Not Guilty



I’ve never been so glad to have been wrong.

July 13, 2013 9:59pm EST George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

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Acquittals photo c/o:

Thank you all for your work, thoughts and words of encouragement. Let us hope now a true accounting can begin and all of the schemers are dealt with legally and properly along with a restoration of those harmed in the process.


22 thoughts on “Not Guilty

  1. You were never “wrong.” You have always spoken from the heart and I thank you for your honesty and dedication to keeping us all informed The verdict was correct but justice has yet to be served.

  2. I hope charges are brought up in this against all the sleazy lawyers and the innocent workers th a t lost their jobs. I wany Corey to shut and face chsrges of misconduct. 

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  3. Dman you dedicated a lot of time to this case.I thank you.
    Today at Mass I once again prayed for justice to be done for George and his family. It looks like my prayers were answered (at last).

  4. Thanks dman for all the work you put into this. You have the best site for info. We can all tell that you put a lot of work into this and we appreciate it.

  5. The martin/Fulton family was told to stay away for their safety from the courtroom. Their safety? Who was threatening their family?

  6. DMan, yours was the very first site I found way back when this first hit the news. I’ve been visiting everyday since. You deserve huge kudos for all that you did in support George. You broke everything down, studied every little bit, worked hard to analyze it for the rest of us, and point out this was so much more than George. Thank you.

  7. D-Man, I’m so glad you were wrong about the outcome too, but I am also so glad that you were so RIGHT about so much all along. Your hard work help a lot of people (including myself) learn about the truth of this case. Much appreciation!

  8. D-Man, throughout the last year I have come to you with many many questions about the facts and evidence of the George Zimmerman case, and never once have you rebuffed my requests, or rebuked me for my ignorance, even though I brought little to the table (by way of assistance) and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that you have devoted a great deal of time and effort to uncover the things that you shared freely with me, and with all the others who (sometimes selfishly) relied on your efforts, even though you realized that for many of us this WAS about George Zimmerman, while it went far beyond that for you. There is no way to repay your for the kindness that you have shown, but I can promise you this:

    This has been an awakening for me and, like the the prisoner freed from Plato’s cave, I cannot ever return to believing the world of shadows is real. And, now that my eyes are open to what was behind the persecution of George Zimmerman, I will never allow them to close again, and will make the time to share what I have learned (from you) with others.

    Why do I feel the sudden need to talk about sports now?

  9. D’Man, thanks for all the work you did on this case. Your site was an invaluable tool for research. Whenever I needed to look something up or refresh my memory on something I knew I could come here and find what I needed. Your work on the 7-11 video was outstanding.

    Something tells me when the hammer comes down on the Scheme Team you will be playing an integral part. Keep fighting the good fight.

    When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty – Thomas Jefferson

    • Hi letsbefairtogz, the latest thread on my blog talks about myths and heroes, and I have included the video lectures of Mythologist, Joseph Campbell, which really make sense out of this whole situation.

      If George has a little time, each of the videos have an amazing insight into the adventure of the hero, and the journey of the hero. George is very much what Campbell called the Hero with a Thousand Faces.

      What was most impressing to me, is when the State kept wanting to point out his education in criminal justice and being gun trained by a air marshall, in order to vilify him, those who know Campbell’s understanding of the hero journey, understood that the hero is sent into the adventure that he is most prepared for and ready to take on. Its like all of his life, George was planning to take on this journey, its no coincidence.

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