June 13, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 4)

(updating throughout the day)

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Regarding the process:
“Nelson said after they reach 30 people…”


I don’t recall anyone saying anything about getting to 30 but that apparently is confirmed now by the number so far which at the time of writing this is 28 – 4 = 24

(end of today) If 8 dismissed then the total as of now stands at 27, so 3 more to go.

Previous potential jurors:

1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B30 W/M (dismissed)
4) B76 W/F
5) B7 W/M
6) B35 B/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B51 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) B2 middle aged white female (was questioned at bench, talked to judge, I’m assuming she was dismissed)
11) B65 B/F (maybe out/hardship)
12) B86 W/F
13) E6 W/F
14) E40 W/F
15) E54 W/M
16) E73 W/F
17) M75 B/F
18) R39 W/M (dismissed/murder is murder even if self-defense, possibly “white-hispanic”?)
19) B61 W/F
20) B72 W/M (Another white-hispanic?)
21) E22 B/F
22) B87 W/M
23) E7 W/M (Dismissed, trayvonite stealth juror)
24) E13 W/F
25) E28 W/F

26) E50 W/M
27) E75 W/M
28) E81 W/F
29) K80 W/F
30) K95 W/F
31) N18 H/M (probably out)
32) B34 H/M (probably out)
33) B67 H/F (probably out/hardship)
34) P67 H/M
35) G14 W/F

F 22 62.85%
M 13 37.14%

W 25 71.42%
B 5 14.28%
H 4 11.42%
O 1 2.85%

if 8 dismissed(27)
F 19 70.37%
M 8 29.62%

W 21 75%
B 4 14.81%
H 1 3.70%
O 1 3.70%

Demography/6 Jurors:
White 66.3% 3.978
Hispanic 17.1% 1.026
Black 10.5% 0.630
Other 6.1% 0.366

6 Jurors with 4 alternates
White 6.63
Hispanic 1.71
Black 1.05
Other .61


133 thoughts on “June 13, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 4)

    • TV and news about crowds after incident, saw pics of Mr. Zimmerman and young man, typical teenage boy. Retired, don’t get too involved, golfer and outdoor person, daughter and her 4 yrd old son, watches sports and movies, no FB, no twitter, WV boy, (Pipitone tweets “old Florida accent”), finds news events boring, slant like they do with the weather, shares nice smile with George, understands to keep ideas focused in the courtroom, local family over then and would discuss, also felt it was a shame, TM family (he began to say and Bernie interrupted)

      He had lost a child, and can understand it brings closure ? Can keep that out of equation when relating to this case. (George looking intently at him, along with O’Mara and Consultant) Don’t talk to buddies while golfing. Might overhear people talk about “racial slurs,” grew up with racists, but he never looked at people by color, but didn’t think the slurs were necessary, shook his head, but didn’t think anymore on it.

      • Daughter graduated, if offered a job as surgical tech, wife also works in am, son in Apopko 45 mins away, so he is one to babysit, hardship to do trial if she accepts the job.

      • Laugh with George, about O’Mara’s question on speaking aloud, local news, golfer doesn’t put opinion on weatherman, skeptical about media, recalls white man, black young man, happened at NW, he is also VP of HOA so he understands NW, has never done NW, crowd racial OVERreaction to event, if it had been white on white, or black on white, it may not have been the same, no other racial concerns.

        • His son died 5 years ago, must not use sympathy or life experiences but use facts of the case as judge instructs

          Pics of George showed him a little less than white, shorter smaller proportions, nice laugh, George laughs good naturedly at descriptions of him

          Pics of Trayvon, sweatshirt with hood, younger than he actually was, will rely on court facts.

          No internet, nice smile with George about daughter and wife tearing him up about that, Western Union faster laughs and George has another nice smiling exchange with him

          Enough crime out there to watch, says remembers when doors and windows open, “too much TMI,” O’Mara says that’s an Internet term, from my daughter, about racial slurs, Mr. Jackson and Pastor came to town, he thought why, and thought it was an overreaction, no bias against them.

          • 4 to 6 six weeks would miss golf game, laughs, understanding smile from George, doesn’t know if daughter can do without him, nothing about facts of case to serve or not serve, simply not helping daughter, grandson goes to summercamp, 9 to 3:30, wife 4am to 2pm, daughter 5am begins work.

