June 14, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 5)

A little more activity? Handful? Looks like 2, so yeah I guess that is a little more activity then it has been.

The process remains confusing and lacking in information. Everything I have read it seems nobody truly understands just what the hell is going on. As it stands now:

“By the end of the court session Thursday, attorneys had interviewed 34 potential witnesses over four days. Ten were questioned Thursday. Five were held over, raising the number of potential candidates eligible second round to 25.”

Also yesterday Stutzman tweeted:
“after 4 days 85 prospective panel members rejected”

So clearly they are out of the first 100 they had but I don’t know what they are doing to get more. Clearly some process has occurred to get more, possibly they went through more questionnaires on their own time then called those jurors in.

I don’t have the jurisprudence knowledge to gauge what is happening regarding jury selection but from an outsider and laymen perspective I find it dubious and ridiculous. The process has been nearly completely closed to the public except for the actual questioning. I would think that in this critical phase transparency would be a priority after juror safety. There’s just too much at stake and we need to gauge the selection process for any problems. No doubt all parties have an interest in that.

From my notes so far this is what I have(in order of appearance)(Bold coming back next Tuesday:

1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B30 W/M (dismissed)
4) B76 W/F
5) B7 W/M
6) B35 B/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B51 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) B2 middle aged white female (was questioned at bench, talked to judge, I’m assuming she was dismissed)
11) B65 B/F (maybe out/hardship)
12) B86 W/F
13) E6 W/F
14) E40 W/F
15) E54 W/M
16) E73 W/F
17) M75 B/F
18) R39 W/M (dismissed/murder is murder even if self-defense, possibly “white-hispanic”?)
19) B61 W/F
20) B72 W/M (Another white-hispanic?)
21) E22 B/F
22) B87 W/M
23) E7 W/M (Dismissed, trayvonite stealth juror)
24) E13 W/F
25) E28 W/F
26) E50 W/M
27) E75 W/M
28) E81 W/F
29) K80 W/F
30) K95 W/F
31) N18 H/M (probably out)
32) B34 H/M (probably out)
33) B67 H/F (probably out/hardship)
34) P67 H/M
35) G14 W/F

F 22 62.85%
M 13 37.14%

W 25 71.42%
B 5 14.28%
H 4 11.42%
O 1 2.85%

Given the fact that we do not know who is definitely out at this point I see no point in trying to figure the numbers for who remains i.e. the article says five were held over from yesterdays group of ten but I only recall three having a problem so there are two unknowns from that group who have been dismissed. I suppose once the 40 is reached I can go back and see who has been dismissed, so I will leave that for when that time comes.

I have been trying to keep up on it all but don’t have the time to comment much as it occurs. Commenter Rick Madigan has been doing a great job and want to thank him for his contributions.

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Oh, just one last note, it took over 100 to get 25 so if they want 40 then they may have to go through another 60 and at ten a day is today and all of next week, if not then this might go into the week after before they get to the next round. This of course in contingent on many factors and subject to change.

(will be updating post as day progresses)

Jurors coming back Tuesday 9am:

1) B35 B/M
2) B29 B/F
3) B12 W/F
4) B76 W/F
5) B51 W/F
6) B7 W/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B86 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) E6 W/F
11) E40 W/F
12) E54 W/M
13) E73 W/F
14) M75 B/F
15) B61 W/F
16) B72 W/M
17) E22 B/F
18) E13 W/F
19) E28 W/F
20) K80 W/F
21) K95 W/F
22) P67 H/M
23) G14 W/F

F 17/73.91%
M 6/26.08%

W 18/78.26%
B 3/13.04%
H 1/4.34%
O 1/4.34%

Coming Monday for individual questioning:

1) H69
2) H81
3) H86
4) I5
5) I14
6) I19
7) I24
8) I33
9) I42
10) I44
11) I46
12) I49
13) I54
14) I64
15) I65
16) I66
17) I68
18) I76
19) I79

