June 20, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection(Day 9)


B29 B/F Day 1
B76 W/F Day 1
B37 W/F Day 2
B51 W/F Day 2
E6 W/F Day 2
E40 W/F Day 2

E54 W/M Day 2
B72 W/M Day 3
E13 W/F Day 3
E28 W/F Day 3

Day 1
1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B30 W/M(dismissed)
4) B76 W/F

Day 2
5) B7 W/M
6) B35 B/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B51 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) B2 middle aged white female (was questioned at bench, talked to judge, I’m assuming she was dismissed)
11) B65 B/F (Dismissed/hardship)
12) B86 W/F
13) E6 W/F
14) E40 W/F
15) E54 W/M

Day 3
16) E73 W/F
17) M75 B/F
18) R39 W/M (dismissed/murder is murder even if self-defense, possibly “white-hispanic”?)
19) B61 W/F
20) B72 W/M (Another white-hispanic?)
21) E22 B/F
22) B87 W/M (Dismissed based on no call back)
23) E7 W/M (Dismissed, trayvonite stealth juror)
24) E13 W/F
25) E28 W/F

I suppose the defense will start their round of questioning with the same 30 potential jurors that Bernie questioned all day yesterday but of course they are also supposed to continue the Frye hearing at 2pm EST so who knows really how it is going to go in actuality or if they are going to have the Frye hearing tomorrow. The defense objected once yesterday, I expect 100x’s that from the state tomorrow. O’Mara said yesterday they expect the trial to start next Monday.

The Frye Hearing

1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B76 W/F
4) B7 W/M
5) B35 B/M
6) B37 W/F
7) B51 W/F
8) B86 W/F
9) E6 W/F
10) E40 W/F
11) E54 W/M
12) E73 W/F
13) M75 B/F
14) B61 W/F
15) B72 W/M
16) E22 B/F
17) E13 W/F
18) E28 W/F
19) K80 W/F
20) K95 W/F
21) P67 H/M
22) G14 W/F
23) G29 B/F
24) G47 W/M
25) G63 W/M (Doesn’t identify with any race says he’s multiracial)
26) G66 W/F
27) G81 B/M
28) H6 W/M
29) H7 W/M
30) H18 H/M
31) H29 W/M
32) H35 W/F
33) H81 B/M
34) H69 H/F
35) H86 W/F
36) I5 B/M
37) I19 W/F
38) I24 W/F
39) I33 W/M
40) I44 H/M


168 thoughts on “June 20, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection(Day 9)

  1. I think all 40 are being voir dired at this point. I can see the Frye rebuttal being moved to tomorrow, but I don’t expect it will be. I figure tomorrow will be used to strike jurors to end up with the eventual jury.

    • I’m just getting in now so I don’t know on any accounts. I see O’Mara is going into epistemology in regards to Bernies horrible telling of direct/circumstantial being one in the same as O’Mara said, very good. I hope he keeps lingering on that until all of them get what he’s saying because he’s right, hit it home when the lady said the little brother could have given the little sister the cookie and Bernie would have prosecuted the wrong person, excellent.

  2. George looking good today. Writing a note, Consult trying to see what he’s writing, shrugging and smiling like its some note from a child, he seems to have a uncle to little nephew attitude toward George, not sure what to make of it. George is quite smart and I do hope they take his concerns seriously. The note went from Consult to O’Mara, O’Mara asking George about his note, and putting it on top of his own notes.

  3. Some mean looking black family on Sybrina’s side. A man got up to take picture of the other side of the room ,,, The rest of them sitting arms akimbo, staring madly upfront, like give us what we want or else. SCARY on that side of the room! A camera guy with audio piece in the ear, looks like.

          • That reminds me of how awful they are to their own. This church gets the police to arrest their pastor because he is a poor administrator and doesn’t meet their requirements. Full blown fights among parishioners as police drag the pastor out, people kicking and screaming.

            Black Christians can be the meanest. I will never forget TD Jakes preaching at all the white mega churches throughout America, through two decades talking about forgiveness being the all important key to God. Those white Christians got all psyched up about forgiveness. Heck before you could analyze what happened to you, they want you to forgive!

