June 18, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 7)

40 prospective jurors have been reached(named in this order):
1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B76 W/F
4) B7 W/M
5) B35 B/M
6) B37 W/F
7) B51 W/F
8) B86 W/F
9) E6 W/F
10) E40 W/F
11) E54 W/M
12) E73 W/F
13) M75 B/F
14) B61 W/F
15) B72 W/M
16) E22 B/F
17) E13 W/F
18) E28 W/F
19) K80 W/F
20) K95 W/F
21) P67 H/M
22) G14 W/F
23) G29 B/F
24) G47 W/M
25) G63 W/M (Doesn’t identify with any race says he’s multiracial)
26) G66 W/F
27) G81 B/M
28) H6 W/M
29) H7 W/M
30) H18 H/M
31) H29 W/M
32) H35 W/F
33) H81 B/M
34) H69 H/F
35) H86 W/F
36) I5 B/M
37) I19 W/F
38) I24 W/F
39) I33 W/M
40) I44 H/M

Female 24/60%
Male 16/40%

W 28/70%
B 8/20%
H 4/10%

Florida-State-Seal - Copy
About the Florida State seal:

Just putting this post up now in case I am not able tomorrow. As usual I will be updating this post throughout the day. The hearingjury selection is set to start at 9am EST and the Frye hearing to continue again [On Wednesday] at 4pm EST. Tom Owen will be returning and the state suggests they will only be about an hour with him but who knows how long it will actually go when all is said and done and who knows if Nelson will even rule tomorrow if they do get done. O’Mara’s friend tweeted this:

I have no idea what that’s about and hope it’s worth the wait and not just some stupid waste of time like “oooh it’s O’Mara’s Bday” or some crap and they bring a bday cake in, ugh.[Update: Ignore that woman, she’s an idiot]

Here is a link for the Frye hearing stuff. I’ll have the video from yesterday of it up later videos from yesterday’s Frye hearing are up now.

The Frye Hearing

During the first day of jury selection Nelson separated the juror questionnaires into four piles. They were separated on the basis of how the jurors answered question #4. We didn’t know that question until yesterday when Bernie mentioned it during the questioning of H27. Question #4 ties into Question #3.

Question 3: Have you formed an opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant?

Question 4: Regardless of that opinion could you keep an open mind?

Nelson made four piles and told the defense and state to do the same. She separated answers “yes”, “no”, “N/A” and not answered. Why the four piles I don’t know but hey that’s Nelson for ya because she then went on to say that from the “yes” pile they would select who would be questioned from that pile.

It’s difficult to say who is absolutely out or not. We know for sure when some are out but others we don’t and have to depend on who gets called back then compare that to who wasn’t called back to see who is missing. The idea is to get to 40 potential jurors then they will continue on with the next round of questioning. Before today, 49 have been questioned, 1 talked to the judge, 17 out of 50 have been dismissed which leaves us with 33.

Here are the people questioned yesterday(I believe H13 is out as well)
H7 W/M
H10 B/M (dismissed/ can’t judge on religious grounds)
H13 W/F
H18 H/M (probably out/hardship maybe not out now, Defense seems to have rectified it)
H27 W/M (dismissed)
H29 W/M
H31 H/F (dismissed/hardship)
H35 W/F

Day 1
1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B30 W/M(dismissed)
4) B76 W/F

Day 2
5) B7 W/M
6) B35 B/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B51 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) B2 middle aged white female (was questioned at bench, talked to judge, I’m assuming she was dismissed)
11) B65 B/F (Dismissed/hardship)
12) B86 W/F
13) E6 W/F
14) E40 W/F
15) E54 W/M

Day 3
16) E73 W/F
17) M75 B/F
18) R39 W/M (dismissed/murder is murder even if self-defense, possibly “white-hispanic”?)
19) B61 W/F
20) B72 W/M (Another white-hispanic?)
21) E22 B/F
22) B87 W/M (Dismissed based on no call back)
23) E7 W/M (Dismissed, trayvonite stealth juror)
24) E13 W/F
25) E28 W/F

Day 4
26) E50 W/M (Dismissed based on no call back)
27) E75 W/M (Dismissed based on no call back)
28) E81 W/F (Dismissed based on no call back)
29) K80 W/F
30) K95 W/F
31) N18 H/M (dismissed)
32) B34 H/M (dismissed)
33) B67 H/F (dismissed/hardship)
34) P67 H/M
35) G14 W/F