            Think we like him, seems sincere, counsel approach bench, George looks very serious for some reason, almost sad, thinking about something, Shellie is not in courtroom as all week, George looking down.

  1. E 75 young white male, 20’s with sunglasses hanging on collar of a sleeveless gym style tank top, per Pipitone

    Local, National, Internet, no newspaper, news showed all over FB, Twitter, Instagram, didn’t have an opinion, kids at school talk about it all day, commentary on one side, people didn’t have idea what they were talking about.

    • Felt sorry, knew two people were involved, people at school discussed who did what, Trayvon started it, George Zimmerman did it, how George shot him for no reason, other people would say it was Trayvon’s fault, tend to sit back and listen, don’t get involved if doesn’t know much about situation, shotgun, Bernie asking about concentration on facts (George looking at him intently, writing something, this juror has not made eye contact with him), juror says he has worked out being her with no hardship if picked.

    • West is up, tries to make him smile about hot or cold, asks about things worked out at work, when did he work it out, pay imp but something I gotta do, seems eager and sure he could be picked, says he has sufficient resources financially.

      West needs to go after the gun issue, young guy in school could be a Prog, (no eye contact with George), says parents will help him, lives at home, not paying rent.

      • Explains news feed collective for everyone active on FB friends, doesn’t use FB anymore, comments about case, a couple of hundred people, Feb, who to point the finger at, community reaction, starting riots at school (voice doesn’t seem so confident) because no action taken and Trayvon was their friend, and they were angry, FB comments from people who claimed to be Trayvon’s friend, felt sorry they lost their friend, they were mad at Zimmerman (he keeps calling George by last name, but TM by first name), says had no opinion or impression of case (not buying it. Kathi Belich, everyone has an opinion unless living on Mars), people saying wrongfully gunned him down, (Shellie looking intently, circles under eyes)

      • Many were saying he hunted him down, got out and tackled him to the ground and shot him, others said Trayvon was hitting George Zimmerman, heard NW, that he was allowed to be patrolling, others said he wasn’t allowed, no discussions about gun, no discussions about recordings, people heard noises nothing more, George Zimmerman is going to jail and was able to detach himself from discussion, teacher will stop the talking, high school, junior at hs then, graduated a couple of weeks ago.

        He said before he was friends on FB with Trayvon’s friends! Bernie smug smile.

        Trayvon Martin’s friends, everybody said they knew him though most they didn’t, doesn’t know where TM is from, real life friends with TM, mostly minority figures, they said George was guilty across the board collective opinion, no moderation, didn’t get into discussion with them.

        Classmates expressed opinions, he was innocent till proven guilty, no he is innocent and this is what happened, personal friends with people on both sides, did not know anything of Trayvon Martin’s background, did not ask friends to explain their opinion, never offered comment, opinion, claims doesn’t have an opinion, both sides making stuff up, (sounds the same as E 7 our non opinionated FB poster), got shot because he LOOKED like he was robbing houses, doesn’t know wasn’t there, 70/30 on TM’s side, more and more claim to be TM’s friend, emotionally charged discussions.

        • Spanish, black, Asian, white supported TM, felt race played a part, got people riled up, if it was white, everyone would care said Trayvon’s friends, West asked about how race played a part, Bernie objects, West objects to objections, Judge overruled but says objections okay, tells juror to answer, asks what qs was, West can’t recall, Bernie smiles pleased, West should ask qs to be read again, really!!!

          Anyway, guy eventually says he doesn’t think it was racial.

          • Other than FB has not visited any support sites, friends, parents, others are neutral, people at school chit chatting, shirt says “obey” explains its a brand, no message, George smiles knowingly!

            State attorneys smiling too much for some reason at Bench.

          • Again George into some serious deep reflection. Wonder if he’s worried about Mom Gladys health, Nettles blogged a few days ago, she was having issues, I hope George can make time to call or visit her, nothing is worth neglecting family during health issues!

  2. E 81 white female in 30’s

    Orlando Sentinel everything published in it, and Channel 13, says George Zimmerman should go home, but willing to set that aside, if there was evidence that proved he committed a crime, thinks he was defending himself, GOD, why is our side so honest!

