Trayvonite Stealth Juror Busted

Oh, no Rene, it’s pretty clear but I’m just going to take my time a bit now for some things, See ya soon.


“Today on the third day of the jury selection…we are inspired by the honesty of the potential jurors. Their answers have been forthright…”-Crump

E7 Interviewed

“A potential juror in the George Zimmerman trial who was dismissed earlier in the week over a Facebook post has been escorted from the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center after showing back up to the courthouse Friday.”

“The dismissed juror, identified as Jerry P. Counelis, was surrounded by several law enforcement officers Friday as he was escorted off the property for trespassing.”


5 thoughts on “Trayvonite Stealth Juror Busted

  1. Uh. How does crump know the jurors were being honest anyway? Because they mostly told the court what it wants to hear?

  2. What happens next? Doesn’t someone have an obligation to do something about this guy? I mean shouldn’t the state or Nelson have this guy arrested for perjury. I thought this was a serious offense.

    DMan: I am making post on the open thread and need your help.

  3. Do you think that E 7 is a possible diversion, from the real Stealth jurors, like G 81: The ones who mix a little truth with O’Mara’s own arguments about black racism to get in?

  4. I think considering his nitpicking of the judicial process was what got him barred from the jury his bias was the least of the Defense’s concern, his inflammatory comment towards the Sanford PD was only in reference to Zimmerman walking free for 3 weeks after the shooting

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