            But when asked if Jakes would ask Sybrina and Tracy to forgive, he said no, they cannot do that till they get justice. What a hypocrite! Dirty little liar, all this time telling whites they should forgive or God will throw them into hell, but for his own he says, they need to have justice on this sod, before being expected to forgive.

          • And you gotta love the spunk of this black Pastor hitting back his parishioner after she slaps him. Oh yes, I can surely see how they will keep the peace after the Zimmerman trial:

          • And this one, no joke, bloody brawl at black church after Pastor pulls a knife on Minister of Music and his mom, giving her over a dozen stitches and injuries. Yeah, they’re gonna keep the peace alright:

      • Of course, though, when a white priest attack a black female parishioner that would be racist. Not sure why the priest attacks this woman, never seen anything like it:

  4. George mom and dad in the house. I wish they would stay home and stay safe, Their presence is awesome. But 8 hours on a wooden bench is hard on them with their health issues. George’s sister looks like Pocahontas, very pretty.

    Shellie in white blouse, pink lipstick, nicely threaded eyebrows with lighter eyeshades, pouty chin, she is a beauty. George’s pride and glory!

  5. O’Mara making jurors share what defendant implies, and what presumed innocent till proven guilty means. What would your verdict be today? Innocent, since nothing proven yet. Making Jurors say their number. GOOD!

  6. When does the State prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt?

    That male juror doesn’t say his number before talking. O’Mara needs to call that out. Sounded like I-5 or G 81. Did anyone catch the number?

  7. Glad O’Mara is repeating presumed innocent, and beyond a reasonable doubt. Also got a crack in at Bernie, saying we love to talk about it, and enjoy giving examples and talk about it. (that be you Bernie, taking over the court yesterday, like a charismatic Pentecostal preacher)

  8. Juror saying State carries burden. Good! They get it. O;Mara says not forced doubt. Again the same male juror talking, without number.

  9. O’Mara goes over direct and circumstantial evidence. The cookie and little girl example from Bernie yesterday. Girl with cookies is circumstantial, brother and sister could’ve given it to her, says juror. Consult smiled nodding like she got it. Another juror said both are needed.

    • O’Mara slacking on the rule of making them say their number. We have no idea who is chiming in anymore.

  10. Abiding conviction of guilt, really think he’s guilty, it wavers, and it vacillates, what do you think you should do with the wavering?

    Bernie objecting. Judge says she will give them instructions of law and that’s what they will use.

    Bernie objects again. Judge will read the instructions and says then O’Mara will continue with his line of reasoning.

    Not an abiding conviction of guilt, but one that wavers and vacillates, then its not convictable, because its not beyond a reasonable doubt.

    My question is how are the professional jurors like I 5 going to do on the verdict, this is old hat to them. And what of those who sympathize with the BGI, like G 81?

  11. You are going to be the microcosm of society.

    Any concern of the standard we hold the prosecution to, in this country?

    • Bernie objects again. Judge overrules.

      I 5 talks about the ruling in another case, they looked at both circumstantial and direct evidence. Didn’t see a difference between civil and criminal case.

      • juror answers that it should be a higher standard of preponderance in a criminal case.

        in criminal case liberty is at stake, in a civil case, money is at stake, explains O’Mara.

        • They laughed at O’Mara calling him a Stealth juror by giving the wrong number. I’d rather see I 5 go, don’t think this is a coincidence, him giving wrong number, kinda like a subliminal slip, he’s too rehearsed, too well stated, manicured, like he’s hiding his true feelings, little stuff like this gives you a glimpse of how the person is functioning overall. He could be drunk, but it is a bit too early in the day.

  12. O’Mara asks if someone has a concealed weapons permit, would you agree its a lawful activity? Talks about 2nd amendment and the right to free speech so you can express issues with all the others.

    Does anyone have a problem with the 6th amendment, the right to a fair trial, to be tried by a jury of our peers? That’s why we go through all this

  13. Nelson is looking nicer with slight highlights and head band, but mainly her disapproving face has lightened to show a more smiling, and fairer mentality. She’s not the evil dragon lady who sustained all objections and denied everything before Defense said anything

    • She’s putting on a “wise and fair decider ” facade for the new jurors. She won’t be able to maintain the facade through the duration of the trial.

