June 19, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 8)

(recently)“Eighty-one percent of blacks said they believed Zimmerman would have been immediately arrested had Trayvon been white.”

“More than 90 percent of blacks perceived that race played a role in the shooting”

(a year ago)“Only 6 percent of black voters believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, while 82 percent said he was not”

Today not a single black juror responded to if they knew anyone who has been treated unfairly by the justice system.

Jury selection 9am EST/Frye hearing to continue around 4pm ESTUgh, Frye hearing now set tomorrow at 2pm EST

The Frye Hearing

40 prospective jurors have been reached(named in this order):
1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B76 W/F
4) B7 W/M
5) B35 B/M
6) B37 W/F
7) B51 W/F
8) B86 W/F
9) E6 W/F
10) E40 W/F
11) E54 W/M
12) E73 W/F
13) M75 B/F
14) B61 W/F
15) B72 W/M
16) E22 B/F
17) E13 W/F
18) E28 W/F
19) K80 W/F
20) K95 W/F
21) P67 H/M
22) G14 W/F
23) G29 B/F
24) G47 W/M
25) G63 W/M (Doesn’t identify with any race says he’s multiracial)
26) G66 W/F
27) G81 B/M
28) H6 W/M
29) H7 W/M
30) H18 H/M
31) H29 W/M
32) H35 W/F
33) H81 B/M
34) H69 H/F
35) H86 W/F
36) I5 B/M
37) I19 W/F
38) I24 W/F
39) I33 W/M
40) I44 H/M


78 thoughts on “June 19, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 8)

  1. George’s mom and dad in court. Shellie and grandmother. Consult pats George on back that its going to be okay. George looks sober, circles under eyes, a bit pale, slimmer, blinking eyes. Different configuration in courtroom, waiting on a juror, sidebar session. Consult whispering in George’s ear. Hope this works out in George’s favor

    • “Our parents: Mr. & Mrs. Zimmerman, along with our sister, are in court today supporting George. Despite safety considerations, the time was right to do what they could to visibly advocate for George’s innocence.

      Our parents have avoided showing their face on camera because of numerous death threats directed at our entire family. Our parents have served as primary caretakers for our grandmother, Cristina, for years. Alzheimer’s disease has left her requiring round-the-clock care and supervision. I am happy to care for our grandmother, as George, our sister and I were raised largely with her help and consider her a parent.

      Going forward, security and other concerns are paramount, and our periodic absence from court should not be misinterpreted as a withdrawal of support. Our position as a family has been clear and consistent since the night George was attacked: We are all sympathetic to the tragic reality of outliving a son or daughter, however, George acted in self-defense. Self-defense should not be criminalized, and we stand by George, because he told the truth.

      Robert Zimmerman Jr.

      From Ch 13

  2. Chip Bennett asks a good question at Nettles blog:

    Art Tart writes:
    The Defense could appeal IF GZ got a GUILTY Verdict but if there is a hung jury, I don’t know that appealing would do them any good. Appeals are for defendants that want new trials in hopes of getting a different verdict. If the case was retried, Judge N wouldn’t be the Judge since she is going to Civil Court after this case. I PRAY there isn’t a Hung Jury but I fear the likelihood is great that it might be depending on the racial makeup of the jury.

    Chip Bennett:
    What about Nelson’s anticipated denial of the defense’s anticipated motion to acquit at the conclusion of the State’s presentation? Isn’t that a reversible error, for which the remedy is acquittal on appeal? If the appeals court agrees that the State failed to present a case, they can reverse that decision and acquit, can’t they?

    • AFAIK, an appeal based on error on a Motion to Acquit can be brought on a hung jury. I believe the other points can be, and should be, too. No sense in having a second trial repeat known reversable errors.

  3. Sorry, I caused you all so much pain with my earlier screw ups, George went to jail, Shellie was arrested for perjury, both got called liars, and lost the $100,000 in bond, and I will most likely ensure continued pain to you and your good hearted, gentle family, but as long as you know, I didn’t do these things intentionally. And I am sure you will forgive me being the forgiving Christians you are. (thinks O’Mara)

    • What a politician, this guy! Next election, he will be running for something, I am sure.

  4. All jurors present and accounted for. Frye hearing will be tomorrow. Sidebar. George and Consult back at seats. Also noticing George’s friend, the bigger, black gentleman who sat with Shellie the other day.

    • Someone mentioned that George’s black friends should all come out and support him. I wish they would flash the sunlight in everyone’s faces that George himself is black. Why has that been hidden? GEORGE IS BLACK!

  5. We have a sideview of George. West on his right, Consult on his left, and then O’Mara next to Consult. State after that and then Judge facing them.

