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Medical Examiner Report Trayvon Martin
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The ‘Whole’ Story of Trayvon Martin at 7 Eleven
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Sanford Police Department Radio Dispatch Files 2-26-2012
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Radio Transmissions Unedited
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Examination: Event Reports and Radio Transmissions
Tracy Martin Missing Person Call & Call Back
SCSO Event Reports, Drawings From W1,W3, W6 and W18 and Eight photos from Investigator Wright
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711 Clerk Interview
Timeline of Events Feb 26, 2012
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April 20, 2012 Bond Hearing
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George Zimmerman Hearing Oct. 19, 2012
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Feb 22, 2013
March 5 2013 Hearing & Presser
Apr 30 2013 Hearing & Presser

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The 2012 Florida Statutes
The 2012 Florida Statutes CHAPTER 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE
The 2012 Florida Statutes CHAPTER 782 HOMICIDE
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Did politics drive prosecution in Trayvon Martin case? by Mark Nejame
Legally, Who Was the First Aggressor? by Richard Hornsby
Marshall Frank: Take it from an ex-cop, Zimmerman will walk
Why Trayvon Martin’s Case May Not Go To A Jury by Kevin F. Moo
Memo to the Zimmerman Judge by Arnold S. Trebach
The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 11: The Dee Dee Interview–Kaboom! by Mike McDaniel
Was Zimmerman Justified Poll“Only 6 percent of black voters believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, while 82 percent said he was not, the poll found.”
George Zimmerman : State of the Evidence by Jeralyn at TalkLeft
Zimmerman: The Discovery and the Witnesses by Jeralyn at TalkLeft
George Zimmerman’s Credibility by Jeralyn at TalkLeft
Zimmerman Tapes: Variations Versus Differences by Jeralyn at TalkLeft
George Zimmerman : Witness Support and Legal Recap by Jeralyn at TalkLeft
We Are All George Zimmerman Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog
How Can Francis Bacon Help Forensic Science? The Four Idols of Human Biases by Dror by Itiel E. Dror
Why Experts Make Errors by Dror & Charlton
Subjectivity and bias in forensic DNA mixture interpretation Dror & Hampikian
Cognitive Consultants International
Massad Ayoob on Stand Your Ground Laws
Malkin on fabricating racism

Task Force on Citizens Safety and Protection

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May 1, 2012
Press Availability with Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll Before the Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection

June 12, 2012
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September 13, 2012
October 16, 2012
November 13, 2012

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2005 Florida Bill

60 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Case: Evidence, Articles and Blogs

  1. Thanks Dman…. you always did have great reference stuff… nice to see it all laid out

    I have posted a link to this page in my DOCUMENTS AND LINKS thread

    Come visit…. bring cake. 😀

  2. I believe all the evidence suggests that GZ is an upstanding citizen and what happened was unfortunate misunderstanding. A family lost their son and now GZ’s life will be changed even if he’s set free and he should be found not guilty. He was working in the line of duty Thats what he was supposed to do as a neighborhood watch person! The handbook said to not pursue a suspect but he was following him as not to lose him since the police were on their way. He was trying to be helpful. For me this is a open and shut case and the prosecutors are grasping at straws to try and ruin a man’s life. The cries for help are from GZ which is even mentioned he called for help even before he was aware that there was a recording of it. Also the witness who drew that the red shirt was on the bottom and the black shirt on top also proves that GZ was not the aggressor here. Come on everybody!! Wake up and look at the facts. I hope the jury is smart enough to sort out all the facts. IE: if you were to see a woman banging on a car window asking for help in a moving car, would you simply call 911 or would you try to follow the car to keep it in sight to aid the officers?

    • I was just looking out the window about an hour after sunset – about the same as when this all happened. I can’t see much – I can’t imagine how accurate the ‘eye witness’ testimony can possibly be. Try it yourself.

      Furthermore, there is a huge gap in timeline evidence and testimony. The point of proving or disproving self defense is about how it started, not how it ended. None of the witnesses know what George and Trayvon said to each other. No one knows who spoke first. No one knows who threw the first punch, lunge, or whatever. These are the things that would be necessary to know what happened, and thus to determine if the shooting was really self-defense. No witnesses can speak to what may have happened leading up to the physical altercation. (except the very limited info from the first 911 call and Rachel Jeantel – and she knows nothing after the cell phone was set down)

      I am seeing a possibly complete picture of events some time after the tussle began by piecing together the evidence and the testimony, but that is absolutely not the point – it means nothing, except that Trayvon may have had a physical advantage and George had an armed advantage.

