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16 thoughts on “Efficiency

  1. DMan: Are there no daily threads for the trial? Rick was doing a great minute by minute commentary during jury selection. The only one I have seen lately is at CTH and it’s not the same as what Rick was doing here.

    • I actually thought of doing my own blog, because I am continuing to do the daily minutes for myself and others, and it would look nice with a time stamp. A blog is too much commitment though.

      I loved Minpin’s comment on Nettles blog a couple of weeks ago, where she said I was having a ball talking to myself over here. Yep, I sure was having a good time, however coherent it was to anyone else. Check back here, Jordan, MAYBE I will start up a new blog for the minutes.

    • The recording is as annoying as a rattling paper bag when i am hungry. It is ( to me ) simply trayvon yelling he’s got a gun. The guy was a football player calling the play. For 30 seconds its trayvon yelling he’s got a gun. Somebody was supposed to interrupt. Throw a six pack of emptys over there. Everybodys got a tire iron for the George Zimmerman’s of the country. I build small radios once a week. I went to a rock concert

  2. This Debrah Steinberg “Nelson” is an embarrasment to us Jewish people… Please do not hold the actions of this hideous beast against us. When Jews follow G-D’s word, they are a great blessing to those around them. When they assimilate and intermarry, they often exhibit disgraceful behavior and are ultimately a curse to everyone who has the displeasure of dealing with them.

    • Couldn’t assimilation and intermarriage lead to an overall betterment also, if the person should choose to contribute something positive to the world.

      Jews are quite multidimensional and complex, it would be impossible to hold any one person responsible for what the others of his/her culture do or don’t do.

      • Human behaviour can be judged through interpolation and extrapolation. We can extrapolate that the most evil of Jews (I’m a Jew myself, not trying to sound antisemitic) are those who have assimilated and detest their own background. I’ll grant you that those who have assimilated but are unaware of their background may be innocent, however those that have abandoned their religion in spite of it will by definition perform actions contrary to its teachings.

        In Steinberg-“Nelson”‘s case, she is firstly contradicting Deuteronomy 22:5 by donning the clothes of a Judge. Secondly she is judging the case capriciously because she is biased. A judge by Biblical law must recuse himself if he is biased or if he has even been offered bribery (Eventhough he hasn’t accepted it). The vigilante here is Steinberg-“Nelson”. She is a pro-Black, self hating Jewess, anti-White anti-gun liberal and is ignoring the law of the land in favor of her own ideas about guns.

        • All I know is that the Jews have always been open to debate and discussion. Jews are able to hold to their view or give it up when proven wrong, and this is part of the religious culture, as I understand it.

          The Jews had the Midrash tradition which allowed them to consider interpretations and seek answers in a scholarly manner.

          Abraham tried to negotiate with God regarding the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah. The first attorney or advocate for humans charged with a crime, and amazingly enough, did not consider acquiescing to the greatness of the person charging them.

          Often Jews who speak out against other Jews for taking advantage or doing something wrong, are thought to be “self loathing Jews,” but they are a credit to the Jewish people, in that they are capable of rising above collectivist thought, and strive to be a part of the world by standing up for truth and justice.

          In fact, I found it most amazing when David Irving was asked if he was Jewish. It is because people have come to recognize the ability of Jews to speak out against their own people, that such a thing would be asked of Irving. Of course he denied being Jewish. And hence was cast as a Anti Semite and a Racist. But that people stopped to ask him that, was what got my attention, that the Jews really are capable of seeing from other people’s viewpoints.

          This is why I say Jews are multidimensional and complex individuals, whether they are religious or secular. Jews will stand up for their enemies too, if they sense there is any moral wrong or injustice happening to them. Most other tribes, including Caucasians have to think twice about being fair to others. Women and blacks are often too glad to see their enemy stumble and fall, and justify it with, “he deserved it, he did me wrong,” or “he was rude.”

          Whereas I can always trust a Jewish person to save me whether or not he has to fight one of his own to do it.

          • Your post bears the resemblance to a John Pilfer documentary… Many truthful and good points but only to put forward the large lie at the end.

            David Irving is not only not Jewish, but also a rabid antisemite. He supported Ernst Z√ľndel during his trial, and is an admirer of Hitler.

            Self loathing Jews are not Jews who speak out against other Jews, but rather Jews who despise their own backgrounds. It was a Jewess of this sort that I was speaking out against.

            And I do not stand up for my enemies. I pray for their demise on a daily basis.

            • “And I do not stand up for my enemies. I pray for their demise on a daily basis.”

              Love that line in your comment. But I don’t know about any documentary, this is my own thinking on the matter, if it coincides with others that’s nothing to do with me.

              Of course David Irving is not Jewish, heck he will strike friendships with blacks to support his hatred of Jews. The point was that they asked him if he was Jewish, because people are aware that Jewish people historically care about truth and dissent, and they did not want to label him an anti-Semite if he was Jewish.

              As for Nelson, you can see the commentary on my blog to show what I think of her and this railroading that she is participating in:


            • Here’s Irving introducing black activist professor Tony Martin who blames the African slave trade to America on Jews. You can hear Irving’s nice intro to Martin. This is the same Irving who created the rhyme for his baby daughter, “I am a Baby Aryan / Not Jewish or Sectarian / I have no plans to marry an / Ape or Rastafarian.” But clearly, the enemy of my enemy is my friend:

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