GZ Trial Highlight: George Punching Trayvon

A wonderful little nugget of what the state thinks it needs to do to make up for such a weak case. Watch this pathetic display from the State as Bernie goes over Trayvon’s DNA on George’s right cuff of his jacket. Bernie will glance a couple of times at the jury to make sure they are watching as he motions with his arm as if George was punching Trayvon. No doubt the obvious scenarios of how Trayvon’s DNA got there was from the gunshot itself either at the moments of impact or very soon thereafter as George was able to get out from under Trayvon or from Trayvon’s damaged knuckle as George protected himself from the blows to the head.



6 thoughts on “GZ Trial Highlight: George Punching Trayvon

  1. Yes, I had to laugh during that pathetic display by Bernie de La Rionda. The punching motion was obvious, as is the intent for his using it. What is also obvious is that (according to both the ME, Shiping Bao, and the funeral director, Richard Kurtz) Trayvon had no other injuries, wounds, or bruises to indicate he was ever punched by George Zimmerman. There were also no bruises or marks visible on George’s hands, as shown by the pictures taken by CST Diana Smith. (and that very point was made when the prosecution questioned CST Smith).

    Hopefully, the jury will see the truth there, despite this obfuscation by Bernie, and in spite of the weak manner in which Mark O’Mara challenged BDLR’s use of that “punching motion”.

  2. It’s obvious that Zimmerman is a pathological liar and a sociopath.

    He claims to have feared for his life. What a wimp. When he gets convicted he will really have something to worry about.

    He knew that the police would be there in a few seconds. His wounds were superficial. They did not even need bandages for them.

    I hope the jurors can see through all of his lies.

    If he is acquired he will still be a marked man much like casey anthony.

    He will pay for this the rest of his miserable life. Karma’s a bitch.

    • Methinks the fact the GZ fired his weapon even though the police (he called for) were on the way is good evidence that he was in true fear for his life.

      The forensic evidence offered in court so far indicates that GZ was completely overwhelmed by TM’s attack.

    • Show me one non emotional fact based logical analysis that proves george wrong – and show the accompanying evidence that did not exist during the first bond hearing. Ty. Be mature and deliver it by tomorrow.

    • “If he is acquired he will still be a marked man”
      “He will pay for this the rest of his miserable life”.

      Nice threats. Well lets hope he is not “acquired”. Otherwise George will have to worry about tough internet guys like yourself getting him.

  3. Funny you should bring this up Dman–the positive DNA topography (whatever was left in that rotted bag) is in totality more consistent with Zimmerman defensive actions. Of all the degraded crap nucleic acids that they extracted (meaning that they are probably only left with the most concentrated blood spots), you see a pattern that is consistent with a left cut on the aggressor’s hand and a right upper shoulder mark on a victim–the examiner indicated the shoulder mark on Z to be more posterior, consistent with a grabbing action over the apex of the shoulder. Let’s see..ummmm….ground and ? That was an apparent miss on the part of the defense. Or was it?

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