      George asserts that he felt threatened and was attacked. There is no evidence or testimony that proves or disproves that, or even really addresses that point.

      No one knows but George. You and I and everyone else will never know. Reasonable Doubt – case closed.

      • I realize this reply is quite distant in time from your post, but your conclusions are made either without a look at a lot of the evidence, or without the ability to look at the evidence objectively and with an analytical mind. I would be MORE than happy to show you where you have arrived at erroneous conclusions as far as the law and the evidence are concerned.

    • Why is the justice dept. providing security to anti Zimmerman protestors. Just goes to show you where the president stands on this case. The Feds should butt out it’s a state issue. It’s so upsetting to me what’s occurring. I will be donating to Zimmerman’s fund.

    • Zimmerman was obviously wrong, and the evidence does not say otherwise. Zimmerman’s only advantages were the color of his skin (mainly), his connections, and the classic talent of lying. Everything was telling him to stay in that car, but what did he do? He shot a vulnerable teenager because he obviously has some prejudice against young African American boys. The fact that this wasn’t his first issue with an African American male makes it extensively suspicious. And for those of you who anticipate Mr.O’s participation in the entire predicament, he has done nothing but stay neutral about it. And for those of you who can possibly argue that GZ could’ve felt intimidated by Martin, he WAS well-educated in fine arts, and I doubt that someone who is 5’10 and has absolutely nothing on his person but a bag of Skittles can terrorize anyone whatsoever. It’s obvious that Obama had nothing to do with America’s division. That took place when white men decided to take innocent Africans from their home and dubbed them as inferior to them. This divided system was cultivated by the same people who believe this verdict was justified, and the same humans who determined Martin’s fate for him many terms before Mr.O was even thought of.

  3. This judge is so biased for the state it is not funny. She allows GZ school records and even teachers to testify but does not allow ANY of Trayvons school records in. The fact Trayvon was EXPELLED from school should be allowed in court. The pictures of him smoking pot AND with GUNS tells you the character of the 17 year old. He was ONLY in Sanford FL because he was kicked OUT OF his school in Miami. How can ALL of Travis Alexanders past (he was a victim also) be allowed in the court but basically NONE of Trayvons history. If GZ is convicted he should have a very good basis for an appeal, just on this alone. The people for Trayvon say all they want is a fair trial however all they want is to convict GZ. Anything other than that will stir up riots. Plus it is obvious the judge is SCARED as well. She is so in the corner of the prosecution it is not funny. She is NOT allowing the defendant, GZ, a fair trial.

  4. I totally agree with all of the above and I’m surprised the defense didn’t ask for her to be replaced. Why even have a jury if the judge is being allowed to pick and choose what evidence is admissible. This trial should have been over long ago. The TM family is looking for revenge and is willing to have GZ put in jail to satisfy their grief. How will they be able to live with knowing that?? This will not bring back their son and another family will be losing theirs. I hope the jury sees through this and does the right thing and says “not guilty”.

    • Because the family of Trayvon does not care. They just want a guilty verdict, not a fair trial. It is very OBVIOUS. The father lied that he never said that was not Trayvons voice on the 911 call but 2 police officers heard him say that. Why did he not say, at first I did not think it was Trayvon but after hearing it a few times……. That would have been at least half the truth. HOW DISGUSTING. Lie on the stand, under oath, anything to convict GZ

  5. I don’t care what the court says. Zimmerman called 911 and they ordered him to leave Trevon alone, he DISREGARDED and went after Trevon. Today Trevon is dead. Trevon could have been the next Michael Jordan, the next barrack, the next usain bolt. But no. A disrespectful police office disobeyed his authority and killed an innocent kid. Lock him up and throw away the keys.

    • How is it that people prefer sipping the kool aid over educating themselves on facts?

      Real learning happens when you free your mind of cant when you approach information.

      If your head is filled with what you already believe and think, that is cant.

      With a head full of cant, no learning or understanding can get through. Try freeing your mind of cant, then listen to the calls, and look at all the evidence. GZLegal case or the State’s evidence site has all the evidence available to you. Free your mind of cant, and then go listen to the call and go from there piece by piece through all the information.

    • Kid was not innocent suspended from school 3 times and the third time was caught with weed and burglary tools. Also he punched out a bus driver. I’m not saying he deserved to die but don’t say he was an innocent boy and the road he was taking he would not have become a Jordan.

      • Mike Tyson and 50 Cent (and many others) grew up thugs, and plenty of good hardworking middle Americans paid good money to make both wealthy. Both have become stable citizens, even with a somewhat philanthropic bent. The point is, redemption is possible at any stage of life … until you are dead.

