USDOJ/CRD/CRS Secure Seats for Pastors

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 photo courtroom-2-Copy.jpg

“Thomas Battles, Southeast regional director of the U.S. Department of Justice’s community-relations service, was brought into Sanford last year to defuse tensions by getting people on all sides of the issue to sit down and talk.

One of the ideas to ease tensions was to form Sanford Pastors Connecting, a group that brings together pastors of the more than 100 churches in Sanford — both black and white — for monthly meetings. Pastors credit Battles, who under department policy doesn’t talk to the media, with forming the coalition and getting pastors seats in court.”

“Battles…is a member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), NAACP, Urban League of Greater Miami, Mentor-5000 Role Models of Excellence, President-Miami Federal Credit Union, Past Chairman & Member of the Metro Dade Cultural Affairs Council and serves as Minister of Stewardship at his home church, Bethel Apostolic Temple, Inc.”

Unfortunately the IAIWM could not secure any seats.

Thanks to the treepers for bringing this to our attention.


4 thoughts on “USDOJ/CRD/CRS Secure Seats for Pastors

  1. Are these guys on display to calm the mob or is their presence intended to be a warning that they will incite mob violence if GZ is not convicted?

    Just looking at them makes my trigger finger twitch.

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