  6. Judge reads rules. Didn’t read that person accused should be allowed to face their accuser. Is that not in Florida rules. Reading Second Degree murder charge: what a sham of a case!

  7. Recognizes two people on first page. D J and D. (Does she recognize the two Dee Dee’s?) First and last name.

  8. B 61 recognizes the first one on last page. G 63 recognizes two on second page: J and C initials of first name, first and fifth name, and last page: D W initials, or W last name D first name.

  9. Cannot make out which juror or what they are saying sometimes, audio issues, or maybe the new set up. Bernie going through basic home, family, kids, work, military, hobby, originally from where, a little background. Bernie generating a lot of laughs. NOT LAUGHING: George, mom, dad, sister and friend and me!

  10. glad the new citizen who wanted a learning experience is having issues. he’s too new, too naïve to get the complex structure of this railroad.

  11. G 81 married 19 years, professional orgs, golfing, traveling, sports, work 19 years also, former Pinellas County

  12. Silly FOX: College educated means brainwashed in Marxist ideology and progressive thinking. College educated rarely means critical or rational thinker:

    • Well the brain washing wears off pretty quickly once there out in the world. You know as Churchill said every young man is aliberal or he has no heart,every old man a conservative or he has no mind.

  13. H 81 spends all his time at the courthouse, it seems. He’s got this case, a prior one, has two civil cases coming up with Nelson:

      • He knows what to say to get on a jury, that’s for sure:

        Gentleman defending himself was not “retained” – caused controversy. A middle-aged black man, he said he heard self-defense was involved with the case, at one point referring to Zimmerman as “the gentleman that was defending himself.”

    • I 5 is a professional juror, he knows exactly what to say to get on a jury. I did think his answers were a bit odd, when he said, “the gentleman who was defending himself,” both defense would like that and it has the right tone of sophistication to maybe be sarcastic parroting of media reporting, to satisfy the state.

  14. This is by AJ posted on Nettles blog, a bit more detail to keep track:



    B12 Prosecution

    B12 Defense

    A middle-aged white woman who works the graveyard shift. She likes the crime-forensics show “CSI” and said she’d heard Zimmerman was following Trayvon.



    B29 Prosecution

    B29 Defense

    Moved to FL from Chicago four months ago, mom of 7. A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward who has seven children and lived in Chicago at time of shooting.



    B76 Prosecution

    B76 Defense

    Seminole resident since 1981, could not ID Trayvon’s mom. A white middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle, and the gun went off.”



    B7 Prosecution

    B7 Defense

    Noticed people taking sides, worried about anonymity after trial. A middle-aged white man who listens to NPR. He remembered when Florida implemented its “stand your ground” law and the debate about whether it was needed.



    B35 Prosecution

    B35 Defense

    Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends. A middle-aged black man who owns a vending business. He was critical of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and says this case is not racial.



    B37 Prosecution

    B37 Defense

    Animal rescue volunteer, has 2 grown daughters, multiple pets. A middle-aged white woman who works for a chiropractor and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.”



    B51 Prosecution

    B51 Defense

    Shooting “sad on both sides,” no interest in “limelight” A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case but said: “I’m not rigid in my thinking.”



    B86 Prosecution

    B86 Defense

    School admin. worker, heard Trayvon was “expelled”. A middle-aged white woman who works at a middle school. She said if Trayvon had not been “expelled” from school in Miami-Dade County — he was actually suspended — “this could have been prevented.”



    E6 Prosecution

    E6 Defense

    Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.



    E40 Prosecution

    E40 Defense

    Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012. A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed.



    E54 Prosecution

    E54 Defense

    Stepson wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”. A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face.



    E73 Prosecution

    E73 Defense

    Can’t “conceive” of being armed, son “lives in a hoodie”. A middle-aged white woman active in Sanford’s arts community who is raising her late brother’s 15- and 18-year-old children. The media interjected race in this case, she said.



    M75 Prosecution

    M75 Defense

    Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law. A young black woman who says many of her friends have opinions on the case, but she doesn’t.



    B61 Prosecution

    B61 Defense

    Thought defense fund website was “unique”. A young white woman who remembered that “after the protesters, it seemed to turn more into a racial issue … I don’t think it’s a racial issue.”



    B72 Prosecution

    B72 Defense

    Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician. A young man who does maintenance at a school and competes in arm-wrestling tournaments. He said he avoids the news because he does not want to be “brainwashed.”



    E22 Prosecution

    E22 Defense

    Case a “volatile issue,” police “not proactive” enough. A middle-aged black woman who said that after the shooting, Sanford police should have booked Zimmerman and asked him more questions.



    E13 Prosecution

    E13 Defense

    Lives with parents, brother is black. A young white woman who goes to college and works two jobs. She heard the shooting was a “racial thing.”