          • Um, no. Where did you come up with that? This is merely a statement intended to suggest that irrelevant judgments about Trayvons character not only do not apply, but do not necessarily have a basis in fact. (“Judge not, lest ye be Judged”; Matthew 7:1) Discussion about a future Jordan or not is just silliness. None of this was entered into evidence, because it had nothing to do why Trayvon was where he was, and what happened between him and George – – so, at most, it is simply rumor and innuendo – just people repeating stuff they read on the internet (and we all know how reliable that is!).

            The bottom line is that no one knows what George and Trayvon said to each other, no one knows who spoke first, threw the first punch, or lunged, or whatever. No one knows whether George was truly afraid for his life. All of these things are needed to prove guilt, and since there were no witnesses to how the altercation actually started, the only outcome can be Reasonable Doubt.

        • He was innocent ” that night”.iz never heard a burgler going to get snacks,on the phone wit a freind right before a Miami heat play off game (go heat). Fat boy underestimated the fact he fucking with a 17 yr inter city kid wit survival skills (can fight).yes mr Martin won the fight now we must fight for him to win the war.

  6. TM was not innocent…he smoked pot, instigaged fights, got expelled from school, was talking about acquiring a gun (i believe in a text which the judge would not allow), used foul language. He did not have a relationship with his mother for several years and hot headed to be able to confront GZ. In my book he was not on the road to doing great things in life like being a Jordan or President…give me a break! I think his parents should realize after hearing all this testimony and do what the right thing by asking GZ get acquitted. Instead they are out for blood no matter what the evidence shows. They lost a son and someone HAS to pay no matter what! They come across as goodie two shoes and clearly that family has issues….Not a very perfect family.

  7. I like the post which says Trayvon could have been the next Michael Jordan. Really, what does that have to do with the case and the law. The ONLY fact that matters is Florida law on Stand Your Ground. All this crap the state is saying is much about nothing (except trying their best to get to the emotions of the jury) The state was allowed to bring in things about GZ that were not allowed to be brought in about Trayvon. Was it relevant that Trayvon had been expelled from school, was involved in fights, had posts with pictures of him and guns, history of drug use, etc, etc, etc. How is that fair??? Answer: IT IS NOT FAIR. To understand who and what Trayvon was about is IMPORTANT. The pictures of him at 14 years old is a joke. The most recent pictures of him blowing smoke out his mouth, with gold grills, with guns and the fact he was really into fighting is very important. It does not take a genius to see GZ had the shit beaten out of him and besides the gunshot, Trayvon was untouched. The fact the blacks will not be happy unless he is found guilty and sentenced to death shows who is actually racist. Trayvon told his girlfriend he was being followed by a white ass cracker. If a white person said something like that about black people, all hell would break lose. Tell me there is not a double standard. Fact is, now white people are being discriminated against. Like it or not, this is the proof. Is there a congressional white caucus? NO. If there was or even talk of it, again, all hell would break lose. These are the FACTS. If GZ is found guilty, there will still be riots, because nothing is good enough (unless he is sentenced to death, which will not happen). CASE CLOSED

  8. Following someone is NOT AGAINST THE LAW. The 911 operator said, we don’t need you to do that. He DID NOT SAY…do not follow him. Besides that is NOT what the case is about. It is about STAND YOUR GROUND LAW.

    • Since no one really knows how the altercation got started, no one truly knows who instigated … we only know how it ended. There is no testimony or other evidence to prove Stand Your Ground. If that weren’t necessary, anyone could shoot anyone in private, or in a bar fight, and claim Stand Your Ground.

      • The defense is not claiming SYG. The burden of proof is on the State to disprove self defense. Not to submit conjecture and “what if” scenarios, ( although that is precisely all they’ve done. The State has presented not one shred of e diencephalic to disprove self defense beyond a reasonable doubt).
        The evidence, all of it, supports exactly what George has stated all along. You can what-if it til the moon falls away, but that is not how the law works.

        • Since your reply appears to be to me, I was simply commenting on the previous poster’s reference to Stand-Your-Ground. I assume you were actually correcting the previous poster: Stephen.

          The limited available testimony and evidence can be assembled like so many legos to support just about any scenario, particularly recognizing that there are so many gaps. They do generally support George’s account. They can also support other accounts, but there is no other witness that can offer a full account. Everything on both sides amounts to possible scenarios, since there were no witnesses to all parts of the sequence of events.

          The bottom line is that no one knows what George and Trayvon said to each other, no one knows who spoke first, threw the first punch, or lunged, or whatever. No one knows whether George was truly afraid for his life. All of these things are needed to prove guilt.

