The George Zimmerman Trial

Well, here it comes, it will be nearly sixteen months to the day since Trayvon Martin made the literally fatal error of committing a continued and sustained assault regardless of his fighting advantage, screams from the victim George Zimmerman, a clear and a present desire of George to get away and even despite a witness saying he was calling the cops, resulting in George having to defend himself and now we go to trial.

I sometimes look back and question why I’ve maintained a daily interest in this case. Despite having little resources I have focused on this case every single day since March 2012. I don’t go out on weekends, I don’t vacation, and I’ve given up any hobbies, recreation and free time to focus on this case and asked for nothing in return from anyone. Why? Is it that I believed a man was being persecuted in the eyes of society, media and judicial system? Perhaps there is some of that. Is it because I have some interest, some cause, and some agenda for which I can use this case to further? If there was I wasn’t aware of it.

I think at first it was my interest previous to this in race, racism, and how society deals with such things which transferred into my attention to this case specifically. After which I looked into it a bit and one of the first things I noticed was how all of the media was ignoring the witness, who was the only witness at the time who gave a local media interview, who saw Trayvon on top of George during Trayvons beat-down of George. After that my interest simply grew into a monster; thousands of hours, hundreds of videos and blog posts, thousands of comments, a hundred gigabyte file, and a whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff you’ll never know about.

My main interest really was how society and the people involved dealt with what some have deemed the “BGI”, that is, the Black Grievance Industry. I find the concept of the BGI limiting and one can’t really explain away or attribute to this concept all actions of those involved and reactions of society, it’s just too complex for that I think. Even the phrase “Scheme Team” and “race card”, are limiting in nature.

If I had to address and try to sum up the racial component as a lesson I’ve learned it’s that white people are simply either weak, scared, apathetic, dismissive, accepting, encouraging or even become active participants in the very thing that got us all here. Very few want to call it what it is, racism, racism against whites and even fewer want to fight it on that front. That’s because of many reasons but one main reason is many people think of racism crudely as something belonging to whites perpetrated mainly unto blacks. They just simply can’t think of it any other way. So when racism is perpetrated unto them, or as in this case unto others, or perceived others, they become as I described above.

So if there is any agenda that can be attributed to me in regards to my interest in this case I suppose it could be that I want to understand that and want to change that but it is something that grew out of interest in this case over time, I did not go into this thinking that, and I certainly did not think early on I would have dedicated so much to all of this and be here writing this today over a year later.

That being said there is the other aspect which has become an interest as well and that is the specifics of the legal case itself and the investigation. This though still plays into what I have described above and no doubt if you have seen some of my criticism of O’Mara you will find that coming through with the most recent example of him crying on Black Entertainment Television for the black “cause”. It was also the myriad amount of mythology, manipulations, spin and lies surrounding nearly every aspect of this case which compelled me to learn everything that one could possibly learn about it. It was out of necessity to deal with racial aspect that I learned everything about the case itself. In fact I believe that many of the things we have seen throughout this case cannot be understood without first understanding the racial aspect.

There is another aspect, George himself. There will always remain the possibility of George being guilty, even of actual murder which the state charges him with but none of us will ever know for sure. I have seen nothing, which I will remind I have seen all there is available to see, which tells me George is guilty of anything. I have listened and considered all the arguments against George and find the majority of them to be absurd. George did nothing wrong. Regardless, none of that really matters. It doesn’t change one way or the other the things I have said and done in this case. If George is guilty in actuality what I have said and done remains as true. None of it is contingent on his guilt or innocence.

With that one can infer that it could be that it really matters not to me if George is found guilty or not guilty. Considering that in and of itself that would be true. But I do not want him to found guilty if it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt he is guilty. The only sympathy and/or empathy I have for George, his family and friends is what happened to them because of what the Scheme Team, Media and society have done. I have never seen an unknown person in such a local case be so vilified with such volume, so widely and with such charge as I have seen here. George became a vehicle to further the black “cause” and anyone in the way of that are clearly the real racists or so we are to believe.

For those who feel that way it seems all is contingent on the jury’s decision, all hope and effort for that one final moment when the decision is read for all to hear. Not for me. For me the injustice occurred when the first prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, “removed himself” from the case back in March 2012. From then on it was just a matter of course.

With all of that and for other reasons I don’t even want to partake in any way of watching or commenting on the trial itself. I don’t need to see or even know its result. What we have seen here in this case will remain after it is over and regardless of its final result. But I have made the decision I will be around to which comments and posts of mine on my blog will continue however blog posts will not be daily.

One would think words of encouragement and hope should be placed here as an end to this post. I find such statements trite. But if you have to force one out of me it is I hope the friends and family of George can remain strong as they have been for their own sakes. And if George is not guilty in actuality then I hope for the best for him as well and even if he is guilty in actuality he deserved better than what he got from society, the media and the State of Florida.


