June 10, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 1)



The first potential juror, a middle-aged blonde female

The second woman, a younger black female

The third candidate, a white middle-aged male

The last candidate for the day, a white middle-aged woman

 photo commie-protestors-empty-fie-Copy.jpg

Apparently someone thinks the image above is racist so let’s use the multicultural version:

 photo commie-protestors-multicult-Copy.jpg

I’m not sure how the day will go. It was reported O’Mara asked for a continuance, there still remains the Frye hearing and other issues.


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 photo Courtroom-Copy.jpg

 photo courtroom-2-Copy.jpg

106 thoughts on “June 10, 2013 GZ Trial/Jury Selection (Day 1)

    • The comparison with emmitt till is grotesque. I would think tills family would be upset with this comparison. Also black kids are now allowed to speak to white women. Societies views and laws have changed. But n

      • Whoops! Hit post accidentally. Laws haven’t changed so that black teens can attack white people for asking then what they are doing. Society and the law still frowns on that. Emmitt tills case was only about race, he was killed for speaking to a white women while black. Martin wasn’t killed for attacking a white Hispanic while black, just for attacking a white Hispanic. Race is irrelevant to Zimmermans actions, it obviously wasn’t to tills murderers, it was their whole motication. This is more of an OJ case. Race had nothing to do with it until large numbers of black people decided it did.

  1. Wow, what a waste of time and money this is. They seriously can’t figure out some process of dealing with this process before starting? What is the State paying here altogether to run that courtroom while they all look at questionnaires? $5,000 an hour at least maybe 10? good grief.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by finalized. As far as I understand they have been filled out by the potential jurors and for the past couple of hours the defense, state and judge have been going through them.

  2. I’m guessing by the time they get back they’ll have to talk about a bunch of stuff then go over the questionnaires again, then court will be in recess until tomorrow when maybe they’ll actually do something.

  3. Judge eyeing the consultant with the defense with disapproval, she’s not liking them having anyone helping them? Did the consultant help prepare the questions also?

  4. They don’t have news in Chicago? She sounds Puerto Rican or something, the accent. She likes drama, bad girls. Doesn’t like the real world!

  5. Glad West is doing this juror! Third shift, the other one worked at night. What is this? Night owls, vampires! The Alphabet channels Miss! Nursing home worker?

  6. Not good with something bad happening. Do people need news Mr. West? What he needs to ask is her ideas about justice and right and wrong and world views?

      • Its the way New Yorkers and I guess Chicagoans talk. Sounds shifty, but its a communication style that is often mistaken for disingenuousness, but its normal. She seems honest. Bummer about the sequestering!

  7. Nah, if something happened to her family, she’s a goner, and also its emotionally hard. Idk! GZ likes her. He understands about family.

    • The kid and mom connection, the schema in the brain is set. This was a kid to someone’s mom and then Sybrina with her tears and State with their emotional appeals, she should be out!

  8. Men or single women would be better at pursuing rationale. Moms who are all about family are way too easily appealed to by emotions! Negativity? This whole case is about negativity!

  9. But I don’t listen to the news … not trying to be rude but … this case held me up in traffic (lol) we got lots of crime in Chicago … boss told her where to go to get her excuse note …

  10. “Defendant,” not George, tells me he’s not a blank slate, Bernie. Trayvon has a name and a dad in B 30’s mind.

  11. Is 65, not married, has a girlfriend in Sanford something in common with Tracy, how nice! Played in a band for 20 years, prolly did weed, is a liberal, no go guys!

  12. Fault on both sides, two people wrong place wrong time, two people instigating something, sounds like O’Mara’s words. Holy cow!

  13. Lost wife same time as Trayvon. And already a girlfriend in Sanford very much like Tracy. No sooner had he lost one son, he was busy creating another child. 86 this guy, please for the love of God!

