Quick Thoughts on the Trial (June 24 2013)

I suppose for those like myself who are intimately familiar with everything there is publicly available to know about the case will find the trial unenlightening. I learned virtually nothing new, yes I know it was only day one. The big reveal for the story though was Witness 8/DeeDee who we now know as Rachel. The times regarding the phone calls are now to the exact second and was pretty close to what we figured anyway.

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I can’t really speak to the legal wrangling, I leave that up to the lawerly types. From a laymen perspective though it’s clear how the State thinks it can win, emotion. The State started off setting the stage of emotion by removing virtually all of George’s family and friends from the courtroom while leaving Sybrina in so she can put on her theatrics for the jury. Then the State moved into a “dark and stormy night” approach with their opening statement. I’m surprised they didn’t have the Friday the 13th movie theme playing in the background when talking about George and some happy or tragic music, whichever would fit the moment, when speaking of Trayvon. Maybe the judge could’ve flickered the lights on and off for effect.

The defense despite a awkward start and an info overload approach will win by addressing the facts of the case. The knock-knock joke by West is a tempest in a tea cup but highly favored by the media I’m sure. I turned the television on for a moment once today and looked briefly at one article and both started off with that so I’m guessing that’s what they are all running with, who cares really. In the end all that really matters is how the jury will take it all in and no one can know that but them.

The state started off with Chad, Brandy’s son. Of course Chad and Trayvon were merely playing fun friendly games and watching happy family friendly television all day. Chad apparently and suddenly was stricken with amnesia when the cross from the defense started.

Next they brought in the cashier from the 711. The only reason I can think the state brought this guy in was to use him to say he wasn’t scared of Trayvon which I guess they hope translates in the minds of the jury into the innocent little boy v Jason Voorhees theory they got going on. Again, more stupid emotion.

The call taker of George’s non emergency call the state used to, a shocker here, appeal to emotion using their typical horrible logic by stressing the coding used as for the priority of the call, this one being “Routine” which, voilà! Bernie MAGIC!, magically means Trayvon was an innocent little boy.

Next up was Ramona Rumph, Custodian of Records for the 911 call center. Of course she wasn’t really there to help the jury understand the details of Event Reports, nah, what fun would that be, we need to get to Voorhees, which the state did by attempting to bring in prior calls of George going back many months from the Feb 26 2012 call. O’Mara recognized this attempt to be most likely one to paint George as a racist and objected on some legal gobbledygook which put an end to the day so the legal eagles can figure out what to do.

Today will start at 8:30am EST for the legal stuff and the jury is to be expected back in at 9am to which I suppose more witnesses will be brought in, however who knows how the Nelson court could go so everything is tentative really.


16 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the Trial (June 24 2013)

  1. I was surprised a little that Trayvon’s last call ended as closely to the beginning of the first 911 call as it did.

    I was expecting more like 7:15:30 or earlier.

    W11 was pretty fast to get on the phone or else there was a lot more of the fight before TM’s phone went dead.

  2. I loved the first day. Chad’s amnesia was obvious and not to his credit. The remaining witnesses only help Zimmerman. Bee waiting to see how O’Mara West would handle the height differences between Martin, the clerk and George. Well done guys. everychaThe “officials”‘ “

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