      • At the Frye hearing so far, she seemed nicer to West it seemed. After the Reich fellow, I caught her giving Mantei a look like, “what the hell are you doing getting a buffoon like this. And you expect me to support this.” She had that look of total disapproval like she used to give to West. Whereas she is looking more and more with some admiration at Mr. West, and he has also been politer and more respectful toward her. Whereas before, he used to let his frustrations show, almost accusing her of being unfair, and she responded likewise.

        I am seeing something different over these two weeks, but I wanna see how she rules on the Frye hearing today.

  14. O’Mara talking about his early days in courtroom, and hot kept you awake (George looking over at him and smiling good naturedly)

  15. BDLR told you about assumptions we make (good, I am glad he is tackling that point, Bernie of all people to talk about assumptions yesterday, what a riot)

    Juror answers said she hoped it was going to be a short day (everyone laughed, George making eye contact with juror smiling and laughing)

  16. O’Mara doing good, coming across intelligent, in comparison to Bernie’s stand up comedy show yesterday.

    O’Mara points to Bernie saying bias has no place in the courtroom. (it was interesting how Bernie was skating along implying that George had used bias in judging that night, it didn’t come across as bias in the courtroom, considering the examples he used) But O’Mara getting them grounded on these points.

  17. We know who has interest in this case, right? asks O’Mara. As we look at witness testimony and evidence we have to look at what they are saying, and why they would say that.

  18. What an odd thing this jury selection process. Is it common to try to school jurors on all of these matters? This process should be used to vet not to educate. I’m not getting a good sense that O’Mara is looking for jurors to eliminate and keep. I think what’s needed in the judicial process is when they get to the final jury they get sent to a short jury school before the trial starts to learn all of these things.

    • I think he and the other attorneys are paying attention to how the jurors answer, and then they will decide.

      Uh uh uh, really good moment happened right at this moment. West moved in close to George, who was sitting there simply looking at the jury, no expression. West put his arm around his neck and moved in close to his ear to whisper something really significant. I am curious, what he is saying to him, that required that much touching, hugging. Very sweet moment!

  19. Good Samaritan? So sometimes its okay to get involved, take the law into your own hands.

    How about self defense? Protecting others and protecting oneself.

    This is really good that O’Mara is undoing some of Bernie’s bullshit from yesterday. Bernie had them hooting and hollering about not being the police, and how wicked to detain someone and act like police.

    There’s a difference between taking law into your own hands, and simply acting in self defense. Because presumption is you’re doing something illegal when you take the law into your own hands. But to the extent that the law allows, you’re simply using the law to help yourself. Juror says instinctive reaction is human, no one is thinking of law at the moment. (EXACTLY!)

    Its not a right to protect yourself, its a normal human reaction, an instinct to survive, to save yourself and others.

  20. Talking bullshit like Bernie is okay, but reading or interpreting the law is not okay! LOL!

  21. Prosecutor’s burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Zimmerman did not act in self defense.

    This is so difficult for jurors to get the concepts

  22. No quoting Pip today, he’s beating the prosecutor’s drum, tweeting about how O’Mara is going too far. Noticed he had no tweets yesterday when Bernie was peeing on our legs and telling us that its raining!

  23. Juror with domestic violence issue in past talking about someone shot and killed, says can put it aside and can put that life experience aside to use the law to decide the case.

  24. O’Mara on fitness qs discussed the other day. Can you pick out fit people in room? Play football. Said he played football.

    Is NW good thing or bad? One juror says have to keep the purpose in mind, not to go too far or do too little.

    • And I 5, not liking that guy, a professional juror, too many cases, responses too restrained.

      Is this how its supposed to happen? I thought defense is supposed to have the upper hand in choosing? This is BS! This is not justice!

    • I think he believes George had a right to defend himself and a right to a fair trial. I wish he would have made the jury.

        • oh, I agree, I meant the above sarcastically, because I wanted the other fellow to go. B 35 was a good potential and he got the survival instinct part, that is HUGE!

          • Ooohhh, I’m sorry I didn’t catch on…:) I’m feeling a little bummed that the defense wasn’t able to successfully challenge the strike, if they even tried.

