Rachel May Have Been on Phone Through Entire Incident


I think it could be, well maybe could have been depending on the technology of the cell phone tower, shown that Rachel may have been connected with Trayvon through the entire incident up to approximately 18 seconds after the gun shot.

The reason I believe this may be the case is because of the time discrepancies in George’s calls to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office call center and his T-Mobile records. The time of the discrepancies I approximate as 1 minute 30 seconds.

The first NEN call George made is listed as a connection time on the event report showing 7:09:34. His T-Mobile records show 7:08:00. It’s important to note however that in George’s T-Mobile records the time shown in seconds has been rounded back to the minute of which it was called in. The reason for this was discussed in trial in that after a certain amount of time T-Mobile is unable to provide the exact to the second connection time from their records, they can only provide the minute from which it was placed.

The second NEN call George made is listed as a connection time on the event report showing 7:20:28. His T-Mobile time listed as 7:18:00.

7:08:00 – 7:09:34 1 minute 34 seconds

7:18:00 – 7:20:28 2 minutes 28 seconds

As you can see there is a time difference between the two of about a minute which I think is explained by the 7:08 call in actuality was close to 7:08:00 and the 7:18 call in actuality was closer to 7:18:59 which would account for the minute difference.

Given this information I put the discrepancy of SCSO time at 1 minute and 30 seconds ahead of T-Mobile time.

Trayvon also used T-Mobile so I am completely guessing both he and George would be synced together with T-Mobile time considering it’s the same provider. His T-Mobile times are 6:54:16 and 7:12:06.

6:54:16 + 1m30s = 6:55:46(SCSO start time) + 1052 seconds = 7:13:18(SCSO end time)

7:12:06 + 1m30s = 7:13:36(SCSO start time) + 218 seconds = 7:17:14(SCSO end time)

Regardless both he and George would have most likely been pinging off the same cell phone tower. Investigation could have gleaned an exact discrepancy of time between the T-Mobile calls placed by George and Trayvon to SCSO time and precise to the second call information had they investigated the information from that tower itself. As far as I am aware this was never done and I don’t know if that specific tower would still hold the information at this or a later date.

With this information then here is a basic timeline in SCSO time with the exception of the bloody head photo.

6:55:46 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:09:34 George connects to SCSO
7:11:41 George: Shit, he’s running
7:13:18 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:13:36 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:13:38 Dispatcher: You’re welcome [call disconnects within next few seconds]
7:16:11 W11 connects to SCSO
7:16:56 Gunshot
7:17:14 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:19:07 Metadata Manalo bloody head photo of George
7:20:28 George connects to SCSO

Further, there is the REM(remark) made by the call taker when Officer Timothy Smith places George at gunpoint. The time noted there is 7:19:43. This time coincides with the Surdyka call where she mentions George has his hands in the air and says he shot the person. Her call connects at 7:17:06 and she mentions it around 2 minutes and 40 seconds into her call. Another REM by the call taker which shows 7:21:18 1 secure 1 down w/GSW. It was also mentioned at trial that George threw his phone down on the ground as Smith had him at gunpoint right before being cuffed. Given this information let’s add that to the timeline.

6:55:46 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:09:34 George connects to SCSO
7:11:41 George: Shit, he’s running
7:13:18 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:13:36 Trayvon answers incoming call
7:13:38 Dispatcher: You’re welcome [call disconnects within next few seconds]
7:16:11 W11 connects to SCSO
7:16:56 Gunshot
7:17:14 Trayvon’s call disconnects
7:19:07 Metadata Manalo bloody head photo of George
7:19:43 1 at gun point
7:20:28 George connects to SCSO
7:21:18 1 secure 1 down w/GSW

By this account then Rachel would have been connected with Trayvons phone for approximately 18 seconds after the gun shot. George would have been connected with the SCSO as his hands and phone were in the air. There was no audio from the SCSO 7:20:28 call released to the public.





metadata-bloody-head-photo- - Copy


48 thoughts on “Rachel May Have Been on Phone Through Entire Incident

    • If only I can make millions off his death like mama and papa No_Limit_Nigga, now that would be something, I guess I’m just too nice and give it all away for free. Cheers Trayvonite!

