State’s 17th Redacted Supplemental Discovery


36 thoughts on “State’s 17th Redacted Supplemental Discovery

  1. Can the defense get phone records of Martins mom, dad, brandy, alicia, etc, since the state appears to be trying for anything (jrs phone records)

  2. I thought that I read somewhere that GZ was estranged from his family before the shooting. Did that include Robert?

  3. How ironic. Already, a lot of hay is being made about Zimmerman “training” at Kokopelli’s Gym.

    OMG, Zimmerman trained at a gym that specializes in MMA!

    But it’s still just a gym. <a href=""Here are photos of its gym facilities, including free weights, machines, cardio equipment, and a boxing ring.

    I’m thinking it might be wise for Martin supporters to wait to see what the “records” consist of. Just because Zimmerman had a membership there doesn’t mean that he was on his way to winning an MMA belt.

    • He trained so hard his fists made no impact on trayvon and his own head would bleed. Good luck propeller arms.

    • I don’t think it’s ironic at all, I think it’s typical. Practically everything they say about George, the defense and us Zimmerbots is actually all projection. Bernie has accomplished the same in court with getting the judge to feel both sides are under equal amount of threat, playing equal games with discovery and playing equal games with hyperbole. It’s really a brilliant strategy when you think about it but it’s also nefarious and that’s why people like us can’t really accomplish that sort of thing, it’s just not in us, for them it comes naturally because they are schemers, manipulators and liars whereas we have to work hard at it to do it.

      So when did George go to this gym? When he was 12?

      Clearly the man has an issue with weight not only from this issue but iirc you can hear talk of it in the jail calls as if it was something as a previous issue, though clearly exacerbated by current events.

      • If I have been correct about what might be George’s real medical condition. He went there to work out for a very specific reason. I doubt that he was doing any boxing.

        • Wait.. which medical condition are you referring to?

          Aussie, I owe you a follow up post on the illegals thread and have not forgotten but the blogs I follow have taken over my life.

          Have you considered that we might ALL have new medical conditions when this case ends?

          • Jordan, I read what was released about George’s medical records from his doctor. At the time it was released, I noted (elsewhere) that it was noted George was taking glucosamine. It also mentioned a medical condition sacroillitis.

            I am very familiar with sacroiliitis because it is a condition that I have experienced. I am also familiar with enthesopathy etc.

            Usually if a male has sacroiliitis, it is possible that he has an arthritic condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. There are females who get diagnosed with the same condition, but it is mostly males who end up getting it. That is a very nasty condition, and I honestly hope that George does not have the condition.

            There are some other clues based upon the drugs that he was taking, specifically, the Tamazepam, or as I know the item Temaze, which is a drug that helps people get to sleep. That indicates to me that George had very specific sleeping difficulties probably related to back spasms.

            As a further indication that he might have such a diagnosis is the fact that he was using the gym facilities. I would expect that he was using the stationary cycles and other equipment.

            When someone is diagnosed with AS, that person is told to do specific exercises in order to maintain flexibility. If the person does not maintain flexibility then he/she ends up with a stiffened spine.

            Note: I do not have a diagnosis for AS because I do not have certain indicators such as the blood type HLAB27 which is specific for those with the disease (although others who do not have that type can also have AS), but I do have arthritis that is probably osteoarthritis in my low back and have indications of enthesopathy, including the plantar fasciitis. At one time AS was considered as a possible diagnosis especially at the point when the RA factor was a very low positive but that changed over time. As a result I had looked into the condition.)

            I honestly hope that I am wrong and that George does not have this particular medical condition.

            • Sorry but I misunderstood your comment and thought you knew of a new medical condition. He does now appear to have IBScreweditis

              • Irritible Bowel Syndrome is a different condition.

                I have not seen that he has either of the other bowel conditions.

                What I am pointing out is that there is a low back problem and he was diagnosed with sacroiliitis. That is an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and it can be a precursor to AS. I am honestly hoping that he does not have AS and that he will not get AS.

                The one thing that stood out to be was the fact that a 28 year old was using glucosamine which is something older people with osteoarthritis take. That seemed highly unusual to me.

                What I can say for certain is that the condition would limit George’s running ability.

  4. Hmm. I thought their theory was that TM had to defend himself from GZs gun. Even if GZ did take actual fight classes, so what? How is this relevant. And how does this fit into martins supporters view of the case? No one is saying that GZ attacked martin with fists. I can’t imagine how this would ever be let in.
    Are they going to claim that GZ was a master fighter that lost on purpose so he could shoot martin? Or that he picked a fight because he thought he was a master fighter? What? Why is this supposed to be important?

    • I am adding this to my favorites: Are they going to claim that GZ was a master fighter that lost on purpose so he could shoot martin?

      That’s as good as George calling LE in advance of his planned murder of Martin because even though his Dad was retired as a Supreme Court Justice, and George knew he would get out of bed and travel to SPD to meet with the powers that be to get him off.

      That’s a good one, Pugfrench. BTW what does Pugfrench mean?

  5. Hell, this could even work out as a plus for the defense. If GZ never took fighting classes there he could say that he knew martin was mma fighting based on what he saw at the gym. Or even if he did take classes but was new or bad at it. It makes his statement about mma blows seem more plausible and authoritative. I think we would have heard about it before if he was into mma fighting.

    • Humm… I do not recall George ever mentioning MMA fighting. One of the witnesses did but when did George say that?

      • You might be right because I can’t find anything that says that. In fact I am kinda embarrassed to admit this, but I think I read it at leathermans site. I think someone was claiming that wit 6 and zimmerman were in it together and planned out this story and they both said “mma fighting”. They thought that was the giveaway that it was a made up story since they both said that. I have to be more careful not to mix their bs up with reality.

        • There is an old saying that goes like this: You may not need a haircut today, but if you hang out at a barber shop long enough, you will end up getting one.

          IOW, you might get poisoned when visitng the enemy’s camp.

    • It gets tricky when the prosecution is playing games. The defense is at a disadvantage, and can’t afford not to take into consideration what the prosecution is doing and what it may be hiding.

      • It has been a planned ploy from the start to bankrupt George and the defense fund so he cannot defend himself and yes, I do believe that.

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