O’Mara (Friend maybe?) Says O’Mara had Nothing to do With Crump Settlement

[Update: April 9, 2013 10:30am EST]

Statement from O’Mara

“We don’t know the details surrounding any settlement between the homeowner’s association and the Martin family,” O’Mara says. “[W]e haven’t yet received the documents that Mr. Crump filed with the court, and we would have no other way to verify that there was, in fact, a settlement.”


[End Update]

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Crump Gets Paid

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Crump gets paid and this is just one lawsuit:

Trayvon Martin’s parents settle wrongful death claim…

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The Crump Saga Goes to the Fifth District Court of Appeal

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What Should Be

Sanford Police Officers, specifically the three officers Detective Serino named that pressured him to file charges; Arthur Barns, Trekell Perkins and Rebecca Villalona, also any officers belonging to NOBEL(National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) – Investigated for any misconduct resulting in the civil rights violation and right to a fair trial of George Zimmerman.

Chief Bill Lee – Reinstated, public apology from City Manager Norton Bonaparte, apology to the public for running away like a coward and hiding under a rock.

Norman Wolfinger – Disbarred and public apology for giving up the case, running away like a coward and hiding under a rock.

Norton Bonaparte – Ousted from office, public apology and, from his personal account, return of tax payer funds used to support “Justice for Trayvon” rallies.

Jeff Triplett – Ousted from office for being a coward.

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The DeeDee “Letter”

exhibit b - Copy
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Shot Across the Bow – Bernie v O’Mara

Bernie keeps his boy in check:

“De la Rionda also pointed out that O’Mara has made misstatements, including when he told a judge that Zimmerman and his wife were indigent.”

Judge Cancels Hearing Without Consult and Protects Crump, again

“On Monday, March 25, the Court canceled the hearing previously scheduled on April 2. The Court did not consult with the defense before canceling the hearing. As there are only 74 days until trial, and as there are Motions before the Court, we hope to appear before the Judge for pending matters before the next hearing currently scheduled for April 30.”