      • I am sure tray being called a 12 year old crying for his momma and lover to a delinquent fat jack daniels guzzling woman who lies about him may peeve him a but more.

        Go count dead chicago kids and blame whitey at leatherman’s house of facts. I hear he has a cockatoo update waiting just for you.

  1. If this is correct then it totally solidifies my first impression, back in April of last year, that she egged him on and knew the truth, was correct. Now if there was a way to prove Chad was there to video his exploits. It will probably never be though as that phone or video surely would have been destroyed by now.

  2. D-Man, I’m working with information from memory (a poor one!). Was it not Witness 11’s call that started close to the when the confrontation took place, as Rachel’s call was to have ended?

    I suppose if Crump Team went off inaccurate time records, the story fits inaccurately!

    This could completely blow Rachel’s story out, so I have to wonder why nobody else has charted these times this way?

    • You got it, they went off bad times so they have a bad story, not out of character for the scheme team now is it, lol.

      No one else has because I am the one and only Dman! lolz /cheese

        • Thanks.

          The ping logs would go a long way but there needs to be a verification done between calling SCSO from a T-Mobile provider and checking that with the time that comes up on the SCSO computers. This could have easily been done even with Trayvon’s phone being pattern locked. As a matter of fact they may already have a sample in their computers when they used his phone in just that way over a year ago. All of this would be fairly simple and cheap to accomplish, now if I only had subpoena power, lolz.

          • I assume you have emailed MOM?
            With the trial over perhaps the defense will be more communicative?
            It’s frustrating that there has seemed to be nobody with enthusiasm pushing such inquiries.
            Hope springs eternal… as a result of the sanctions hearing.. there will be a FULL Judicial inquiry ordered by Nelson….. no stone will be left unturned?

            • My blog is free for all to read including the defense.

              “It’s frustrating that there has seemed to be nobody with enthusiasm pushing such inquiries.”

              Story of my life for the past year and a half.

              I’m hoping the DOJ goes after George and the defense goes full blown headstrong into the scheme, Corey, Bondi, Scott, innocent Skittles carrying Trayvon, all of em, no holds barred, no quarter, straight up offensive assault, PC bullshit never a thought…ahhh but it was just a dream.

              • You do have a “reputation” Dman. 🙂

                A source of reference and knowledge of details…. and a man who does not wear pinky rings! lol

                So word will get around… but don’t hold your breath while waiting for someone to take it up and investigate.

                  • I’ll ask your ex to email Defense. She is in good with them, and gets email from defense team around midnight some nights. So I’ll let her know. But I am not for the DOJ going after George, so more discovery can come forth.

                    Who knows what rules they might make to prevent dishonoring the Trayvon legend, and once again our boy would have to jump through the hoops, and go through worries that he shouldn’t have to.

  3. Its an interesting point and definitely a possibility, however I think Jeantel’s testimony reeks of uncertainty so ultimately I don’t think she really heard all that much, and what she did hear was most likely exaggerated or just plain made up. She could have claimed a lot more, but didn’t and I think had she heard the gunshot she would have embellished that point in her testimony.

  4. Diwataman,
    I think the time discrepancy is due to the call being answered by an auto-attendant announcement. T-Mobile tracks when the call is connected to the PBX, while the NEN call center may track when a human operator takes control of the call.

    Call records seem to be supplied by George and Trayvon’s family. Surprising, it seems SAO did not subpoena T-Mobile to run a report with criteria that may have help clarified the unknown few minutes. Telephone call records for the customers are formatted for a paper bill or web page. George’s call records may have been generated by an export function from his web-access to his account. This could be another copy of a copy scenario, where an import convertor function struggles to reformat data generated for a web page into an Excel or PDF file.

    Timestamps should be highly accurate as networks need to have a common ‘clock’ in order for the communication links to function. Telephone networks inter operate with other provides and customers with digital links (i.e., NEN call center PBX) so I believe its rare that time differs between providers (check your cell phone versus other phone and cable box).

