesting thought….

      • Not silly at all, Aussie. I suggested recently on RT that it’d be interesting if the GZ team not only asked the current DeeDee to write out a few sentences from the “letter” but also asked everyone in the inner Martin/Fulton circle to do the same, including Brandi Green and even TrayMom herself (who could have written the document out, handed it to the DeeDee, had the DeeDee hand it back to her, and then TrayMom and Crump could claim that DeeDee gave her the document).

        • And then there’s the matter of the perfect transcription. No scratch-outs or other indications of mistakes or changing her thoughts while writing. It’s as if she simply copied what someone else was saying or had written.

          • My thoughts exactly, Tara. I think she copied someone else’s (written, maybe even typed?) words in her own hand writing.

          • Tara that is an excellent thought. I know from my own writing efforts that there are usually cross outs everywhere that means I have to start again (typewriters and computers are very handy devices πŸ™‚ )

            • Imagine your boyfriend had been killed less than a month earlier and you know there’s going to be Justice for if only you write this critical letter to the mother of your boyfriend!! You are grieving still, had high blood pressure and couldn’t pee for a while there, and the mother hands you a piece of paper and a pen and asks you to write all that you know.

              Would your letter look anything like DeeDee’s letter?


        • You are closest to my thoughts and yes it did cross my mind that TrayMom might have been the one who wrote it… just a suspicion because of the contact that she had with two females prior to any interviews. If you remember it was a conversation that took place outside the house……

          On the other hand, if DD is somehow related to Brandi Green, then it is a possibility that Brandi could have written the letter.

          I would not put it past any of them that this letter was written by a mature woman.

          • Not only possible but LIKELY that somebody helped Deedee craft the letter. Or at least pressured her, in words or manner, into making sure to write nothing incrimination against Trayvon.

            But who cares who actually put the pen to paper??? Deedee, probably, but it does not matter anyway.

            Do you really think Trayvon’s Mom spelled Trayvon’s name wrong? Or even Brandy?

            • These are all good open thoughts. Yes, Brandi could make such a mistake because she hardly knew Traydemark. That is why I was thinking along those particular lines.

              If it was her writing I also do think that someone told her what to write down. The letter itself is full of factual mistakes.

        • Did they do it? It would be interesting sure if they could catch the scheme team in an earth shattering lie (somebody other than Deedee wrote the letter).

          But I doubt they try, because it’s very unlikely somebody actually wrote the letter. The cost/benefit of even attempting a stunt like that was never there for the scheme team. It would be a colossally stupid stunt to attempt.

          And for what? A barely legible letter that if anything adds to GZ’s defense much more than the prosecution?

          A bizarre conspiracy, when our side doesn’t need to go off tangent with conspiracies.

      • I realized later that it would be tough for a niece of Brandy to be passed off as someone Trademark knew since kindergarten, but then again considering Crump’s track record I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he went ahead and used her anyway. This case is completely crazy. I would expect wild theories on the Defense side of a case, not on the Prosecution side.

    • So there will still be a hearing just 2 days after the state’s response is due to the DCA, and while the defense is in it’s 10 day reply period. I would be happy to take any and all bets that the defense files a motion for continuance, and Nelson grants it on 4/30. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the defense doesn’t also file a motion for a Richardson hearing to be set up, which I do not believe Nelson has the ability to deny.

      • Don’t put past Judge Nelson to deny any continuance, as for the Richardson Hearing, the Defense should not even have to file a motion, they are already on record that discovery violations have occurred with the sanction requests, the Judge should just schedule the Hearing on her own as she is supposed to.

        • She won’t without prompting from the Defense. It will mess with her schedule… 😎

        • I don’t see how the judge can cancel a hearing without explanation less than 75 days before trial when there are motions before the court and deny a request for continuance. More fodder for the (hopefully unnecessary) appeal.

          • I am not saying that Judge Nelson will deny a continuance, but if anything she has proven unpredictable, as for the Hearing, after denying the Reconsideration Motion, there was nothing, in her opinion that could not wait until her next schedule Hearing. Remember she was on vacation and would have to do it of her own, if nothing important was on tap, she cancelled.