            • I think I know another reason why state didn’t want B 35. Besides his comment on the survival instinct, Bernie called him out yesterday when he saw he had his eyes closed. B 35 said he had to help a friend move. He seemed like he had a lot on his plate, so his focus or attention span would be a huge issue for defense also. I wasn’t too ecstatic about all women, but if its all women together, might be good

  25. Well ain’t that nice! Not illegal to maliciously prosecute someone because they are a white Hispanic, but its illegal to not have race be a factor in choosing who will decide that person’s fate. NICE! Welcome to the new America!

  26. I 5 and G 81 gotta go. Why did they fight to keep P 67? He ain’t gonna understand what’s happening. God I hope he is given a translator at some point.

    • George involved and Consult asking and talking to him per note, O’Mara and West looking on. West bending down to explain something to George. Lorna and the two interns also looking on. Consult nodding, consult shaking head, consult and George sitting, everyone else standing.

  27. Everyone back: E 54 and E 73 okay by both

    Judge asks about M 75? Race neutral reason for striking M 75?

    O’Mara says FB postings show friends with West Robinson, no disclosure?

    Showing Bernie. And also she posted her jury summons online on FB.

    • Bernie nodding okay, continues to look at FB pages O’Mara is showing him. Bernie eye exchanges with Mantei. Judge looking on seriously. Bernie holding up Mac notebook, Mantei looking up something.

      • George looking on at them, seems to be breathing heavy, nice blue and white tie.

        Mantei emphatically shaking his head and making hand gestures like he’s minimizing the whole concern.

        Judge looking on.

        Bernie okayed something.

        • George sitting in his regular seat, looking on, blinking a lot, seems a bit anxious, but maintains composure. Gotta admire these Catholic, young Marine types. Very good discipline. Shellie holding her head high in back. Mom and Dad head down praying.

          • West looking up, like maybe saying, if you’re there God, we could use some assistance, I am totally guessing. West seems a devout Atheist to me.

  28. E 22 Pastor letter published in Orlando Sentinel very pro Trayvon Martin, also sermon evidences they were strongly in favor of TM, private detail to make a stand and how they needed to make it a significant event. Their group filled out a statement for Martin family, also additional info published by church, where she worked for 19 years, “those people always got away” very inflamed presentation to their church, but E 22 was not straightforward about the activist role of her church.

    • Bernie talking about Catholic church, but that’s not the same thing O’Mara say something, black church, a small church is more like a cult, not the same thing with a universal body like the Catholic church. E 22 is a church administrator spending 10 hours a day and socializing there, and did not disclose this info. E 22 GOTTA GO!

      • Bernie says she was not specifically asked about this. Judge says all jurors asked and should have responded, and will allow E 22 strike.

  29. e54 e73 b72 e13 as alternates

    state ok

    defense gathers. George goes over to consult, Consult, George, West sitting, everyone else huddled over, O’mara scratching back of neck with folder.

    Camera goes over to Sybrina and Tracy who are going over their notes and talking about it.

    George’s family looks on with some concern.

    • Judge asks counsel to approach. George sitting alone looking up at them. His left eye looks narrower and darker than the other.

      • O’Mara points something with folder to Consult. Comes over to George and whispers something in his ear. George hesitantly nods, looking very concerned! O’Mara explains. Lorna asks George to come back to the Consult.

  30. Attorneys go to bench. Consult heads over to George, arm on his back talking in his ear, as George sits straight, hands folded on top of table.

  31. O’Mara reminding Judge to seal everything and maintain juror privacy. Judge seals has conference with attorneys. We are waiting for jurors not picked to come in, I believe

  32. What nice customs we have in America, that all stand when Jury comes in and all sit when Jury goes out of the room.

  33. O’Mara discussing something emphatically with George, and George expressing some serious concern about something. O’Mara shows him something on cellphone and George nods, and blinks and nods softly as O’Mara continues talking. West in solemn reflection on other side of George. George writes something on note. West smiling reading something. George turns to him and whispers.

  34. Jurors are sworn in. Judge announces them as jury, says Deputy has handed them a packet to give them info. Judge says will have no further contact with them, nor will the attorneys. Has them come back Monday.

  35. Wow, the jury are all women. the one man is an alternate.

  36. George sitting soberly, not relieved, not happy, neutral. Has some tissue and wiping perspiration from forehead, and brow. He always keeps mint or something in mouth. I’ve never seen him sweat before, it must be hot and humid in Sanford.