    The main purpose of a telephone network is to meter the usage of 64K circuit it provides to callers. This makes effective management of ending calls critical as it directly impacts how it generates revenue and how utilizes its capex expensive equipment. Therefore, unless RVC and Rachael’s home were known dropped call locations, I doubt that her call was drop and more likely think she ended it when Trayvon did not respond while running. And if call ended due to Trayvon not responding to her, Rachael’s tone to begin the reconnect call unlikely added anything to diffuse the situation.

      • Did Raymond MacDonald testify and do you have a link? Did I understood the court filing correctly that Trayvon’s calls are first and George’s number is listed under Shellie’s account? Did R. MacDonald explain why T-Mobile provide call records from different sources.

        Trayvon’s report seems to come from a data source that aggregates calls while George’s are processed to apply a charge and to make accessible to in a customer service CRM. In other words, rating logic based on criteria from George’s calling plan is applied to modify time and durations into one minute increments and apply the cost of the call. This data seems ready for a billing cycle process, which reduces time to a HH:MM to save on paper and printing time.

        An interesting item is the lack of text messages in Trayvon records. A possible explanation is that call records are derive from a single primary source while text messages records might handled differently as the product and billing was develop afterwards (George’s records indicate this possibility with SMS messages having PST timestamp). Another factor is that Trayvon was technically roaming as his phone registered to a Miami service area, which may require a different method to process the records associated with texting.

        Is there any published details of the criteria law enforcement or SAO requested from t-Mobile for Trayvon’s records? R. MacDonald used a reporting tool to generate his report, which I assume means he has access to canned and custom reports plus the knowledge to apply the correct criteria to effectively filter a report. I wouldn’t expect a LEO to narrow or expand the criteria on their own so I wonder if the SAO used some type of criteria to led to a report with very few text records.

  5. Is there any real information about George’s second call that night, the one he’s making in the back of the head photo?

    Did he actually get through and talk to anyone?

    Was it to the NEN number or 911?

    Was there a recording of it?

      • If you guys would click on the first link above it will take you to George’s phone records which shows the call at 7:18 to the SPD NEN.

        There’s no true to the second amount of time given, aside from knowing it was less than 59 seconds but could have only been 1 second.

        There may have been a recording but it was never released.

  6. O’Mara mentioned in an interview that, during his 711 to RATL journey, Trayvon strayed into a a region where he was pinging off an unexpected cell tower. So why do you think the ping information for the time both Z and M were at the complex was not collected?

    • It would be my guess that the true story about the phones and all the phone forensics data was known very quickly, some withing hours and the rest within a few days, and that forensic evidence has been destroyed for some reason. Any homicide detective would have been all over all the phone forensics immediately. I am just flat not buying the published police narrative about what was going on involving the phone forensics. The tongue in cheek narrative stuff about the “iced tea” misidentification is unbelievable enough, but the narrative about the incompetently handled phone forensics is even more unbelievable as if to top that. Something else entirely was going on there with the phone forensics, and it is the part of the story that got buried for whatever reasons we will probably never know.

      • You have been all over the phone issue from the start. I have even contacted O’Mara about things you have said. He has always replied to more emails but did not respond to this issue. DMan will not contact him and, as far as I know, neither has Nettles and she is fairly close to the defense.

        I guess it’s possible that this information could have been destroyed in such a way that it would never be known as to how and when, but I am having a hard time believing that SPD would do that. I can think of no logical reason for them doing so, and after Corey, in essence, said that they were incompetent, and conducted such a shoddy investigation that she was “duty bound” to charge George with 2nd degree murder, surely, by now, someone would have come forward and spoke up. IDK, but I am betting you will not rest until you have the answers you seek. I applaud you for that. It is people like you who will stay on the case until the entire Truth has been revealed.

        It is impossible for me to read every comment on every blog but I do not recall SD following through on this. He is like a bulldog and refuses to let go when he is onto something that he considers significant. Do you know if this is important to him?

        At any rate, thanks for all of your thought-provoking comments. You are a true warrior. WOLVERINES!!!

        • Well, let us keep this in perspective in that it’s just a theory, I could very well just be wrong. In the end if true what is the significance? I don’t know, perhaps if there’s any civil action it can be useful. I am pretty certain the whole story will never be known but it really bothers me that some of the simplest stuff that could be known are not known to us if for anything than at least for the story.

