June 12, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 3)

Again not sure how much I can contribute today. I can check in from time to time but I can’t do my usual thing of commenting as it occurs. Rick Madigan did a good job of doing that yesterday but not sure if he’ll be doing that today. Otherwise I’ll get a fuller picture up later.

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Questioned so far:
1) B12 W/F
2) B29 B/F
3) B30 W/M[dismissed]
4) B76 W/F
5) B7 W/M
6) B35 B/M
7) B37 W/F
8) B51 W/F
9) B55 A/F
10) B2 middle aged white female(was questioned at bench, talked to judge, I’m assuming she was dismissed)
11) B65 B/F
12) B86 W/F
13) E6 W/F
14) E40 W/F
15) E54 W/M

16) E73 W/F
17) M75 B/F
18) R39 W/M[dismissed/thinks George is guilty of murder] (possibly “white-hispanic”?)

19) B61 W/F
20) B72 W/M(Another white-hispanic?)

21) E22 B/F
22) B87 W/M
23) E7 W/M
24) E13 W/F
25) E28 W/F

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100 thoughts on “June 12, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 3)

    • George smiled at her, she has not kept up with proceedings, jokes she watches Law and Order, recall photo of Geo with bloody, several of TM diff ages, no videos, thought it would be a tough “concept,” someone being shot by someone unarmed (not sure word she used), remembers Sharpton, national media was portraying Sanford unfairly, but will not impact decision, remembers marches and TM parents, and George’s appeal for funds

      • Didn’t think it was racial but won’t hold that against anyone, George shot TM who was visiting from Miami, wearing a hoodie, there was some interaction, her 18 year old lives in hoodie, so didn’t think anything of it, two kids 15 & 18, don’t want to be sequestered, Bernie putting citizens duty and burden, que pasa dude, harder with two kids and 3 dogs ? she said,

        New Zealand company she works with knows very little, (clearly she not working with Rumpole :-)), has variety of opinion from variety of friends, no opinions fm family

        • West asks about work. Part time work from home as consultant, participation in news varies with work schedule, nothing sticks out from news on this event.

          Art show attracting people to Sanford, June 2012 first one, concerned with impeding of traffic, no longer involved due to life event, brother diagnosed with cancer, taking care of him and his children, the 15 and 18 yr old, no kids of own, didn’t go to TM rallies, doesn’t like negative publicity on City of Sanford, didn’t think race was the reason the shooting happened, but the media was pushing it that way.

          Media made it sound like 911 (NEN) call was racial when George was simply answering a question, felt his words were twisted, remembers someone was fired for slanting news, would be sure if she listened to call again if it was racial or not, West asking about second call, Bernie objects, Nelson asks to focus on what E 73 remembers, doesn’t remember media altering a call, doesn’t remember any racial epithet or utterance, NBC is her national news source, was in Arizona when Gabby was shot, and kids had discussions about how news was different depending on which media they listened to, kids noticed diff from FOX and CNN, slanted news, skeptical (emphatic yes), can separate facts, doesn’t watch Fox, not if she can help it, laugh in court, George smiles at her understandingly

          • Remembers vaguely audio experts testifying on who’s screaming, no opinions on it, no other evidence sticks out in mind, no convos with kids about slants in news in this case at all, (Nelson has grown some patience with West’s elongated style of questions), she was worried about restaurants, little shops, businesses and was worried about the bad rap Sanford was getting, downtown development was suffering, (Nelson exchanges look with Bernie), she was concerned about overall community, Mayor was on board, wanted to hear what he had to say, didn’t know Mr. Lee, knew the former one ? when they were trying to establish the art show which she volunteers with

            Someone unarmed was shot cannot conceive of shooting someone who was unarmed, something had to have happened to make it life threatening, Bernie objects to West about unarmed threats, Nelson sustains saying he can ask about guns later, (West is good, I knew this liberal was against guns, bummer he can’t ask yet)

            • Nice laugh and smile with GZ when she says someone could take care of kids but not the best care, hers, West explains limited contact with family, she explains cooking and her job as private consultant, but understands civic duty, suppose she could arrange it.