      • pinecone (minpin) – it will be interesting to see Judge Nelson’s mood with the Defense, I too think Judge N will grant the MOTION should the Defense file for a continuance, I think that’s a given, she will begrudge the defense the time need, she has NO choice imo.. All eyes are now on Judge N and finally more scrutiny.

        In the 2 trials I watched in Fla., it seems customary for the Judge to request the defendant to come to Court closer to their Court date. The Judge in both cases Asks the defendants “if they were satisfied with the representation of their attorney’s?” The defendant’s answer the Judge, no drama, in both cases the defendants were satisfied but it becomes part of the Court Record.

          • She was having an unusually bad hair day.

            She had to do her grocery shopping.

            Her instant messaging system with her handlers was out of service.

            Bernie sent her a love letter asking for protection.

            Crump threatened riots and boycotts in front of the courthouse.

            The defense is uncovering too much of the truth.

            The state’s case is in a shambles.

            The Florida legal system is under the microscope, and the worms are wiggling for all to see.

            She was having PMS.

            There is no more room under her black robes for anymore to hide.

            The Florida Sunshine Laws have gone dark.

            The Florida Laws of Criminal Discovery are no longer applicable.

            Her dog had an appointment with the vet for his yearly vaccinations.

            She had a dental appointment.

            She was busy working on the seating plans for the trial.

        • It is not a matter of “begrudging” them. It would be appealable if she denied the Defense time to fully prepare. The Defense will have to file another Motion for Continuance.

          I am of the belief that they filed the first one too early.

          • debfrmhell – I agree with your comment, imo, Judge N CAN’T deny the MOTION when the continuance is filed, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. I remain underwhelmed with Judge N. for many reasons after watching how Chief Judge Belvin Perry conducted his courtroom and the fairness he showed to both the Prosecution and Defense, I am surprised Judge N. was in Criminal Court to start with, since she is now in Civil Court & this is her last criminal case, imo, it seems more appropriate. Of course she will hear the GZ/NBC Civil Suit.

    • Nettles….I’ve never understood what makes George’s appearance mandatory for some proceedings and not others….can you explain?? (Actually, anyone’s help is GREATLY appreciated):)

      • That’s especially interesting in that GZ appearance was necessary in order for Lester to revoke his bond. GZ’s bond was revoked without him present, and that is supposed to be against the law.

        • Thanks minpin and Deb for the reply. I wasn’t sure if this meant anything particular might be addressed where his presence was required….had me a little nervous!! You never know WHAT BDLR might try and drop on the defense at the last minute and NOTHING the SAO does would really shock me anymore…..unfortunately:(

          • Until Nettles appears … Apr 30 is a docket sounding:

            Docket Sounding–Once the case has been scheduled on the trial calendar, the Docket Sounding is the last PTC [Pre Trial Conference] before trial. Just like any other PTC, it is strictly about housekeeping. However, most times, our client has to be present for the Docket Sounding. The judges want the client to be present for Docket Sounding so that they are sure the client knows that the case is being set for trial. Sometimes, if we have worked out a plea bargain, the Docket Sounding is the time when a plea is entered and the case is finished. Otherwise, the case will either be left on for trial or continued to a later pretrial conference, change of plea or docket sounding date. The judge will usually excuse the presence of an out of town client from Docket Sounding, so that they do not have to attend. If you live farther than 50 miles away from the courthouse, ask us about this.


      • That is standard language for docket hearings. He can file a Waiver of Defendant’s Appearance at Docket Sounding.

      • I’m not the one to ask. I have no legal knowledge. I can share that many of these have been issued in GZ’s case so far and he has waived his appearance at some.

        I do recall getting freaked out about this in a September hearing stating his mandatory attendance but I was told then this is standard.