  14. Anytime you lose a child, its gonna hurt. Yeah, and if George was lost, his parents wouldn’t have gone on the air and troubled the whole world crying about it! George’s parents feelings don’t matter because they keep quiet! Again with the “Trayvon Martin and dad! “

    • Should we consider all of the black parents who have lost children and no one noticed or cared. Are they more or less likely to support true justice?

  15. Sounded like a woman (or maybe it was a little boy named Trayvon!) Girlfriend has the safari prosecution in mind, uh oh!

      • Floridians, especially in old areas like Sanford and Deltona have too much conformity to community understanding and beliefs of things. It is hard for them to dissent or think on their own. Social constructs are the rule. He hears voices! LOL!

  16. If you’re falling, dive! They should simply go ahead and pick most likely to convict jury. Because if they get a hung jury, then no chance of a malicious prosecution lawsuit, according to some firms. None of these jurors sound like George’s peers!

    • None of these jurors sound like George’s peers! Not yet but I am still waiting for them to seat ten White Hispanics who have killed black children.

      • George is rational and reality conscious, very conscientious and community minded from all we have seen about him.

        All four of the jurors are moving or have moved, cut off from their communities, working late at night, only care about their families, don’t want to let reality in their lives, don’t watch the news, don’t read the paper, want to watch reality shows, or drama series, have been content with other people’s opinions, but claim that they can keep an open mind, yet, the lazy way they live their lives does not show evidence of deep thought of life or truth, justice or morality! But its the first day yet, so …

      • Btw, the word “White Hispanic” is a ludicrous word that the media came up with to continue their race baiting. Hispanics do not think of themselves as white or black.

        I read recently that a Spanish teacher got fired for her use of the word “negro.” Yet, look at the use of the word “negro” in this immensely popular song through the decades.

        This is Wilfredo Vargas and his group doing “El Africano:”

  17. Consultant seems nice to George. Sounds like he’s saying, “you’ll be alright, don’t worry about it. This is the first day.”

  18. Well Nelson asks George direct questions for any objections on bringing jurors up now and such, he says no, so I guess they’re going to bring 21 jurors in, do their thang then recess for the day.

  19. The way a thinking, sound minded, honest jury member will decide is rightly said by the actor playing Jury Foreman at 17:58 in this video:

      • 4 each day, 20 per week ..At this rate it could take 25 weeks to get through 500 potential jurors; Hummm . Maybe that is the strategy to get a continuance one way or another. I know that won’t work but it is a thought.

        • Holy cow, and I was expecting a cake party from Jello this evening! He said he’s gonna hold out till opening statements.

          I didn’t bet any cakes but I figured with so many cakes coming in from Jello, there’d be cake parties happening all over the place. Shikes!

  20. DiwataMan,
    Why and on what basis do you ridicule the lady in the image at the very top of this thread?
    Is there anything she did or said to deserve you depicting her as an ignorant and inarticulate individual?

    I’m asking because I know she is a FAMU law student and she is articulate.

    • Oh, I see now, because she’s black right? That’s why you think that? lolz, go away. If you prefer I’ll put the quote over the white guys head however that would be going against the theme of the communists hijacking the black cause which has long been part of history and directly applies to the Trayvon Martin case.

      • Am I offended because you mocked a black person? No.
        Am I offended because you mocked a person for free? yes
        Would it be more fair if you mock a white person? No. That would be racist of me.

        You’re still free to put the quote on you.
        You can also make mock someone doing/saying something stupid.

        You still haven’t answered to my initial questions. I understand from the questions you gave back that you don’t see any problem, … unless possibly if I’m somehow race sensitive. Sorry, I’m not.

        • You keep asserting that I’m doing something to her, I’m not. I’m making fun of the radical left and their attempts to hijack the black cause. Your focus is on her merely because she’s black. If I had uploaded that with the quote above the white person you would have nothing to say.

  21. Just looked up to see if you really did what wrote you’ll do.
    I have to say, I’m now offended 2x:
    1) More people got ridiculed with no reason, &
    2) I got dragged in a race issue I never brought up.

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