June 11, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 2)


These descriptors below come from Tony Pipitone on twitter. I’m putting the one about B2 as a tweet and the rest just basic descriptors from his tweets

B12 a white female
B29: light-skinned black woman
B30: white male[dismissed]
B76, middle aged white female

Today so far:
B7, middle aged white male
B35, black male
B37, white female
B51, older white female
B55 is a 20-something Asian woman

B65, a middle aged black female
B-86, middle aged white female
E-6, white female
E40. White woman in her 60s(Rene Stutzman tweets)
E54 white male, maybe 50 (Pipitone tweet)

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90 thoughts on “June 11, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 2)

  1. B7 nice smile moment with GZ when stated, didn’t pay attention to the case until realized trial same day as his summons to appear. he didn’t like media bias both ways earlier on dad retired really interested. mr Zimmerman losing fight. I respect what my father tells me

  2. remembers syg law on referendum. media news about syg laws focus. debate on self defense. O’Mara asks more on this (excitedly) 🙂

  3. Another nice smiling connection with George when juror says any conflict with dad would stop with how he is on the jury not dad! Dad believes Zimmerman instigated the fight.

  4. respects dad’s opinion second qs. in his backyard, are you worried about external pressures after the case is over

    • didn’t think it was racial. also listens to blonde lady on fox in morning

      man should have day in court. innocent till proven guilty!

      On Hannity: pink hat trayvon hunted down like rabid dog, felt it was out of bounds. nbc tapes made it racial. pictures younger than Trayvon was. stuck in mind.


  5. Friends all Trayvon Martin, so doesn’t talk about it with them. Family all Trayvon. Only one feels opposite. Bernie concerned bias. Juror says in the middle keeps an open mind especially in a case like this! Went to college!

  6. Sharpton Jackson own agenda. Didn’t agree since nothing done about our kids killing our own kids and no interest or marches for them. Watches CNN also. Fox and CNN on regular basis.

  7. When you saw O’Mara on media, did you feel that the case should’ve also been commenting on case? No, says juror!

    Silly Bernie. (I would’ve liked b35 to say “you were getting your side out through Crump everyday”)

  8. http://www.hlntv.com/article/2013/06/10/george-zimmerman-murder-trial-jury-questionnaire?hpt=hln10_1

    These may not be actual questions but many are not just checking a box. They have to reply in long hand. Imagine how much time could be required to do that. Maybe that contributed to the :”confusion” yesterday. As I mentioned to DMan yesterday, couldn’t they have read and “translated” the answers the day before their actual appearance on the stand? I saw but did not read entirely an article about why this type of process is being used versus other options. What stood out was that Nelson cannot stop this fiasco once it has started. I forgot where I saw the article but maybe someone has a link.

    96 people were stuck in that court room all damn day. That’s insane. I get called every year and have never waited for more than a couple of hours.

  9. Go crazy Mr. West. Sounds too perfect, this one!

    Wife not sure on racial content either, aligned in that sense. Self employed vending machines, passive income, no hardship on jury!

    • news paper good for parrot cage. media left or right generally. remember riots ott. unfortunate incident she says. no radio no online. busy with animals. no discussion with friends or families. focus on her life, no way to get truth anyway, so how can one form an opinion!

      • 15 parrots ? 2 dogs, 4 cats, rescued a lizard. husband and 2 daughters 24 and 27 will do it.

        tm boy of color, teenage years. Z involved in scuffle, night, boy killed, very unfortunate, very sad, but trial will show innocent and guilt.

        today show. husband said he’d tape today show and edit it out. (laugh in courtroom, nice smile from George!)

        no time for online, except for recipes,

    • newspaper and tv, no commentators. family in jax. concerned, daunted by media outside. understands civic duty.

      George looking intently at her, no eye contact from her it seems, cause George usually smiles at jurors, or she may not have smiled, dk.

      West on intimidation factor, offers water deep breath no right or wrong ans. Judge denies where she moved from.

      Retired 5 years ago and 1991, doesn’t work. says don’t know what you mean by issues surrounding the case, didn’t follow it enough, sad on both sides, don’t live in NW area, everyone knows everyone, surprising that someone was so active in NW, didn’t know people actually physically watched, fact that George was there outside, didn’t know NW was that organized or involved.

      • Did you think he was doing something wrong?