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  6. While hunting for some info I came across a Traybot forum. The people there are very actively pursuing their theory that Zimmerman followed Trademark from the neighboring condo community. It’s like they just make sh*t up, irrelevant sh*t, and then spend their days obsessively analyzing it. There is no evidence whatsoever that George was in another complex, as far as I know. Even DeeDee didn’t mention it, she clearly stated that Trademark first enountered George within the Retreat community, and George stated the same. So why do the Traybots run off into the wildnerness with some totally unsubstantiated theory which wouldn’t even be relevant anyway even if by some miracle it were true?

    I know why. Because they have NOTHING. Even their star witness helps the Defense. They have NOTHING.

    • Regarding DeeDee’s “Trevon” misspelling, the admin of the site has this excuse:

      As far as the spelling of Trayvon’s name goes–I wonder how often Witness 8 would have been required to write Trayvon’s name. My guess is probably never.

      You’d think since DeeDee knew Trademark since kindergarten she would have been aware of the correct spelling of his name. Also, one might expect that her phone entry for Trademark had his name in it somewhere. She talked to him many times, texted him as well, saw his facebook and twitter entries and communicated with him there as well I would presume. Admin’s excuse is certainly a stretch.

        • She may have sent it to No Limit Ni66a. That’s probably the name she knew him by.

      • The Admin of the site does not realise that his statement proves that DeeDee did not know Traydemark.

        I agree with your comments regarding this because it does not make sense that she did not know how to spell his name!!

        • In that same train of thought, if someone dictated to her or she copied another’s statement, either typed or hand-written, the name would be spelled correctly. If they saw her misspelling of his name they would have corrected her and she would have started the “letter” again.

          I have no reason to believe that she didn’t write the letter. If she was trying to emphasize the talking points, she was hit and miss on that.

          The only thing I question is the date she actually wrote it.

          • I tend to agree. If it was so scripted, they wouldn’t have let stand the misspelling of his name. In some news articles I did note the reporters say Trayvon, known to his friends and simply “Trey” and I wondered why they spelled it that way. Did the family make a point to tell them the spelling because if they just said it to me, I’d have written “Tray”.

            I wonder what name she signed the letter as. BDLR made a point in his response about her using a nickname to hide her identity. Was that his way of explaining the name on the letter which might not match up with the name on is witness list? It’s an awfully long nickname if that’s the case.

            I also think the date may have been tampered with. I’d like to see the original for sure.

            • I posted this before, but I can’t remember where. It used to be called Tribute to Trevon Martin, but they recently changed it to Trayvon.

              Nathan Davis,Demetria Nekole, William Matthews Byrd Magic, Dee Dee
              and Jai Tilla are featured on this dedication to Travon Martin and other victims of gun related violence.

              Not sure if the DeeDee is THE DeeDee.

                  • If I had to place a bet, I would bet that it’s a coincidence. Crump’s DeeDee must have grown up in Miami, she said she knew Trademark since kindergarten and he used to pass by her house. That’s why I’ve ruled out Brandy’s niece. Even Crump wouldn’t be careless enough to use an out-of-town DeeDee…. would he???

            • Bernie included the letter with one of his responses, so does that mean it’s automatically introduced into evidence? I’m still surprised he would want to use a letter with such obvious errors and other issues. Then Trevon turned around Bernie, seriously???

              • Bernie got busted with that letter playing games with discovery. Recall the depositions were on the 13th and 15th. We learned the defense found out about the letter on the 13th. The article didn’t say who told them. It may not have been the State. The information may have come from W8’s deposition. They did get a partial one done on her that day.

                Then on March 15th, the day of Sybrina’s deposition the State gave the letter to the Defense. However no, this isn’t the way evidence is given. The State has to formally file a supplemental discovery indicating it got turned over to the defense. And they did that on March 27, 2013. But very very interesting to note was BDLR redacted the letter. He was not going to make it public.

                He had given the defense yet another example to go to the courts with about evidence being withheld. It was on March 26th, MOM filed a motion to sanction the State for some court costs over the video recording and the hold-up of depositions. In it he doesn’t mention a piece of evidence the State has withheld for close to a year. He still has that card to play and BDLR knows it.

