Owen & Reich Excluded From Trial

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Order from judge:

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The Frye Hearing


17 thoughts on “Owen & Reich Excluded From Trial

  1. I almost wish Nelson had ruled the other way. Having Owen and Reich testify would have made the state’s case look buffoonish.


      • I think the jury would get it considering that the State asked Nakasone for his opinion and he said it couldn’t be done and that Owen’s conclusion/method was “disturbing.”

        In other words, the state was out shopping for an expert. Even a none too bright jury could understand that.

        • I don’t know, a lot of people believed them. I think the jury would relate more to the laymen and get bogged down in the expertise of the real scientists, tuning out and missing the message. That’s what I though was going to happen with Nelson, the defense spent waaaayyy too much time on the backgrounds and expertise of their experts I thought the message would get lost.

          • I thought so too. But now reading her ruling, it actually looks like she was IMPRESSED by their expertise and credentials. Look at the way she describes the 4 Defense guys compared to how she describes Reich and Owen…. night and day. (Of course I’m assuming everything in that ruling was Nelson’s own words, rather than someone looking over her shoulder.)

      • Plus this should save GZ and defense some money. Those experts are expensive and this is one less thing to prepare for.

        • True, but those guys seemed like they’d LOVE to come back and massacre those two idiots some more. So they may have been willing to do it for free. 😉

    • Yeah, but the problem is when we reach the end of the State’s presentation. If they haven’t put forth enough evidence to overcome beyond-reasonable-doubt, the Defense will move for acquittal, and (assuming a fair judge) would very likely be granted. But if these “experts” were allowed in, the the judge could say that their “buffoonishness” was a question for the jury to decide… thereby allowing the case to move forward. Now of course knowing Nelson, even without those two idiots, she STILL may find the State presented enough evidence to let it go forward. Who knows…

  2. Dr. French testified, and Nelson apparently found it credible, that when a person screams while in fear of his life, that his voice changes in such an unpredictable way that you can’t draw any conclusions. He said that in this case you couldn’t tell if the screamer was male or female or even a native speaker of English.

    If that’s true, then Nelson should have said that no one who knows Zimmerman or Martin should be able to testify as to who it was screaming.

    I guess no one asked her to exclude that opinion.

    • They are outraged but recovering quickly. They feel it is so obvious that it is TM screaming and begging for his life that the the experts aren’t needed. Since that wasn’t obvious to the police, or martins dad I think they are being ridiculous. They are not happy with nelson and think she is biased. They also think a large chunk of the media is biased in favor of the defense. I like reading his site cause sometimes I get tunnel vision from only being on pro GZ sites. If they think nelson and the media is biased against TM, them maybe they aren’t as biased against GZ as it seems sometimes. If they are picking up on the subtle shifts in the media then they must be real.

  3. This is great although I am still angry that the state can use the words wannabe cop, profiled, and confronted. I firmly believe that those terms are to inflammatory and prejudicial to be used. There are other less prejudicial ways that the state could get those ideas across. Why not say that GZ erroneously thought TM was a criminal instead of profiled as a criminal. Same idea , no inflammatory words.

    • There was nothing erroneous about GZ’s perceptions of TM.

      GZ prceived that TM was not a resident and there is no evidence that he was.

      GZ perceived that TM was on drugs and that is now proven.

      GZ perceived that TM was up to no good. There is no evidence to refute this. The stolen jewelry that was listed as “found property” is evidence that TM was a burglar. I suspect that thanks to SDC at The Conservative Treehouse, there is now evidence that TM was involved in numerous burglaries, therefore, it is plausible that TM was casing the RTL for a burglary.

    • I think the jury is smart enough to know about Neighborhood Watch. That they are good citizens trying to help their community and not “wannabe cops” looking to rough people up..

    • If they said George “erroneously” saw Trayvon as a criminal, that will open up the door for the Defense to show that there was nothing “erroneous” about it.

  4. George called Trayvon a “suspect” in his written and verbal statements. That maybe the link, with the words “wanna be cop”

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