          What makes it all even more bizarre is that as far as I can tell we have had an unprecedented amount of free and relatively timely information in this case, I mean think back to every other criminal case in the news and I doubt one could come up with nearly the same amount of info that we have had access to in this case and yet there remains all these little holes and potential holes.

          And I think back to all of the little things that bothered me too like not knowing for certain if the Skittles were in fact the Original brand, it took us nearly getting to trial to finally find that one out, lol. What does that mean for the case or a civil suit? Probably nothing but for the story, well, I like to be as factual and accurate as can be. One day though I will have to sit this all aside and just let all the unanswered stuff go.

          • I know you are correct but as long as people continue to seek more info, I enjoy participating in the conversation. That is especially so now because conflicting statements continue. The bond money is one.

        • Yeah it was recognized what was the significance of the phone forensics by John Galt and wrongonred and others very early in the case even before the GZlegal site was set up and I personally posted directly to O’Mara at the GZlegal comments when comments were first opened, along with D-Man. Crickets was the reply, but we never relented hammering away about the suspicious absence of the phone forensics. And I don’t think it was any coincidence of course that the longest suppressed evidence that involved Kruidbos being a whistleblower at least about the part of that suppressed evidence about which he knew involved of course another aspect of the phone forensics. That phone was a hot potato for some reason for the state. What else the defense could have done I don’t know, because I don’t know exactly what kind of obstruction they encountered but is there reason to believe that evidence suppression and evidence tampering did occur WRT to the phone forensics …yeah that much is proven. Can it ever be figured out what was disappeared on purpose by somebody about the phone forensic evidence ? Likely not by anybody not having NSA clearance and access.

          • We don’t know what else is going on behind the scenes, for which this unresolved phone issue could play a part. If the matter of civil litigation from the Crump side is disposed of, maybe answers to these question may be given by the GZ defense team.

            There is also the matter of the ongoing litigation on behalf of GZ, where this issue could be pivotal in proving one point or another.

            • There is the whistle blower Kruidbos lawsuit that is no trivial matter either. That phone was a huge issue from the start and it still is a huge issue. Discovery being done without everything being on the table about that phone was really a complete farce. Everybody knew the phone was a big deal or else it wouldn’t have been the object of so much effort to be buried like it was. That phone was definitely the source of a lot of effort by the state saying “What phone?” like they hoped that phone would just go away.

            • I wonder myself if any of this stuff that was never exposed in court could be used in civil suits filed by George.

          • I suspect that there a lot of facts that we will never know. If the state intentionally destroyed evidence, and I suspect they did. we will never know that or exactly what they destroyed. No doubt, there will be books written about this case and maybe even a documentary or two that may closely resemble what actually happened between 2/26/12 and now, I would not buy any of them though unless they were recommended by trusted sources.

            Jack Cashill has one in the works that he apparently wrote and the review mentions SD as one who “assisted” him. I would probably read that one.

            Does any of it matter? Probably only to real Truth Seekers and historians.

  7. I thought the verdict ended this case and now Dman strikes again!

    I keep thinking of how I’d always tied the beginning of Witness 11’s 911 call with the termination time of Rachel’s call to consider how long the ‘whoop azz” carried on between the broken nose and gunshot, that is how much longer than the 45+/- seconds of screaming for help recorded. It was approximately a full minute.

    It bothered me a little that the idea was George only faced 45+/- seconds of “whoop azz” before firing the shot was the focus of many questions and answers in testimony, knowing that 15 seconds of “whoop azz” could inflict a lot of injury… on top of the 45 seconds recorded.

    So how is it possible that Rachel’s story that the call terminated soon after the confrontation can be considered to be in any way accurate if the time discrepancies between the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and T-Mobile records are adjusted to reflect the SCSO time?

    Could a disconnection between the ear bud/headphone and Trayvon’s phone could have cut off the audio and the actual call connection continued as Rachel thought the call had ended? We know the ear bud was not attached to the phone where it was marked and photographed for evidence at the scene. Would Rachel have been getting audio then from the phone mic …hearing George say ‘get off’?