                I’m thinking BDLR started working on the Supplemental to get that letter into discovery and was going to hide it from the public view (that’s why he redacted it) and then after reading Mr. O’Mara’s Sanctions motion realized he was sitting on more trouble. He was furious and it showed. He wrote that ranting motion and he attached the letter to it the very next day March 28th. Potentially taking that card to play out of Mr, O’Mara’s hand. I’m curious to see if withholding that letter for as long as they did and learning about it in the way that they did isn’t going to get the State into trouble after all.

                Why did BDLR redact the letter in the March 27th Supplemental and then chose to show it in the next day’s response?

          • Very useful thoughts, still I am not convinced that this particular person who can barely speak tow words in a sentence wrote that note.

            The misspelling of Traydemark’s name is due to phonetics I think but if she really did know him she would not have misspelled his name.

            The letter comes across as something that came from a much older person.

    • Also interesting IMO… one of the posters includes tweets from Modarres and Nasty from Fri Apr 5:

      Shayan Modarres, Esq ‏@ModarresLaw 17m
      I wonder how a reporter would be able to write an article about a confidential court filing filed under seal… Hmmm…

      Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 3m
      @ModarresLaw Probably same way inadmissible hearsay & W’s who’s ID & info r confidential court filing under seal have made it to the blogs.

      Poster then concludes that since O’Mara received a copy of the settlement he must have been the one to leak the info to Rene Stutzman. I can understand their suspicion, but O’Mara and Shawn Vincent both said that O’Mara did not receive a copy of the settlement, and Rene stated, or implied at least, that she got it from the Clerk’s web site. Maybe Crump claimed he provided a copy to O’Mara in order to deflect any leaks and make O’Mara appear culpable.

      Regarding Nasty’s tweet, what does she mean “W’s who’s ID”. Is she referring to W8?

    • well, another one that they are throwing around is an isolated youtube of GZ’s NEN call, and pointing out that when he tells the NEN dispatch his last name that you can hear GZ’s weapon being loaded. I checked that out, and I continued to listen AFTER that point on the audio and that sound was made several times, so I don’t know what they’re talking about.

      • The TM supporters are trying really hard to make it like GZ had bad intentions when he left the car. All the talk of loading the gun, hearing the slide of the gun, etc.
        The understand that nothing GZ did was wrong, or illegal. But if they can somehow prove that GZ either had the gun out, or was checking his gun prior to the confrontation, it proves GZ have malice in his intentions, at the very least he had reckless disregard for TM.
        It is the same problem the Persecution is having, right now they are basing of 2 off-the -cuff statements that GZ made in the NEN call, those assholes, freaking punks as a basis for malice, but that is very weak and they know. They have tried to see if GZ had a history of animus towards blacks, that has failed. The have checked his school history to see if anything is there, that has failed.
        They are left with a co-worker who claims that GZ bullied him, a past arrest record, that a Judge dismissed as inconsequential, a previous girlfriend that fought with him, and the 2 statements. Weak, does not even begin to describe the case.

      • I guess they forget that the incident occurred in Florida. George had a concealed carry permit and he was legally allowed to carry a loaded gun. He was also legally allowed to defend himself with his gun or by other means if he thought his life was in danger. If he were carrying his gun for self-defense, at some point he would need to load it. (Duh, Traynuts.)

        If they are attempting to establish that George intended to kill Trademark, then they should be upset with Angela BITCH Corey (thanks Flaladybug for that gem!) for not charging George with FIRST degree murder instead of second. Second is no premeditation, just depraved mind.

        It’s going to be very difficult for the Persecution to establish that George had a depraved mind when he called for police assistance, stopped following, did not initiate the confrontation, got punched in the face, was on the bottom of a physical fight, screamed for help for more than 40 seconds, fired a single shot, cooperated fully with the police at all times after the shooting, passed a lie detector test, etc.

        Angela B Corey was stupid to overcharge. Or else she knew exactly what she was doing to get the BGI off her back yet set it up so that an innocent man wouldn’t be wrongfully convicted …..

