This Is Not One of “Those” Cases

The George Zimmerman case is about race. It’s not merely about race because it was framed that way by Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump and Ryan Julison and sold by a sympathetic media starting on March 7th 2012 and because there are enough people in America willing to believe it. But it’s about race only because Trayvon Martin was black, it was a non black that pulled the trigger and it happened in America.

Let me reiterate and rephrase that so it sinks in; The George Zimmerman case is about race only because Trayvon Martin was black, it was a non black that pulled the trigger and it happened in America. This case is about race because of that dynamic and it was America and particularly the U.S. Justice System on trial here. The two main facets are that George “profiled” Trayvon, proof we still live in racist America and because Trayvon was black nothing were to be done about the shooting or if anything very little, proof again we still live in racist America.

Mark O’Mara wants you to believe this is not one of those cases. Well, I ask O’Mara then, if this is not one of those cases then what about all the other cases? What about all of those other cases in the U.S. justice system where blacks are involved? Are all of those “the case” but not this one? I’ve never heard anyone ask him that but the answer might be inferred from his statements made following “this is not one of those cases” where we have some insight. He spent his whole career fighting “those” cases he tells us.

So apparently this case is an anomaly where suddenly the racist cops, the racist prosecutors and the racist judges decided to be completely fair to the black person involved. Suddenly the plight of the black man was not an issue in this case and this case only. Suddenly America and particularly the U.S. Justice System decided to not be racist just this one time.

With that you have three choices. You can accept O’Mara’s absurd position of the George Zimmerman case as an anomaly or you can reject it and say “nope, still racist America” or you can reject it and accept the truth. I choose to reject O’Mara’s absurd position and accept the truth.

The truth is in America we are hypersensitive to the black plight. This is what the M-DSPD IA investigation illuminates for us. Black people must be protected over and above everyone else. So if a black person gets in trouble we must do for them what we would not do for anyone else. That is what was done for Trayvon Martin, who if you haven’t heard was black(don’t worry Rene Stutzman will remind you if you forget). When Martin got in trouble it was dealt with in a hypersensitive manner only because of the color of his skin and as such everything he did was played down even to the extreme of falsifying school and police records.

The Miami Dade school system and their police are merely a small part of the larger problematic hypersensitivity to the black plight. This is a decades old and nationwide problem that is becoming more and more incorporated into every facet of all of our social systems, institutions, law and even more importantly in the minds and hearts of the populace. Everywhere it is questioned; how and what can be done in this or that area that involves black people.

So yes, this case is about race but it’s not about race in the way it’s being told to you. When you are told “we need to have a conversation about race” you are being told to buy into option two; “nope, still racist America”. If you decide to go with the truth you will be rejected and often labeled racist or if you’re black then an Uncle Tom.

The George Zimmerman case is one of “those” cases but it’s not one of those cases O’Mara and those who think like him would recognize. The George Zimmerman case, the Duke lacrosse case, the Tawana Brawley case, these are all merely cases that have reached wide publicity. Just by having the two other well known cases aside from George’s ought to make O’Mara think twice about his position that his case is not one of “those” cases. Even if O’Mara and those who think like him were to accept that should it then not be considered and applied to all cases? Ought one not rethink their entire worldview and perhaps consider they may very well in fact be wrong?

Is it true that some black people sometimes get mistreated in the judicial system? Of course. But that isn’t the starting point people like O’Mara ought to be applying. If O’Mara, if anyone for that matter, should learn anything from the George Zimmerman case it ought to be with every single case that comes across their way that one asks; is this really one of “those” cases? I think if those who ask that removed their preconceived notions, worldview and hypersensitivity for the black plight they might just find themselves answering no more often then they think.

“I learned through this case that some black people see things differently than I do. Some black people are the racists that they accuse others of being. The lawyers for the Martin family demonstrated on several occasions their racists views of white people. The pastors of black churches described GZ supporters as racist in May 2012. Until this case, I believed only white people could be racist. The George Zimmerman case left no doubt in my mind; some of the black population saw “code” where no one else did.” -Nettles


6 thoughts on “This Is Not One of “Those” Cases

  1. Right now, I am filled with rage, so it’s best I remain silent for now. Each time I read sensible, logical perspectives like this and others, I feel the urge to take up arms, so to speak, and prepare for a race war. Realistically, I see no solution, otherwise. Thanks again for making my blood boil.


    • For the black community (or any community) to hold up Trayvon as an example of someone to honor is indicative of why we have a problem in the first place. I wonder if Mr. Obama would want one of his daughters to “hang out” with Trayvon and Rachael.

  2. I can really respect that you presented a triangle of viewpoints at play. Of course if you collected 100% data and did a statistical analysis, the array of viewpoints would be larger, but as far as what is actually preponderately (a word?) at play, you’ve nailed except for one: the viewpoint of the manipulators….A con man knows how to evaluate and pick the play for his own benefit: the shark’s point of view….Spar

  3. D-Man- The way I have to see it is, they are all “one of those cases” and none of them are “one of those cases”. From their perspective all of them are “one of those cases” and it becomes “one of those cases” to us when the outcry is sufficient from the media and their agitators.

    So I am going to disagree, I think this case is using race for because of Americans Hyper-Sensitivity to other aims. Mainly political, and it has nothing to do with race but Progressive goals. The SYG law debate is merging into looking at other laws. The Racial profiling debate is merging into a debate of housing preferences, voting laws and even amnesty for illegals. So no this is not about race or even Zimmerman but several civil rights groups using the notoriety of the case to push for their pet causes.

  4. The reality of the black situation is that the black community at large holds IRS self seperate from everyone else. I’ve heard with my own ears when a black person is getting an education, speaking normally etc that they are “trying to be white”. How is getting an education and clear communication a color? How is wearing your jeans properly with no underwear showing “white”?
    Further more how it “profiling” when someone fits the general description of a burglar? It isn’t. The biggest enemy blacks have isn’t white people, it isn’t cops or judges. It’s each other. It’s the fact they see things literally in black and white.
    I said before they are “cut off” from the rest of society. This is a choice, not a mandate. How can you know what “being white ” is when not only are you black but you have no real relationships with white people to begin with.
    Only conversation I’m having about race is this: I’m white. I don’t care what color you are. I don’t care what you call me or what you think if me. You have schools like me. If you’re reading this you have access to Internet like me. Grow up, pull your pants up, start actually addressing the serious crime/murder/ unplanned pregnancy / AIDS etc in your own communities. Guess what everything I just named is 100% behavior and 100% preventable. Grow up.

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