    • George had injuries, pics, bloody nose, blood on his clothing, cuts on his head, shirt had a collar, photograph, doesn’t recall time frame, George did things right, called the police, looking out for his neighbors, watched some court hearings, because of jury summons, Bernie laughing and enjoying it, woman says normally would not follow through so much, but opinions were formed at beginning, and unless facts come forth, she would not change them, says educated in truth, unless shown something to erase doubt, opinion is firm.

      Trayvon Martin pic referring a fight, learning to be a street fighter, did not see a video, three people in a fight, one conducting, aware he was smoking marijuana, pics on his phone smoking, pic of a gun from cellphone, from TV, family loved him, but he was going down the wrong path and family not aware of him going with the wrong crowd, doesn’t know Trayvon was holding a gun, seems that he was looking for a fight, and was confronted by someone looking out for his neighborhood, he wasn’t carrying a gun that night, not sure if boy confronted George instead, could’ve been.

    • TM Mom loved him, took him skiing, active in life, father not in his life, needed his dad, she grew up without dad, and understands the importance of it, other boys would not led him astray, if dad had been there.

      His dad was asked for recent pics, per Ch 13, and said he didn’t have, mom had provided recent pics.

      George upset, anxious, gained weight (George swallows and closes eyes), his family raising money for defense, remembers a lot more personal info put out about Trayvon, than George, no Internet, except AOL home page due to email, heard judge say jury would not be sequestered, wants to sleep in own bed at night, case makes her anxious if she was juror, ideal world would not want to be on jury, no matter what outcome, someone is not going to be happy, and doesn’t wanna walk out of here with a bullseye on back, George again closes his eyes in acknowledgement.

      The more people armed the better, people are armed it prevents so much, I can change my mind on facts, but every American has a right to defend themselves (West and George whispering to each other) Says she tries to be fair person, Bernie asks I would have to do magic to change your mind, she says you would have to work hard to change my mind, Bernie says I would have to go beyond norm to change your mind, right, O’Mara objects, Judge calls counsel to approach bench, West furiously arguing with judge, Judge telling O’Mara something emphatically!

      • George fwiu legal and lawful conceal carry, we have police officers live in our community, here to keep us safe, off duty they carry their weapons, I feel safe knowing that there are people around that have weapons, I live with a retired police officer, talk to my husband, laughs, George laughs with her, he did not formulate my opinion, sure that a few like minded people, not all family agreed with me, (Bernie asks who disagreed with you), why does it matter? (George looks puzzled why she would question instead of answer, he’s such a good boy)

        My opinion is pretty set, you would have to prove to me the facts, said kept it at a minimum with friends who disagreed, so Bernie says you didn’t listen to your friends, you are not open to changing your mind, she says you won’t change your mind that a citizen has a right to carry a gun, my mind is made up on that, Bernie says and about this case too then (flapping, emphatic, very dramatic, all over the place)

        • Bernie keeps asking support websites, said no petitions, Orlando Sentinel, Ch 13, did consider sending money, but didn’t, Ch 13 biased about govt, but not with this, media generally not biased, she says, doesn’t like spending night elsewhere, would rather not be sequestered.

          Bernie, asks would have to jump through hoops, right, she says you used the word magic, I want facts, Glad O’Mara keeps objecting! Would vote George guilty, if you can prove. O’Mara objects, non speaking objection, mischaracterizing the law. Sustained.

      • Orlando Sentinel Wed through Sun, nice eye contact and smile with George, did not wanna focus on this case anymore than other, felt tragic that someone died, someone shot and someone died, never a good thing, but George was protecting himself, you should be able to defend yourself in public, Castle doctrine a good thing, if he felt his life was in danger, and he took that action, agree with that. (O’Mara arguing too much on this)

        • says she would try to do what judge is asking me to do, her interpretation of the law, citizen accused is presumed innocent, not in all cases, if evidence beyond doubt that guilt, O’Mara asks if she knows State has to prove guilt, Bernie objects, sustained, truth is truth she says, no magic to it, if evidence contradicts what happened, if he proves that its the truth.

          • people should arm themselves lawfully, and lawfully using it, if not lawfully carrying then person is a criminal, would follow judge’s instructions, do you believe mind made up about George being guilty or not, she says no, will not hold State to higher burden than what Judge says.

          • Wish there was something to prevent me from being on the jury, but honestly, no, (George laughs understandingly, West and Consultant also), like this woman, O’Mara talks sequestering, says doesn’t wanna be away from home and husband, worried about privacy after, would rather be famous for winning lottery, not for this.