        • Here’s an interesting example of second degree murder:

          A typical scenario is a bar fight. Two men are at a bar. One insults the other and a fight ensues. At some point, one of the men has clearly won the fight and could end the conflict by walking away. Instead of walking away, he beats the other man into unconsciousness. The unconscious man never wakes up. The crime is second degree murder.

          • Interesting example. If GZ didn’t shoot TM when he did, TM would be on trial right now for second degree murder, and no one would know he ever existed. It wouldn’t be media worthy.

            • Not only that, but it would probably would remain unsolved. It was dark, no one really knew TM, he was scheduled to leave the next morning back to Miami.

              Just another unsolved murder.

      • More lies and speculation from Traybots who have delusions about hearing things. I listened to the audio many times. There was no loading of any gun. It is just made up tosh.

        • I have tried a hundred times to explain that the KelTec was loaded 7+1. He would have had to rack a bullet into the chamber, release the clip to put in another bullet then insert the clip once more. In a dimly lit area. In less than ideal weather. And while talking on the phone.

          It is right up there with the belief that SPD let Zimmerman leave with his gun that night and the recoil is what broke his nose.

          I gave up. You just can’t fight “impaired” logic. They are going to hang onto misinformation and wild speculations because they really don’t have much else. And regardless of outcome, they will still hang onto the same BS.

          • I agree Deb, they are a lost cause. I really think they know the truth or a least suspect that GZ is telling the truth, but for whatever reason they can’t accept that. All of these wild theories give them hope, a thread to hang-on to, that they are not wrong.

          • Now Deb, that is why I would not sully myself by going to a Traybot site…. they are simply too stupid for me to deal with them… and I would still need to be fumigated afterwards.

            You have raised very good and valid points as to why these idiots are completely wrong.

    • It is simple Tara, they keep making stuff up. Look at the response one Traybot gave to my comment regarding the bruises on my sister’s face that were clearly visible roughly a week after she was assaulted. The Traybot persisted with the lie that George had no injuries and from there we got the latest of the theories, that George ran into a tree!!

      The Traybot forgot a whole lot of factors including the fact that white people actually bruise easier than others (I can attest to some very big bruises due to falls). Take for example my son and I regret I never got a photo of it, he ran into a goal post and he had the biggest bruise on his cheek!! Then in my own example I ended up with a black eye after I had a fall and hit my head on the path at home. I add here that some people bruise easier than others for medical reasons.

      Now George had two black eyes that were clearly visible the next day. The injury to his nose was visible on the night and he had that big egg on the back of his head. There is no way he purposefully injured himself. Traybots are idiots when they contend that George injured himself on purpose.

    • And “shoots him down” !! It’s really unbelievable that a reporter would write something like that. Don’t forget the cornered BS, no injuries to George, etc.

  7. Does anyone know if Crump has ever represented the family of a black victim, that was killed by another black person? Surely there are plenty of wrongful death lawsuits that can be brought against a black person who caused the wrongful death of another black person. Does anyone know if Crump has ever represented a client, in a wrongful death lawsuit, that involved another minority person as the perp? Has Crump ever represented a white person in a lawsuit against anyone? I would think that the shakedown industry he has involved himself in, going after those with the biggest money payouts, the police, the HOA’s, the local governments, the state governments etc. would also be willing to give him large dollars even if he represented someone other than the black race. Do Crump Civil Rights only involve black people, and the rest be damned?

  8. I grew up enjoying Mad Magazine and Saturday Night Live, this case can use some spoof

    …………………………… Dances With Werewolves ………………………………

    Chapter 1

    Running Bear, loved Dove Dove (1,2) and was sending her smoke signals when he was killed. All the tribes, heard about it and came from all over to the funeral, even the Panthers (3) who successful concluded their skirmishes along the Delaware River. They built an above ground burial stand with Ganga sticks. The fierce warrior braves intended to go on the warpath against the killer, and burn down the Fort at the Twin Lakes. A Pow Wow was held and Seminole leader Chief Fist Pump (4) chose to go to General Scott (5) to claim an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

    General Scott, weary of the the combined forces of the Indian nations, desired peace, so he appointed Silkstocking (6,7) to bring in the killer. In charge of the Stockade was Dances With Werewolves (8), he was short and balding. He heard how Andrew Jackson rose to the Presidency because of his commission concerning the Florida Indians, so he was going to make the most of it. He was bitten by it, causing his inspiration. “He had a Dream”, that at full moon, he would grow hair.

