Was this Streetlight Camera Up and Running on Feb 26, 2012?

Like many of you I have seen all there is available as far as the evidence goes in George’s case but I have not seen mention of this camera anywhere. It’s a streetlight camera on the corner of Rinehart Rd and Orgeon Ave that points West down Rinehart Rd and what could have been Trayvon’s potential path. What I don’t know is if the streetlight and camera were even up and working on February 26, 2012. The photo of the camera comes from Bing maps and you have to be on street level to view it as Bing’s aerial view is dated and it’s not there. Google’s aerial view shows the streetlight but its street level view does not.

Bing map street level:

 photo StreetlightCam1-Copy.jpg

Bing map aerial view and Trayvon’s potential path:

 photo cameraandpotentialpath-Copy.jpg

Google’s street level view:

 photo googleversion-Copy.jpg

Google’s aerial view:

 photo Googleaerial-Copy.jpg


7 thoughts on “Was this Streetlight Camera Up and Running on Feb 26, 2012?

    • I don’t know about Florida, but where I live, the cameras on top of the light posts are for monitoring, and they feed into the police station or to a monitoring program elsewhere. The red light cams are boxy and located on shorter poles in the medians or on the side of the road, where they are placed to catch license plates and car details when they trip and photograph an offender. Here, monitoring was authorized by the City Council and the contracts (and dates) to set up were public information. Who would have been authorizing the cameras there? Would the records be public?

  1. Good work Diwataman!
    And yes (if the camera was operational) it would (as you said) have shown Trayvon’s “potential” path … OR … (as we are starting to understand) it might more logically have shown him being DRIVEN to and from his 7/11 blunt purchase attempt. This avenue of investigation further underscores Crumpster’s inability to provide: a credible timeline (TM’s missing 40 minutes from the 7/11 to Brandy’s “back porch”), an explanation why Chad said TM left at half time and Tracy said TM came in the back gate, any security camera footage of TM’s Skittles walk, any GPS phone records confirming TM’s route, any explanation as to why DD wrote TM was on his way TO the store through ANOTHER complex … AND … why George identified the hooded figure he saw in the lighted street at the cut-thru as being in his late teens or early twenties, wearing stone washed blue jeans, and not mentioning he was very tall … when the actual TM was 6-3″, wearing tan pants, and just barely 17 years old.
    When the Scheme Team keeps on lying about St. Skittles being only a 5’9″ 158 pound child, it would probably be a good idea if MOM looked for someone (with a driver’s license and TM’s $22 wallet) who met George’s original description (before the real TM knocked him silly … at the T … and in the dark).

    • If ” the actual TM was 6-3″ “, did they amputate a few inches before conducting the autopsy that reported him as 5′ 11” (71 inches) ?
      Or are you speaking of someone who was not the person who was shot by Zimmerman?

  2. DMan, I’ve walked that route, and I believe there is also a light on the crossbar that faces Oregon Avenue, pointing directly down Oregon Ave towards the apartment complexes along the way to the RTL property.

  3. This camera is for vehicle detection. If you look at the other mast arms you’ll find additional cameras. AFAIK, this video signal is not recorded.

  4. We have these exact cameras up here in the great white north. They detect cars and trigger the lights on lower traffic intersections, rather than the older pressure plates set under the concrete ( our weather plays havok with these, and too many oversize vehicles can sit on top of them and not trigger them with both sets of tires 😦 )

    They are pointed down to the stop lines on the road and wouldnt have any ability to detect anything further than 20 feet back from the intersection. Further, they wouldnt actually film a car, They are just there to detect them and trigger the red/light cycle on the main roads. They are not even smart enough to notice the car left its view and cancel the red light cycle. Its a one shot detect/cycle program.

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