    One would have to consider how the timing of the events she testified to having taken place both before and after she thought the phone connection was cut off fit in with the new time assigned using the 1.5+ minute variance.

    She seemed to immediately call Trayvon back whenever cut off prior to the confrontation, within a few seconds. She notes some specific action by Trayvon in relationship to the timing of those call backs, like hood up, running… but we can’t hold her to exact timing. George mentioning Trayvon running comes at about the 2 minute mark of the NEN call. Could that 1.5+ minute variance be overlooked here, where the timing variance almost eats up the entire NEN call up to that point?

    Could this be a problem: We know Rachel called back after being disconnected, so would not Trayvon’s phone have rang after George, the neighbor, and Officer Smith were standing nearby? Could the ringer have been on vibrate?

    That’s a lot of data to lay out for comparison. Could the ear bud disconnect have left Rachel looking at the phone and seeing the call itself was not terminated be an excuse that covers any timing conflict in the events she testified to? Would the timing of the final call backs prove anything?

    • You have asked legitimate questions that I had not thought through completely. Maybe you, waltherppk and our other sleuths will figure this out.

      Thanks for your insight and intelligent questions. I doubt we would ever see any of the “other side” engage in such realistic discussion of the facts. One thing is certain.. MSM has absolutely no interest in such “frivolous” details. Isn’t it amazing that they still publish the iced tea-Julison inspired story? Could that narrative still be making money? Lord have mercy. We may have more stupid people than any other country on the planet.

  8. On second thought… timing of events prior to confrontation do not change other than the times she had to call back when compared to the times of the NEN call.

    Too early for me!

  9. So, at 6:55 TM answered RJ’s call and (as her signed letter and testimony said) was in a neighboring complex, with some (headlights?) “following him”, so he “ran out the back”, to his “daddy’s house” and “lost the man”. But (at 7:09) when he reached the cut-thru, he was spooked this time by GZ’s headlights … which TM thought was the same “creepy ass-cracka”. On the phone, RJ suggested the “man following” was a “rapist” and later said TM needed to protect Chad “from people like that”. So, TM “wasn’t goin to run no more” and put his “hand in his pants” (suggestively), circled GZ’s car, and then “skipped” way … hoping the (gay) man would follow. Safely around the corner, TM hid in the nearest bushes and turned his phone off. But, GZ just walked past to Retreat View Circle! TM then answered RJ’s call (that’s why she heard “males voices” … from the Manola’s TV) and whispered to her … ready to put some “whoop ass” on a “creepy white guy”.
    So you’re right: Rachel “Catfish” Jeantel heard it all … including “some get off, get off” … and the fatal shot.
    Now let’s all hold our breath until Mr. Holder prosecutes this obvious “Hate Crime”.

    • YOU SAID: put his “hand in his pants” (suggestively),

      Lord have mercy. I would never have thought of that. Way too funny.

  10. I just read this thread now. I didn’t quite understand it the first time I read through the timing info. I read it a second time and when the info clicked I felt like I’d blacked out for a second. The thought that Trademark’s phone call was still connected when the fight was going on is jaw dropping. The person on the other end, Rachel or whoever it was, heard it. Oh boy. This is going to mess with my head for the rest of the day!

  11. Hi DWM,
    Could you point me to a “wrong” timeline, meaning pre-adjustment? The one the crump camp would have been going by if they hadn’t done the adjustment you did here?
    Or could you just post it in a comment?
    I’m sorry this is so long after your post.

  12. This certainly does. I think it’s huge. I am also conflicted about posting further conclusions about it for the railroad workers to use against actual justice — I mean to give them a heads up of the next hole in their case they need to create a cover story for.
    Ideally this stuff could be supplied to a receptive legal team (defense, or going after crump or even RJ)… without alerting everyone else too early. Of course that throws crowdsourcing out the window.

    Thanks for the quick response!

  13. OK, I’m back again.
    The timeline in this post doesn’t include the “possible chad” call, but your master timeline does. Where can I go for a complete phone log or the raw data on that? Any idea which “discovery” that’s in? Or maybe if some other blogger has this?

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