  1. WTF West? She just explained the NBC tape editing and he’s explaining the “coons” thing as if she talking about that. He’s completely confused the issue.

  2. West is constantly going outside the scope of the media thing yet the judge seems rather nice about it often letting questions go and only sometimes giving friendly reminders to stay on topic when the state objects.

  3. M75 young black woman

    Ch 13, Fox National morning news, FB and Twitter, doesn’t read much commentary, interested in local news, paid attention to headlines.

    • Friends live in Sanford also, “we weren’t there we don’t know what happened,” she says, talked to friends about news, combination of opinions, abides by constitution, family agree with her to reserve opinion till we know more

      “speculation can lead to decision, but need facts first,” doesn’t tweet anonymously, FB friends from all over the country, their opinions did not sway her, can separate facts, keep an open mind.

      Uses “absolutely” a lot. Pipitone notes 20’s or 30’s strong, confident voice!

    • She recalls around Feb 2012 a fatality in Sanford, around the corner from where she lives, asked friends if they knew who it was, around March speculation what may have happened, a lot of commentary on arrest and why TM had died, and what may happen, FB talked of racial issues, TV showed protesting, TM was AA, out at night, he looked shady, could be reason he was shot, Facebook primary, FOX, ABC, sometimes CNN, morning news on FOX. (young black people watching FOX? Sounds like B35 young black male yesterday)

      She feels FOX is unbiased in these kinds of news, have a slant when reporting on politics, feels some black community may feel targeted, did not affect her, doesn’t feel like that herself, a lot of friends invited her to protest but she didn’t go, had to cover for people at work, who went since Sanford is a big community.

      • She feels like there is not enough info, mug shot with orange shirt, memorial for TM in Sanford, hoodies with AZ iced tea. She had no reaction to mugshot except doesn’t know much about it, TM memorial was being promoted and it was very nice and a cause for community, thought solidarity photos of people in hoodies was a little ridiculous, that black people are being victimized for wearing hoodies, and hoodies symbolizing coming together of black community, she thought it was overwhelming and too much.

        (George furiously writing on this one)

      • Friends felt TM victimized and targeted, younger and in college, more proficient in protesting, some going to school to be lawyer (wonder if they are mostly black)

        from friends who felt George was justified in what he did, she feels there is always a reason for doing something, and if Mr. Martin was doing something to draw attention to himself, family cousins in TM favor, Florida and NY friends more activism and protests, can separate info and follow judge instructions, not active in church, no input from there, George in court and back pics, no injury pics, TM’s memory pics growing up, no newspapers, Sanford area friends, none in the actual complex area

  4. R 39 male younger man in T shirt, per Pipitone. Race?

    Wrote “George Zimmerman is on trial about Trayvon Martin, I don’t really care about what happened”

    Radio, FB saw comments got much info there, Instagram, pic of grey silhouette in hoodie, George in mugshot, didn’t really form opinions on anything, doesn’t judge people by appearance, talked to mom, worries about himself, doesn’t concern himself with others

  5. B 61 white female 20’s early 30’s per Pipitone

    Good morning America someone was shot, they tried to make it a racial issue, but one should look at what happened, FB, not concerned about case, recently conversations came up, after summons husband joked around, mom interested in case what’s gonna happen, friends curious of case, no opinion, seems very clear and uncluttered by issues, recalls Mark O’Mara on news

    • Went to Zimmerman website for funds, early in case, read that he was asking for support, and said something personal about himself, in English, no impression, thought it was unique, did not send contributions, doesn’t know anyone who did

      remembers something about weed and TM, media sometimes on TM and sometimes George’s side, doesn’t think it was racial, system set up to find right and wrong, race doesn’t matter, feels if she was famous person, wouldn’t put her name on the line to call it a racial issue as that famous Reverend did, also would not protest

      • GDA mornings from info, CNN and sometimes FOX, she says media has slant and that’s why she watches FOX (you go girl, say it like it is :-)), O’Mara asks what she recalls of him on the news, she says simply that you were going to represent Mr. Zimmerman (George smiles sweetly at her for long while, good eye contact from her I imagine)

