The State’s Case Against George Zimmerman: Scheme Team Lite

For anyone who has followed the case for the last year and some months I think it would be quite obvious when looking at the state’s case what we have is what I call the Scheme Team Lite. So below is a categorized list of where all the state’s witnesses go for the purpose they served. The state concentrated heavily on 2 and 4.

The state is supposed to disprove self defense beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if there are people in the world who think they’ve done that the state still has the burden to prove murder in second degree beyond a reasonable doubt. The state simply has not done that and all the Sybrina tears in the world can not make up for it.

As much as I want the defense to put on a case in hopes of answering more of the many questions we’ve had over the past 16 months and exposing more of the b.s. in this case they really don’t have to do anything as the state has already failed in meeting its burden. I think the defense should just tie up a couple of things and have a brief closing. Then when all is said and done let the civil suits fly and go after Corey for malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct and expose all the lying schemers for who they are.

Summation of the State’s case so far:

1) Portray Trayvon as innocent: Joesph, Gaugh

2) Portray George as evil, racist, vigilante, overzealous wannabe cop: Noffke, Rumph, Dorival, O’Brien, Jon Manalo, Boles’Melvin, Kearns, Carter, Krzenski, Pleasants

3) Sympathy for the dead, elicit emotion: Raimondo, (Sybrina, Javarhis and ME if they are called)

4) BS illogical arguments i.e. no prints, no DNA, the chase, screams, size of George v Trayvon, no sounds of punches, Trayvons hands under him: D. Smith, Bahadoor, Syrdyka, Jeanne Manalo, Mora, Good, Ayala, Nakasone, Bentsen, Siewert, Gorgone

5) All of the above and below: Jeantel

6) Conspiracy theory i.e. George’s call time, clubhouse video, address: MacDonald, McKinney, Lauer

7) Minimize George’s injuries/situation: Livingston, T. Smith, Folgate, Rao

8) George’s inconsistencies i.e. mountain out of molehills: Singleton, Serino, Hannity Video, Osterman

Witness List 3

I’ve gone into a little more detail regarding the first couple of days below. I’m not sure if I’ll do all of the others at this point.

Day 1

Day 2


6 thoughts on “The State’s Case Against George Zimmerman: Scheme Team Lite

  1. I don’tsee the State has proved ANYTHING (beyond a reasonable doubt)??

    I joke around a lot, but I am being serious for the moment.

    How can anybody deny that from what is shown there are very strong indications that GZ acted in self defense. The State have barely raised any doubts in regards that and certainly have not disproven “self defense” beyond a reasonable doubt. The needle has barely flickered off “it was self defense for sure”
    So… QED… why carry on?
    But if we must then the charge as it stands “Murder2” not proven at all. Any lesser charge? NOT beyond reasonable doubt, surely? (same argument as for disproving self defense)

    • I know. I felt sick when people on MSNBC were cheering that Zimmerman’s judgment of acquittal was denied. If the state can do this to Zimmerman, they can charge anyone for a crime they didn’t commit. And now we’ve learned that they obtained Jeantel’s testimony, which forms the basis of their probable cause affidavit, under pressure.

      I just hope that the jury picks of on the zealousness of the judge and the prosecutors. But I fear that with their limited courtroom experience, they think that this is normal.

  2. I was shocked by the state’s arguments during the JOA hearing. I can’t believe that Mantei said that if your bullet just happens to land in someone’s heart, that demonstrates the intent to kill! I thought that you were supposed to shoot at the chest in a defense situation, so I don’t understand how it would be crazy to shoot someone in the heart if they’re right on top of you. Was Zimmerman supposed to aim for the stomach while he was on his back, suffocating on his blood?

    The prosecution in this case is completely crazy! And I can’t believe this psycho judge doesn’t even realize that second degree murder is an inappropriate charge.

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