Day 5
36) G29 B/F
37) G47 W/M
38) G63 W/M (Doesn’t identify with any race says he’s multiracial)
39) G66 W/F
40) G81 B/M
41) G87 W/F (dismissed)
42) H6 W/M

Day 6
43) H7 W/M
44) H10 B/M (dismissed/ can’t judge on religious grounds)
45) H13 W/F (Dismissed based on no call back)
46) H18 H/M (probably out/hardship maybe not out now, Defense seems to have rectified it)
47) H27 W/M (dismissed)
48) H29 W/M
49) H31 H/F (dismissed/hardship)
50) H35 W/F

Day 7
51) H81 B/M
52) H69 H/F
53) H86 W/F
54) I5 B/M
55) I14 W/M (dismissed? Trayvonite stealth juror?)
56) I19 W/F
57) I24 W/F
58) I33 W/M
59) I44 H/M

Here is the list from yesterday that was told to come back Tuesday:

Here was the list from last Friday that was told to come back Tuesday:
B35 B/M
B29 B/F
B12 W/F
B76 W/F
B51 W/F
B7 W/M
B37 W/F
B86 W/F
B55 A/F
E6 W/F
E40 W/F
E54 W/M
E73 W/F
M75 B/F
B61 W/F
B72 W/M
E22 B/F
E13 W/F
E28 W/F
K80 W/F
K95 W/F
P67 H/M
G14 W/F

These were told yesterday to come back Wednesday:


90 thoughts on “June 18, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 7)

  1. E75 was the guy with the obey shirt right? He’s still in it? They know about the Shepard fairy connection right? He wore different “obey” clothing items two days in a row. And fairy is the one that made the martin in a hoodie poster. I refuse to except that it was just a coincidence that he wore “obey” 2 days in a row.

        • yeah this is a real pain in the ass because so much of the process is not revealed to the public so it’s difficult with some of these to say if they are out, I’m going by the fact that they don’t get called back. We’ll know for sure, hopefully, when they have the final list of forty who was not called back.

  2. H 69 young Hispanic 20’s

    did not focus on the case, some to do about her saying people killed all the time, defense objects to change to the word murdered, when she killed, and they went to the bench, juror says people lose their lives all the time, knows about case since lives here, one person shot another, that’s all she knows, everyone is innocent till proven guilty, says no opinion, hardship contact with family, five and half months pregnant (George prayerfully closes eyes and smiles at her, looking thoughtfully over)

    • West goes to qs her, says something relaxing to her, (Z looks at her with kind smile), discusses pregnancy, normal physician care, once a month, everything is fine, rescheduling if sequestered, blood work or specialist, can be done before 9am, earlier she joked with Bernie that its a girl, nice laugh in courtroom.

      Per Stutz she has ponytail, is in her 30’s, reads Wall Street Journal, remembers the pics, coworkers mentioned pics not up to date, showed a younger TM, media is not always accurate, cannot say they do it on purpose, skeptical, media says immediately, get news out in ways that get people’s attention, church sermon focus on life, salvation, focus on people dying and accepting Christ before dying, that’s what she meant before, her line of work, people desensitized, open to hearing all evidence, 21 years in Central Florida (Geo looking down writing something

  3. H 86 white female mid 20’s

    FOX news or local news, heard commercials of breaking news, did not get involved, got tv two weeks, smiles with slight laugh, (George smiles good naturedly, with resigned emptiness, not sure what’s gotten into that boy)

    • Remember Mr. Zimmerman’s name, listens to current events, but doesn’t follow some cases and such, not unless it affects her patients of her, family doesn’t talk about the cases, relating to community, has no opinion, doesn’t let coworkers talk about it because she could be a juror, no discussions earlier either, (George looking intently at her), no internet related to case, sometimes look at CNN, media didn’t accurately portray another local case, six months ago, story news covered, not a pending case, knew the person, close to the family

      • church goer, no social gatherings, not around anywhere there is discussion or donation requests (Consult and George continue in indifference it seems, not close huddles and whispering like a week ago)

  4. I 5 middle aged African American male

    Watches cable, local mostly, some national, killing of TM by George Zimmerman in self defense, state law (syg), gentleman that was defending himself was not retained, that was the take, watching the media, (sounds too polite)