Jurors up today:
G29 B/F
G47 W/M
G63 W/M (Doesn’t identify with any race says he’s multiracial)
G66 W/F
G81 B/M
G87 W/F (probably out/ she let slip where she works)
H6 W/M

Coming back Monday:

Coming back Tuesday:


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  1. The judge mentioned that at least some of the prosepcts had filled out the questionnaire on Tuesday, so the total pool is at least around 200, and I think it is more likely up to 400 as of yesterday. I would guess most of those are sent home with an admonition to stay away from news and conversations relating to the case. They call in, and are told to come to court as the needs for oral examinati0on dictate.

  2. Nelson asks about FRYE hearing on Saturday, West says expert is stateside, State Mantei objects, West wants juror panel done with voir dire, and then in between, says it will take several hours, Tuesday at , Judge says or Tuesday at, if you like.

    Judge asks

    • That was just so bizarre. She called it a housekeeping matter and was like ready to go with it right then. Everyone was like wtf, ahh, you do know we’re in the middle of jury selection and was prepared to go on with that ay? lol. It’s like she forgot or something, lol. Then she tried to explain it off saying well I said I would make the time for it so here we are, now where’s your witness, California or Rome, blah blah blah, lol.

      • Her order says the Frye hearing would be conducted this week, and you know how she is about following orders. I thought Mantei was going to crap himself on the spot. Looks like the Frye hearing will be finished up sometime early next week, but all that is contingent on witness availability.

        • Thanks, I didn’t know that about the order. Well if that is the case then she was right. They should have been trying since they received that order to set it up.

          • She said she’d asked defense abut witness availability, on Tuesday, and they hadn’t provided any answer to her. But, in West’s defense, she’s been plowing ahead with voir dire, and he reasonably assumed she’d want to finish that rather than interrupt it, because voir dire represents inconvenience to the PJ’s. Now that west knows she’ll interrupt voir dire in favor of the Frye hearing, he’s able to inquire of the witness and obtain witness availability slots.

            It’s up to her to schedule her court, not up to the lawyers. The order just says “Frye hearing to be continued the week of 6/10/13,” and did not put the onus on defense to schedule the hearing.

  3. Counsel are talking at bench for a few minutes. George was writing before. Looking straight ahead with vacant expression, hands atop table folded, elbows on table, chair tucked in nicely. Good military bearing. He used to be in the young Marines or something in high school!

    • his discipline is amazing, leaning a little bit forward looking intently. Okay, everyone is back from bench, looks like. Consultant gets pens out, glasses on! George looking down at hands. Consultant. West satin yellow tie, talking with O’Mara behind George.

  4. Pipitone behind Shellie, she looks anxious, mane not so buffed, hair looks stringy, a little more casual then day one of this menagerie!

    • West, Omara and Consult conferring over some paper by deputy on George’s left. btw George is left handed it seems!

  5. b35 b29 b12 b76 b51 b7 b37 b86 b55 e6 e40 e54 e73 m75 b61 b72 e22 e13 e28 k80 k95 p67 g14

    judge discusses rules, no research, no discussions with friends, potentially on jury, no conversations about process or anything, be back Tuesday at 0900

        • consult always has look on his face like “this is fun!” he seems very familiar! I was hoping for the woman who helped Johnny Cochran jury, Jo Ellen Dimitrius, she ranks number two or something in the US, and Shermer, the Skeptic, put a nice scientific test to her methods:

          • George whispering with West to the left of him, looking serious, sad, concerned again First two days there was definitely a happy and “lets do this sense” on his face, but not since yesterday, he smiles at jurors but that’s it.

      • Maintei can’t make Saturday, and I doubt the state is prepared to voir dire on Saturday. West is going to inquire about expert witness availability for next week, but seemed inclined to ask the expert about availability on Tuesday or later.