    E28 Prosecution

    E28 Defense

    Hospital OR worker (someone’s cell phone went off). A middle-aged white woman who works as a nurse. She said she knew little about the case and has no opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt.



    K80 Prosecution

    K80 Defense

    Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 weeks. A middle-aged white woman with children who has not followed the case. She considers the “racial undertones” in the case “disturbing.”



    K95 Prosecution

    K95 Defense

    Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”. A middle-aged woman who’s a full-time student and “IT geek” with two children. She was critical of protests calling for Zimmerman’s arrest.



    P67 Prosecution

    P67 Defense

    Born in Mexico, wants on jury to “give back” to country. A native of Mexico who seemed eager to serve on the jury, describing it as a civic duty. “Some people think it is a racist thing,” he said of the shooting.



    G14 Prosecution

    G14 Defense

    Wants to hear facts, doesn’t want “false assumptions”. A middle-aged white woman. “I remember a lot of anger, a lot of people upset that Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested immediately.”



    G29 Prosecution

    G29 Defense

    “I try to stay uninvolved,” reaction to summons: “Not again”. A young black woman who has lived in Seminole County eight months. “There is a lot of racial tension built up,” she said, but she “stayed away from it.”



    G47 Prosecution

    G47 Defense

    Restaurant asst. mgr., ignores local news, “happy person”. A young white man who works as assistant manager at restaurant. Zimmerman appears to be “stuck in the worst situation” possible, he said.



    G63 Prosecution

    G63 Defense

    “Very mixed-race,” talked about “archetypes” like “bro.” A young, unemployed man who described himself as “mixed race.” He knew few details about the case but denounced stereotyping and said people sometimes interject race into cases.



    G66 Prosecution

    G66 Defense

    Watches news every day, protests “disruptive“. A retired white woman who cares for her toddler grandson and moved to Central Florida in 2011. When she saw photos of Zimmerman’s injuries, “I felt sorry for him.”



    G81 Prosecution

    G81 Defense

    Spoke about violence against African-American males. A tall black man who lives less than a half-mile from the scene of the shooting. There is a racial divide in Sanford, he said, but the media have misportrayed the city.



    H6 Prosecution

    H6 Defense

    Early media coveraged favored Trayvon, now balanced. A young white man who heard the phone call Zimmerman made to police before the shooting. “He sounded like he was concerned for his neighborhood.”



    H7 Prosecution

    H7 Defense

    Dressed in business attire, media sensationalizes and “tries to sell news”. A red-haired man about age 50 in a business suit who recalled “a big brouhaha in Sanford” and said, “I still don’t know why it became a high-profile case.”



    H18 Prosecution

    H18 Defense

    Prefers Netflix over news. Mechanic, shop owner. A muscled, dark-skinned man in his 20s with an accent who’s a mechanic and moved here from Kuwait. He said he avoids discussing certain topics. “When it’s politics, religion or race, I just don’t get involved.”



    H31 Prosecution

    H31 Defense

    “Circus came to town” and he tuned it out. A white-haired man who described national civil-rights leaders who led protests in Sanford “a little circus come to town.” It was “negative for the city,” he said



    H35 Prosecution

    H35 Defense

    Facebook user who “liked” a picture of Trayvon Martin. A young woman who said she knows little about the case. She “liked” a photo of Trayvon on Facebook. She needs to move by the end of June, which she said would be a hardship.



    H81 Prosecution

    H81 Defense

    Doesn’t give much credibility to “talking heads.” 2 Civil cases with Judge Nelson overseeing. A middle-aged man who described the shooting as an “incident” between Zimmerman and Trayvon. He called the shooting a “very tragic situation.”



    H69 Prosecution

    H69 Defense

    Reads WSJ, uses facebook but doesn’t recall seeing anything about the case. A five-months-pregnant woman who said she saw news about the case on television at work. She mentioned several times that she recalled seeing pictures of Trayvon as “a young child” in the media.



    H86 Prosecution

    H86 Defense

    Saw pictures, didn’t hear recordings. Didn’t have a tv until 2 weeks ago. A young white woman who said she knows almost nothing about the case. She keeps up with current events, but “certain cases and things I don’t follow.”



    I5 Prosecution

    I5 Defense

    Gentleman defending himself was not “retained” – caused controversy. A middle-aged black man, he said he heard self-defense was involved with the case, at one point referring to Zimmerman as “the gentleman that was defending himself.”



    I19 Prosecution

    I19 Defense

    Knows bare minimum from mother. Does not watch news. A young white woman who hasn’t followed the case and knows only the basic details: “I don’t watch the news; I don’t read the news,” she said.