    1. Trayvon Martin
    2. Dee Dee
    3. New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia
    4. Benjamin Crump
    5. Governor Rick Scott
    6. Angela Corey
    7. Leatherstocking Tales of James Fenimore Cooper
    8. Bernie De La Rionda

  9. Both of them abandoned Crump after the DeeDee fiasco. We have not heard a word from them since then.

    • The reply link is at the bottom of each comment. I think it was at the top in the last version. You don’t see a blue Reply link at the bottom left of this comment?

    • Wow thats odd, it was just tweeted a few min ago, but look at the date? why is it 5 hrs ahead of Central time?

      • Something happens to the time shown when posting tweets on WordPress. If you click on the time of the tweet it will open the twitter page showing the right time, I think the same thing happens on some forums as well, I have no idea why that happens.

    • I am confused by his statement “on the eve of…” That would seem to imply that he is expecting the “most horrific abuse of the judicial system in recen history…” to happen tomorrow. No? Did I misinterpret? Can someone explain it to me?

        • Yes April 11th is the year anniversary of charges being laid on this evidence. Quite the injustice!

          George arranged for himself to turn himself into FDLE and he hired Mark O’Mara right before his arrest was announced. Here is Mr. O’Mara’s first interview with the press. While Crump’s job was to stir up the public to anger, Mr. O’Mara tried to calm everyone down. Not as flashy but much needed.

    • Here is the letter from Gladys Zimmerman. Beautifully done, Mrs. Zimmerman! People tend to forget another mother is in her own pain due to the tragedy of that night. God Bless you.

    • Looks like you forgot to hit the reply button now for nettles reply to you, lol. As I said, it’s the comment limit of WordPress, it does the same at the treehouse, do you not remember that or something? You can only have so many replies to replies before you can’t reply anymore.

  10. Richard Hornsby did a good interview on GZ’s case with Trisha, owner of “webslueth’s” in January 2013. He stated the “States case is weak, the media had moved on ONCE the discovery was released & the racial element dispelled.”

    He too predicted “GZ would be found NOT Guilty/acquitted as GZ had the right to defend himself.”

  11. I don’t recall seeing this previously- just found it this morning and wonder what this is all about? (The quote is towards the end of the piece).
    Trayvon Martin’s parents settle suit with subdivision’s HOA
    “We have learned that the homeowners association’s insurance company did not have to pay out a claim on the case.”

    • I’m thinking that is referring to Traveller’s Insurance. They filed a suit against HOA and Fulton that they should be exempt from the claim on August 1/12. We heard in November 2012 it got dropped. I’m assuming they decided Traveller’s insurance didn’t have to pay.

      It’s widely believed, but I’ve seen no supporting corroboration, that Liberty Mutual was the insurance company who paid. Interesting to note is Frank Taaffe’s tweets. He is livid and says other homeowners are livid as they knew nothing about this settlement and weren’t consulted.

      We may learn more if the court indeed makes Mr. Crump’s filing public.

      • The date on the link I posted was April 6, 2013, so it was posted after the settlement. It is probably just an error in transcribing, but wouldn’t you think there would be a correction or an update somewhere on that site? We don’t actually have any factual information about the settlement yet- reason I thought that link was worth posting.

      • Nettles – I have friends that live in different Condos with different management, they constantly complain about the HOA DUES that go up without notice to those that live there.

        imo, if I lived in a Condo, I would hate having no control of how the HOA spent monies & would want to vote on the reason but apparently HOA’s don’t want owners/renter’s to vote on expenditures because no one wants their DUES to go up and residents would likely vote against management. In this case, whether Taffe knew or not, there wouldn’t have been anything he could do about it. I don’t blame him for being mad.

