When Will it End?: And the Silent Majority

I have recently learned the Scheme Team has been able to successfully scam approximately $5 million for their pseudo victimization as black people. On top of that we can only guess at the total amount they have been able to generate from their propaganda which started March 7, 2012 and continues to this day.

Thanks to the tree for the pic: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/08/16/honoring-the-school-bus-students-my-son-aint-never-been-no-bad-person-he-just-got-mixed-up-with-bad-people-thats-all-hes-sorry/

Here’s a breakdown of some of what the schemers gots:

$5 million for the Trayvon Martin foundation.

Somewhere between one to two million from the Retreat at Twin Lakes HOA settlement.

$50,000 from Florida state workers monies, tax monies, who donated their vacation time to Sybrina.

A victims fund donation from Pam Bondi of Florida tax payers money.

Tens to maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. taxpayer’s monies courtesy of the DOJ/CRD/CRS for Trayvon Martin tour propaganda.

God only knows how much in other donations directly to the pseudo victims from the public through other means, let’s be conservative and say a million. I even heard early on in the case a radio show host raising funds and giving money himself to help Tracy pay some bills.

I would not be surprised in the least if the city of Sanford has paid them off.

Nearly all of the media and powerhouse billionaires like Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, of which now I won’t be utilizing anymore, and owner of the Washington Times, give freely what would cost overall in the real world millions of dollars worth of open platform propaganda to the Schemers to generate support for more money.

And that is just some of it. I think a conservative total estimate is around $10 million.

When the hell is it going to end? When are people going to stop giving money and support to these schemers? That’s rhetorical folks so no need to answer.

Meanwhile there has been support for the true victims George Zimmerman and his family members. Although there has been somewhat of a rise in vocal condemnation of the scheme and support for the Zimmerman victims since the verdict unfortunately supporters still consist of a vocal minority and a silent majority. As far as I’m aware an estimated total of $500,000 came in support. That is probably less than half of defense costs. George Zimmerman and his family members have had their lives completely devastated directly due to the schemers propaganda and their media, political and populace supporters and will and have to live the rest of their lives in fear for their lives.

If you would like to help George and his family pay the defense bill please donate here: GZ Defense Fund

If you would like to help George’s family directly please donate here: Robert and Gladys

16 thoughts on “When Will it End?: And the Silent Majority

  1. Thank you for the great information. This really pisses me off, and anytime something pisses me off in this case, I blame the jackass representative who allowed the travesty to go on!

    I read your quote about Nettles on the open thread also, but her getting it molasses slow like that, would not have made a difference to what the schemers came away with, or what the Zimmermans went through, because she lacks the most important ingredients for change: Empathy for the true victim, George, and an ability to think outside her realm of noblesse oblige, (feed and clothe the hungry heathen, so I can feel good about myself, and have vicarious feelings of empathy through their miseries and suffering experiences, and I am so glad that there are so many poor so I can keep helping them and feel my life worthwhile in some way) white man’s burden.

    This is all the woman is, and she likes O’Mara because that is exactly what he is. A pedantic, pompous, prude, incapable of self awareness and empathy! But hey the world around him says, you get great points for loving a negro, so off he goes to put his arms around Crump and honor Trayvon’s birthday, right in the middle of the court case, in which his client is being terrorized and railroaded by the State!

    So, if there were a million Nettles around, who got the little awareness that she got, it would make no difference. I think the whole damn WGI influenced nut jobs need shrinks like Mooney analyzing their liberal guilt filled hearts

    I put your thread post in a comment on the reblog of CTH’s O’Mara post:

    • Shining TRUTH in their faces like a lawyer who cared about justice would’ve done would have prevented innocent people being taken by these emotional con jobs!

      But instead we had an O’Mara treading lightly by Fulton and Martin, getting up in the middle of the court to honor Trayvon’s birthday, and apologizing, apologizing, apologizing, that allowed the homeowners to stay asleep while these thieves robbed the mansion and got away with their loot, not to mention they will be back for more!

      • For some reason I can’t get the photo to actually post. I’m relaxing my rules anyway for the simple fact I don’t get many comments as things have slowed and it’s certainly not as bad as it was during the big shift. It’s the principle of the thing that bothers me, not so much that things get posted that are not directly related to the post. It got so bad I noticed that people don’t even read the posts and just want to use the comment section as a sounding board for some thought they have at the moment or some link they want to share.