  6. G 29 black female in 30’s

    “Zimmerman killed Martin on NW watch, claims self defense,” doesn’t follow news, no online, try to stay uninvolved, all talk radio 104.1, happen to be in car, not regularly, popular around rush hour Phillips show, current events, facts back in the beginning, recalls racial tension, pic mugshot some bruising on face on tv, pic of Mr Martin around same time, bruising on face assumed altercation, (seems confident and clear in speech)

    • friend talking about it racial, says she blew it off, say doesn’t respond since she is so uninformed, opinions favorable to Mr. Martin, consultant gave note to O’Mara, on radio heard both sides, Bernie says she seems prepared to be a juror, says no doubt she can be objective (George looking intently at her, no eye contact from her, no smile from George, he writes something), she says no support websites visited, no recollections from exposure she’s had.

    • Guy whispers something to Bernie, Bernie asks juror, about radio show, Jim Phillips 104.1 was in favor of Mr. Martin, didn’t influence her because she knows him to be biased, listened for entertainment

    • Tells O’Mara listens to 104.1 when in car, looks up sports and frivolous stuff, first thing AA male passing and they had a suspect, snippet from radio, then talk of gun laws, racial tension 2nd or 3rd time she heard of it, aa male killed by white male, they kept going on about color, didn’t focus on it, mugshot with injuries on Mr. Zimmerman’s face, did not glean from media that George Zimmerman had done anything wrong, no church, the monsters in the morning 104.1, Mr Martin went to store, Mr Zimmerman thought he looked suspicious and got out of his car and began harassing him per Phillips.

      Three highpoints she remembers: AA vs Caucasian, not Zimmerman’s place to approach him, Mr. Zimmerman was wrong. believes media has slant which is why she doesn’t watch it, says she understand not to use what she heard before, but go by facts presented in courtroom, mentioned summons to mother, and put it on Facebook with comment, “not again!” in different county, been 8 months in Seminole county.

        • that’s what I was thinking, they’re all so disconnected from life and opinion, no church on this person either, maybe well rehearsed on getting to round 2, because they can’t ask specifics this round, they can simply stick to the basics, and say what the attorneys wanna hear them say.

          A Julison style coaching?

      • Self defense, Mr Zimmerman felt threatened and used self defense, talks to mom every couple of days 5 mins about everything, mom had no opinion about jury for this case.

        Don’t know if I buy all this no involvement, no news, no desire to know anything, what does she do for work, hobbies, no church, I guess this will be round 2. All of these people cannot be so disconnected, so unopinionated seems kinda odd, no?

        • George writes something, clips the paper, flips pen down, hands folded atop table, looking straight and up, kinda like in church, sober, some blinking. Glad he moves his eyes around, unlike that one day, at a hearing, he was like a Royal guard no movement at all!

  7. G 47 white male 20’s, restaurant worker, collared shirt and vest per Belich.

    CNN, Fox at work, 13 at home, so watched while working, friends, family, job, everyone has opinion, works 50 hours, two dogs ?, takes care of parents also Recall Mr. Zimmerman involved in a situation with a black male, self defense is what I heard, but I don’t know, has not looked at much of the evidence, news always had their perspective, Mr. Zimmerman defendant in situation and unfortunately Mr. Martin is not with us anymore (West and George look up at him), recalls rallies in Seminole,(O’Mara goes over to West kneeling showing something on screen of notebook, rallies in favor of Mr. Martin, wasn’t swayed by them.

    • says he might have looked up minor particulars, to find out what the rallies were about, since they shut parts of the city down, wanted to know why, family did tell him that he might be on case, parents want him to form his opinion when on case, so didn’t say anything, didn’t research it himself after summons, works 50 hours, Bernie asks about hardship, says he was recently promoted to Assistant Manager, and has to make sure his shifts are covered