17 thoughts on “The George Zimmerman Trial

  1. …if he is guilty in actuality he deserved better than what he got from society, the media and the State of Florida.

    You need to insert “until he’s proven guilty ” in some part of that last sentence.

    Anyway, I appreciate all you have shared!

  2. Very well written Diwataman. I agree with what you’ve opined. I suppose that , for me anyway, the need and want to see George Zimmerman vindicated is akin to wanting to rescue an abused animal. I know that there are scum of the earth ppl who will always abuse animals, but rescuing one and charging the abuser is always a step further in protecting and freeing more animals from the hands of abusers. I think of the whacko sicko who liked to breed dachshunds. He didn’t care for them, he neglected them and nearly starved them to death. I worked very hard, and he was eventually charged and the animals were fostered. One less breeder in the county, and it gave similar breeders pause.
    I want George to be vindicated and to be victorious. Just like those dachshunds, who were prancing around and playing, delighted to be free of the hell they’d lived through, I want to see that for George & for Shellie. I would hope that with a not guilty, and immunity, and perhaps some real justice meted out to the persecution, it may give pause to the schemers in the future.
    I won’t be watching the trial much, if at all. But I will be here, as well as other sites, to see if victory can be had. And maybe, a major dose of vindication for the abuse he has suffered. Thank you Dman.

    • Little Laughter, God Bless you for fighting for those little dachshunds! I hope that person spent a long time in prison and paid high fines. But even more, I hope that he finally realized how horribly he treated those animals and will become an advocate for them.

  3. Thanks, DMan for all you have done in this case. Wow. You don’t care to watch it or know the outcome? That is unfathomable to me. lolz I want to see every minute detail about the case and definitely want to know the outcome.

  4. My respect goes to you and to the people at TCTH. I find it funny how their posts are sounding more and more like the post that got me kicked off of their site. I think it has taken some time but people are finally waking up to the reality that BGI is just an aspect of BRA(Black Run America) wich is an aspect of the Frankfurts groups ploy on how to change and ultimately destroy America.
    The Leftists knew they couldn’t detroy America from the outside just to many obstacles to avoid. They decided to hatch a cleaver plan to destroy America from the inside. This plan has been going swimmingly.
    We are at a truning point as this trial goes America goes. George is now a symbol he is everything America used to be even in naivety. Trayvon Martin is a symbol to(remember the I am Trayvon T-shirts?) he is the new America, violent, ignorant, a ward of the state, raised not by a nuclear family but by in large himself with the assistance of the government(Police let his crimes slide think about it). If George is convicted and the average law abiding citizen doesn not take to the streets America is lost. If George is found guilty the other side riots(blacks in particular) and nothing is done(ala Rodney King riots) America is lost.
    You see this trial and many more incedents are nothing more than a Shit Test. The powers that be that contol these things are trying to see just how far they can push traditional America/Americans. Unfortunately they are winning they have pushed us very far. Our backs are not against the wall yet but soon. How will we react? A million little cuts have been cut it is only a matter of time either we react or we bleed out. What are the odds of either?

  5. Hi Honey! It’s been a while since I visited. How are the kids?

    The trial is about to begin and before we know it, it will be done. I like you, have been reflecting on what happened to my life because of this case. I worked tirelessly fighting with local politicians for more funding for a soup kitchen and food bank before I ever heard of Sanford, Florida. Now the Executive Director calls me reminding me people in my own community need my help, not some stranger in Florida. I know the names of many of the people living in my city without homes. In two weeks, when I return to the soup kitchen, how many of them will be new to me because I’ve been focussing on Sanford?

    What was it about this case that consumed me so? I’m still not sure. I think for me it was the abuse of power given to those the people trusted. The people gave them the vote and they abused their position. No matter how much racism is used to further an agenda, it simply should not be able to do the damage it did in this case if you have moral, honest and people with integrity in power.

    The truth takes time and effort. The media and just how bad they are was exposed in this case. What first drew me to the internet to look up more information about the case was the 12 year old photo of Trayvon and reading a 17 year old got shot. I wondered why a recent picture wasn’t being used. So I went to the internet to see if I could learn more. I landed on Wagist’s site and listened to George’s entire non emergency call and realized, wow, he wasn’t following the kid, he lost him about the same time he got out of the truck. From there a mountain of lies were uncovered and I lost the sympathy I had for Trayvon’s family. They were lying and they knew they were lying.

    It was fun getting to know you Diwataman. I loved your sense of humor. Hated, hated, hated your pessimistic outlook at times. Thank you so much for your work and postings in the case. Your site is the go to site for resources. Your organizational abilities are appreciated and welcomed. I’m sorry we didn’t all end up sticking together and discussing the case as a group. It is what it is.

