The Scheme Team, Crump et al. – Quotes, Myths, Manipulations, Lies etc

The Scheme Team
Mark O’Mara – And So It Is Told
What Should Be
Sgt. Tony Raimondo – The Supposed Racist
Tracy Martin et al. Quotes in Regards to the Sanford PD and Race
Tracy Martin, Sanford PD and NOBEL
Martin Magical Money Tour
The Many Manipulations, Myths and Lies of the Zimmerman/Martin Case
The Tweet That Says it All
Tracy Martin’s “Cat” Tattoo and Alicia Martin
Letters to Scott
I Want a Legacy
The Zimmerman Case in a Single Quote
Moving on Up
True Colors
Okay, you got me, I’m racist
41% Against George Believe Trayvon was a Little Child
Crumpty Dumpty
Sanford Taxpayers Pay for Trayvon Rallies
Crump’s Propaganda Machine Continues
Crump Gets Paid
McCann and Martin: A Match to be Sure- – The Million Hoodie March

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