    • Works or is work ready for both shifts, TV on at all times, so may hear through the day, talks to customers in manager capacity of course, began working there in Oct, news mostly depressing so didn’t keep up, depressing because Mr. Martin is not here today, Mr. Zimmerman is almost in a worse situation waiting for the verdict, has no fully formed opinion, but from sources thus far, cannot say George Zimmerman is innocent, not sure if he could be innocent, Bernie objected, Judge asked to rephrase, Bernie waiting to object again, one arm on chair, here it comes, Judge tells West to save it for voir dire, juror says again no fully formed opinion, says its an unfortunate situation because of a loss of life, and his (George’s) life being uprooted but I don’t know if he’s innocent and guilty, that’s what we’re here to decide, isn’t it? (juror picking up on Bernie’s objections and smarting off at West) Tells West to form an opinion based on the news is not gonna help. Bernie objects to West asking opinion again, Judge explains, he’s answered already.

      West asks about family and friends, juror talks about open and closed street when tried to go out to eat with friends, talk about rallies and traffic, impacted daily life

      • Friends don’t keep up with news either, they talked more about Casey Anthony, or things around the globe, things that have large impact, not minor ways like this one, friends and he don’t care about this type case, small scale news in local are, tragedies in other country affects his life, tsunami in Japan, earthquake in India, where he knows people affect his life, and he would’ve heard about it before the news, and to him that’s more important than the local case.

        What a douche! West needs to go after his apathy and lack of connection!

        • Pipitone calls him young and open minded vs West being a rigid and law and order type. (but then Pipitone thinks 20 looks like 30, and tweets 30 as middle age!)

      • He lives in Sanford, but things here in his backyard he could care less, but Japan or other places many oceans away, impacts him?

        Says news is depressing, and he is a very happy person, uses FB and Twitter (look it up West, he said he was unemployed till Oct and was looking up details).

        • Mr Zimmerman and Mr Martin and there was a shooting involved, recalls Mr. Zimmerman’s face plastered over news and everywhere, doesn’t recall any of the others, (he hasn’t made eye contact with George at all)

          pretty much, nothing really, not really, makes Mr West request more information.

          Rallies doesn’t know why they were being held, didn’t think much on it, didn’t affect him except for affecting his travel routes through the city

          Has sister, grandfather, aunts and uncles, they have mentioned the case since he lives here, and they were concerned, family usually open minded

    • Indifference! Says he’s a happy person. Says family open minded. News depressing. Contempt of reality!

      What does he talk to friends about? He did not want to talk about his real feelings at all!

  8. Actually, some jurors do make eye contact an smile at George, but G 47 and evasive people like him probably do what Belich says. To them Zimmerman is not a person to be acknowledged, simply the subject being spoken of:

  9. G 63 male, Belich says Hispanic 20’s, Pipitone says white 30’s

    No news on regular basis, visits parents so if they have something on, he might watch, gets news from FB and Twitter, wouldn’t obsess with anything unless cared about it, explains how FB feed works to Bernie, Bernie asks if he has to populate it, or does it come up by itself,

    • Accent doesn’t sound Spanish

      knows gun was involved and something to do with syg law in florida, he says in response to Bernie’s qs, how the shooting happened says doesn’t know, recalls florida law being weird, something called castle doctrine, diff states have it different way, always lived in FL, moved to Seminole 5 years ago, no recall of pics, heard about 911 call but didn’t hear it, dad checked his mail and told him of summons and told him about the trial happening at present, soon as he read it, he made decision not to look up anything else on it.

      • photos of deceased and photos of Mr. Zimmerman, nothing that stood out, not topic of discussion with family, friends discuss political stuff, (West chewing gum, George whispering something in ear), discussion on gun laws, with any such event more guns, less guns, (George stopped and focuses completely on juror looking intently paying attention) remember someone in high levels of justice system fired for mishandling the case, people protested Zimmerman not being arrested, someone resigned, protest about race issue, there’s always protests, same type of people who do protests, Bernie asks for more, seems like whenever there is some kind of case when someone is accused of something and people don’t know, (guy taking a long time to articulate), same people complaining about everything (doesn’t want to say blacks?), Bernie keeps asking him to say who specifically “these people” are, people who think that justice system doesn’t do things properly, jury room people talking about too much money on wars, not spent on right thing, people accusing people of doing things properly and not realizing what it takes to do such things, I think its annoying, people who think government is doing something wrong, says protests were on both sides, doesn’t like any of them.