        No, not in a sense of what he was involved in!
        Him being told to wait for the police, I recall reading, they were on their way, I guess he didn’t wait, is the problem, the rest we know what happened, I am aware of it, he didn’t wait, so, I guess he did do something wrong.

        a lot of “yes sirs” sounds black

        I am not closed minded, I am a pretty open minded person, not rigid in my thinking, if there’s new information, I have been in managerial positions, have to be big enough to say let’s change this, fair is fair, I believe in fairness, capable of reevaluating and readjusting

        • West laughs after her answers on recordings, she said two sides on who screams per experts, would concentrate on avail info, put the other part away, she says she doesn’t see why she wouldn’t do that, we all have biases, I am intelligent person.

          • Do you remember any interviews on
            NO, no (huh? he hasn’t asked yet lol)
            of Tracy Martin
            no, no time or interest

            • West called her insightful at one point. A little later, went to get note from consultant and looked over and smiled at her, they all looked at her.

              embarrassing changing of guard in Sanford, impetus that Zimmerman not arrested, someone felt mishandled, live in Oviedo, investigation research led to arrest, saw injury pictures, Mr. Zimmerman approached the defendant. (lots of info on case, but not fixed, asks West)

              • I understand the court has Mr. Zimmerman’s interest in trial, and as jurors we have to protect that. I was surprised that there was so much interest (very careful with her wording)

                laughing when she says jurors in the past have been on talk shows, it would be my choice, right? Sure, says West, you can talk after the case.

                • she wants fame ? has too much info to be deprogrammed from. older people don’t process new info easily. intimidated by media and didn’t understand NW, never lived in gc prolly.

      • The most difficult part with blacks like her, is getting her to understand people’s need to protect their property and be safe.

        The idea of having NW is taken as “we need to keep blacks out,” rather than “we need to keep thugs out.”

        • I know Stutz or someone said B 51 was white. There are a lot of Mulattos in the south, and although they look white, they are raised black, and think of themselves as black. This woman is very much black based on her speech and her comments and understanding of things! At the least she seems very insular, despite her insistence she is not, and West sensed this too, the way he kept asking her about her ability to rationalize and engage in reasoning skills.

    • case was big, someone was a cop, kid was AA, she says. Social media FB, 6 months, FB newsfeed, posted status, read first line, and move on, no tv news, no paper, AA was wearing a hoodie, lower income neighborhood. She sounds young voice and interests

      • Qs by O’Mara. Business student, no talk with professors, in psych class small discussion, didn’t pay attention, FB based on people’s opinion, could go to CNN if wanted to know more, don’t care, doesn’t concern me. (dun’t pay tention much!)

        June end going to Dubai and India, family vacation, 15 people meet once a year, (Mohammedan possibly), says she has to go if they decide to do it.

    • Seminole resident, dk much about case, no cable, no internet, nothing on tv, no national news, church goer, pastor prayer for both sides, no independent research, no family or friend discussion, parishioners mentioned news of case, someone shot and people came from all over!

      • admits to Bernie, media not always fair in reporting

        West points out George: Says hadn’t seen his pic till yesterday. Has seen images of TM with “hood” on Tshirts worn by parishioners, May 2013. Remembers “Martin” on it.

        “No sir” and disconnected church goer, black!

        Martin got shot, Zimmerman killed him. (no eye contact or smile at George) Learned about shooting March 2013, she claims, knows members, has attended a year, joined in Nov 2012. Lived in Seminole 15 years, continuously,

        Greater New Mount Zion, Sanford, Pastor Blue, she was attending during the event, when asked if Pastor in church, she looks around and says she doesn’t see him in court, as though he was supposed to be there??? Lots of red flags here! (George looking intently at her!)

        • West asked for church prior to that, and Nelson denied it, also asked for relevance in asking address of church.

          hasn’t attended rallies and doesn’t know anyone who has, hasn’t signed petitions, no disc with family, children 21, 16, 12, not discussed with them, college and too young, they go to church with her.

          No cable, no tv, since ? Does work online, can’t recall noticing anything online. Listen to radio 94.5 5am 6am, 7am.

          Didn’t know anything till Mar 2013? Doesn’t know any facts, and what’s been talked about in the news. Don’t know anything, I have no idea what recordings!

          Too quiet, volume raises on non pertinent words like “my BOSS,” too many no’s, not sure of times, months, years. Why would her ex Pastor be in court?

          STEALTH ?

        • West was asking her for address to confirm on the church.

          No website for church, and couldn’t find a Pastor Blue, but could be this:
          Greater New Mt Zion Baptist
          1720 Pear Ave Sanford, FL 32771
          (407) 321-8803

    • Maybe Caucasian. Got news from tv ch 13, Orlando Slantinel delivery, middle school in Seminole, staff and faculty

      media blows things out of proportion, they always sensationalize, inaccurate, thought that for many years.