    Remembers marches, news at 1900, religiously, no photos, the first contact was cable, then CNN, media opinionated, agrees with Bernie, media slanted against George Zimmerman, HLN out of control, glorifies crime, everything slanted against you, you don’t get your day in court, the way they deliver, you’re prosecuting an individual, you’re judging guilty or not, before they’ve had their day (seems very passionate, very emphatic on this point), think he understands (George looked at him very soberly, then looking down in feeling. Its nice when people get things, its very healing)

    • no recording, didn’t determine who that was, heard part of it, did not conclude whose voice, (Consult looking very curiously, intently at him before), does not remember commentary on behalf of the defendant or the other side, news from CNN, recalls motions for the case, no family discussion, no FB or social media, goes on Internet, says for work he has to do everything there per job, but no social media, wife has more personal social media, not web

      • community upset that Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested, and the black leaders Sharpton and Jackson, came to support, and that wasn’t necessary, it was a bit much, there was a time that was needed, understand that he is child born in 50’s, been through all that, but in this particular case, have to let the law work, in this case, stirred up feelings that didn’t necessarily need to be, thought it was inappropriate, not necessary, got community all rosted ? but will not factor into guilt or innocence, is irrelevant to him.

      • when you feel threatened, you are allowed to protect yourself, doesn’t recall law, (Consult smiling and writing something, George looking at him intently with puzzled look, at one point breathed out through mouth when juror said you’re allowed to protect yourself. Poor George he saved his life and the world came out to demand it of him, that as just as our laws have tried to be, how people comprehend justice allows us to live and be free in the world) understood how it could’ve happened, laws are complex, somebody didn’t walk up and shoot somebody, there was a scuffle, doesn’t know details, Trayvon Martin died, no opinion otherwise, Bernie asks hardship question

      • Bernie said four months, corrected himself, juror laughed, George made eye contact laughing smiling but lightly and blinking eyes for a long while) George does long meaningful blinks today, as though absorbing things in deep meaningful acceptance, there’s a sober reality about George these two days, not sure what to make of it)

        Says to West, wife will decide in regards to hardship, laugh in courtroom (George laughs acknowledgingly understandingly knowing what he means about wife making the decision for the important things in our lives)

      • doesn’t look at biased coverings in the news, family gatherings we talk about family, TM came from Miami, his father was here, didn’t hear anything about Zimmerman (Sybrina and Tracy looking on cockily, like they have it in the bag, and why go through all this, give us what we want, no truth there, that’s for sure)

        • marches are always innocent, because somebody feels wronged, community feels that and national leaders feel … it can be charged, says has not participated in the marches, did not think race from the media, wasn’t appropriate to have that march, but from his own experience knew it was about race

          (this is what West needs to develop: Juror’s own experience that made him think this case was racially charged. Does he think George did anything racist or wrong?”)

          Is there a racial component to the killing of TM? He says no, he doesn’t think so, hasn’t been proven yet, if there was a delay in the arrest juror says he, as a citizen wouldn’t have known that, unless he got it from the media, all his info came after the situation, said after attorney general got involved, he felt that maybe the department mishandled things

        • Says doesn’t feel that this is a civil rights case, would George be arrested if he was black, I don’t think so, I don’t think like that (his answer is weirdly pieced together), consult okays it

          (THIS juror is a red flag, he feels case mishandled, he says may not be racist, but has experienced racism himself, (best psyops happen when people say something that sounds fair while agreeing over the fundamental principles of the immoral and unjust idea. Juror’s answer not so convincing about whether or not George is racist; his definitions of racism will need to be identified properly, because given his life experiences, his inclinations may lean more toward collectivism; but worse, he may subconsciously hold reservations which he has learned to masque in open society)

  5. “By going down and doing demonstrations and things is not what needs to be happening at this time.”

    Sounds just like potential juror I5 doesn’t it? That was actually said recently by the NAACP:

    During the George Zimmerman Trial, the NAACP says they do not want people showing up and protesting outside the courthouse.

    “We encourage people to stay home because the trial has to take its course,” Riley said. “By going down and doing demonstrations and things is not what needs to be happening at this time.”

    The 104th National NAACP Convention will take place in Orlando July 13.


    People really have to ask themselves that if this is the message being spread by black leadership, churches, the family, USDOJ/CRD/CRS, etc. WHY?????

    • People hedge themselves in linguistic uncertainties. Its easy to hear what we wanna hear, but pay attention to the emphasis, the hedges, the hesitations, the specifics of timing rather than the universality of the principle, in the moderate and civilized language of politically pleasant are hidden the cleverly concealed lies.