        • Bernie asks if he has formed opinion about guilt or innocence of defendant. Juror says no, he has not, promises will not hold protests against either side.

          • Says no hardship since unemployed, okay with sequestering, no issues except birthday party can be moved back (laugh in courtroom)

        • How do you view George Zimmerman case, asks O’Mara.

          Says visited parents, if it came up on the news, stereotype of a troupe, a hipster, stereotypes of a character, archetype, that’s what I’m trying to say ARCHETYPE, no one actually fits the traits.

          Good, O’Mara asks if Trayvon or George have been made into archetypes of some sort?

          No, he says, people make assumptions of groups of people, that don’t reflect reality, to me it doesn’t make sense to me, a protester, how can I identify if the cause is worth supporting.

          • Would you hold the protest against them, asks O’Mara, we can have philosophical discussion about social unrest, but as it pertains to the case …

            Says he wouldn’t want to be a protestor, some causes have to be considered, its poisonous, in answer to O’Mara says wouldn’t hold it against the protestors, didn’t attend anything, never considered going to one.

            • Said most things on the news don’t affect him, Boston bombing was bad so many people were killed, but doesn’t understand protesting, says he looked up castle doctrine and heard some things about that and syg, says doesn’t base decisions on what he hears in media, but will apply the law judge gives, purposely decided not to look anything up, because maybe dad or summons told him to do so.

              Three things he recalls about case, happened in Florida, (George smiles at him and then writes something), gun law, self defense law. A year ago he was a teaching assistant, so no discussions there. Knows there were accusations of racism, but that happens whenever there is a minority, it happens in every case when the person isn’t white, says doesn’t identify as a race, cause he’s mixed, tend to think people who don’t know what they are talking about, say racism is involved, in how it was handled, doesn’t come up in day to day life, but in politics and trial, people think racism is involved, and it doesn’t make sense to him.

          • Okay, Pipitone is a boob, he’s clearly not paying attention. Archetype was the juror’s own word, why would he not being able to talk about the word he used himself. This juror has studied some philosophy. G 63 reminds me of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”.

            • O’Mara confers with Consult, (George looking up toward Judge, Judge looking his way also, it seems)

              Juror asked to say what races he is mixed, German, Phillipino, Chinese, Spanish.

  10. Just thought I’d take this opportunity with the break to show my appreciation for all the hard work done to share the information freely!

  11. G 66 white female 50’s, Midwestern accent

    Normal news, doesn’t believe everything she hears, media does opinions looks at what’s going on in the world, before going out, pic of George with head injuries, Trayvon with hoodie, no feeling for T, felt sorry for George, talks about news, a lot of “yes sirs” polite, (George has nice quick smile exchange with her, eye contact), neighbor on phone recording, listened to woman saying scuffle outside and heard the shot, protestors downtown Sanford, says the issue was because Mr. Zimmerman wasn’t arrested, no opinion, thought the law would take care of it, definitely disruptive, can make a decision on what happens in the courtroom.

    • Remembers Shellie was arrested because of money not presented to courtroom, Bernie asks if she could remove that info if Shellie testified in court, would you think her more or less credible, (Shellie looking on, George looking intently, jaw movement, blinking, deep breath when juror says yes)

      Sims is here and Bernie is asking about Shellie testifying, hmmm …

    • Never expressed an opinion to anyone whether either George or Shellie should’ve been arrested or not, no Internet discussions, about sequestering and hardship, no issue, no feeling to conflict with citizen’s duty, no sir, I am an upfront person, loud laugh (George also gave her big smile)

      Protestors disruptive, interfered with going to restaurants, attributed to Trayvon Martin, would not hold it against State or George, no sir, Bernie gave her nice smile.