      Two sons 20 and 21, made fun of skittles

      George followed, told by police not to do that, TM shot during struggle, is what’s been in paper recently.

      • As a responsible single parent, she thinks the young man would not have been killed had he not been up here!

        YES! Thankyou! Please pick her. Bernie grilling her on how she will react to Sybrina’s tears and listen to her without judging and tuning out!

        • Bernie: Being fair to sides, can you take out that TM was suspended, and concentrate on evidence at trial, disregard everything.

          “I can try. I cannot guarantee. I will do my best. Probably.”

            • Her son coming home for a few months, wants to spend time with him, O’Mara wants to know if she can be competent juror an pay full attention.

              She says “I think I can!” O’Mara qs it again.

              • thanks for providing the commentary Rick, I just am not able to do it today but to check in and listen once in a while, no doubt Bernie wants this one out, lol.

                  • I think that is 7 so far for today and 4 yesterday but one of them got dismissed from yesterday so we have 10, is that right? I think they have 21 chairs set up, 14 in the jury box and 7 in front of the jury box, so I guess maybe for the next round they want 21 potential jurors sitting there, so I’m guessing if all goes well tomorrow they will have the first 21 then the next day they will do that round of 21 so by end of Thursday then we should have at least one actual juror if not more.

                    • Yes, judge called one and was told no on that one, so 10. We’re almost on the tarmac.

    • Orlando Sentinel, Internet, Eyewitness 9, headline everyday when going by, summarized Trayvon a teen, killed by George Zimmerman who claimed self defense.

      Saw Mr. Zimmerman’s face, doesn’t recall TM’s picture.

      Kids 11 and 13, told kids behavior be proactive stay safe, making it a teaching moment, not discussed in specifics.

      Very vague recall during the beginning, since working fulltime to Sept 2012, since then has time to scroll online,

      • Satellite, local channels, made eye contact with Z, quick half smile, West gives her water bottle.

        Knew case was about a NW person of some sort. She says no, I don’t know any NW person so it could be a good thing or bad thing.

        Can’t tell if she’s black, but she seems very vague, unwilling to offer any opinion about any news she has come across, yet warned her kids to be careful.

        I don’t believe there was an eyewitness, just two people. Didn’t invest energy to get info to form an opinion. Saw some motions being denied recently in the news. Did not see pics of George with injuries, has heard both recordings, says difficult to hear anything, but thought provoking, does recall reading about audio experts.

        • news is speculative, financial services, did not supervise, or professionally had to sort through information

          told children to be safe, because someone could get the wrong impression (George’s face right then: hurt!) and told them that there was a teenager who got killed and to be careful

    • got news of this case from NBC, Bernie seems happy “no specifics about facts or anything, right?”

      did not seek more info, reports on local tv ch 2, too busy at work no time to research, remembers florida, gated community, someone was a teenager, media not always complete story, no opinions from any friends or family here or before in Iowa.

      • brief eye contact with George, quick half smile

        Recalls struggle, teenager, gated community, says to O’Mara

    • White male in 50’s

      Remembers 911 call, George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin who died on scene, orig not charges but after investigation was charged, shot in defense because was being beaten, got it from the news and the protest, couldn’t understand why Sanford police did not charge him, questioned why no arrest, thinking same as protestors, felt protests were a good thing since we have better come to understand what really happened.

      Protestors wanted arrest to have opportunity for justice, began with local people, and national people got involved, helping out, doesn’t know if they were asked, he didn’t care much after the arrest, nor did he pay attention to court hearings.

      ABC, Internet, jury summons, did look up when the case was starting, uses google to look up things, Facebook user, no discussions, doesn’t talk to co workers, might have talked to family, with spouse talked about why it happened, since he also has a teenage son, 16 yr old, 26 and 28 yr old, not at home, talked to teenager about being careful, son dresses in hoodie, and it can be misconstrued, son understood

      • Saw Zimmerman’s face and back of head pictures from attack, ALLEGED, trying to be careful cause I don’t know what happened, (geez, injuries happened on their own, sure. ALLEGED) Bernie likes this one, spending lot of time with him.

        • Believes media tries to be accurate most of the time, doesn’t recall commentators, remembers O’Mara, (great! “my client believes he’s innocent, George and Shellie lied, we will have to rehabilitate his image)

          Bernie back on what he thinks of Zimmerman not charged, now juror says police did thorough job on scene, but investigation made them rethink the circumstance.

