Kruidbos sues Corey

Finally a lawyer with some balls. Thanks Mr. White. Tear that house of horrors down. It would be nice if you can take the opportunity to expose the larger scheme and get to Bondi, Scott, etc. all the schemers but I know I’m may be reaching there. And hey let’s not forget the nefarious practice in Corey’s office to avoid Sunshine Laws by keeping communications devoid of case numbers and such, god knows what else they do down there to get convictions win persecutions, especially highly publicized ones like George’s.

“It’s important to understand that we’re not just saying my client was wrongfully terminated,” attorney Wesley White said. “We’re also saying that the state attorney broke the law.”

Florida law prohibits firing people for testifying in trials they’ve been subpoenaed to take part in, and that’s what Corey did to Kruidbos, White said.

The lawsuit should also send a message to Corey that she has no right to fire dedicated employees who are trying to do the right thing, White said.”