    • West comes up explains process, takes deep breath, she again laughs heartily (George has another laugh smile moment with her, she seems nice)

      She’s retired, 2011, morning looks at news, pays attention to what’s going on, primary Ch 13 brighthouse, change channel when they begin repeating things short laugh (George also), ch 6, CNN, local more, 2 weeks ago began getting “senteneel” Orlando Sentinel asks West, yes, mostly TV, no internet, doesn’t recall this case on CNN, remembers it from local channel.

    • babysits grandson, so doesn’t sit right at attention in front of news, says pic was of back of George’s head, that there was blood on his head (George writing)

      Martin here with his father, mom was having a problem, remember internet info of his was discussed, West says you don’t have to make your memory “vanish” as Bernie said, we’re asking you to put it aside, focus on facts in the courtroom solely, she says yes she can, she understands, remembers impression why demonstrations took place (Sims smiles from the back), she says yes, its because Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested, no opinion on that, did not feel that the police dept did anything wrong, she says by law taking care of it means they know more than she does, simply watching the news.

      • felt the demonstrations turned into a racial issue because of different nationalities, doesn’t know about self defense, didn’t get any impression whether or not the shooting of Trayvon Martin was in self defense, she says, can put away the impressions and listen to information presented at trial, no comments on social media.

        Remembers the woman’s frantic call with yelling in the background, West asks her to characterize the yelling, says someone was in need of help, assumed that it was either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.

        West goes to get water, asks her if she wants some. Consult whispers to West,

        West comes back to podium says that’s it and she does her hearty laugh again.

        • Shellie looking at the juror with an slightly appealing smile, pushing hair slightly to one side (a gesture of liking a person and wanting to be liked)

          don’t know if juror made eye contact, but Shellie definitely looking at her with some affinity

  12. G 81 African American middle aged male

    heard disagreement about governor selecting special prosecutor, local and national tv, ch 9, msnbc, FOX news, (West conferring with Consult behind George, pointing pinky toward juror while whispering, Consult shakes head)

    • pics of TM and pics of Mr. Zimmerman, when he was arrested, “MUGshot” (tone), in orange jumpsuit, TM in burgundy shirt, did not form conclusion, so long before an arrest came there was no way to make an opinion till the info came out.

      Says governor had to bring in special prosecutor because DA had dropped the ball, says has not determined that Zimmerman is innocent or guilty, Bernie keeps beating the guilt or innocence point, (good grief, juror just said DA goofed and big boss had to change players to make this railroad happen), has not made up his mind he keeps saying

      what a joke, these people don’t have a clue!

      • G 81 felt rallies are neither good or bad thing, did not attend, no hardship to serve and do citizen’s duty, yahoo stories, feels that comments by people are very mean spirited, and don’t know anything, has not commented.

        (George looking while squinting eyes, has some sixth sense, writes something, gives to consult on note, Consult reads gives to O’Mara)

        • Answers O’Mara’s qs

          Doesn’t recall what Oral Roberts said about case, but watches him, trying to remember what he said about church ?. uses yahoo search engine, says fact that syg law being talked about, stories about rally.

          news said, disagreement, fight, fl syg, did case fall under law, young man shot and KILLED (tone), would that be permissible under our state law, that George had acted appropriately under our law, (George looking down, writing, looking at juror with wrinkles on forehead, trying to follow what juror is saying), someone lost their life, someone has to go through trial to see if guilty or innocent according to law (juror accentuates certain words with an emphasis and tone, not sure if he offers others opinions but feels that way himself, claims to be in the middle, but that tone emphasis gives him away), Rev Al Sharpton, no one else, did not see his show, has caught bits and pieces of it during elections (so that would be after the event, then), injustice against Trayvon, at least have trial to see if syg is applied as written.