          George asserts that he felt threatened and was attacked. There is no evidence or testimony that proves or disproves that, or even really addresses that point.

          No one knows but George. You and I and everyone else will never know., the only outcome can be Reasonable Doubt.

          • “George asserts that he felt threatened and wa attacked. There is no evidence or testimony that proves or disproves that, or even really addresses that point.”
            The evidence is his bloodied face and head, and the total lack of injuries to Martin, save for the gunshot wound and the knuckes which are consistant with someone throwing a punch. I’d say that is evidence of an attack.
            Then there are the eye witness testimonies stating Martin on top, reighning down blows.

            • That only suggests that Trayvon had a physical advantage, while George had an armed advantage. It says nothing about who started it or how. Plenty of aggressors have misjudged the capabilties of their targets.

              Again, we only know how it ended. If I am stronger and a better fighter than my attacker, I will certainly turn the tables on him as soon as I can. There’s at least 27 seconds of gap with no clear evidence or witness to how it started, and how Trayvon may have wound up on top.

  9. Silly me & all the rest of you travon Martin supporters.I was just inform that when we post on this site,your paying the fat guy who shot Mr travon Martin. Bye!

  10. How would you know if Trayvon wouldnt have been the next Michael J? Are you a psychic? There are many people that started down the wrongng path and later became successful.

    • Maybe Trademark would’ve become something later in life. Maybe George would’ve become a judge. We will never know, since Trademarks last act was that of assault causing George to use deadly force to defend himself. Live the life of a thug, even for a day, and you may well die like a thug.

    • By name calling, I assume you are referring to my use of “Trademark”. The name has become a norm on numerous sites in referrence to the grieving (cough, hack, hack) mother who trademarked her son about a week after his death.
      If you were referring to my use of the word thug, it was used (obviously), in accordance with the behavior of lying in wait, then attacking a stranger for sport- you know…like Trademark did. 😉
      Other thuggish behaviors of Trademark-
      Use of Lean, Purple Drank, Zizzerp…
      Total disrespect for women
      Repeatedly getting suspended
      Fighting, ( “dude didn’t ‘breed’ enuf)
      Back pack containing multiple jewelry items & a screwdriver, (burglary tool)
      Vandalism (suspended)
      Marajuana & pipe (suspended)
      Casing houses in the rain
      Getting angry because someone dared to interrupt his casing houses
      Banging someone’s head on concrete after sucker punching him then mounting him

      Nite all.

  11. I have not encountered sites using Trademark as the “norm”. The bottom line is that type of name calling reduces the credibility of a commentary. If your goal is to reasonably convince others of your opinion, then using the nick name will likely turn off anyone open minded enough to consider your viewpoint, while those already in-tune with the term don’t likely need to be convinced. By the way, I carry a screwdriver, but not as a burglary tool.

    • I’m not trying to convince anyone; at this point, people have made up their minds at this juncture. And many have done so despite the evidence, or total lack thereof. No evidence to support any of the wild hair brained what ifs that the State embarrassingly brought up. Plenty, however, to support self defense. And plenty more in favor of the defense that never made it to the jury. This case never should have gone to court. No charges should ever have been brought.

  12. there is little doubt Martin was heading in thew wrong direction in life,particularly his comments about getting dope a gun etc. It is not at ll unlikely(statistically) he would have been shot by another black teen over drugs if he did not change course.
    Seen it way too many times in the emergency room.
    the state provided no proof Zimmerman initiated the “fight” even swearing at someone is no sufficient grounds to assault them. Does the physical evidence show that martin was rolling in the grass or just on his knees? for there to be a fight you have to have both sides with some marks of a fight. otherwise it simply looks like a beating.

    What amuses me is the dueling Media lawyers opinions all over the place.The mother angle. First of all mothers do not identify much with crazy ass cracker”,nigga this nigga that”. They can also see ther own son on the ground getting pounded and unless they have a kid that does that sort of thing,they are not likely to identify with Treyvon Martin.

    • Yes, exactly … there is no proof George initiated the fight … there is equally no proof that Trayvon initiated the fight. Tie goes to the accused.

      Note that physical evidence also doesn’t show George’s blood or DNA in likely places on Trayvon’s body.

      Gaps + inconsistency + more question marks = Reasonable Doubt.

      Nobody really knows what happened, except George.

  13. Zimmerman bitch ass killed a black kid n of course it’s ok cause white people think they run America….can’t wait til judgement day!,,,sad day in America smh! No justice

  14. There is once a boy named George Orval Zimmerman (no relation). He was the victim of the worst school massacre in the history of North America.

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