It’s Not the BGI that’s the Problem It’s The WGI

“A[white] Florida beach safety officer has been fired over comments he is accused of making on Facebook regarding Trayvon Martin.”

That’s not the first white guy to be fired, demoted or reprimanded since this whole thing began and it won’t be the last. White people need to wake up and realize the world they’re living in. It’s the WGI, the White Guilt Industry we’re living in and it’s primary enforcers are white people. You think you can insult the new Christ Trayvon and not feel the repercussions? And don’t dare call into question the character of the new Mother and Father of the civil rights movement Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Don’t you know they represent the trials and tribulations of all black people who are under the jackboot of white people in this country? Trayvon a thug? BLASPHEMY! BURN THE HERETIC! You better stand straight and fly right white boy and realize no matter what Trayvon did or who Trayvon was does not matter for the simple fact he had black skin.

10 thoughts on “It’s Not the BGI that’s the Problem It’s The WGI

  1. Instead of apologizing, the white beach security officer should’ve hired a lawyer and filed suit against his WGI employer.

  2. What the WGI does not seem to fathom, is that black families are in deep struggles against their own. WGI’s multiculturalism ideals of respecting everyone’s culture is actually a subversion of our basic sense of human rights.

    BELOVED by Oprah, written by Toni Morrison. This is the whole movie, worth watching, if you can stomach the creepiness of it.

    The real engagement in the movie seemed to be the paranoia and guilt that permit Oprah’s character to spiritually bring to life her dead child. For a lot of southern blacks, paranoia and fear are so attached to their real experiences of the world.

    Around 2:20 in the movie, the black community attempts to intervene, to rid them of the demon daughter that this woman brought to life. Its a very sad metaphor of what is actually happening to many black families, where there are no limits in behavior and the children take over with their demonic ways, and intervention from their own is needed before something happens.

    What the BGI is asking America to do, is ignore the real problems, inside the black family, and focus on an outside enemy that does not exist.

  3. For a lot of new immigrants, it takes a powerful amount of courage and character to survive in what they thought would be the American dream.

    What most of them don’t know about are American Blacks and what their majority are truly about, not to mention the WGI and how they will throw them under the bus, in a heartbeat to make blacks happy.

    Spike Lee made a really surprising movie, which actually depicts black hostilities toward other minorities in NY. I guess he imagined we would see the real cause of that as racist oppression and racism from minorities towards them, but it is a self inflicted oppression they have created and will probably never get out of, unless the WGI stop coddling their hyper sensitivities:

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