      If people are good at anything today, it is lying and doing so very effectively, without conscience. Simply believe it serves a greater cause, for example:

      Your wife asks you if you think she’s fat? Doesn’t matter if you had to widen the doorway so her butt could get through the door. Your response to her query should, without hesitation, be an emphatic, “NO!”

      Its the same with people who are going to lie to get on the jury. They believe they believe in the greater cause, the good of the community, as O’Mara also does. Its funny how Zimmerman’s caring about the community is criminalized, but everyone else’s idea of community is holy and good.

      Stealth jurors are not people like E 7, they are going to come in speaking the language of our guard dog O’Mara! G 81

  6. I 14 white male 20’s, very nervous, very young, maybe teenager, per Stutz

    knows basics, discussions at school, mom had tv on (George looking on interestedly as always, with lots of blinking, maybe sleepy, although he had very good discipline staying up through the Frye hearing yesterday evening)

    friends commenting on his being a juror, maybe on this case, did not post anything about how he would vote, a year ago, George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, on news he heard GZ followed TM, did not take that gospel truth, media favoring TM, some people really upset, rants, did not sway him.

    voice seems soft, trying to say as little as possible, hardship is not a issue for 2 4 weeks

    • 2nd semester of high school he says to O’Mara, first heard the basic knowledge classmates talking, TM didn’t have anything dangerous on him, one class where students talked, did Zim have right to shoot, did TM do anything really suspicious, had not heard about the case until the classmates said the Zimmerman didn’t have a right to pursue (******) TM, didn’t form opinion, talked to mom, watched the news, found out that TM was unarmed, man on NW on phone, shot TM and he was unarmed, explains NW as an organization (lol)

    • did not watch news again till summer, same class again, TM wasn’t armed, and GZ was on NW, five other conversations, GZ saving his own life, self defense, TM broke GZ’s nose first, TM felt scared and attacked him, punched his nose, or used some object to attack him, mom said Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin and TM was unarmed, mom didn’t say much after that, (George looking on interestedly head straight up, sitting back in chair)

      • Majority, about 70% favor TM, does not connect with it, (West and George give Consult a note, Consult reads and nods) pic after first arrest, tm pic was 17, remembers, the news had conversation between Mr. Zimmerman and the police, NEN call, a few phrases, GZ called saying he was following suspect and the police told him not to follow, he felt that it was improper to an extent, (**) O’Mara explaining evidence not there to support that or not in court evidence, can you put that aside and follow judge’s instructions, yes

      • Also that TM was wearing a hoodie, and could’ve looked suspicious, a lot of people thought TM was innocent, riots or rants, not concerning about safety, more details came into the news, mom and he talked about it, Zimmerman had been attacked, did not express opinion, consult showing something to O’Mara on written notes, he takes notes and asks of mom’s insight if she signed petition or donated money, Consult nods, George glances at attorneys going to sidebar in a matter of fact way, looks down, flips through his notebook

        (Consult up close in his face telling him something, George no response, continues to write, not sure if he said anything, but no eye contact, Consult pulls away and sorts through his own notes, hmmm … George is usually not for the cold shoulder, curious. Straight back, unbending, looking straight ahead, worried look, side glances at attorney, then turning sideways to Consult to ask something, gets close, heads together, whispering, Consult turning to him, heads together, yay, good, they’re friends again, talking like before, it was worrisome for a while there, George continues with worried look. What is that worry on his forehead, in between his eyebrows, more than usual?)

  7. I 19 white female nervous, hair in bun, soft spoken, maybe 19 per Pip

    bare minimum doesn’t watch news, mom told her Zimmerman intentionally killed Trayvon Martin, doesn’t know anything herself, George frowning pics, TM pics, no recordings, no videos, no interest in news

    • boss very interested in case, wants to be a juror, she walks away if she tries to talk about the case, no FB, don’t watch the news, don’t read the news, may catch some news on the run, may stop to read it, heard about it, didn’t stop to sit down and read through it, probably heard from mom if she was watching the news, heard about memorial services for Trayvon, lives with mom, she doesn’t help her financially, so it is a hardship, boss’s friends had done something to try and get picked, she feels that this case could go either way, doesn’t have an opinion on this case, switched shifts for today to be here.

