Trayvon Martin Cell Phone Video of Homeless People Bike Video

I’ve combined the two clips into one
H/T: freegz


22 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Cell Phone Video of Homeless People Bike Video

    • Well, I don’t know, that’s how they’ve been described by the defense so that’s what I put. Since these videos are labeled 1 & 2 I wonder if these are the only videos on Trayvons phone.

      • I can kinda see how the defense thought that it was martin filming his friends beating someone up. It certainly is closer to OMara’s wrong claim than the scheme teams: he was just filming a bicycle.

        • Ty for posting this. I still want to know if he knew the kids who attacked that homeless man on the bus in the liveleak video as it was also listed as near miami.

    • The guy with the white shirt and light blue pants who is yelling, get outta here or something, was on top of the guy with dark clothes, trying to retrieve what was taken from him. The guy in white shirt does look like the homeless ghetto type, not sure about the guy on the bike.

  1. DMan, I think this is another example of selective editing. I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe when Matt Gutman played Trayvon’s voice the other night, using the audio from this clip, it came out as “Ooohh, I think we need a behind-the-scenes.”

    Now, looking at both clips, you can see that Trayvon first said, “Ooohh, he going to get that ass,” and then he later said “I think we need a behind-the-scenes.”

    There are also a couple of spots where Trayvon’s voice drops down very low when he’s laughing. Those laughs were not played on the ABC news clip.

    • Just general ghetto behavior. People being violent and mindless toward one another, with no impulse control, and others taking pleasure in mocking and observing it.

      The thought of any of them trying to help or break it up? Not even on the radar.

      • i once read a documentary about impulse violence among blacks. You can plainly see that in convenience store robberies in which they get the money, start to leave the store, then stop and go back to the counter and shoot the clerk in the head. Maybe they cannot cannot control these impulses. That would actually require thought.

        How many times have you seen that and wondered why they would shoot an innocent person who quickly gave up the cash, when no imminent theat to them exists and they know they are on video? Is that a genetic or instinctive trait? When Jesse Jackson said he felt such great relief to know the people walking behind him at night were not black, you gotta know he understands impulse killings by HIS OWN PEOPLE.Can we call a spade a spade like both Jesse and Al both do when they slip up and tell the truth about “OUR” people?

        • Testosterone is known to be tied to:
          1.) Deeper voice
          2.) Higher levels of aggression
          3.) Higher levels of sex drive
          4.) Lower inhibitions, greater desire
          5.) Lower impulse control
          The US Government’s own health services state that there is a certain particular demographic that has about 20% more testosterone on average than a certain other demographic…
          things that make you go hmmm

          • For the record I was only responding to your comment about impulse control but this case has also made me rethink race relations. NUFF SAID FOR NOW

  2. Not even a “knock it off” from Saint Treyvon of Miami.

    I don’t mean to demonize the kid, but he was on a path to becoming just another statistic.

  3. For years, the media has bombarded us with their psychobabble about how blacks are unjustly treated. Does anyone, remember John Quinones of ABC in his “Racism What would you do series?” These were tear jerker experiments that showed America how racist we are.

    The video of Trayvon and his buddies, and that it proves he wasn’t the angelic little choir boy with candy, little matters when you consider the decades long brainwashing that has inactivated our sense of right and wrong when it comes to blacks.

    White boys destroying someone’s vehicle, in broad daylight:

    Black boys simply sleeping in car:

    This is why people do not support George they think he jumped the fence, like the 911 callers in the second video!

    • Yep, we’ve disabled all standards and accountability for them. Case in point? Benjamin Crump passed the bar.

      • Do you know what horrible, nasty, racist bullies blacks are to other minorities? Those stories often remain untold due to language barriers, lack of knowledge of what to do, fear and the desire to conform. Those immigrant minorities cry silent tears and rarely report it if blacks have done terrible things to them, and I am talking about people who are here legally, although I am sure it happens a lot more to the illegal minorities.

        Blacks often target newcomers because they know that often they have valuable heritage pieces and their entire life savings in a shoebox, because they haven’t settled to understand how things work here. Yep, blacks will take their whole life savings and blow it up their nose, while that poor immigrant family doesn’t have enough to eat yet.

        All the minorities and immigrants in America have had their experiences with blacks: Jews, Italians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Irish, Asians, etc. Blacks don’t like the success others have achieved, and blacks resent immigrants for coming here as free men, while their ancestors didn’t. Immigrants who give up everything to come here, want nothing more than that whites should fight back and not allow blacks to tyrannize and get a pass for it.

        This video is a black man who they caught being so unjust, to the poor Mexican day laborer, that the “racist” white dude almost backed off. The white guy was simply an actor, but the black guy is for real. I think he walked back a bit, when he realized he was caught on camera:

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