            • O’Mara and Bernie hips touching, shoulder to shoulder, leaned way over talking to judge upclose. Hmmm …

              • O’Mara emphatically persuasively speaking to judge. Guy reading some paper, O’Mara shrugging shoulders, West observing from 3 feet distance as usual.

                • West speaking in front of judge, emphasizing some point, guy next to him, Bernie watching intently, judge saying something to State, West and George whispering in ear.

                • Pipitone tweeted that E 81 escorted from courtroom, but no statement from judge to public whether she remains on panel, Stutz said she was “steely”

                  • Kyle Ross @VerzatileFlows. Kyle adds “I hope she leaves the courtroom n gets Murdered”

                    No, no reason for that woman to worry, no wonder she wants to be next to her husband.

  3. Just like Lester who restricted George to Seminole county now Nelson removes Shellie’s bodyguard because his cell phone went off.

  4. Counsel approach after recess conferring, she’s giving out papers, showed O’Mara something on paper several times with a sweet smile. Something’s afoot when she smiles like that. Sybrina whispering in Tracy’s ear and he’s smiling and nodding,

      • Again counsel approach and Judge has yellow highlighted text on stapled pkg of papers. West, George and Consultant in close huddle.

        • Judge has George say he’s okay with how jurors are dismissed and agrees with lawyers, they have explained to him

  5. K 80 female

    West again looks like “not another one” and George wide eyed surprised. Not sure what race yet. Waiting

    • K 80 is white female, in 30’s (Belich says middle aged)

      Orlando Sentinel, pics with hood, smiling, pics of Mr. Zimmerman entering the court, no recordings, no trial proceedings. Concerned about sequestering has job and kids. Is disheartening when person has died, but doesn’t like to get into it, gets negative and tiring, keeps up with current events, distances herself,

      Why did judge say to her, you have been called and will continue to be called K 80?

      • Husband and her different schedules and kids have to be taken to school. Sequestering could create a big hitch.

        Small details, Trayvon didn’t live here, George wasn’t arrested right away, did not watch proceedings, race shouldn’t be a part of the “accident” that occurred, bench approach, I had a feeling, the look on West’s face when she walked in!

          • He seemed so happy first two days, like things were underway and lets do this, smiling, whether or not looking at someone, but the seriousness and sadness is back again. Tsk!

    • Marches, upset, heightened emotions, vendors afraid, believes in free speech, gives her concern about being on a jury for a case so publicized.

      Mr. Zimmerman is an HOA captain, don’t know how scuffle started, pics of Trayvon always younger, wondered why no recent pics, biggest discussion about Sanford and the protests, not with friends, case has racial undertones, very disturbing, hopefully we can get past that, is bothered by race being an issue, we all make assumptions, a great tragedy occurred anytime someone is killed, as a mother, feels for Sybrina, no opinion except the race issue, concerned for safety, if they said not guilty, people who voiced it have concerned her, but if guilty, she is not afraid from the other side.

      As a citizen she doesn’t want to send anyone away if he is innocent.

      “I can be fair” she says, can rely on evidence.

      • Religious leaders invited into courtroom as peaceful presence, done to represent to certain individuals to keep the peace.

        Wouldn’t sway her opinion, actual guilt or innocence, simply the safety. Protests have nothing to do with guilt or innocence, that’s free speech. All were about TM. Did not petition or donate. GZ website for funds.

        • “Religious leaders invited into courtroom as peaceful presence, done to represent to certain individuals to keep the peace.”

          Which was the basis for her fear of making a not guilty verdict.

        • Wow, they continue conferring, George hands on desk looking straight ahead serious, like good Catholic schoolboy, O’Mara shaking head, West saying something to Nelson, Bernie shaking head, Shellie looking so alone, uncertain, O’Mara shaking head gets close to Bernie, O’Mara nodding at Nelson.

          • Nelson tells K 80 that she will be sequestering and will go on for 2 to 4 weeks, and says this is for all potential jurors.

          • West explains group kept together, not allowed to go home, can have visits, limited to contact, limited to media, entertainment also through security.

            Juror says 2 to 4 weeks better than 4 to 6 weeks.

          • West tells her while on jury, protection and anonymity maintained, until after, not sure after how long that won’t be maintained. Concern on behalf of George Zimmerman that verdict rendered reflect on the law and the evidence, not based on fear or any other reason.

