Nelson Aint Got No Time For That


14 thoughts on “Nelson Aint Got No Time For That

  1. I want to know how rachel knew she was talking to trayvon? Did she bother to authenticate that it was him? Maybe it was a 7 year old with a gift for impersonation. Perhaps we should start devising secret codes whenever we talk to someone so that we are sure we are talking and texting with who we think it is. But that might still not be enough! Damn those crafty 7 year olds!

  2. Nelson’s actions are 100% consistent with somebody who thinks the verdict will be not guilty and has the two goals:
    1. Get the trial over with ASAP.
    2. Any heat coming from the not guilty verdict will not be directed in her direction.

  3. I think O’Mara could’ve been a little more diligent in his pursuit of evidence and being forthcoming with those who wanted to help and support George. By maintaining sole control over things, and isolating those under his control, or holding them back with disapproving eyes, he caused and maintained the “flat effect,” which he kept talking about in regard to George.

    People could have dug in, he could’ve gone to the feds when Nelson asked to see what they had, instead of sitting on his thumbs and waiting for whole months to bring it up at the next hearing and the next hearing and the next hearing.

    When Nelson said you could depose Crump, boom, he should have moved on it and done it ASAP, but he gave him time and then there was opposing counsel objections and Blackwell and denied, and need to look at it and denied, and Writ and DCA decision and sorry, no time to depo, as Hurricane Nelson blows them about riding the high waves of her climax before she retires to divorceland.

    This is the hurry up and wait game in reverse. Made them wait around and stewed them till they got no juice or energy left, and then the train pulls in a for 2 second stop expecting everyone to jump on board, leave whatever bags, children, Crump, evidence, George can’t get on, and off goes the Railroad express!

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