Rachel a.k.a. the Catfish a.k.a. DeeDee a.k.a. Diamond Eugene a.k.a. Ashley a.k.a. W8

This actually would explain more than you know, lol, my oh my.





12 thoughts on “Rachel a.k.a. the Catfish a.k.a. DeeDee a.k.a. Diamond Eugene a.k.a. Ashley a.k.a. W8

    • I’m such a dumb bunny when it comes to these things I had to look up the word catfishing on Google.
      Talk about a fishing trip we’ve all been had hook, line and sinker.
      These are deep waters in deed for the persecution. we are looking at lawsuits up the wahzoo. does all of the scheme team get 20 years in the can now.
      That’s retarded sir. her own peers are calling a route


      • That’s calling her out. the real bill real do a good expose on this. he is an african-american have you sorry for what he called ghetto body language.
        Diamond lil or diamond Eugene or W 8 or whatever she called herself according to this real bill real was lying all over the place.
        Who is going to bell the cat or reel this fish in. did she even have Trayvon fooled into thinking perhaps he was contacting a skinny hot young black woman? I look forward to other comments I’m out of my depth here. good hunting or good fishing as the case may be

  1. I can’t stop laughing. If Crump had let SPD investigate her it would have been figured out by her phone records. But NOOOOO! He had to scam it. The idiots who have enabled this entire mess are fools. After the fraud got rolling none of them could fess up or look too deep. They cannot blame it on her because they abrogated their duty to investigate. SPD got it taken away so they aren’t responsible. Corey, her LE investigators, the gov and the moron state attorney general are responsible. Heck, the media may sue them. This is a Cohen Brothers movie plot.

  2. You are right, D-Man, this actually does explain a lot. She’s a scammer of some kind. She probably “met” him through Craigslist or something and he may have never actually even seen her in person. Is that your thinking?

    • Not that extreme. I’ll accept that they knew each other as kids and there were many years of no interaction then I think she got a hold of his number, called him and said who she was and because he remembered her as kids they started talking. I don’t think he ever saw her though and only communicated by phone.

      • Well, “catfished” implies that she fooled him into thinking she was someone that she wasn’t. At least that’s my reading of what that term means. That could explain the “Diamond Eugene” name.

        • That could be as well right now as I’m only speculating and haven’t yet completely delved into everything we have to see what may be the more plausible.

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