            She said earlier she understood civic duty, and she promises to render verdict based on law and evidence.

      • Rene Stutzman, “K81: fears for her safety if jury acquits #Zimmerman. If convicts “I don’t think there wud be as big a backlash.” #Trayvon”

  6. K 95 white woman mid 30’s

    News doesn’t remember local or national, at beginning of the event, read on FB doesn’t post on it, a shooting, lots of traffic, full time student, mentor, medical work, there were conflicting stories, her friend ran at Boston Marathon, and all the news same snippets.

    Rescheduled from last month, got unpacked and didn’t know until Monday that it was about this case, “please don’t talk to me, don’t tell me what to do” is what she will say to family and friends. Parents called from Ohio, concerned since she lived in the area where event happened, a young gentleman got killed, she quit HOA because concern over ethical handling of things.

    George writing and sharing what he wrote with West with questions and interest.

    • The case is about gentleman who shot a teenager, from media some felt self defense and others didn’t but not enough info, rallies effecting traffic, why weren’t they at other shootings also.

    • Sanford small community, everyone knows if there’s trouble, police chief resigned, didn’t know him, won’t hold it against state or TM side that people protested, didn’t know what demonstrations about, caused traffic jams, did not look up case, has too much to do.

      Pics of young gentleman as a child and young adult, no hardship due to sequestering, internet access for school work but will look at college policy.

    • Ch 13 or weather channel, O’Mara asks if she noticed a slant in media, they were trying to make it about race, is a fact finder, has to do research and did not have info to form opinion, gave up due to irrelevance in her life, technology IT geek, gets 400 emails, busy.

      About police chief, didn’t know if it was about this, or about other crimes in area, didn’t understand why big names coming here, thought maybe Casey Anthony case was the actual interest and Disney.

      • We don’t want jurors who are hyper focused on case, but we don’t want jurors who are unconnected, can you focus on case if picked, he asks.

        Excused jury a month ago, took son 14 to Ohio, will be there for summer, daughter older so two dogs at home, can work out school course work later.

        • 9 year old and older looking boy, recalls about “skittles,” “a hoodie,” doesn’t know significance.

          George pics, sound recordings, calls for help on there, doesn’t know about it, O’Mara says would it be okay if not presented as evidence, she understands, if some juror tries to confuse her with other info, she says she will call the deputy and call the deputy.

          Conference. Bernie keeps looking back at her.

          Seems a good candidate!

  7. So Shellie’s bodyguard gets banned and the guy who was clearly guilty of contempt and/or perjury walks free. No arrest? And Crump still tells the public that Trayvon bought some tea and the media enthusiastically allows him to speak on the spot? Isn’t this crazy?

  8. N 18 older Hispanic male heavy accent

    doesn’t use internet, formed opinion that defendant is guilty, can put it aside and look at evidence, news said at the time, says reads the BIBLE, understand presumed innocent till proven guilty, says his English is not very fluent, has to translate to Spanish, when listening in English, Bernie begins shouting, he’s not deaf, he’s Spanish foo!

    • He says people get upset way the thing was going, should be equal for everybody, born in Puerto Rico (that’s the second Borinqueno on the jury, first one reported as black), doesn’t recall words about case.

      “And you can understand me as I spoke at the moment?” asks Bernie.

      (How can he not? As loud as you were shouting? 🙂 He had to be getting it)

      Conference at bench. He’s gotta go, he won’t be able to follow the ideas, and accommodation would be too much!

    • Oh no, West comes up.

      recognizes George Zimmerman and Mr. O’Mara from TV he says (eye contact, George tried to smile, but nothing, serious and then a short curt smile)

      says believes in God’s law, 10 commandments say DON”T KILL. Guilty under God’s law, asks West?

      juror says both laws, God’s and man’s law, says he wasn’t there doesn’t know if it would be self defense

        • from the news he is guilty, says what happened, the fight he got in, and he shoot him, if I go out and shoot somebody, I’d be guilty, West asks if circumstances matter.

          Juror says it depends (poor George, the look in his eyes, he keeps looking at the guy, feel like George is going to burst out crying any minute)

          Judge sustained objection to West asking about self defense, Bernie’s objection.

          I can’t believe Nelson is allowing this bullshit!