        FB friends comments nothing stands out but if it comes to mind to confuse her in deliberations she would bring it to counsel’s attention to help her understand, O’Mara says judge will give instructions, conversations with mom about what would happen, not much of opinion, goes to church, no conversations in church, no support petitions or anything, some talk with social friends, about the upcoming case, no specific details, is not paying attention to ongoing case proceedings

      • Unique defendant asking for funds, not good or bad simply never heard of that, would not let it bias her.

        feels info on case slanted by media, same as politics, recalls protest and backing of Reverend Sharpton to make it a racial issue, saw his pic flashed on GDA, takes media with a grain of salt, (or a whole sack of salt as the case may be), protestors have a right to protest, everyone has a right to opine, concerned about safety since highly publicized, felt this from another case, which was high publicity and jurors got death threats after deliberations, system keeps jurors safe and protected, O’Mara wants her to agree to focus on courtroom rather than on safety

  6. George is looking good, face seems slimmer, gut tucked in, looks like he’s building muscle. Shellie’s eye makeup is either dark or circles from not sleeping. Wonder if that’s her mom next to her. Pastor’s wife or Aunt maybe?

    Anyone notice Nettles in the room? Lunch break!

  7. B 72 Male worked at small private school

    News 13, national CNN, turns it down, doesn’t listen to news, too pessimistic, change channels, breaking news Zimmerman or Trayvon, use both hands, apts or community homes, Zimmerman a patrol man, saw a young man, some altercation happened, did he pursue him, how did he die, don’t know if its about race, did try to look it up, but got sick of hearing about it, remember skittles, got summons but just got his job at ? Bernie said to keep confidential.

    FB, used to have old My Space, dad likes CNN, avoids media, doesn’t want to be brainwashed, likes to keep life private, friends said he definitely did, he was guarding his turf, if I saw someone strange I wouldn’t go pursue him, Trayvon simply walking through he was minding his business.

    Opinions came from really emotional people or really calm people, he dismissed the emotional people, he says facts are facts, and emotion doesn’t come into it.

    Trayvon Martin: remembers skittles

    • Per Stutz: 5th juror: B72. Young man, maybe Hispanic, in shirt and tie. Arm wrestler. Works at Lake Mary Prep

    • Bernie smiling a lot, West comes up.

      Used to work as a program coordinator, is a maintenance technician, facilities at Lake Mary Prep? physically taking care of property (George looking at him very intently, introspectively)

      Seminole State at computer center, checked website, didn’t have BA yet, was out shopping with dad, began new job Aug 9th, left position held in Feb till May 2012, free time when not working to look at news.

      Arm Wrestling competitions, walking dog, spending time with mom. Watches Channel 13.

      CNN 24 or 25, Zimmerman patrol guard patrolling the area early March from CNN, got sick of it three days later, “Zimmerman, Trayveeyon, skittles” same info.

      • doesn’t remember protests, Zimmerman saw a suspicious figure, there was an altercation, don’t know about any protests.

        Bernie objected to West asking details on info, approach to Bench, Sybrina whispering to Tracy, Tracy smiling.

      • George looking intently, little concerned. West looked concerned too when he went on after objection sustained, Bernie cried foul, Nelson shouted, COUNSEL, Bernie threw pen on desk and all went to her!

        Shellie looking concerned, taking deep breath.

        • dk everyone seems out of form this afternoon, something at lunch? Judge began without her clerk after lunch.

      • West back with questions did this happen over a period of time, (George some eye contact smile with juror), early March heard things, then work, gym, competition, April friends passionately felt for the “poor kid,” friend felt Zimmerman just straight up shot him, he shot the kid, didn’t believe him, close friends, like a “bro,” last person I’d go to for advise.

      • Other friend more reasonable, something happened.

        Do you think it could be self defense?
        Bernie objects
        West looks confused but its based on what he knows
        Have you decided it wasn’t self defense
        Bernie objects
        Sustained (Judge dun’t look happy)

        • Bernie big ol’ smile. What is he trying to do to West, like he’s trying to get him in trouble or something!

        • Intense conferring at bench, clerk reviewing something, West conferring with reporter, George watching from behind, Bernie can hardly contain his smile! WTF is going on!