    • George loosening tie, looking misty eyed reflectively into the distance.

      Judge said counsel approach for a minute, she’s kept them for five minutes already. She loves having the men at her bench, pleading with her. LOL! Have to admit, she’s not so hateful of West anymore and he’s smiling a lot, and seems more comfortable with her, apologizes to her, thanks her. Lets see how she rules on the audio experts.

  37. George excused, goes with bearded big fella. O’Mara also goes out of the courtroom.

    George’s family left during break, along with Shellie. May they have a little peace

  38. FRYE HEARING! West objection sustained.

    Mantei had tried to explain that Mr. Owen does not acknowledge that he is not an expert. LOL! This is truly laughable. Mantei is rude, keeps rolling his eyes and makes other immature and rude gestures a lot.

    He needs to be talked to. He got in between judge and George before when Judge was asking George if he was okay with the jury panel choice.

    Another objection about document produced by Owen and submitted in Court. Owen says document not produced by Owen. Knows Nakasone, not Wayman. Judge overrules on relevance objection. West asks what difference does it make what their relationship is.

  39. We’re talking apples and oranges. West shows him a scientific document, and Owen puts up a sales document showing how his software works. Judge rules that its beyond the scope of the hearing to have Owen explain the model. Owen says he is not a mathematician and cannot comment on Dr. Wayman’s testimony.

    West wants to know if he understands the math. Judge says in the rebuttal testimony she did not hear anything about that.

    • It was very clever of Mantei to ask very few qs of Owen, so according to judge it cannot be asked if its not in his rebuttal testimony.

      Owen says “your honor!” Are you kidding me? You don’t get to say your honor, Owen. You’re a witness.

      • Owen is not responding to West’s question, he goes on to substance of the testimony and not answer when he and Nakasone appeared in court together.

        The year was 1999, says Owen. Judge wants him to finish, Owen wnts to give the court all the details of how the hearing went. West doesn’t want to let him answer. Mantei keeps objecting. No redirect.

        Proceed to argument on the Frye hearing. West asks State to go first.

        Mantei is something else. If his ship flies, I am going to have to throw something at the screen.

  40. Mantei establishes a bullet point presentation showing Owen is an expert. Screams did not match defendant, but according to the other experts, there is no way to match the screams to any person. Screams stop after gunshot so it was the victim. Maybe because victim stopped hitting defendant, duh! And other bs that looks like an Amway sales presentation

    Criticism is new and novel claims Manteir. totally mischaracterizes the other experts testimony saying they okayed Owen’s technology as valid.

      • Why isn’t West objecting to bs like “Wayman said, “the first time I heard it,” and had already formed opinion without looking at Owen’s work.

  41. West says Owen asked for $3300, he agreed to reduce for 4 hours, but couldn’t depose because it was two days before Frye hearing. Judge says Owen’s testimony not entered into court and nothing has been turned in.

    acceptance within relevant scientific community, except Owen saying himself that his science is valid and relevant, there is no representative of the community to validate their expert. Mantei with his mocking looks and rolling eyes at camera.

    West says we don’t know Reich’s method or conclusions, and his findings are ongoing, and won’t be concluded during the trial, we didn’t know about him until after May. Reich’s report should begin, “it was a dark and stormy night,” he heard George and Trayvon having a conversation.

    West talks about the scientific expertise of Nakasone, Doddington, Wayman and French. World class scientists. In a million years would not touch the samples of screams in this case. To suggest they don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t run a lab for profit ? Reliable results?

    • It doesn’t take 700 hours to tease out something that is not there. Reich hears something that no one hears, he doesn’t use a blind panel.

      West is doing an oral presentation based on notes, asks judge if court understands. Judge says she understands.

      • Dr. French hired as a trainer by the FBI, legitimate scientific community, testifies for prosecution, not defense.

        Doddington since the 70’s doing speaker identification, he is the scientist’s scientist.

        Owen gets a bird dog fee, commission for each software piece sold, he has a financial interest, no PhD, has a history degree, went on TV to market software, bias!