        • Guy said watched Bible on tape, cannot read much.

          Again sustains when West asks about Bible, and Bernie objects, Judge says to ask in voir dire. Its hard enough for West to formulate questions, to help him understand.

          News they talk about case a lot, saw pics of bloody head and injuries of George, understands he got in fight, doesn’t know who started, what injuries of Martin, well, he got killed, West asks if he considered that it might be self defense, the guy says there was a fight and you have to fight for your life.

          Do you think George Zimmerman was fighting with Trayvon Martin? Yes, because he was younger, the other party was older.

          Judge sustains objection saying trying to get his verdict, but the guy has already concluded and decided.

        • This is the guy Reich was hearing on the audio: Prays for everyone, lives his life according to Him, everything is Him, he pray for everybody in the case, and God give him strength. He has medical condition also, West didn’t get far before he went off on the praying and believing in God tangent.

          • Poor George, just looks on like he wants to throw in the towel, he looks ready to cry, I swear. Like he’s thinking, I believe in God too man, how do you think I survived and am surviving through this, me and my family.

    • If your love does exceed his death, why have you been out and about looking for vengeance and instigating hate and lies, crying and troubling everyone with your “love.” LIAR!

      You clearly know nothing about love Sybrina, and you claim to read the Bible!

      1 Corinthians 13: 4-8:
      Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

      1 Corinthians 13: 6 (if you didn’t catch it)
      Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

  9. B 34, large man

    Another Hispanic male, heavy accent!

    These shall be! (George wide eyed scared, looking intently. Poor thing!)

    CNN, any news, google, he and wife ride bicycles around town, people demonstrating in lake in Sanford, it was going be big case, after summons family said, “papi, its on June 10th,” OMG! Kids know from church.

    • When he mentioned family and church, George had eye contact, and smiled knowingly

      Kid walking, somebody follow him, there was fight, listened to the audio on You Tube, (these shall be, I bet), first two minutes, recently listened after the summons, yeah, because what happened is similar thing happened to my best friend, Bernie stops him, not local event.

    • My belief is that nobody can take nobody’s life. Really hard for me because something like this. Cannot keep an open mind, based on what he read and saw, he is guilty. Nothing can change his mind Bernie asks.

      No wonder the Hispanic community didn’t support George.


      Bernie smiling. Judge smiling at O’mara. K! Next!

      • George looks sad, wiped his nose quickly and looks straight up, looks insecure and uncertain after this one.

  10. B 67 Hispanic female in 30’s

    Heard news on TV, husband watching, I am buzee, remember photo of the Jorge Zeemmer, pitcher of him, saw pitcher of another guy, someone who had a cat, a hood on, people talking there’s a case in Seminole or something about it, someone kill, something happened at Seminole, I didn’t pay much attention!

    • difficult to form an opinion, I not the kind of person to attention to what they say

      (George looking intently almost hoping, Consultant looking frustrated with what’s coming out of the pool, O’Mara high brow, West busy with papers)

      Bernie establishing her as a clean slate, no news, no Internet, no discussion, no research, coworker, before or after summons. (George keeps looking at her, no blinking)

      She says husband alone knows and he won’t say anything, showed boss paper for jury duty why she wouldn’t come to work, she said okay, Bernie asking hardship qs. Says yes, didn’t understand qs, very well, daughter at home, son in USAF going to Germany, coming home and needs to spend time with him, is at school full time, she would change answer to yes for hardship, approach the bench.

      Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, another one gone! All the Hispanics flake out!

  11. P 67 male (Hispanic with strong accent again! B67/P67 back to back?)

    Trayvon Martin shot by George Zimmerman, local news, didn’t go into detail, some pics of Mr. Zimmerman, showed head injuries, no other pics.

    • Hispanic male in 40’s per tweeters

      people protesting, took it wrong way, that it was racius thing, people talking about that, (long silence thinking), not racial, somebody in neighborhood watching, and accident happened, his impression, shooting like an accident, pics of mom and dad, nothing in court, something happened in local community, first experience for him on something like this, understood that O’Mara on TV doing his job, Bernie asks if he would hold it against him that he, Bernie, wasn’t on TV, (snot), guy says no, he doesn’t hold anything against anyone, would like to see evidence, before making opinion, can apply law judge gives, no hardship, more about how things proceed, first time on jury, wish summons had some info.