    Best wishes to you and your family in the days and years ahead. Thanks again and Good-bye. ♥

    • Ahhh, the ex returns, lol. 😉

      “What was it about this case that consumed me so?” A question I think all should ask themselves as we move forward.

      Thanks for your work and thoughts as well but hey, don’t make this a goodbye of all things, lol, I’ve only just begun!

      Big Machine Gun

    • Wow! Has the realization that the trial is “now upon us” sparked a need for introspection and explanation, like I did on your site, just recently? Maybe so. But for whatever reason, I can’t express my gratitude (enough) to you, D-Man, Rumpole, and Sundance for all the effort that was put into your blogs. I wish that I could have contributed more (on these sites), but I heard the call to a different struggle, on a different battlefield. I would have been totally unarmed, had it not been for the things that I gleaned from each of you.

  6. Hard to believe that “it’s on” in less than 24 hours.
    In the opening statements I’m going to be listening close to how each side describes TM’s movement that night.

  7. thanks Diwataman,

    Enjoy your family! Children make life so much more fun.

    The sentiments you discuss are central to my experiences when my kids were victims of black on white violence. I was changed forever. Too many stupid white people and bigoted blacks. Society will remain sick despite the acquittal of GZ.

  8. Wolfinger’s departure—yes, that was the turning point.

    Personally, I will not be satisfied without learning the full story of DD.

    And shame forever to Lester, for Shellie’s perjury charge and for stealing George’s bond money.

  9. I think it may well be a hung jury. Bernie and Angela will be chasing George to the end of his and our days. Like Sherman in the “Bonfire of the Vanities”, George will be a professional defendant and know no peace. I hope I am wrong and he is fully acquired.

  10. When I first learned of this case, it seemed to be a prima facia case of exactly what Crump portrayed it to be, an overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer shooting someone for no good reason. My opinion changed when I became curious enough to look for more information, particularly maps or diagrams showing the position of TM’s carcass relative to GZ’s vehicle and Brandi Green’s house. I found those maps and diagrams over at The Conservative Treehouse along with unedited versions of the NEN call to provide temporal context. This made it obvious that GZ didn’t pursue TM. Other formation such as the autopsy which revealed that TM was shot in the chest at Close Range or perhaps even Contact Range rather than Intermediate Range as stated by the ME, and had no other injuries except to his knuckles, confirmed that GZ was not the aggressor.

    Once I understood what really happened, I became very angry with Ben Crump’s meme that GZ was guilty because he had provoked TM into assaulting him by committing the sin of not cowering in his car. The resonated with memories of how my brother was murdered back in 1989 when he attempted to prevent a robber from stealing a garbage can and was brutally, intentionally ran down for his trouble. If the defense attorney had ever uttered the suggestion that my brother had provoked his murderer by not staying in his hardware store, I would have killed him for his insolence.

    Once I understood that GZ was being railroaded, it became important to understand why. Obviously, the BGI and it’s enablers are responsible. I confess that I have succumbed to the temptation to hate the predominant Black culture. There are notable exceptions such as Clarence Thomas. However; the AA community is characterized by promiscuity that results in a 70% out of wedlock basterdly rate, the predominance of chaotic “families” that brutalize their children, then compels the young AA males who survive the abuse to become adolescents to engage in a Darwinian competition for short term sexual access to females.

    The Aa community has no interest in resolving their problems. I didn’t vote for Obamabut I did consider him because there was a time when he would pretend to be concerned about the disintegration of Black families. Once he became President, it became obvious that his only interest was to exploit a recession to impose wealth redistribution as racial retribution. It is also obvious to me that Obama and the BGI created the mortgage crisis by extorting NINJA loans from our banks. I believe but can’t prove that the BGI triggered the 2008 liquidity crisis by organizing a boycott of mortgage payments.

    While GZ’s fate is important to me even though we probably would not like each other, his fate will be a watershed event that determines the fate the nation.

  11. Ahh Dman… YOU D MAN!!! The go to Man. Thank you Dear Heart for all you have done. Yes.. spend time with your family, have a great summer! Prayers for Geo and all his Family! Hoping they all had a restful sleep, or as good as possible. And for the Def team too. Praying also for those Ladies on the Jury… Hugs To you all, and again THANKS DMAN!!!

  12. To me the media drove me to find out more about the case as the descriptions where either a copy of one another or contradictory. The were personal reasons that drove me to the case, and ultimately to the CTH and your site.

    Your contributions have been invaluable to me, as I am sure many others, but it was the railroading, the public lynching of GZ that really drove me. It became a social experiment on our society, and the abuses that perpetrated daily, yet none so publicly and approvingly as GZ. Anyhow, thanks for everything you have done, and will continue to do I will be checking.

  13. D-man –
    Your contributions over the past year and a half have been awesome and extremely helpful in peeling back the many layers of obfuscation and deception.

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