          • jeesh, drag the poor stenographer into it why don’t ya. I understand Bernie’s objections but for the past couple of days up until after this lunch they seemed pretty laxed on the questioning going out of strictly the media and such. now Bernie seems to be getting more aggressive.

          • Defense walks away and Bernie points to them talking to reporter and they have a laugh, State continues at bench, Defense back there again.

  8. E 22 Female, middle aged black (Zimmerman looking very intently almost puzzled when she walked in)

    Orlando Sentinel, National the big three, no FB, tv and newspaper, “T Martin unarmed, black and young, got shot by Zimmerman” she wrote, Zimmerman was following Trayvon Martin and that’s how all of it started.

    • Marches on news, clearly a volatile issue, did not participate in marches, feels police should have been more proactive, had a full investigation, annoyingly assuring, laughs strangely, like a kid hiding behind couch, “yes, correct, of course, sure,” quietly annoying. UGH!

      Says shares opinions with friends and family, can abide by court facts, Bernie makes her say she doesn’t have a secret agenda.

    • O’Mara comes up. Her voice seems nervous and shaky, not so mousy sure as before with Bernie. George was furiously writing before. Both him and West simply look on as she answers!

      Subscribes to Orlando Sentinel, didn’t have a way or slant to their reporting.

      Notice any perspective to the media? No, simply stating that unarmed youth KILLED (loud) by someone who was FOLLOWING (loud tone) him for not good reasons, he was described as a white male, later they explained father is white, mother is not, so Latino, which explained a little better.

      Says her understanding an event OCCURRED (says it loud again, like its a fact), instead of taking George Zimmerman into the station and asking him additional qs and booking him, there was a lapse.

      From reading, I felt that they should’ve looked at it before coming to a conclusion and letting him go, as far as white and black, a slight shift in media when George Zimmerman’s picture of family, but no change in police and how they talked about it.

      • Have you formed an opinion, asks O’Mara
        (Good grief, she already said, he followed, should’ve been booked and held, but was let go! but geez, I am so open minded)

        Friends discuss, protests, media not tempered, we don’t know what happened, we know something happened, parts of puzzle, shared information, more will come out of this (like what?)

    • She says, police should’ve been more proactive, did not blame Zimmerman because it was not in his hands (he was getting white privilege, not his fault!)

      Says we have to go by facts, to get to a decision I would have to use reason, says would not go by friend’s opinion, would look at facts.

      Is she afraid of aftermath of case. No, she would hope people would be non-violent, but she is not afraid for her own safety.

      (Her voice is developing that tickled pink that I got called to be a juror on a white racist killers case) Pipitone calls her “well spoken, honestly answers questions from both, no concern for her safety.” WTF?

      People were demonstrating showing that a level of concern that was needed, will allow others to express the agitation they feel. Police should’ve done more than they did initially, and I hold that opinion.

      There were varying pics of Martin. And another camp had varying pics of Zimmerman, he was large and then he was stealth. Felt bad that woman went through this hearing a gun shot someone got killed.

      • TM talking to his girlfriend up to the point the event occurred, she says.

        (this is the real Mississippi burning) Bring on the next black juror, please!

  9. B 87 white male 30’s, early 40’s
    (George some eye contact and hopeful smile)

    Local news source, 2,6, 9, 35, Orlando Sentinel, national FOX, ABC, hard to avoid commentary.

  10. Too busy at work, computer job, news input, everyone has their own opinion, mine derived from what I heard in the beginning, need more information to give an educated answer, it was a tragedy either way, yes either way, sounded like a struggle happened for whatever reason, dk what led up to it.

    • Bernie really grilling him, wants to disqualify him !

      I did hear recording, when it seemed so overexposed, I stopped paying attention, saw some photos of George Zimmerman after the event, scratches on his face or head, can conclude there was a struggle, it all depends on what led up to the situation.

      • Friends and family no discussion, if anything simply that something happened, people had opinions, security guard was walking through the neighborhood late at night, reported it, told to not follow, didn’t happen, maybe he thought he was doing the right thing, laughs, apparently that didn’t happen, turned into a tragedy, have to go by evidence when in court, not on media, definitely can make right decision!