      • Tells West doesn’t remember lawyers for the Martin’s families, West reviews his info from beginning, but no follow up until the trial coming up

        Tells friends can’t make decision unless has heard all the facts of the case, doesn’t talk to coworkers, wife follows news closely, talk with son about hoodie and the first time he heard of the “hoodie.”

    • Bench approach. No eye contact with George, seemed like, George seemed serious, sober with this juror. Think he feels bad that parents felt they had to warn their children. And how he was made out to be monster. Sad look on his face!

  10. George has comfortable, friendly rapport with consultant, turns to talk to him a lot with genuine smiles. Lots of physical proximity, touching.

    With West, sober and important whispering exchanges, George blinking often. With O’Mara, no blinking, looks straight on trying to get O’Mara to make eye contact, and if George feels forced to smile, tightlipped and quick one.

  11. “Qs by O’Mara. Business student, no talk with professors, in psych class small discussion, didn’t pay attention, FB based on people’s opinion, could go to CNN if wanted to know more, don’t care, doesn’t concern me. (dun’t pay tention much!)

    June end going to Dubai and India, family vacation, 15 people meet once a year, (Mohammedan possibly), says she has to go if they decide to do it.”

    From my contacts with the international Indian community there is a better than 50% chance she is Hindi and if Muslim probably non-religious. There is a large Hindu Indian community in Dubai. She would be a good Juror for GZ, strong family unity, law abiding, disdain for the criminal element. I would trust her over the average White Female college student.

    • Hi Muay, I thought of the exact same things, but considered some other info also:

      Because of the big family, I am thinking Muslim, and she said India visit also, so probably and Indian Muslim. Generally Hindus, don’t have big families, and certainly wouldn’t be doing family meeting in Dubai, at least from people I have known.

      I know there are many secular Muslims, heck Atheist Muslims too, in Dubai, but culturally they are Muslims. The reason I think it a red flag, is if someone gives her wind of that Muslim coworker who claimed George was harassing him by making jokes, it might get her dander up.

      Asians are law abiding, certainly, but are too new in the western diaspora to take a stand for a guy who has been vilified and tyrannized. If they fear for their safety in helping him, they will be forbidden from such an undertaking.

      She kept saying “didn’t pay attention, didn’t concern her,” and that’s typical Asian narcissism for you. Equanimity equals wisdom, saving yourself! (something George didn’t do)

      She recently completed her education, sounds like, so her family may have planned a marriage for her during this family gathering, which may not work out with the trial plans. They marry that quick, once they are done with study, generally.

  12. I didn’t realize this, but the jurors names will become public after the trial:
    RS reports
    Both she and the man eventually said they would be able to render a fair verdict.

    If they wind up on the jury, they should prepare to be outed. Last week Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson signed an order that will unseal their names, should they be picked, as soon as the trial ends.

    She made that decision after lawyers for more than a dozen news organizations — including the Orlando Sentinel, The New York Times and CNN — argued that keeping jurors’ names permanently secret is not allowed under Florida law.

  13. Sorry to disagree with you there Rick because you have done your homework but I personally know more than a few large Hindu Indian families in Asia and they happen to be spread out. Dubai is a good location because it is more of a midway point for the American and Canadian Indians of the family to meet. I agree with you that this maybe a combined party for her to meet her future husband and again you are correct after college marriage comes quickly. I would suspect children after the first year. Like most modern families with strong cultural ties things go a little slow college is a prerequsit of a “good” wife even if she never works.

    One family I know celebrated there 20th wedding anniversery in Dubai and flew in people from all over the globe. Keeping up appearences is very important to wealthy Indians. They even flew in some famous Indian musician to play for one evening even though the celebration lasted a week.

    I acctually really like these people and all of the community I have met. Some can be a little much with the designer lables and trying to out do one another but they understand the meaning of familiy even if it is a second cousin first removed. They tend to keep things close and look out for each other and if you are privilliged like me to be on good standings with them they can be very generous.

    Just my experience who knows maybe they are converted Mormons and we are both wrong.

    • Thanks Muay, its nice to hear that Bollywood is not wrong in their depictions. Golly, I wish I could be close to some of them too, considering their generous and healthy attitudes about life. I simply can’t seem to tolerate their narcissism and competitiveness, but I can see that’s what makes them so successful. Most Asians are very good with their kin, but, I wish their love and protectiveness toward family would extend to the rest of the world also, you know?

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