      • Belich not paying attention. It was the boss, not the mother who wants to be on the jury! Mom is simply interested in the news, as I heard it:

    • Consult whispering long and close in West’s ear, George had whispered something to consult before, also looked curiously on when the young lady mentioned her boss’s friend had tried to do something to get on a jury once

      • Mom doesn’t ask for rent, but has to cover her, her brothers, would have to ask grandparents for money, and cannot do this on her own financially, has to work to pay bills and needs money

        (gosh she’s 20 years old, what kinda bills does the girl have, gambling debt, drinking, drugs, big cars, can’t imagine, how young people are so deep in debt?)

      • Her brother is 16, mom said a boy was shot and not much more than that, I heard the names, somebody was shot and killed doesn’t mean … West tries to say, Bernie objects, Judge says rephrase, juror says it was a big story so mom felt the need to pass it on to me, heard about the community reaction, walks to honor the deceased, nothing more.

        • they were honoring the deceased, march, walking, everyone who was on that side, big deal since it is going on at present also, assumed they were taking place somewhere, they took that particular side, they probably like die hard that he did it, and want to honor the deceased TM, no opinion otherwise, brother has less interest than me, no church or social organization, operations manager her boss wanted to get on the jury, mom knew it was this case, didn’t like it because I would be missing work (George blinking a lot, wrote something and gave it to Consult, looking concernedly on for some reason)

          Mom has tried to get her to quit and get a higher paying job, will not pay her bills for her, but will ask her, felt bad that TM died, but I didn’t know him, what about George, West asks, she says its that someone could kill someone, when she heard he was going to jail, she thought it was good that he was going to jail, but its still going on, from the news, yeah, she felt that George Zimmerman had done something wrong. (Wow, George’s instincts are right, he was looking very concernedly at this woman and now she admits it, yeah, he did something wrong and didn’t understand why this is going on, and hasn’t looked at the case)

        • mom didn’t sign petition or donate or go on one side or another, (judge looking very strangely at West these days, almost in a liking sort of way, hmmm, go West!)

          Consult saying something to judge, West says good, sidebar everyone

  8. I 24 white female in 30’s and as usual Pip calls her middle aged lol (by Oct this year, then George will be middle aged, according to Pipitone)

    local news, probably FOX, young man shot and killed, someone patrolling that subdivision, earlier no injuries on Mr. Zimmerman, later saw pics of Mr. Zimmerman showing bruises on back of his head and on his face, does not believe photos and everything she says, Bernie gets her to admit, I hope he’s not impressing on her that the photos were not fact.

    (Poor George, resignedly closes eyes and lips curling down in acceptance of overall persecution f him)

    Media showed guilty, on work at occasionally, did not have time to think much on it (George again closes eyes in acknowledgement, looking on) co workers felt he was guilt, she told them they were jumping to conclusions, and has not formed an opinion, (Consult and George both writing something)

    • not good at getting into FB, or social media, kids helped her get on it, but too interested in their own lives, would tell stranger that a young man lost his life, and another man is fighting for his life, Mr. Zimmerman shot a young man, and what the media has said in defense of his life, just that TM was in his neighborhood, and some incident caused him to feel that he needed to defend himself, Bernie asked something, she says TM was shot, just that he was in the neighborhood, and Mr. Zimmerman thought he was suspicious, Bernie asks more on the suspicious part, she doesn’t say

    • The young man had gone to the store to get a drink, here comes Bernie blue car red car analogy, (hint hint say skittles and Bernie will be happy), she says primarily that it was something of a NW, Mr. Zimmerman was involved in a NW, TM’s parents were very upset about it, I can understand that, I cannot imagine losing a child, any parent would feel that way, I cannot imagine losing my child, (she says again) (**************)

      I enjoy the news, enjoy listening in the world, what’s going on, I enjoy the news, you can ask my co workers (hmmm, she doesn’t have time but twice she says she enjoys the news. She tells coworkers we must not jump to conclusions based on little info, but says she listens to the news halfway, so she makes her opinions based on half the news! She doesn’t have an opinion, but as a mom, really feels for draco and family about the loss of thug son … TYPICAL UNOPINIONATED juror!)

      My children all grown, she says.

      Yeah, she says to O’Mara, I understand you wanna make sure Mr. Zimmerman receives a fair trial.

    • Good, O’Mara is getting right to her bullshit: patrolling, loves to watch the news.

      What if he wasn’t patrolling? Says she will rely on what she hears in the courtroom!