        Two kids share responsibility, full time job, sequestered for six weeks, would put me edge, never twittered, FB for family

        • West up, juror says sure there was a struggle, between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, really have to see the evidence, (Sybrina looking on pouty face)

          They had to get face to face at some time, from what I have heard he may have followed him, not necessarily did something wrong, hard to say, I couldn’t say, its hard for me to put myself in his shoes, if I was a security guard, I know some of the stuff I know is not factual, I didn’t research any further on it, the less I know the better, till its time to sit on a jury and deliberate.

          • don’t read the Orlando Sentinel, honestly, (he insists), don’t have cable, has basic antenna, don’t know who’s more at fault, haven’t talked to anyone, coworkers, friends, family, mom was in Bombay ? did he say? (Assuming he said Bombay, is he Indian? So two blacks and one Asian in a 10 pack?)

  11. E 7 white male 40s or 50’s, salt and pepper goatee
    (seems like a character)

    Entertainment business, samples all media, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, Orlando Sentinel pick up occasional copy, first exposure in a few days, hear people get so heated, chose not to research, simply went “okay” and left it, played devil’s advocate to whoever was trying to dominate the conversation, interject humor and diffuse the emotion.

    • people argue no damage to Zimmerman’s face, but then few weeks later pics of face, and there you go, same thing with voice recordings, whose screams, we don’t know if its an actual recording, people say what was the kid doing here from Miami, but his dad was here, and so on.

      Commentators mostly from people in street, local people no interviews, attorneys, anything, pics of Mr. Zimmerman at the police dept, “ALLEGED” pics of injuries to Mr. Zimmerman, pic of courtyard, concrete grass, witness statements “ALLEGED” statement someone reported to be Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, and alleged because I don’t know if its her voice. (:-))

    • Likes to interject himself in discussions, take weaker side and shoot humor at the stronger side, can apply common sense and form an opinion once all info is possible

      • West asks what was your first reaction or impression? Why did it become a big story?

        Because Zimmerman wasn’t arrested, media hype, I thought if arrest was due they would’ve made it, a whole lot of talking, headlines, felt if there hadn’t been an arrest, there was probably a reason why, I do have a tendency to keep up with the news when something really big happens, (George looking intently at him. Turns to writing furiously), is somebody shoots somebody, should there be an arrest, maybe not, because it could’ve been self defense, all channels had their view, did not form an opinion in the first few months, knew he didn’t have enough info.

      • after a couple of months I thought he should’ve been arrested, West asks what changed your mind to think that, juror says half of that was by the virtue of the fact that he was arrested, which means he should’ve been in the first place, did not question the police dept until he was arrested then I thought well, why wasn’t he arrested in the first place?

        West looks deep in thought!

        • Something I hadn’t considered before. Question:

          During the trial, can MOM/West bring up HOW George was eventually charged? I mean, about Wolfinger, the planned Grand Jury, the takeover by Scott/Bondi/Corey? I think it’s really important that jurors realize this went from a normal investigation under Lee/Wolfinger, until it went political and was taken over.

          • Are you serious? Yup, O’Mara will start his opening by revealing how the plot thickened one day when Angela Corey stepped in and abruptly cancelled GJ the day before they were to convene. NO problem,

            Boy, do I wish the juror would hear the whole story, but how on earth would that get in?

    • No rallies, no petitions, no donations, no internet, did not support that cause that George Zimmerman wasn’t arrested, I didn’t understand the facts, the only thing that made me question the police dept. is that he was arrested, so what took so long, you think if someone shoots somebody, then judge is gonna wanna know why, so why didn’t it happen before

      • George looking unsurely at him.

        Juror says need more facts, everything I have heard could be flushed through facts, (West tries to ask if he ever considered that the evidence could support self defense, but changed it), juror says it got politically charged, and he got less interested, in the local area people couldn’t be reasonable anymore, FB friends, discussion when arrest happened, does not know of Zimmerman support website or any other sites, uses real name when goes on site (West is gonna check his FB).

        West concerned he hasn’t formed any opinions of his own. Looks down and smiles, says one moment.

