Blog Update



Many of the photos that I have used for blogging and commenting around the web are now in a state which looks like this:

 photo WhenRealityJustWontDo-Copy.jpg


I have been using Photobucket for years and had no idea they had a limit the way they do. Apparently after so many times of your photos getting viewed they turn into that grey nightmare above so now all the posts and comments I have ever made with a link to a photo from Photobucket now look like that. It is still possible to click on that grey message which will take you to the photo. So now I have to go back through all my posts and repair them.

When the trial starts I am not sure how much I will be posting. I won’t be having a daily thread for it.

Whew, okay it’s not so bad, this person at Photobucket says…

“The only way to have that image removed over your photos is to upgrade to a Plus subscription, or wait for your bandwidth to reset for the month. Your bandwidth will reset to zero every month on the day you registered your account. You can find this date in your User Settings, under the Account tab.”

And here as well:

Everything should go back to normal in a few days, lol, then I suppose however quickly after that for the month is when it goes back to the grey nightmare if the 10Gb’s gets used for the month.


7 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Oh dear Dman… hope they are just picking on you!!! 🙂

    I have millions of PB pics posted over 5 years. I did made all my pics at JQ look like that on purpose lol

    But the rest I thought were permanent.

    I “fixed” your sig pic at RT…. but if you have a version you like better… feel free to change.

  2. Photo bucket have made several changes… NOT customer friendly… and I have told them so.
    Write to them and tell them what you think about this. I will if it happens to me.

    It may not help? Some minor things they have backed down on.

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