Trayvon Martin Flyers

I’ve been collecting images of the flyers for some time and was recently inspired by a few Twitter comments from Richard Hornsby to finally post some here. Hornsby’s essential premise is that Robert Zimmerman Jr. is as much to blame as Crump for fueling the flames of racism and that if Robert would shut up “race would be a lot less an issue in this case”. Needless to say Hornsby’s position is absolutely absurd. Yes white people, just shut up and take it when you get railroaded by the BGI and your own people. So below is merely a small sample of images of flyers that were inspired by the fraud committed by Tracy martin, Sybrina Fulton, Crump et al, Ryan Julison, and facilitated by the sympathetic to the black cause press.

 photo fmjghmgfcmcfghjjh-Copy.jpg
 photo yjufkfuykyky-Copy.jpg

 photo xgfnnmmghm-Copy.jpg

 photo flyer-Copy.png
 photo 1334084191-signs-in-memory-of-trayvon-martin-can-be-seen-across-town--sanford_1151338-Copy.jpg

 photo TrayvonPanelflyer3_1-Copy.jpg

 photo vbgnxfnfxn-Copy.jpg

 photo mbcmcmj-Copy.jpg
 photo hmgmcm-Copy.jpg

 photo mnghxfhfxnm-Copy.jpg

 photo tjdfhjnbgdagb-Copy.jpg

 photo htjdyjdjuk-Copy.jpg

 photo gkufchfkjmdjy-Copy.jpg

 photo TrayvonMartin11-Copy-1.jpg
 photo gfhjgmxfgnxxghnmgh-Copy.jpg

I was happy to find that last flyer as there was discussion about how it culminated into a memorial that Natalie Jackson’s mom built.

Here it is being built in Feb 2013
 photo drhsfdhfhjnf-Copy.jpg

Here it is completed
 photo fgjfgbnzdbzdfb-Copy.jpg

TM Unresolved murder memeorial with Trayvon's name at the top - Copy

Here are the origins:


9 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Flyers

  1. I personally like the academic scholar one and the one that lists religious discrimination as something that can be ended by executing george zimmerman. Huh?
    That’s an impressive collection of pathetic fliers.

    • They are something aren’t they? It’s amazing how much of the most inflammatory stuff, not just flyers but other stuff, came out of the radical left groups, lol, they are forever trying to hijack the black cause.

      @4:48 I like how maoistrebel pitches Mao’s Little Red Book to the NBPP

  2. And ,”Dead Black Man, Just Walking”? Terrible, but they did refer to him as a man, not a young child, so I’m going to downgrade their terrible to just awful. No, wait. Upgrade their terrible to just awful.

  3. Anyone who does not see how this case had made racial issues worse now that ever, just ain’t paying attention.

    WS (We’re screwed)

  4. Comparing what happened to Trayvon Martin to what happened to Emmett Till sickens me. And the scumbags who do it KNOW what happened to Emmett! Which means they just don’t really care one iota about what he went through, or his memory… they know, but they do. not. care.

  5. !!! I am so enthusiastic to discover this that despite your misgivings, I however will together with the hope that some of your positive feedback will deliver me with more thoughts that I’d like the depart unanswered. Thanks for this review, it has left me intrigued.

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