Trayvon Martin’s Voice Finally Heard


18 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Voice Finally Heard

  1. Finally and you know damn well its a deep voice like his old man’s. Zimmerman’s a higher pitched voice.
    I just wish somebody would punch Gutman right in the nose. another liberal practicing yellow journalism, a man’s life is at stake and I have zero tolerance at this point.

      • diwataman… pyrrho here, have to say that it’s true that Trayvon had some indication of violence in his past… was going through a truobled time… and worst… the list of the jewelry makes it pretty clear that was some stolen jewelry… Anyway I said I’d admit it when it was entered as evidence and it has. Some of the prevenance of that evidence might still be questioned, but not the part about Sabrina kicking him out, him being in fights recently, or the list of property that was found on him.

        Doesn’t mean GZ isn’t guilty of murder/manslaughter, but it’s also not someone on his way to astronaut school at the moment.

        • Holy shit, pyrrho, how are ya? Good to see you over here. Yes you are correct, does not mean GZ isn’t guilty of murder/manslaughter as you say. I wasn’t holding it against you, that was a long time ago.

          Anything to say on the trayvonitte that just got busted trying to get on the jury? lol, nasty, just plain nasty. He was convincing too, lol.

    • Maybe you’ve missed my tagline I’ve had up for sometime now and my many comments to the same effect I’ve made for over a year now.

      “The case” for me is not “the case” itself

      Not everything is relative to the trial, maybe for some it is but not me.

      • I know to post off topic stuff on the open thread as I did today about those pics at the top which I had not even noticed before and is why I asked them as I did.
        My comment was meant to be a sarcastic reply to someone’s post so I am not sure what your comment means unless my reply was also considered to be off topic. I am only asking to understand.

        One suggestion that might help everyone is post something at the top of each thread warning folks to stay on topic and include a link to the open thread,

        Now I even more confused about where I should post this b/c it would make no sense at the open thread.


  2. George sounds like he has a higher voice, although I can’t tell from the voice alone just who is screaming.

  3. So in this age of cell phones and video recorders, this is the only recording of Tryavon’s voice?

  4. Is there enough of Martin’s voice here for the state’s expert experts to know that it’s actually Trayvon who is talking?

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