        • I live in a high-rise condo building. There are something like 6 or 7 people on the condo board. All elected. They are entrusted to make all decisions for the building. Much of the information is made public, some is not. The latter case includes litigation activities and other sensitive matters. I think the law allows each unit owner to request and receive copies of all documentation, but each unit owner would have to pursue it on their own, the board is not obliged to disseminate the information to the unit owners. It actually makes sense to do it this way, because certain issues handled improperly can hurt the condo community’s reputation and could kill sales.

          I find it interesting that Taffe learned of the settlement through the news. That tells me that there was no special assessment levied on the unit owners. Then either the insurance company is paying for all of it ~or~ whatever is being paid by the HOA is coming from their resevers ~or~ the settlement amount was $0. πŸ™‚

            • Well that answers how O’Mara knew there was a settlement. GZ is copied on the correspondence from the HOA.

              Interesting to note Jasmine Rand’s letter about suing and preserving everything was dated almost a month before there was an arrest, March 14th.

              There is no question the motivation in this case from day 2.

              • Did you notice in the Serino statement that TM phone number is not redacted? Is that the same number that was on the other documents where TM’s number was not redacted, I can’t find it.

              • Rand’s letter reaffiming Jackson’s letter on March 14, just to be clear and Rand, I assume also Jackson, states outright “for civil litigation purposes”. I would like to see that letter from Jackson.

                    • Sorry. Yes you are right. They wanted to make sure everything remain unchanged and preserved while all the while they were deleting social media accounts and locking up records for Trayvon.

                    • Is it normal to threaten to file a civil suit before the alleged perpetrator has even been arrested????

                      Also, boricuafudd, very interesting on the phone #, I don’t know that we’ve ever seen Trademark’s phone # before. Not that it’s useful, I just find it interesting.

                  • Ugh, can’t find something I’m looking for … remember the docs about Trayvon’s phone? And a spreadsheet file name was the phone number? That was Trayvon’s phone number, correct? I can’t find it, I want to see if it’s the same phone number as shown in the Serino statement which Boricuafudd pointed out.

                    • IIRC that was DeeDee’s number. The subpoena they expedited on April 2nd. You will find that stuff in the FDLE discovery that was the 9th Supplemental I think.

                      The excel spreadsheet with the telephone number can be found on page 83/284 page document dump

                    • Nettles, thank you! You’re right, it’s DeeDee’s number. Her # matches the phone records ABC so graciously supplied but failed to properly blur. πŸ™‚ So I guess this is the first time we’ve seen Trademark’s #. I see it’s a Ft. Lauderdale area code, maybe that’s where Tracy lived.

    • I think perhaps what’s being said here is that this was go-away money, not settlement of a claim, and that it was entered into voluntarily by the parties concerned (as opposed to being ordered by a court). That would seem to tie in with the Motion to Unseal referring to the Scheme Team entering into “pre-suit negotiations” with the insurer.

      Also, according to the OS, the agreement stated: “It is understood and agreed that the payment made herein is not to be construed as an admission of any liability by or on behalf of the releasing parties; but instead the monies being paid hereunder is consideration for avoiding litigation, the uncertainties stemming from litigation as well as to protect and secure the good name and good will of the released parties.” Or what the average person would refer to as go-away money, LOL.

      Also, per the OS, “Under the terms of the settlement, Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and his estate agreed to set aside their wrongful-death claim and claims for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and expenses.”

      Hence, no claim, no suit, no admission of liability, no legal requirement to pay out.

      Or so it seems to me, but IANAL.

      • My comment above was intended as a response to selfdefenseadvocate waaaaaaaaay up the thread.

        • This is very unusual isn’t it? Don’t most civil matters wait until after a trial to get applied so that it doesn’t hurt the chances of getting a conviction? Doesn’t the Prosecutor usually keep Civil Lawyers at arm’s length to avoid looking like a railroad for money? Did they look at the evidence and know this was self defense so they got as much as they could before the trial?

          What have they knowingly done to the Zimmerman family’s life for the almighty buck? Unbelievable.

