George Zimmerman’s Uncle

Now this one truly does speak for itself. I now change my mind on presenting a short case. Pour.It.On! My god, what a refreshing contrast to all things Scheme Team.


22 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Uncle

  1. This needs more exposure. what a fine honorable man George is uncle is. he is obviously speaking from the heart and recognizing Georges voice in a way that is unique and personal and candid. he had known George since the day he was born and heard him laugh cry and yell and play with his cousins.
    I started to cry and you could see the emotion on George’s face is too what is uncle told of his reaction when he heard George scream on the television and didn’t even know that was George on the television news
    Bernie’s performance speaks for itself it is so disgusting he tries to trip this man up and there’s no tricking him. George Zimmerman’s uncle is a law enforcement officer with Orange County and served our country for 26 years , he retired as a staff sergeant. judge Nelson have the decency to override Bernies objections to this fellas past honorable history in law enforcement and military being presented to the court. this is a man of honor. Latinos by the way have I believe the highest percentage of military awards for valor in our armed services

    • Oh I love the way you phrase that Latino Grandee a yes wonderful. His dignity and his military bearing when he marched into that room all business ,just broke my heart. It just tore up when is uncle described herein George scream and Jorge Mesa said he could physically feel it going throug his body. That is an unbelievably close knit family that knows what love is all about

  2. GZ’s uncle was like a huge breath of clean, crisp, fresh air that wiped away the ungodly stench created by Bernardo and The Beast.

  3. What difference does it make who was creaming. It probably was the wimpy candy ass george.

    Imagine that. A 29 year old man against a 17 year old skinny kid and george is locked and loaded with a 9 mil.

    Now, that’s disgusting.

    Talk about a bully. Zimmerman is the ultimate bully.

    • The ME testified that Martin’s BMI was within normal range at 22 which for his height and weight is between n 20 and 25. Not so skinny and of course being 4″taller,’, his arms were much longer which gives Martin the advantage in his arm reach,

    • Dr. Bao, prosecution witness who did the autopsy described Martin’s BMI as normal at 22 within the normal range of 20 to 25. Not so skinny. Wish the Traybots could get their mussing right.
      Ah, sweet, meek, helpful George is not a bully.

    • Prove it. Also, would you put $ on George winning a fight between he and Trayvon, as he was that night, if it were staged? Of course not.

      And if you get sucker punched, what does size matter? Are you an adult?

      • Sorry, my post was for that troll up above “Peepquest”. Another mental titan of the universe with lots of hyperbole and *emotion* but no facts. Still emotional after 16 months. Marley Lion’s family might not be this angry at this point (go youtube that video and come back crying about poor trayvon).

  4. Look, I do not know George Zimmerman. I do not know his uncle. The point I want to make is that I am unqualified. I know nothing about the science of voices, yet I believe that the person calling for help is George Zimmerman. It is the cadence that is so obvious to me.

    • There is nobody on planet Earth, who knows nothing of this case, who would hear that tape, be asked “How old is this person” and say “17”. There is also nobody who would hear the Trayvon ‘bum fight’ video and say “That sounds like a 28 year old or older”.

      Enough of this bullshit. Research request, if I may. Where can I find the interview with authorities with Tracy Martin re: the bus ride? Oops, I mean Tracy drive to Sanford/meeting Brnadi halfway. The same date the cousin tweeted Tray re: swinging at a bus driver. Ty.

        • Yeah saw that tape from local news day or two after. She must also be a witness and they must play that tape for her.

  5. I think the defense needs to put on a mid-sized case too. I think that the high-caliber people who have supported Zimmerman on the stand make him look good and will make the jury feel bad about punishing him. I also think that Nelson’s two-second ruling shows that Zimmerman cannot rely on a jury of six women to be fair or to just stick to the evidence without a serious push from the defense.

    What I personally want to see from the defense is their own forensics expert to counter the insinuations made by the state that lack of DNA means something. I also want a firearms expert to explain how Zimmerman was completely appropriate in the way he carried and used his gun. I’ve heard it floating around that many people think that Zimmerman had an obligation to shoot a warning shot or aim for an area that was nonlethal. This ridiculous myth needs to be dispelled before the jury deliberates. If they don’t know that Zimmerman’s use of the firearm was perfectly appropriate, I fear that the jury might determine that they can charge with with murder or manslaughter. I’m also interested to see if the defense has its own bombshell evidence that its been hiding from the public. I hope that they can clear Zimmerman’s name in their case.

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