        Underemployed, nothing booked at the moment, painter and musician, rent is fine, circumstances are okay, he would be okay sequestering, has good guitar collection to sell, used to have 125 guitars, etc.

        Recordings of “Alleged” screams, West asks why alleged, he says because on news FOX or MSNBC, they said it could be either party, hasn’t heard anything new, without evidence we don’t know who that is. Heard something two weeks ago, specialist “allegedly” for both sides and arguments for both sides, no resolve as everything else.

        • George reading his notes, marking with pen, Consultant looking at manual, thinking hand on jaw, conference at bench, West talking to judge, George asking consultant about something marked down before. Consultant looks like a nice old uncle to George, very laid back, kind.

        • Rick: Your coverage reminds me of a period of time during which heavy weight championship fights were not shown on TV and we had to listen to blow by blow accounts on the radio. Cassius Clay was largely responsible for turning prize fighting into a megabucks sports spectacle. What an amazing life story for a poor black kid from Kentucky.

          Thanks again for giving us the inside scoop of.

          • You’re welcome Jordan, I’ll try to do it whenever I can. It helps me to have something I can go back and refer to and recall how it went. I could do it for myself on Word, but decided to post it here at D-Man’s place. It also helps me focus.

            I remember radio with my great grandparents they didn’t have TV and lived in the rural area, but it was nice sitting together and listening, it really helps a child’s imagination. These days, I think the constant flicker of TV ads and plethora of information flying at people, has created a plethora of psychological problems in kids.

            • Maybe if they replayed The Lone Ranger series, radio could make a comeback. I would listen and I bet others would, too. Of course, Amos and Andy would be great, too, but Holder and Obama would ban them again.

        • Wow, what a long wait, what’s up doc? Judge smiling for some reason. Asks E 7, did you post something under the Coffee Party Progressives in March.

          Yes, he says. Judge recalls counsel to bench!

          • Coffee Party Progressives is a netroots grassroots network of progressives, social liberals, and citizen activists who act on issues. We support a variety of progressive causes, and bring them to our members’ attention.

  12. Unlike this potential juror here’s my speculation and opinion on the process. They will get to 21 potential jurors because that is how many chairs they have in the courtroom. They’ve gone through 23 so far but I think 3 have been dismissed. This guy will probably be dismissed because they caught him with some facebook posting that I hear as I write this so this would be 23 – 4 or 19 which means we need 2 more before we go to the round of the more interesting stuff with the 21. Now they may get all 10 from that 21 or they may get none. Anything less then 21 they will move on to the next 100 starting the process all over again until they get the next 21.

    • Sounds good, D-Man. I saw your posts on CTH about the probability of black jurors in the pool. I didn’t like that woman today, seemed kinda smug and the voice had a weird vibe to it. I also think some are being called white, but are actually mulattos, you know in the south, you can often not tell them apart, too many generations of mixed race, but they consider themselves black, and are registered as such.

      I am curious about what the guy wrote on FB? How do I get to 3/21/12 posts on this link:

      • The juror did say he often played devil’s advocate or tried to interject humor into any position that seemed too strong one way or another, because it wasn’t possible to be perfectly informed, unless you were on the jury (that reference to being on the jury, indicates he was trying to get on, and it came out like that) But he could’ve posted anonymously and we wouldn’t have known.

        From the About page on FB:

        “Darrell Bouldin is the founder & volunteer national coordinator of Coffee Party Progressives. Darrell Bouldin is an activist, political & grassroots organizer, and social media consultant. He is involved in projects across various sectors and wears different hats. His passion is for, as he says “building the Beloved Community spoke of by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A society free of war, racism, and poverty.” He is passionate about human rights, social justice, environmentalism, LGBT, and other issues. He grew up in rural Tennessee in a small village of less than two hundred people. He is a 2011 Greensboro Justice Fund Fellow at Highlander Center. He serves on the board of the Tennessee Alliance for Progress, previously on the Steering Committee for the Emerging Changemakers Network, and is an leadership training alumnus of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Among his heroes are Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Amma.”

        He likes the hugging saint Amma who holds meetings around the world, hugging people one at a time.