      The thing we have to remember, what I would like to remember, that the media reports what comes to light right away, they don’t take time to research and gather facts, and its unfair that they report things. (What about her, she listens to them halfway: Half of slanted news is far worse than what they do!)

      In the beginning, the young man was innocent, now they are reporting the things he did at school, media lengthens the story by what sells, when they said initially Mr. Zimmerman had no injuries, and a week or so later, he did (George, closes his eyes and turns away looking down, hurt at what they’ve done to him.

      One thing I like that this juror said its sad that the media does this to people who are fighting for their lives. I hope she is thinking of George there. She seems sincere and open minded, for the most part. Listens to news as background news, something to occupy the mind, ABC, NBC, CNN, mostly FOX though.

  9. I 33 white male in 60’s, per Pip 60’s grey goatee

    Old fashioned hard copy of Orlando Sentinel, local news, Martin killed in altercation with Mr. Zimmerman, felt compassion for both entities, the more I heard the less I wanted to hear, (poor senior trying to settle down to a good life in Florida, and along comes trouble from upstarts)

    Condominium complex? At night, a fight, pics of TM in hooded sweatshirt standing, Mr. Zimmerman his face, getting out of police car, recent pic, compared to before, a regular picture, no other info, Bernie with blue and red car analogy, what color car was it, remembers hearing of a 911 tape but did not hear it, do remember there was some screaming on it, I did say I didn’t hear it, but I might have, commentary with tape of screams, did hear the actual screaming, some controversy over who was doing it.

    Bernie asks qs and juror keeps saying, “try again,” lol!

    • friends, family, media, commentary on case, (George soberly looks on, with elongated blinks of resigned acceptance of this terrible situation, very introspective, some deep feeling he’s gotten into), juror says heavy talking both directions, free speech is pretty broad, but whatever happened, cannot go back, social media challenged in that respect, (Consult asks George something about his notes, George acknowledges, both looking again at juror)

      Juror says not employed, Bernie says limited contact with family and sequestering for 2 to 4 weeks, no hardship he says (Consult whispers in West’s ear as he is headed over to podium)

    • Local alphabet channel news, watches FOX news, but may not be the fill in, some laugh in the room (George smiling very nicely directly at juror)

    • remembers interviews of people with the case, has not been to or been anywhere where there is a press conference, unemployed long time due to accident, physical recovery, remembers controversy about who is doing the screaming, haven’t figured it out, community reaction, (O’Mara working on notebook), heavy talking, caused police chief to vacate his job, haven’t formed an opinion as to why he lost his job, (Consult says something to West as he bends over to defense table, George writing something also), no neighbors, acquaintances, comments and opinions on both sides of the fence, not had enough facts to form an opinion, open mind says yes.

  10. I 44 Hispanic male middle aged (30’s per pip, 40’s per kat)

    CNN, gosh, how long is the media going to avalanche us with this, manager for my, not work related, doesn’t belong in workplace, story sensationalized about the skittles company, thought it was shameless consumerism, (lol), wearing hoodie in the rain, turned himself in, went down for questioning, but at a later time, will go by witness stand, disregard any recall or anything outside influence, radio slowed down to make comical, a recording of a call.

    • recalls snippets of a 911 operator saying we’re on our way, lives in Lake Mary, aware of traffic jams when protests were taking place, didn’t pay attention, we have a right to peaceful protest, drastically elongated time to get home to see his family

    • would tell stranger, there was a shooting, and a trial to find out what happened, would point them to the news media

    • father of 3, media all negative, not a way to build the family, children 10,12 and one year old, has not formulated opinion, first thing he heard, breaking news while watching TV, another drawn out case, media is going to do, computer generated what might have happened, computer animation, rainy night, operator on phone with Mr. Zimmerman, streets, didn’t finish watching, but Mr. Zimmerman’s character coming from behind, that this is what media thought, friends tied up in hyped cases like this, it consumes them, and what it does to their lives, I am a sports nut, six that say one way, half dozen the other way

  11. O’Mara sitting aside George, shoulders and arms touching, like his arm around him almost. UGH! Creepy!

    Judge asks him if he’s okay with the attorney’s decisions. Counsel for both sides, when we have 40, we go into voir dire, is that acceptable to you, George says yes Sir


    Here we go! We’re on the Tarmac …

  12. George with eyes so big and wide open like he’s facing the guillotine almost. Poor thing, he looks so scared, looking up and far out ahead, eyes more reflective again. West whispering in his ear, he says something back, nods, West says something to Consult, a better huddle than yesterday.