        You guys are funny on the RM/SD thing. I am quite certain RM is not SD.

        I also don’t agree with RM’s assessment of you. I think I’m right that the next time you see something on the news about a supposed black victim your experience learned through the Zimmerman case will cause to be critical of what is being sold to you and if there were enough people like that in society at the time the Zimmerman case began it would have never have gotten as big as it did. I wrote of this recently in some regards on this post:


        • You assume I initially thought GZ was wrong because Trayvon was black and that I didn’t look at it critically. That’s not accurate.

          I did initially think GZ was wrong because I was told the kid was unarmed. I was told he was just coming back from the store. I was told there were no injuries on GZ. I was told the boy laid in the morgue unidentified for 3 days because the police didn’t care to find out who he was. I was told that his father came home at 10:30 pm and saw no sign of trouble in his neighborhood. I was told that GZ was out on patrol carrying a gun looking for trouble and he found it. Based on all that, I thought GZ thought himself powerful and shot this kid.

          Then the facts that were laying there just under the surface was revealed.

          • I think something may be getting lost here. What I’m talking about is what started off on the treehouse open thread where I quoted you:

            “I learned through this case that some black people see things differently than I do. Some black people are the racists that they accuse others of being. The lawyers for the Martin family demonstrated on several occasions their racists views of white people. The pastors of black churches described GZ supporters as racist in May 2012. Until this case, I believed only white people could be racist. The George Zimmerman case left no doubt in my mind; some of the black population saw “code” where no one else did.” -Nettles

            I am assuming because of those sentiments you expressed that the next time you see a story that is being sold in the stereotypical fashion of black victimhood i.e. because I’m black this happened, because I’m black the cops did or didn’t do this, because I’m black I can’t get justice, you will be suspicious of that being the case. That is precisely the mould the Zimmerman story was cast into, everything else was just detail. That is why this story sold so well, the story could not have sold without Trayvon being black and George white.

            • Yep, we are talking about 2 different things and yep, your assumption is correct.

              Next time already happened. Oprah lost a fan in me. No more subscription to her bi-monthly magazine.

        • I don’t know who RM is, but last time I checked her blog they were conducting a séance where they were unearthing previous lives of Sundance and Admins where they were apparently progs, and there was some poster named RM, who was apparently me. And if they so, it is so, because the chit chat club has spoken.

          In the infamous comment she made to Sundance which solidified their divorce, Nettles actually said that George and Shellie lied to O’Mara. She also said that George and Scott conspired to deceive and withhold information about the pay pal account from O’Mara. Sundance posted it around Feb 23, 2013. Nettles has never been for George. She is a fan of the liberal Prog collective wherever they are in power.

          She can’t get me to stop talking about O’Mara, so she’s here to see what you’re up to.

          That reminds me, I need to do another O’Mara post on my blog! 🙂

  2. It won’t happen until people realize they will not lose everything just for being ‘racist’. Right now, this country is so terrified to talk about the truth there are people who still do not realize George was even attacked. It took 1.5 years to get people to at least consider it as possible instead of him being a drooling race monster from outer space.

    Put it to you like this. Our information comes from people who make money bullshitting the world. So how do we make it so they cannot continue to profit off of this? That will be the secret. Well, that or a flipping asteroid.

    • And by the way, I have a q if I may ask (if it is not off topic). You recall the clear ABC audio witih Crump/Rachel. You hear what is like a smoke alarm going off and it changes in volume as if she is walking around (even though she was ‘in the closet’ cough cough). Anyway, is it not the same sound as the NEN call Tracy Martin made during his missing person report? Is that a noise that can come from recording a phone call? Was just odd to think it is a coincidence but maybe it is.

      One example is around 0:37/0:38

      ABC clean audio:

      Varied points in the audio. And boy, I still don’t get why she sounds so different from Rachel but I know we can’t get into that lol.

  3. I don’t expect it to end, D-man. Think about it. The two so-called adults who spawned Trayvon couldn’t parent him well enough to even keep him alive past age 17, and for their criminally negligent parenting skills, they have been rewarded with the two most important measures of “worthiness” in our society today: wealth and celebrity. I don’t expect this to end. In fact, I expect to see many more schemers and schemes in our future.

  4. Nice summary, DMan
    I did not know the victim’s fund actually gave her the money, I thought I read that Crump did not have a case against SPD so IDK.

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