          Yet to Bernie, he said this earlier:

          • members of his family near Martin family in Miami, doesn’t know if they know TM’s family, Trayvon was black man who was shot by someone who wasn’t black concern for him and his family, that’s a teenager lost his life, friends also close to the area, yet didn’t know until a few weeks later, that helicopters and everything, happening a right near us, says news event is particularly close to the, perceived as racially motivated event, they are from Miami, TM from Miami, he lives in Sanford, this happened in Sanford, media presented it as AA is untrustworthy of others who live in Sanford.

            Students and faculty where he works have not been affected, nor youth in the Sanford area.

          • photos of TM in burgundy Hollister shirt 14 and 15, doesn’t remember any current photos of TM or George. Video where shooting place, doesn’t remember if George Zimmerman was in the video, had written that TM passing away was tragic, because family has to deal with loss of loved one, and other family deal with court issues.

            He said people see things based on previous knowledge and perspective, what he feels is: “in the US, since time of slavery, Jim Crow, AA males are killed at higher rate through violence.” (O’Mara babbles about how its the perspective he got from media, he says no, that is his own view, I don’t like the way O’Mara was trying to soothe over the fact that that was his personal view)

            • West passes note to George, George without looking at it, hands it to Consult, Consult accepts without looking at George, opens, reads, shakes his head and writes something, hmmm …

              Lets get rid of this guy, folks, another AA, and they got a good one this time, right there from Miami!

              • he may be putting things carefully, and O’Mara trying to help him PC it up in his usual weak willed lily livered jelly fish way, but this guys mind is too cluttered with nonsense to fix up. NO THANKS!

  13. G 87 white middle aged female works at school plus another job, in 30’s says Pipitone

    Nelson says she’s going to let juror be comfortable, then asks “comfortable?” Different!

    Her voice is shaky, works near where the event happened, works a lot, bed by 2000 hours, remembers little TV, photos of the back of Mr Zimmerman’s head with cuts on the back, recalls hearing the 911 call, no particulars

    Laughs about partaking in the jury system (George shares laugh with her and the whole courtroom)

    • media blows things out of proportion, she wasn’t there doesn’t know what happened, cannot rely on what people say, were told not to talk about it at work

    • ch 13, people at work saying shooting across the street, I know there were rallies, they were about people wanting justice, did not think it was a bad thing, her and husband discuss, not the kinda guy to look up facts on internet, mostly talked about the situation, two people were in situation, pics of one in baseball cap, no website visits favoring either party, says Mr. Zimmerman and a teenage boy, doesn’t know how shooting came about, no hardship, can dedicate time to jury service

    • Nelson calls West. He confers in whispers with Consult Hirsh. Pour glass of water, come up to podium. Asks juror to stop him and repeat if he asks compound qs (sounds like something Bernie should do)

      • West begins with the proximity of her job to where event happened, Bernie stood up to object, but O’Mara also checked West, Nelson happy they worked it out!

        saw memorial on way to work, at stop sign, teddy bears, etc, someone lost their life, but didn’t think anything of it, saw it as a tribute, tour buses, were asked to leave, her boss asked people and buses to leave, they were coming to see the memorial, West takes a moment to confer with O’Mara and Consult, all attorneys head to bench.

  14. H 6 white male 40’s per Pipitone, 30’s per Belich

    TV viewer, no newspaper, doesn’t know its self defense, CF news 13, CNN, online, FB once a week if at all, when first happened, news reports, heard 911 call, someone screaming in background, a lot around SYG, no specifics, someone saying they didn’t recognize the voice (Tracy Martin? lol), doesn’t recall photos, Robert Jr on radio two three months ago, remember vaguely victim’s families,

    • syg, gun laws, from conversations at work, news, etc, did not do research, wrote summons date on calendar, radio said it was a self defense defense because the victim attacked him, may be “monsters in the morning,” media slant toward Trayvon Martin, its balancing out recently.

      Bernie’s qs, If someone came from out of town, what would you tell them what the case is about, or something like that. H 6 says there was a NW saw someone suspicious, called police, then followed them, there was confrontation, and Trayvon got shot and that was it.