          • There is also the implied financial threat to residents who were witnesses to their son’s assault of GZ. It could be reasonably construed as a way to shut them up.

        • Your comment is in reply to selfdefenseadvocate it’s just the nature of blog comments makes it difficult to tell when there’s a long string like this who you are responding to because there’s so much space between one comment to the response. That’s why I like the “quote” button on forums, it shows and links to who you’re responding to.

          • It might be helpful if when people reply to a comment, they start their reply with an @ and the name of the person they are responding to. I like this latest look, D-Man. Nice and clean and easy to read.

  12. Robert is doing a spectacular job on his Twitter account countering the idiots’ claims. I wonder why the idiots even bother to engage him, they lose every single battle. It’s probably because they’re so frustrated. It’s hard work combatting facts, you know. πŸ˜‰

  13. Diwataman if a person uses an online proxy to post on WP it does not allow them to respond to reply in a thread. The proxy automatically has an HTTPS connection by default. The proxy only reads the web servers reply box and can’t read the reply script of other reply boxes. It gets redirected even if they hit reply on anyone’s comments. Someone is trying to hide their IP from you. Probably a sock account. Explains a lot.

    • Hello MiMi, just wanted to make a comment THAT YOU MiMI and I =ARKANSAS MIMI, ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. Just an FYI and alot of people just call me Mimi. So there is no confusion. πŸ™‚ for either of us.

    • selfdefenseadvocate – thanks for the link, this MOTION should DISPEL the gossip of MOM being involved with the settlement, the HOA, giving advice on the dollar amount, LOL, MOM NEEDS the copy of the settlement Crump claimed he sent MOM!

      jeeeeeez louise, Crump makes a cluster out of anything he touches, he continues to dig a deeper hole for himself and for Tracy and Sybrina. They do have financial interest, they have bilked that interest since TM died, we’ve seen the lies they’ve promoted in the media with Sybrina claiming “TM was killed because of the color of his skin.” Of course I fear Judge N will D E N Y this MOTION, I hope I am wrong.

      • Art
        The decision might not be up to Judge N., the Clerk already said she will release the settlement in 10 days, so far nobody has filed an objection, and they are running out of time.

        I am wondering if the HOA or the Insurer want the settlement to become public so that they can sue to get the money back, because Crump broke the confidentiality agreement.

        • boricuafudd – I had read that the Clerk gave Crump 10 days to respond BUT why did MOM file the MOTION to have the information released to the Defense? Hell, the lying Crump claimed he sent a copy to MOM but the MOTION clearly says the Defense doesn’t have a copy.

          You make a good point about Crump and the confidentiality agreement, as I stated the other night, Gloria Alred represented one those women that had a long term affair w/Tiger Woods and signed a “confidentiality agreement.” LMAO! Then the women did “celebrity re-hab” on TV and has to PAY all her settletment back, Tiger’s attorney’s promptly sued her & won..

          • In case someone does file an objection and it is upheld, he has another way to gain access already in progress. Plus it provides the Clerk another reason to release the documents.

      • Did you catch the quote in Rene’s filing today from Crump – he files this and accuses the defense of distracting the issues away from Feb. 26th!

        “Crump said the settlement, which has already been paid Trayvon’s parents, should remain confidential because it’s not relevant in the criminal case.
        “I think all of this has been done to try to divert attention away from Feb. 26, what happened on that night,” he said.”,0,1837211.story

  14. Nettles – I posted this link on the other thread as well as it is the Families RESPONSE to Mrs. Zimmerman, but thought some that haven’t been back to that thread might want to read the EXPECTED response and insults the Martins shared.
    Trayvon Martin’s family fires back after mother of George Zimmerman’s letter

  15. this is a nice thread but it has a bunch of stuff from april 8 to april 12.
    it really would be much nicer if a thread could be developed for NEW information when it happens, instead of throwing everything together.

    • Well that’s not going to happen, at least not on this blog. The “new” information should be nearest the bottom as it comes out. I can’t help what people comment about that disrupts the “new” info here as it’s kind of like an open thread as well.

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