Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan

The Crump Settlement Filing Saga

Letter from clerk to Crump

O’Mara’s motion

Crumps response

O’Mara’s response to Crump

Some of my thoughts on the Crump filing saga

Notice of Hearing April 30, 9:00 AM

To be heard:
Demand for Specific Discovery(anything the state got from any of George’s and Shellie’s cell phones etc.)

Defendant’s Motion for Sanction Against State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations

State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions State Attorney’s Office for Discovery Violations

Defendant’s Motion for Sanction Against State Attorney’s Office for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs

State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion for Sanctions Against State Attorney’s Office for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs (RE: Miami Video Depositions)

Defendant’s Motion to Unseal Information Listed as Confidential Information within a Court Filing

Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Unseal

The Crump Deposition Saga

Petition for Writ of Certiorari


or docket link here as well
Case Number
5D 13-1233


Order to Show Cause

The State has to respond to the 5th DCA by April 28 if they do not the DCA will move forward for consideration to overturn Nelson’s order that Crump cannot be deposed. If and when the State files a response O’Mara has 10 days from that date to respond after which the DCA will move forward with their decision making process. Given the State’s history they will respond at the last moment possible which will be on the 28th then O’Mara has until May 8th to respond to the State’s response.

[UPDATE April 24, 2013 4:24pm]

The State, Pam Bondi through her assistant, has responded. At first I thought it would be Bernie but instead it is Bondi and I also thought it would be filed on the 28th, see, even the Dman can be wrong sometimes ;).

The Bondi Response


Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Witness List (Redacted)

O’Mara: http://gzlegalcase.com/index.php/court-documents/142-defendant-s-second-amended-witness-list-redacted

Court: http://www.flcourts18.org/PDF/Press_Releases/Defendant%27s%202nd%20Supplemental%20Witness%20List%20%28Redacted%29.pdf

Me: https://diwataman.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/witness-list-2/

Shellie Zimmerman’s Case

Continued to July 10 specifically after George’s trial. Why they did that I do not know but to me it makes it seem they are keeping Shellie as tool to pressure George to plea. What happens if George’s case gets continued? Will they just keep continuing Shellie’s trial based on every time George’s trial gets continued? What is the reasoning for that?

[More Updates April 24 6:00pm]

More Depositions posted

Also see my page on the depositions here

The Stand Your Ground/Immunity/Self Defense Hearing to Merge or Not to Merge Saga

This issue which no one seems to quite understand, merging a SYG hearing within a trial, has reared its ugly head again. Bernie is asking the court to compel O’Mara to explain himself as to why he is not having the hearing despite making claims to the contrary and agreeing to setting a date aside for it. But more importantly Bernie says if O’Mara aint doing it before trial then he aint never doing it, lol, and is against any “merger”, whatever the hell that is.


[UPDATE 9:30pm]

There’s a couple of news articles out there about The Stand Your Ground/Immunity/Self Defense Hearing to Merge or Not to Merge Saga which are kind of framing it as if Bernie is asking the court to compel George himself to answer and/or Bernie wants to ask him himself out of some concern for George, pfft yeah right. George does not have to answer to this, clearly. Redundantly, as the court has already ordered it before this, Bernie does request George’s appearance at the next court date when this will be heard and some of the wording makes it seem like he wants to question George himself, which maybe they do but that is not clear in the motion. I doubt that Bernie is really concerned if George himself knows what’s going on so all of this gives the impression that he wants to question George himself but that just isn’t going to happen. I think the judge will just ask O’Mara with George sitting there, potted palm that he is lol j/k, and ask. She’ll deny that O’Mara can’t file for immunity when he wants, before, during or after trial. That is what I think Bernie really wants of this. Silly Bernie, tricks are for kids.


The Jonathan Ables Case

I first wrote of the case in Sep 2012 here:

Crystal has been indicted for murder and the case has been continued a couple of times now. The next court date is May 1st.

 photo scott1-Copy.jpg

Scott, Crystal
Case # 137803101010
The State of Texas vs. SCOTT, CRYSTAL JANA (SPN: 02634135) (DOB: 07/14/1989)

Given what I do know I don’t even think Jonathan made it past the left side front quarter panel of her car when she shot and I find it doubtful he hit the car or broke the driver side window. The window is broken because she shot out of it not because of his fist or some crap she’s trying to make up.

A comment of Jonathan’s mother gave thanks to their attorney named Brian Wice and DA Kari Allen.

If this is the Brian Wice I believe is representation of Jonathan’s family they should dump his ass right away.
 photo BrianWice-Copy.jpg

A bad choice in my opinion and may have been the one to ask the family to ask the petition and facebook for Jonathan be taken down. He’s not the right guy in my opinion.

Assistant Harris County District Attorney Kari Allen
 photo daallen-Copy.jpg

Judge Maria T. Jackson
 photo judgejackson-Copy.jpg

Given the players this case will probably get thrown out before a jury ever hears it.

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14 thoughts on “Updates and such – George, Shellie and Jonathan

    • I’m guessing the defense asked for a continuance and for some reason agreed to continue it specifically after George’s trial but the thing is although George has a trial date set and Nelson is a lunatic I still think O’Mara will ask for a continuance and she’ll grant it. He’ll probably do that on a month to month basis which the judge has complete discretion and could be continued for years. So what will Alva do? Keep continuing Shellie’s trial until George finalizes his? That’s ridiculous and makes me think something nefarious is going on but I just don’t know.

      • Delaying her trial until after George’s makes no sense to me. Aren’t there rules that govern how many continuances each side can have? If Shellie wanted her case to be heard, could she not, through her lawyer, demand it be heard after each side has exhausete their number of alotted continueances? I do not know, but it seems to me that unless her laywers, for whatever the reason, want this to be delayed, they could force the courts to hear it rather than dragging it out indefiniately, waiting for an end to George’s trial.

        • Hi, LL, It seems to me that Shellie’s trial should be delayed until after George’s trail. If George is found NOT GUILTY, then Shellie would have a better chance of her charges being dropped- Her charges would be a moot issue if no crime was committed.

  1. Scott had been arrested for “4 charges, including improper change of lanes, failure to signal lane change, expired inspection certificate and driving with expired registration” on 09/06/12. The address is the same so the earlier information about her erratic driving appears to be correct. http://www.ultimateheights.com/briefs/431728-crystal-jana-scott-released She then had the aggressive driving incident on the morning of September 17, 2012 and then shot Ables. The grand jury had this and probably the arresting traffic officer’s testimony who witnessed her driving (and possibly video from dash cam) and just how dangerous it is in heavy and very fast Houston traffic.

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