        Best scientists in the world cannot explain what Reich did, as though he turned it up really loud to come up with what no one else does, examiner bias, 1,000 hours, hired by the State that all seems to be against George Zimmerman, has not finished doing what he is doing, $100 an hour 700 hours, got interested in this himself.

        Mantei rocking back and forth, side eye glances with pouty boy mocking face to Judge. Keeps objecting.

  42. According to Frye, its not simply the method that has to be generally accepted, there has to be application to the facts of the case. State has to prove its generally acceptable, otherwise its new and novel.

    Methodology that has been accepted in the scientific community. No other expert has entered to validate the methodology, except Owen and Reich of their own work. Legal acceptability. It would mislead the jury.

    • most jurors knew about the audio experts, and some knew that court would rule whether experts could testify or not, it is not helpful to juror, it will confuse them, nothing about it is helpful, minimal value, reich is not done yet, and owen has a financial stake in it.

        • Mantei says if an expert claimed it was the defendant screaming, the state wouldn’t complain that it didn’t meet the frye standard. new and novel is the idea that you shouldn’t even try, and jury should be allowed to hear what these experts found

          West wants to respond, Judge says if I let you respond, then the State will want to respond, its already 1730 hours and I have heard everything, I will review my notes from the other hearings, and give ruling tomorrow.

          Opening statements on Monday at 0900

          Court meets at 0900 tomorrow also

  43. How much you wanna bet, its more crying over how racist it is not to have racially pure 100% blacks sitting on the jury? Black Hispanics don’t count, apparently.

    • Well of course there were no black jurors since it is against the law to challenge white jurors just because you would rather have black jurors. Those laws can cut both ways. and when there are only six jurors being drawn from a majority white area this is what you get. I’m sure he’ll be coming out in favor of racial quotas in juries from now on. Or juror affirmative action.

  44. Briefing from O’Mara coming up, thought I heard him in the background. What will he be saying, I wonder? We didn’t get any blacks on the jury, but hey, its all women, so that should be good news, and two black Hispanics … blah blah blah

  45. O’Mara Briefing: We got a jury, Seminole county, Monday start, Frye hearing decision will impact the time of trial, a week added if included, I like the pace, 2 to 4 weeks of trial, looking forward to trial, long time waiting, George has been waiting 15 16 months, he’s happy that we got the jury in place, we can look forward to the real evidence, not to have a jury impacted by gender or race bias, they were striking white women and they’re not supposed to do that, they were not doing it the way they should, I objected, glad state asked for explanations on the record, glad to have opportunity to present on record, why I had concerns about their being on a jury, so all could see the actual reason for the strikes, about juries, cannot tell what they are thinking, six jurors who told us they would be fair and they would be impartial and they would not allow any external pressures to allow the way they look at the evidence and apply the law, dynamic decision in context of the trial, state cannot convince beyond a reasonable doubt that George committed a crime, watch us talk to every juror, you listened to Bernie, you listened to me, state struck the first black juror, I questioned the ability of two black jurors, and the state agreed that they were race neutral reasons, tell us we did something wrong in the process, six people who can look at the evidence, and apply the law, they got lucky enough to get on the jury panel soon as they got down here, because I didn’t believe there was a proper cause for a strike, the strength of my argument is my belief in the law, had they struck another black person, I probably would have, state might have had some concerns with that juror, … when I was a prosecutor … I’d hate to have to go to Pinellas county and import jurors, people commented and said that they hope we would have a fair trial, and that’s what I want in the case, thanks …

  46. So is b29 black or Hispanic, or black Hispanic or what? This site and the miami herald identify her as black, the sentinel said they don’t know, some identify her as Hispanic, some as a minority. Fox seems to think she is not black.

  47. The Miami Herald should know better. Cubans, and there are many is Miami, who happen to be black consider themselves Hispanic or Cuban.(and, of course, American) Their culture is Cuban not Afro American. I suspect there is some similarity with other black Hispanics, say from Puerto Rico.

    • I have no idea why they make the distinction between black and white Hispanic? Its simply Hispanic, nothing more:

  48. It doesn’t matter how the msm perceives or identifies any juror. What mattesr is the mindset of the juror which may be influenced by their cultural background. The point is that black Hispanics don’t necessarily have the same mindset as Black Americans. And, yes, this is painting with a broad brush.

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