    I24 Prosecution

    I24 Defense

    Followed case in beginning, then tuned it out. Media reps say 30s and 60s on age. An older white woman who said she followed the case at first, but then “I just kind of tuned out.” Described the case as “a young man lost his life, and another man is fighting for his life.”



    I33 Prosecution

    I33 Defense

    Newspaper reader. “I did feel compassion for both entities.” An older white man who said, “The more I heard, the less I wanted to hear.” Heard there was a 911 call involved in the case and “some controversy as to who was doing the screaming.”



    I44 Prosecution

    I44 Defense

    Sports Nut. A father of three who appeared to be in his 30s and said he’s highly skeptical of the media and its “negativity. Let’s be frank, everyone has an opinion and it stinks”.

  15. Sympathy plays no role for either side, but Sybrina will play up her tears to get those she will!

    Bias shouldn’t play a role, sure, unless the whole railroad is running on the electricity of bias. But rationally discriminating against those who have a vested interest in fraudulent victomology, that would be racist!

  16. Sims came and whispered something in George’s ear, then came back out the little half door, nodding to someone like its okay. Consult began whispering and saying something to George who nodded, then went to get something, back talking to him.

    • Assume or have biases based on where someone is from, or dressed a certain way

      Also living in gated community, had a community watch program, had crime in neighborhood, worked in security or law enforcement, had disputes, etc.

      Bernie totally making everyone laugh, he’s a funny guy. He coulda been a good entertainer, announcer, stand up comedian or a laughter yoga teacher. Sims and others in gallery also can’t help laugh. Going through everyone, but at random, difficult to follow, also audio low on the soft spoken ones. No order in which he asks, not sure how much noting everyone is doing.

  17. Surprised it took O’Mara so long to object. Bernie totally building everyone on would they be biased on where someone is from, and he’s going on to would it matter what they are wearing, would you make an opinion about that person, Bernie going on and on … Judge looking bored or something

    Nice moment between Gladys and Robert, he was smiling sweetly at Gladys, after she whispered something in his ear.

  18. Bernie continued with a closed question, anyone believe TM victim’s life was less because he was a minor, because he was an AA, etc. Everyone believe in right to be armed? Several of them had concealed weapons permit.

  19. Rick, do you have any idea what the number is of the juror that was up just before the hispanic guy that wanted a private chat? It was at or around 10:30 am

  20. Dismissed till tomorrow P 67 has his private time in court. He says hardship, letter wife helped to write. He asks if media is there also. Bernie says they have a right to be there.

    P 67 says family member afraid someone is going to come get him. Also media referred to him in a certain way and his family didn’t like it, afraid of impact his being on the case will have on them.

      • such a shame, I knew this would happen, he didn’t know what was involved, got all patriotic, went home and his family came over and gave him the low down on this case, the threats and all. He’s scared. Same thing I said about the Asian gal going to Dubai, don’t do it, they’re gonna turn tail and run, they’re too new to this society, and blacks in this country scare the willy gibbies out of most of them. New immigrants often don’t know how everything works yet, may not have people who can advise them, don’t know all their rights, there are language issues, conforming to society is a concern and they are not networked enough to stand up for someone else’s rights.

        George had all of that, and stood up for others, but look how they’ve treated him. The blacks turned against him calling him white. And the whites turned against him because the guilted ones are very happy to project their guilt on Hispanics. (yeah, it was the Hispanics that brought the slaves on their ships, its the Hispanics that are aggressive, blah blah)

        But they need to let this guy go. He is new and sees the writing on the wall: “tawanna told the truth,” etc.

        P 67 reasons: employer will not pay after 30 days, media called him a Mexican, rather than a citizen or Hispanic, child afraid someone will take him away.

  21. They are really being unfair to these jurors. They have no idea how long this trial can go, it can easily go longer then 4 weeks. They never were upfront about sequestering them. This guy needs to work and provide for his family, let him go already.

    • Did’yu listen to that dazzling sales pitch by O’Mara, this is how he convinces people to go where they don’t wanna go. Reminds me of Gollum telling Froto he has to go into the spider cave, that is the only way to Mordor, and Froto was like, “but I don’t wanna go in there …”

  22. 80 percent if black believe George would have been arrested earlier if Trayvon were white.

    I’m interested to know what percentage believe George would have been arrested at all if he (George) were black.

    • That’s a good question. I have heard it asked by interviewers to various guests.

      But George is black, and this is technically a black on black crime, except that no one wants to let go of the wonderful Skittles and Hoodie Kid mythology they have set up. LOL!

      People who are less black than George have marketed themselves as black, but where is George’s marketing team. Why don’t more people point out that he is BLACK!

      They didn’t call him “dat nigy” for nothing. They had to cast him in a role of white Hispanic to construct this railroad.

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