  13. Someone please tell me, is G 81 gone, because he was in the first list, which Belich tweets are dismissed. So is G 81 gone?

  14. Sidebar with judge. George hands on table, crossed, straight back, looking ahead in his good Catholic boy pose, Consult looking at his notes, hand on head like man in deep, troubling thought, or a mathematician working on a complex solution, or maybe that’s how he normally thinks, very expressive, emotional, this guy.

    Its a good line of work, Jury Consulting, requires a very unique set of skills. I know Richard was on the Mary Kay Letourneau case, but didn’t she get some jail time? I would’ve liked the gal who picked the OJ jury, she was good! Could spot a liar a mile away!

    • Consult leaning over to talk to George, laughing and waving dismissively with his hands. George smiling and nodding, seems a little more relaxed!

  15. From Channel 13, I guess I have my second opinion, thanks CBoldt:

    6/10 B-12 F 40s-50s White 1st interviewed, grandmother, lives 10 miles from scene
    6/10 B-29 F 40s Black Moved to FL from Chicago four months ago, mom of 7
    6/10 B-76 F 50s-60s White Seminole resident since 1981, could not ID Trayvon’s mom
    6/11 B-7 M 40s-50s White Noticed people taking sides, worried about anonymity after trial
    6/11 B-35 M 40s-50s Black Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends
    6/11 B-37 F 50s White Animal rescue volunteer, has 2 grown daughters, multiple pets
    6/11 B-51 F 60s-70s White Retired, shooting “sad on both sides,” no interest in “limelight”
    6/11 B-86 F early 50s White School admin. worker, heard Trayvon was “expelled”
    6/11 E-6 F 20s-30s White Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves
    6/11 E-40 F 50s-60s White Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012
    6/11 E-54 M 60s-70s White Son wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”
    6/12 E-73 F 60s White Can’t “conceive” of being armed, son “lives in a hoodie”
    6/12 M-75 F 30s Black Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law
    6/12 B-61 F 20s White Thought defense fund website was “unique”
    6/12 B-72 M 20s Mixed-Race Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician
    6/12 E-22 F 50-60 Black Case a “volatile issue,” police “not proactive” enough
    6/12 E-13 F 20s White Lives with parents, brother is black
    6/12 E-28 F 50s-60s White Hospital O.R. worker (someone’s cell phone went off)
    6/13 K-80 F 40s-50s White Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 weeks
    6/13 K-95 F 40s-50s White Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”

    6/13 P-67 M 40s-50s
    Hispanic Born in Mexico, wants on jury to “give back” to country

    6/13 G-14 F 40s-50s White Wants to hear facts, doesn’t want “false assumptions”
    6/14 G-29 F 30s Black “I try to stay uninvolved,” reaction to summons: “Not again”
    6/14 G-47 M 20s White Restaurant asst. mgr., ignores local news, “happy person”
    6/14 G-63 M 20s Mixed-Race “Very mixed-race,” talked about “archetypes” like “bro”
    6/14 G-66 F 50s White Watches news every day, protests “disruptive”
    6/14 G-81 M 30s-40s Black Spoke about violence against African-American males
    6/14 H-6 M 30s-40s White Early media coveraged favored Trayvon, now balanced
    6/17 H-7 M 50s-60s White “Big brouhaha” in Sanford, media has “anti-gun atmosphere”
    6/17 H-18 M 30s Hispanic Self-employed mechanic, doesn’t discuss politics or race
    6/17 H-29 M 60s White Shooting negative on city, activists got people stirred up
    6/17 H-35 F 20s-30s White Moving at end of the month, has “social anxiety”
    6/18 H-81 M 50s Mixed-Race 2 civil cases pending before same judge
    6/18 H-69 F 30s Hispanic More than 5 months pregnant
    6/18 H-86 F 20s-30s White Didn’t follow case, just bought a TV
    6/18 I-5 M 50s-60s Black “I don’t see how you get a fair trial” with media coverage
    6/18 I-19 F 18-20s White No interest in case, job won’t pay her for jury duty
    6/18 I-24 F 50s-60s White “No one is a winner” in this case
    6/18 I-33 M 50s-60s White Gray goatee, “just learned how to email”
    6/18 I-44 M 30s Mixed-Race “Sports nut,” “Everyone has an opinion, and they all stink”

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