      • Per Nettles, this could be the Stealth Juror’s post:

        “This could be the post: In Sanford…& I CAN tell you THIS. “Justice”…IS Coming!…& I’ll tell you why. The ONLY reason this corrupt City Police dept. was stonewalling was because since they KNOWINGLY worked with this Self-appointed “Neighborhood Watch” Security…& KNEW he carried a weapon…They knew they AND the Homeowners Association were Liable for HUGE $$$ damages in court…MINUTES after the shooting occurred. But with the noise WE made…it couldn’t be covered up. I only hope the Feds go farther than just THIS case in investigating This “Police Force”. The Seminole County “Justice’ System needs an ENEMA…& they just MIGHT GET one!”

  13. E 13 young white female barely 20

    Local news parents had on, Mr Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, Feb 2012, didn’t watch unless she was sitting there, people interviewed from around there, doesn’t recall much, and once Trayvon’s family were talking, recalls pics of Trayvon Martin.

    FB, friends, coworkers brought it up, hasn’t kept up, friends had diverse opinions, listened didn’t know that much, doesn’t tweet much, parents talked a little told her what happened, as they were watching TV. no paper.

    • surprised to get summons, did no research, recalls one day of interviews and some pics.

      Admits to O’Mara a little nervous, he explains we need to know what you know, tell me what the pics were.

      Pics of Trayvon family, he was a good kid, tv, internet pop ups, none after it first happened, first heard there was a shooting, that it was a racial thing, cause he was black, the family thought it was a racial thing, a lot of people felt that, I don’t see that I have a brother who is black ??? (sounds like what she said)

      Sometimes people think saying “black” is racist, I don’t know.

      O’Mara asked her if she thinks George acted in a racial or racist way, she said she doesn’t have an opinion, since she doesn’t know the circumstance, photo of George’s face, business, no other pics TV or anything.

    • At one job people talking about it, back and forth, looks like a nice guy (George Zimmerman), all based on looks and stuff.

      • no opinion, heard about it three or four times, can focus on facts in court (George smiles sincerely at her, nice liking smile, think she made eye contact for sure)

        I like her! But wonder if she might be too willing to cooperate with the stronger voices on the jury, although she doesn’t seem like a pushover, but …

  14. E 28 female

    old school newspaper, no google or twitter, tv watcher, work odd hours, no photographs or anything about case, it happens that daughter told her summons sent for George’s case and husband got mail, and there was hers, has not had opinion on case at all

    • Pipitone tweets white female in her 50’s, Stutz says plump, middle aged

      Makes nice eye contact with George, he gives her sincere smile. (the noise was Z bodyguard’s phone)

    • I meant no tv generally since she works odd hours, kids 27 and 23, radio shared ride to work , no work paper anymore, husband didn’t offer opinion, heard about the recording, but didn’t hear it, not aware of decisions in hearing, no discussions in social groups or church, hasn’t heard anything good or bad about George, other jurors have not talked to her

      Consultant seems to say okay to West, West asks her about hardship, kids plenty old can take care of themselves, laughs. West likes her, she seems hearty

  15. George seems to be looking more and more boyish, and more confident also. Like his meditative, meticulous approach, looking, observing, writing things down, seems very organized, good eye movement takes in everything, respectful eye contact with everyone

    Lot of respect and rules with him. For example, I can tell judge hasn’t left courtroom yet, since he remains standing at attention, she said recess till 9am, and attorneys are moving about, but George not moving! (LOL) Poor guy, is this really someone who would not do as he is told? Ah, Consultant grabs him to say something, so he bends and sits. Till the ‘morrow then!

    • What they’re doing to George would be wrong even if he was the type of person the scumbags make him out to be. But since he’s just the opposite — since he is a really good, kind person, period — it makes this disgusting beyond belief!

  16. Summary of jury candidates thus far:

    By Gender: 17/25 female = 68% 8/25 male = 32%
    By Race: 19/25 white = 76% 5/25 black = 20% 1/25 asian = 4%

    No exact number of how many Hispanics so far, possibly 3/25= 12% (R39, B72 B29?)

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