    • listens to 104.1 monsters in the morning, doesn’t recall Jim Phillips view, media slant, more balanced, he remembers protests, AL Sharpton, white man gunned down black man, it was about race he felt at first, but changed his mind as more and more info came out, he realized first impressions may have been wrong, came to realize Mr. Zimmerman had injuries, didn’t see but heard of pics, “victim in the sense that he was shot and killed,” whether crime was committed? doesn’t know either way, what happened night, will stick to facts in courtroom, friends talking syg and gun ownership in journal.

      • Zim background: Hispanic father ?

        TM backgroung: Visiting one of his parents, dad lived with his girlfriend

        3 things: syg, 911 call someone screaming in background, but no one can tell who it was, NEN call says Zim concerned about his neighborhood

        Has to close on the house on the 28th, but otherwise okay

        • changing of the deputy on duty next to Z. Atleast the deputies get to go freshen up or shine their badges

          Conference at bench, close huddle looking over to right , left of judge that is, hmmm …

          • deputy talking to Nelson pointing over to the right, judges left, attorneys turn around to look at gallery area, Bernie looks questioningly, everyone turns back over to the bench, female deputy talking to someone behind the attorneys, hmmm, few mins later, O’Mara being emphatic, talking with hands, a little dance with hands and body swaying, wth?

            No tweets, Stutz must be busy doing something else all day, Pipitone on top of it, but adds a decade or so to the juror’s age, Belich sometimes incorrect on exact info

          • George with hands clasped together over table, as though in prayer, long blinking eye movements, looking straight ahead, squinting momentarily at the attorney huddle on bench.

            O’Mara showing some long legal document to Guy and Bernie and explaining something.

            Consult busily doing things, takes deep breath, and sits back, turns to George to say something.

            Camera spans to Shellie, has pink lipstick on this afternoon, hair looks better than morning

            • Judge handing packed of papers to clerk, deputy at bench, West explaining something to George and consult, O’Mara goes to gallery area, kneels before Crump, explains something, shakes his hand and comes back to his area

  15. O’Mara enters courtroom stands before camera, jury in Seminole county, happy about that.

    Says not slow going on the inside, working out pretty well, significant for us, maybe slow to media, jurors being honest and straight forward for most part, luckily, rest of jurors will continue to tell us the truth, whatever verdict is going to be, we can survive this by trusting the jury’s verdict.

    Its underway, he’s been waiting 16 months, it is stressful, preparation great, but we’re in it. Predeposition, you walking into the courtroom thinking this, but worst thing is they don’t tell us their predeposition, a stealth juror is very dangerous not only to the case, but to the system.

    We identified someone who was less than straightforward in their presentation, thank god, we were able to identify that, defense found out about it, we realized there was more than …

    • 16 months of saturation, its surprising its not had more impact on some of the jurors (maybe they’re not articulating everything that has biased them, ever think of that, genius?

      I understand he may have been trying to get to some of the jurors, he could have cost a lot of money and he’s lucky I am not the Sheriff of Seminole County!

      • ?
        Frye hearing Mon 1500, State may bring on rebuttal witnesses which will happen Tuesday afternoon.

        Mr. Crump and I did not discuss when, I do want to get than in before …

        We will address that as well Mon afternoon

        Yes. We initially estimated 4 to 6 weeks, but we are at 2 to 4 weeks. Frye hearing could depending on Judge’s ruling, take about a week more

        • He said one more thing about being surprised that people who live right here in Seminole county would know so little, and something about him being at mall and asking something, idk, and then said thank you and was let out the judge’s door.

          • Oh, also, at the beginning, O’Mara said that its a Seminole county case decided by Seminole county jurors! And he is very happy about that.

    • The standard for admitting the expert applies when the decision is made, which is different from “when the trial starts.” It sounds as though Nelson will be making her decision next week. She might take another week to come to a conclusion, and we’d be waiting for her decision while she composes an opinion in support of her eventual order.

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