State’s 17th Redacted Supplemental Discovery

Travyonite go-go juice:
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Well whaddya know:,2419.msg110308.html#msg110308
Watermelon-Cocktail - Copy


5 thoughts on “State’s 17th Redacted Supplemental Discovery

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  2. In ny the iced tea and fruit juice would never be listed as the same thing. Iced tea does not have tax of it while fake fruit juice does. This is what first brought me into the case. I don’t know how people could not think that this was a big deal. Skittles and iced tea became the most identifiable part of this case, along with hoodies. What if it turned out that he had been carrying sweet tarts instead of skittles? If makes all the people who carried skittles and iced tea to rallies look kinda silly and the people that had iced tea and skittle giveaways look downright foolish. It sums up the way the public has treated this case. With a rush to judgment and no interest in facts.

    • It is “fascinating” to me that the major players including Sharpton and Crump still cannot bring themselves to say watermelon juice. So blacks like ribs, fried chicken and collards, followed by watermelon. Guess what? I like them too, and it’s what I had for dinner last night.

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