    • Friends input, one says he might be racist, racist something, no opinion, like to see both sides, first time would like to be on jury, oh yeah, so involved in something, from Chicago, born in Mexico, (oh great, if the Mexican comments from My Space comes in and he decides things are racist) sheesh!

      Make him be gone O’Mara, please!

    • Likes O’Mara telling him how the process will go, step 1, step 2, etc.

      Remembers pics from George’s head, O’Mara explains evidence in courtroom, says understands, pictures of the daddies, can keep outside, if not in courtroom.

        • He’s on for the moment, but language barrier is a huge issue, in such a monumental trial with multidimensional facts. With a translator too there stands the chance to be biased by translator’s word choices, tone of voice, explanations, etc.

          Also, ESL types can be easily bullied by psycholinguistic manipulation and not realize that influence is being used on them.

          As for what I said before about George’s Mexican comments, there was nothing wrong with the comments, in actuality, since there is in group bias and joking among Hispanic groups, Mexicans vs Puerto Ricans, etc, and that is not racist, however, in America, since Black Americans are defining racism for our side of the galaxy, it could easily be taken as racist by the other jurors and confuse the bilingual man.

          I hope they wish him Happy Trails after the second rodeo!

  12. G 14 white female middle aged

    “Mr Zimmerman followed Martin who looked suspicious, some altercation and Mr. Zimmerman shot Martin.” she wrote, said got it from Channel 13, right after it happened, did not keep up, would hear when new news came out, no internet, no social media, have internet up at work, sees breaking news, weather alerts, etc, doesn’t get to watch news during day, did not follow the case, no court proceedings, until after summons, listened to motions to delay trials ? radio mentioned summons, google search for upcoming trials to see what she’d be on.

    • remember pics back of Mr. Zimmerman’s head, lots of pics of Mr. Martin in hoodie, people upset Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested immediately, people from out of town got involved in discussion of case, created a sense of what really happened, when they didn’t know, anger, they supported Martin, would not hold it against state, remembers the call to police, recording, told not to follow the young man, if not true can disregard that, would not be happy to learn that what is in mind is not accurate and assumptions, no, assumptions are not a good thing, she says, that’s what the trial is for. (nice smile exchange with George), she seems flexible.

    • people she knows exchanging comments mostly, (she flies in an intellectual crowd, at least), local media unintentionally biased, were they favorable to one side or another asks Bernie, sometimes more stories out there, so they reported that, recently a lot of it has been about Zimmerman, she replies.

      did not form any opinion strong enough to recall, says she was pulled one side and another emotionally, did not follow national news, educated and background in communications, not an insurmountable hardship to her.

      • West asks her about recordings, pics, hearings, same answer, she recalls that the issue was he wasn’t arrested, there was an uproar in the City of Sanford, and subsequently he was arrested, she assumed there was a reason he wasn’t, recalls police Captain resigned or was fired, doesn’t recall whether the arrest happened before or after, says as to why he shot him and what exactly happened, says honestly doesn’t know, says terrible situation bad for both parties.

        Says he called in, and said saw young man, he was suspicious, and they said not to follow him, and he did. Says understands she could’ve heard things that did not happen, I would not hold to that. West smiles and says he gets it. Recollects what she heard, and where that came from she doesn’t know. “What is being said, is what should be used to decide.” She gets it, theoretically, at least!

  13. West and George talking, West explaining something, George saying okay, very serious looking straight ahead, not much blinking, very sad today, like holding back the tears, West kept looking at him for the longest minute, talking again, explaining some more. (West has mint)

  14. B 65 black female is back

    back on hardship per judge, Nelson explains her 2 to 4 weeks, jury will be sequestered then, job will not pay she says, attorneys confer again.

    • Poor Shellie, her face looks very reddish, not her usual self today either, and Stutz tweeted that George took her hand as they walked down the hallway, not like him to engage in such expressiveness in public, I wonder if its about the security guard being told to wait outside because of the cellphone issue, or something to do with George’s mom’s health. I wish Nettles would give an update on that.

    • B 65 was heavy into church in Goldsboro, heart of Sanford’s black community, per Pipitone:

    • Yes, dismissed, there’s more on another thread here about Stealth Juror, or try Conservative Treehouse, they had some links and pictures of him. Nettles blog had links for his posts.

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