The Black Run DOJ Needs You

Please help prove George is a racist and violated the little black boy’s, who was just carrying skittles, rights by sending tips to the email below:

And no, this is not a joke, well it is but it’s not. Welcome to your future white America!,0,4338518.story


7 thoughts on “The Black Run DOJ Needs You

  1. We need to find the actual email (on file, I think the defense legal site) that shows his email re: Sherman Ware. Not so much just the fliers. I wish more people knew about that.

  2. Hi DMan, I said this on the Treehouse a minute ago:

    Its too dumb to believe. I feel like they might be up to something.

    I remember a company I worked for, had more than a 80% AA workforce. The all white top and mid level management didn’t care about the complaints and issues. So they set up monthly townhall sessions, where one representative from each department would put forth their complaint, which had already gone through qualifications to be heard.

    After attending some of these townhall sessions, I realized the management was very clever in giving them something of a sounding board allowing them to let it all out. Nothing would ever be done, but the sessions made the employees think the management cared.

    I kinda suspect that this outreach is something similar, it allows fools to feel involved. I could be wrong, and maybe our government really has gone this stupid. In which case … Dear God! 😯

  3. I don’t think this is the future. As more and more Latinos come to America, the black community will be getting less and less. I don’t think other minorities are interested in carrying the black community as whites have been. I have emailed that number frequently to tell hem to leave George Zimmerman alone.

  4. Eh, it keeps them busy and out of trouble. Plus they get to feel useful and if nothing comes of it then they can all blame themselves

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