Quick Thoughts on the Trial (June 25 2013)

They started off with argument regarding O’Mara’s objection to prior non emergency calls made by George being introduced. I recall the state saying something to the effect that they wanted to show who these assholes were that George spoke of in his non emergency call when he said “These assholes, they always get away.” The state, hard as though they may try to hide it, is making this case about character and race. The qualifier there is “who”. Well, blacks of course that’s who. They won’t say it outright they just want the jury to hear it so they can hopefully infer that George is a racist. All other argument is merely a means to that end. The judge fought hard for the state to get them in but reserved ruling for another time.

Ramona Rumph came back on the stand and since the state couldn’t use her for what they wanted the testimony was repetitive and useless. The state however did do something seemingly odd. The state specifically asked for Rumph to state the phone numbers for some of the 911 callers. First they asked for her to say W11’s(Lauer) number. For the next 911 caller though, a pro-Trayvon witness, W18(Surdyka) he did not ask for it but then for the next 911 caller, one of the defenses strongest witnesses W6(Good), he asked for the phone number again. The defense immediately objected before the phone number could be read. Why? Because W6 was one of the reasons O’Mara motioned for protection of some of the witnesses who expressed great concern for their safety which W6 was one of.

Hopefully W6’s story will be told because if I recall correctly Frank Taffee referenced something about the NBPP hanging around the Retreat at Twin Lakes and possibly there was some intimidation felt on the part of W6 and or other witnesses but even if that doesn’t come to fruition the fact is the only witnesses that have anything to fear are pro defense witnesses despite Bernie’s claims that the other side is somehow equally under threat. So was this a slip from the State or a form of witness intimidation? After the objection and a sidebar the state continued for a moment this time without asking for the phone number, I guess they just forgot that W6 was one of those witnesses.

Wendy Dorival was next. She works for the Sanford PD but as a civilian and helped set up the neighborhood watch program with George. The State wanted her so they can show a slide (state’s exhibit 191), from her presentation for NW programs, because it’s titled “Neighborhood Watch is…NOT the Vigilante Police” Then a segment from state’s exhibit 190 which talks about how it’s the police’s job to apprehend and/or question. The state continued rambling on in that regard in how the NW people should not do this or that. The whole idea being to get the jury to make an inference that George disregarded all of this and confronted and attempted to apprehend Trayvon. That’s nearly all the state ever does, make stupid arguments and in hopes one can infer their bullshit.

Apparently the state does not realize how helpful their witnesses are to the defense. The defense spent twice as much time as the state did with Dorival and by the end of it she was looking like a star witness for George. The state was forced to come back and treat her like the defense called her though at least they were successful in keeping a cordial thank you email from George to Dorival’s boss saying how great and professional she was. It didn’t really matter though because by the time they objected to it coming into evidence Dorival had already testified to it.

Next on the stand was the president of the HOA at the Retreat at Twin Lakes. The state wanted so very badly to use this witness to try to show that the only reason there even was a neighborhood watch program was because of George and that George vigorously pursued to not only get it but be the super captain of it all and control everything and everyone. Not surprisingly the state’s witness was not exactly playing along even to the point where the defense was very happy with his answers. “We” came up with a plan is not what the state wanted to hear…watch and enjoy with O’Mara…

The defense took advantage of a story the witness told which was beautifully executed by O’Mara. The witness explained the catching of a burglar by workmen who if not for their following of the suspect would have surely gotten away. Oh of course they didn’t confront the suspect, not at all, they followed and reported the location of the suspect to police and thankfully the workmen did not get assaulted like George did and was successfully captured before he could. Unfortunately George never got that chance when he tried to do the same as the workmen.

SPD officer Raimondo was next which just established some facts. But was that his only purpose? After ten minutes of going through basic photos of aerial shots and the scene the state showed one shot of Trayvon Martin’s body but it was difficult to tell given the darkness of the scene and neither Tracy nor Sybrina reacted. After a few more minutes of questioning and the lights back up the state moved on to benign questions about Raimondo putting the evidence blanket on Trayvon and how he didn’t move evidence around etc. Then without warning the state asked to dim the lights and with Tracy’s and Sybrina’s eyes fixed on the screen

tracy-and-sybrina-looking-a - Copy

the state put up a clearly lit photo of Trayvon Martin’s body. Tracy immediately stormed out of the courtroom


and Sybrina remained staring down the jurors.


The purpose for the use of the photo for the State? To show the CPR mask that was on the ground.

CST Diana Smith was next for more establishing of basic facts. But something definitely seemed off about her. She seemed more forthcoming and a bit friendlier with the State and when the defense started in she became short answered and a bit snide. The state though did try to use her to use their typical illogical nonsense, this one being the absence of evidence is evidence of absence, regarding the lack of Trayvon’s DNA on the gun and lack of Georges DNA under Trayvon Martins fingernails. It truly shows the desperation of the state to even go there as no one would claim Trayvon’s DNA ought to be on the gun and no one would claim George’s DNA ought to be under Trayvon’s fingernails.

Amazingly, despite this crime scene technician’s job requiring attention to detail in collection of evidence, she not once, not twice but three times refers to the can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail as “Arizona Tea” even while holding and examining it and being asked to describe it to the jurors.

Some may see this as petty, I do not. She could not find blood on the sidewalk that would support George’s story, she could not even guesstimate the distance of evidence despite collecting and measuring it. You want her collecting evidence at a crime scene you’re at trial for?

Finally State’s Witness W1(Selene Bahadoor). My god I could write pages about her and her sister W2. I’ll spare that for now and try to sum up. Her credibility is completely shot. She testified to something completely new which she never mentioned before, hearing running from left to right that is South to North. She was probably told to say it by the State. She signed the petition to General Attorney Bondi to prosecute George and get justice for Trayvon on March 20th 2012. She recruited two people to sign that petition less than 24 hours before testifying. She lied about signing it on the stand.

Some people are confused regarding the significance of this witness and what the State is attempting to do. Quite simply they want to say that George chased Trayvon back towards the T or at least bring doubt to his story of it starting at the T then moving southward. Bernie already expressed this at both bond hearings. W2 was the one who originally said she saw two shadows running from left to right. In her second interview she completely changed her story. Now suddenly her sister W1 is saying stuff very similar to what her sister originally said.


6 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the Trial (June 25 2013)

  1. Thanks, D-man. Great sum up, as usual.

    “She lied”. Gee, ya think? And, what was that secret huddle all about she and her sister had with Bernie right before the trial? The state looks more corrupt as each day in court discloses more of their antics.

  2. Has anyone heard the term watermelon juice mentioned during the trial yet? Why would the defense hide that in a court of law were truth is supposed to be front and center? And no one can say nigga even though an important witness uses the term? Doesn’t the N word sound so damn childish? SMH

    • I admired the natural easiness of Ms Rachel/DeeDee dropping those “C” and “N” bombs …

      One might hope thats the starting point of healing the sociolinguistic schizophrenia

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